Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


St Nicholas with the parishes of Bonvilston, St Georges, St Lythans,
Peterston-super-Ely and Pendoylan

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

ST NICHOLAS is a parish and village 6 miles from Cardiff, situated on an eminence on the road from Cardiff to Cowbridge, distant 6 miles from the latter place, and about 5 miles distant from the Bristol Channel. In the parish are some Druidical remains, and it is said that Oliver Cromwell slept in the manor house. A. C. Bruce Prye, Esq. J.P. of Duffryn House, is lord of the manor. Petty sessions are held in the police station on the first Wednesday of every month, at which time the Highway Board also meet. The church of St. Nicholas is a neat edifice. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the above-named gentleman. There are also chapels for Calvinists and Baptists, and a National Schoool. Population in 1861, 354, and in 1871, 419.

BONVILSTON is a small parish and village, 8 miles from Cardiff, and 4 from Cowbridge. The parish church is the only place of worship. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of Richard Bassett, Esq. There is also a day school. Population in 1861, 291, and in 1871, 235.

ST GEORGE'S in a small parish, 6 miles from Cardiff. Mrs. C. P. Traherne is lady of the manor. The South Wales railway intersects the parish. The church of St. George is a neat stone edifice. The living is a rectory, in the gift of the above-named lady. There is also a National school. Population in 1861, 213, and in 1871, 236.

PENDOYLAN is a parish and village, 9 miles from Cardiff, and 2.5 miles from St. Nicholas. Hensol Castle, the residence of Miss Fothergill, is in this parish, and the South Wales railway intersects it. The church living is a vicarage, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Llandaff. There is also a Calvinistic Methodist chapel and a National school. Population in 1861, 380, and in 1871, 452.

PETERSTON-SUPER-ELY is a parish and village 6.5 miles from Cardiff, divided from St. Nicholas by the river Ely; it is also a station on the South Wales railway. The ruins of an ancient castle of the Norman period, founded A.D. 1100, are in this parish. C. A. Aubrey, Esq. is lord of the manor. The church of St Peter is an old building, with a tower, in the Norman style, and contains a monument to the memory of the Llewellyn family. The living is a rectory, in the gift of W. M. Wood, Esq. There is also a National school. Population in 1861, 235, and in 1871, 219.

ST LYTHANS is a parish, 6 miles from Cardiff, and about 2 miles from St. Nicholas. A. C. Bruce Pryce, Esq. is lord of the manor. The parish church is the only place of worship. Population in 1861, 136, and in 1871, 121.

The above places are all in the poor law union and county court district of Cardiff, and in the hundred of Dinas Powis.

POST OFFICE - St. Nicholas, Thomas Branch, Post Master. - Letters from all parts (from Cardiff) arrive at half-past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past four afternoon
Money Order Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Bonvilston, Fanny Gibbon, Post Mistress. - Letter from all parts (from Cardiff) arrive at a quarter-past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at a quater-past four afternoon
St. Nicholas is the nearest Money Order Office

POST OFFICE - Peterston-super-Ely, John Rees, Post Master - Letters from all parts (from Cardiff) arrive at ten morning, and are despatched at ten minutes past three afternoon
St. Nicholas is the nearest Money Order Office

Gentry & Clergy

Bruce Lewis K. Esq. J.P., Manor House, St. Nicholas
Bruce Rev. Wm. M.A. & J.P., Duffryn House, St. Nicholas
Bruce Rev. William C., St. Nicholas' Rectory
Crawshay Tudor, Esq., J.P., Bonvilston House
Davies Mrs. E., Pendoylan House
Fothergill Miss Mary, Hensol Castle, Pendoylan
Insole James H. Esq., Tyfry, Pendoylan
Jones Rev. John, St. Lythan's Vicarage
Knight Edward J. Esq., Peterstone-super-Ely
Lewis Rev. John, Bonvilstone
Lewis Rev. Thomas H., Pendoylan Vicarage
Lowther Rev. W. St. George, St. George's Rectory
Pryce Allan C. Bruce, Esq. J.P., Duffryn House, St. Nicholas
Richards Miss -, Cottrell House, St. Nicholas
Traherne Mrs. C. P., Coed-riglan, St. George's
Tyler Colonel Hubert, J.P., Cottrell House, St. Nicholas
Williams Mr. Edward, Pendoylan
Williams Rev. John, Peterstone Rectory


Pendoylan - William Parry, master
Peterstone-super-Ely - Thos. Devonald, master
St. George's - Mrs. Davies, mistress
St. Nicholas - William Cole, master
Bonvilstone - Harriet A. St. Leger, mistress


Vaughan David, Bonvilstone


Griffiths Daniel, Pendoylan
Harry Abraham, St. Nicholas
Roberts Thomas, Bonvilstone

Boot & Shoe Makers

Ellis James, St. Nicholas
John Thomas, Peterstone-super-Ely
Morgan David, Bonvilstone
Thomas Margaret, St. Lythan's
Thomas Morgan, St. Nicholas


Earl William, St. Nicholas
Griffiths Richard, Bonvilstone
Hopkins Thomas, St. Nicholas
Morgan Rees, Pendoylan
Radcliffe Samuel, Peterstone-super-Ely
Roberts Thomas, Bonvilstone
Watts Thomas, St. Nicholas


Alexander Thomas, Bonvilstone
Jones Edward, St. Nicholas


In. St. Nicholas Parish
Davies John, Pwll-y-min
Earl William, Trehill
Evans William, Broadway
Harbottle Thomas, Homry
Harry Philip, Jenkins' Wood
Hopkin David, Grwyddin
John Thomas, Brook
Jones Evan, Trehill
Meyrick Robert J., Caia
Thomas Catherine, Lanlai
Thomas Peter, St. Nicholas
Thomas Rees, Doghill
Watts Thomas, St. Nicholas
Williams Morgan, Vians Hill
In Bonvilstone Parish
David John, Tyn-y-Coed
Griffiths Richard, Penyrheol
Griffiths Robert, Bonvilstone
Griffiths William, Blackland
Logher Robert, Greendown
Richards John, Redland
Thomas William, Ty-groes
Thomas William M., Sheepcote
In Pendoylan Parish
Ball George, Cefnllys
Bassett John, Bryn-y-lygan
David Evans, Pendoylan
Edwards Cecil, Clawdd Coch
Hopkins James, Pengelly Fach
Insole James H., Tyfry
John William, Maendy Bach
Lougher Daniel, Lilly Pot
Lougher William, Llwynyryddyd
Miles Thomas and Mary, Lower Cross
Morgan Christopher, Maesarel
Phillips David, Caerwiga Ganol
Phillips John and Thomas, Lanerch
Rees Edmund, Tyn-y-pwll
Rees William, Caerwiga Isaf
Spencer William, Dyffryn Lloff
Watts David, Dyffryn Bach
Williams Edward, Llwyn-y-Pintar
In Peterstone-super-Ely Parish
Bassett Henry, Gwernyga
Francis David, Allt Isha
Harry Thomas, Lanwenson
John William, Foesycrydd
Morgan William, Gwerngedrych
Radcliffe William, Tyncha
Radcliffe William & Evan, Morlanga
Rees Ebenezer, Maes-y-saeson
Richards Richard, Tyn-y-caia
Thomas Thomas, Gwernyga
Thomas William, Whitewell
Williams Evan, Maindy
Williams Thomas, Backway
In St. George's Parish
Evans Thomas, Drope
John Evan, Tyfry
Lewis John, Alvas
Rees Thomas, Ford
Richards Richard, Pentwyn
Thomas Robert, Tydraw
Yorath Llewellyn, St. George's Castle

In St. Lythan's Parish
Bassett Messrs. -, Nantbryn
Dunn Jenkin, Maes-y-felyn
Griffiths Samuel, Duffryn
Howells Morgan, Bailymawr
Williams Iltyd, Hamstone Fach
Williams Thomas, Hamstone Fawr

Inns & Public Houses

Red Lion, Henry Roberts, Bonvilstone
Red Lion, David Williams, Pendoylan
Sportsman's Rest, Ann Miles, Peterstone-super-Ely
Three Horse Shoes, Edward Griffiths, Peterstone-super-Ely
Three Tuns, Elizabeth Banner, St. Nicholas

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Alexander Thomas, Bonvilstone
Lewis Thomas, Pendoylan
Mills Mary, Pendoylan
Moore William, St Nicholas
Rees John, Peterstone-super-Ely


Ball James, Peterstone Mill
Griffiths Samuel, St. Lythan's
Morgan John, Pendoylan


Gibbon Thomas, Bonvilstone
Jenkins John, St. Nicholas
King Francis, St. Nicholas


Davies Edward, St. Nicholas
Morgan David, Pendoylan
Steadman Thos., Peterstone-super-Ely


Eagleton Thomas, relieving officer and registrar of births, deaths and marriages for St. Nicholas district, Bonvilstone
Evans Thomas, agent for the Scottish Equitable Insurance Co. , St. George's
Moore William, saddler, St. Nicholas
Morgan John, stonemason, St. Nicholas
Wright William T., agricultural implement maker, St. Nicholas

Places of Worship


Churches of the Establishment

St. Nicholas's, St. Nicholas - Rev. William C. Bruce, rector
St. Peter's, Peterstone - Rev. John Williams, rector
Parish Church, Bonvilstone - Rev. John Lewis, incumbent
Parish Church, Pendoylan - Rev. Thomas H. Lewis, vicar
St. George's - St. George's - Rev. W. St. George Lowther, rector
St. Lythan's - St. Lythan's - Rev. John Jones, vicar

Baptist (Welsh), St. Nicholas
Methodist (Calvinistic), St. Nicholas & Pendoylan


For the Hundred of Dinas Powis, usually acting for the Petty Sessional Division of St. Nicholas

Petty Sessions held at the Police Station, St Nicholas, on the first Wednesday of every month

Robert Oliver Jones, Esq., Fonmon Castle
Richard Bassett, Esq. Bonvilstone House
Rev. Roper Trevor Tyler, Llantrythyd
Rev. Hely Hutchinson Rickards, Llandough Rectory
Frederick Romilly, Esq. Porthkerry
Rev. William Bruce, Duffryn
R. F. L. Jenner, Esq., Wenroe Castle (Should probably read Wenvoe Castle - See Llanblethian MI's (PFM 3 Apr 1998))
John Stuart Corbett, Esq., Cogan Pill
Lewis Kenight Bruce, Esq., St. Nicholas
James Sydney Batchelor, Esq., Penarth
A. C. Bruce Pryce Esq., Duffryn
Col. H. Tyler, Cottrell
Major H. H. Lee, R.E., The Mount, Dinas Powis
Oliver H. Jones, Esq. Fonmon Castle
James Ware, Esq., Penarth
Tudor Crawshay, Esq., Bonvilstone
H. Jones Evans, Esq., Greenhill
Clerk to the Magistrates - John Morris, High st., Cardiff

Police Station, St. Nicholas - Philip Williams, sergeant in charge

Conveyance by Railway

On the South Wales Section of the Great Western Line
Station, Peterstone, about 2 miles N. from St. Nicholas - William Chapman, station master

Slaters Commercial Directory, St. Nicholas, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]