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Place Names

These names generally don't appear elsewhere in the indexes

The years shown are the sections of the book the entries appear in.

I haven't (intentionally) included an entry for a place more than once.

Albert Hall Swansea, 1890

Alexandra Terrace Mumbles, 1880

Angel Inn Abergavenny, 1812

Ashmore's Warehouse Birmingham, 1810

Bath House Mumbles, 1880

Bathing House Swansea, 1806

Bear Inn Cowbridge, 1808

Bear Inn Llandilo, 1806

Beaufort Arms Swansea, 1846

Bell-in-Tun Fleet Street London, 1806

Bethesda Chapel Swansea, 1838

Birchgrove, 1804

Bird-in-Hand High St Swansea, 1854

Black Lion Inn Lampeter, 1846

Blesworth, 1804

Boothall inn Glocester, 1806

Box Colliery Llanelly, 1820

Bran, 1882

Bray beach, 1810

Brighton House Mumbles, 1880

Briton Ferry church, 1818

Bryntroedgam Margam district, 1892

Builth Gates Breconshire (toll), 1820

Bull and Mouth London, 1812

Burry, 1806

Burry's Green Calv Meth Chapel, 1888

Bush (inn) Swansea, 1806

Bush Inn Loughor, 1850

Bush Inn Swansea, 1810

Bws Maen Vale of Neath, 1852

Caersalem Jerusalem, 1874

Cambrian Hotel Burrows Swansea, 1848

Cameron Arms Hotel Swansea, 1876

Canal Bridge Side Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Capel Anwes Margam district, 1892

Castle Hill near Aberystwith, 1810

Castle Hotel Llandovery, 1858

Castle Hotel Neath, 1856

Castleton Cottage Mumbles, 1880

Caswell Bay Hotel, 1880

Caswell Bay, 1818

Cefn Llanddewy Gate Llangammarch Breconshire (toll), 1820

Chapel St Burrows, 1832

Clifton Row Swansea, 1858

Clydach Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Corporation Public Quay Swansea, 1848

Court Gates Breconshire (toll), 1820

Cowbridge House of Correction, 1810

Craig-y-nos, 1882

Cribbarth mountain, 1882

Crickhowell Bridge Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Cwm Cyrnach, 1882

Cwmdu Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Cyfelach's Hill, 1874

Danygraig Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Devil's Bridge Cardiganshire, 1814

Dinas Rock Vale of Neath, 1852

Dobbins-Pitts Farm near Cardiff, 1808

Dockyard Milford Haven, 1808

Dremfa mountain Cilybebyll, 1882

Drill Hall Singleton St, 1890

Eglwys Caradoc, 1882

Elms Hotel Swansea, 1858

Fairfield Villa Mumbles, 1880

Farmers Arms Llangyfelach, 1874

Ferry House Hotel Briton ferry, 1880

Ferryside, 1872

Furnace Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Glasbury Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Glyn-Neath Station, 1852

Goat St Swansea, 1820

Grand Junction Canal Swansea, 1804

Gwenlais fawr Llandilo-Tallybont, 1806

Gwernlwyniaith Coal, 1830

Gwyn Arms, 1882

Hafod Cardiganshire, 1814

Heane & Co's Warehouse Gloucester, 1810

Heathfield Inn Oxford St Swansea, 1858

Hendre Gwladys, 1882

Hope and Anchor Fisher St Swansea, 1858

Hotel Metropole, 1924

Hunt's Warehouse Oxford, 1810

Ivy Bush inn Carmarthen, 1812

King's Arms inn Carmarthen, 1806

King's Arms Old Market St Neath, 1856

King's-Head Inn (and several other London inns) Old Change London, 1810

Lady Leigh's Reformatory School near Coventry, 1856

Langland Hill House, 1880

Lion Hotel Builth, 1858

Livery Stables Fisher St Swansea, 1858

Llandilo Town Hall, 1806

Llanelly turnpike, 1806

Llanfihangel-Ynys-Afan Margam district, 1892

Llangunider  and Bridge Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Llanrhidian, 1810

Llansaintfread Side Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Llanvaes Breconshire Gate (toll), 1820

Lloughor port, 1806

Llynfell river, 1882

Lower Sketty or Sketty Issa, 1806

Mackworth Arms inn Swansea, 1806

Mackworth Arms Inn Swansea, 1816

Mackworth Arms Inn, 1834

Mackworth Arms Swansea, 1842

Mackworth Arms Swansea, 1846

Mackworth Hotel, 1880

Maesmelyn, 1882

Marine House Mumbles, 1880

Mason's Warehouse Manchester & Shrewsbury, 1810

Melincourt waterfall, 1852

Mermaid Hotel Mumbles, 1880

Mermaid Hotel Swansea, 1858

Milford inn Swansea, 1808

Mole & Co's Warehouse Worcester, 1810

Mount Pleasant, 1818

Mumbles Limestone Quarry, 1810

Mumbles, 1804

Murkey & Pontyates turnpike, 1806

Mynydd y Dryms, 1882

Nant y Gregen Margam district, 1892

Nantyfrwdwyllt Margam district, 1892

Nantytewlaeth Margam district, 1892

Nantytrafael Margam district, 1892

Neath Wesleyan Methodist chapel, 1812

Nelson Place Swansea, 1808

New Theatre Wind St, 1890

Oystermouth and castle, 1818

Pelican Inn Kidwelly, 1806

Pencarrig Cochion Gates Breconshire (toll), 1820

Penclawdd Canal, 1828

Penderry estate Llangevelach, 1806

Penllegare Arms Llangyfelach, 1874

Pensarn & Croesllwyd turnpike, 1806

Pen-yr-Ysfa, 1882

Plough and Harrow Llangyfelach, 1874

Pontcumbeth Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Pontneathvaughan Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Pontrhydarw Waterfalls, 1882

Pontrhydyfen Margam district, 1892

Pontyberem turnpike, 1806

Pontybrynhirt Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

Porth y Gwychiaid Amwlch, 1808

Porth-yr-Ogof Cave Vale of Neath, 1852

Pottery Swansea, 1848

Price & Co's Warehouse Leominster & Hereford, 1810

Rest at Porthcawl, 1874

Rhyddings Swansea Bay, 1850

Rhylltymurdy turnpike, 1806

Robeston Hall & Manor Pembrokeshire, 1812

Rope Walk Swansea, 1820

Rose Copper Works Swansea, 1826

Rosehill Terrace Mumbles, 1880

Sgwd Einion Gam waterfall Vale of Neath, 1852

Sgwd Gwladys waterfall Vale of Neath, 1852

Ship and Castle Hotel Mumbles, 1858

Ship and Castle Mumbles, 1880

Singlewood Caswell Bay, 1880

Sker Point, 1806

Sketty Hall Swansea, 1806

Sketty Hotel, 1880

Somerset Place Mumbles, 1880

Spitty Quay Loughor river, 1828

Spudders Bridge turnpike, 1806

St John's Watton Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

St Jude's Schoolroom Terrace Rd, 1890

Tanygroes Margam district, 1892

Tanyrogof cave, 1882

Tenby Theatre, 1816

The Hay Pound Dishpool Lane Gate Breconshire (toll), 1820

The Willows, 1818

Thomas Arms Llanelly, 1832

Town Reach, 1848

Townhill farm Swansea, 1870

Turnpike Roads, 1804

Twmpath Diwlith Margam district, 1892

Tynyrheol Neath, 1828

Upper/ Middle & Lower Glyn Gwyn waterfall, 1852

Upper/Lower Cilnepute waterfall Vale of Neath, 1852

West Angle Bay Milford Haven, 1808

West India Docks Swansea, 1804

Wheat Sheaf Stables, 1832

Wheat-Sheaf Inn Swansea, 1816

White-Walls Swansea, 1820

Wind Street Swansea, 1804

Worcester House Swansea, 1812

Wrexham, 1806

Ynyscedwyn Arms, 1882

Ysciwen (Skewen), 1882

Ystrad Gynlais, 1882



Port of origin/departure indicated after the - and Captains' names in brackets where quoted.
The year shown is the section of the book that the entry appears in.

A F Moore - Coquimbo, 1858

Abeans-Fowey (Longmaid), 1832

Abu and Theresa - Burry (Cullins), 1806

Adeline emigrant ship - Liverpool, 1850

Alceste (Cann J D), 1850

Ann (Bushing), 1832

Ann and Betsy (Thomas), 1832

Ann Banfield - Swansea, 1870

Anne Dymes - Carrizel, 1870

Apollo-Falmouth (Dawson), 1832

Appleton (Thomas Oliver), 1846

Arabian screw steamer - Liverpool, 1852

Assiduous The - Southwark (Wm Trick), 1820

Astrologer - Constantinople, 1852

Aurerra - San Sebastian, 1856

Baines Hawkins, 1884

Bat Admiralty cutter, 1816

Batchelor - Kidwelly (Lloyd), 1812

Beatrice - Pan de Zugar, 1866

Bedford - Kidwelly (Harry), 1812

Bedford-Ross (Ashton), 1832

Bella Donna - Coquimbo, 1856

Belle of Devon - Cardiff, 1866

Benledi steam packet-Bristol (Mathews), 1836

Betsy - Boue, 1856

Betsy - Pembroke (Jones), 1812

Betsy (Meredith), 1832

Betsy Jones, 1812

Blossom-Minehead (Hole), 1832

Bristol Trader (Johns), 1832

Britannia brig, 1834

Brothers-Falmouth (Towell), 1832

Broughton wreck - Swansea, 1878

Calstock-Falmouth (Lewis), 1832

Cambria sloop-Carmarthen (David Owen), 1828

Cardiff-Aberthaw (Howells), 1832

Castor barque - Newport, 1870

Catherine-Amwlch (Roose), 1832

Celerity - Cardiff (John Williams), 1838

Ceres (Slocombe), 1832

Ceves - Lymm (Norman), 1812

Charles Amelie wreck, 1870

Charles Henry - Almeira, 1856

Childwell Hall steamer, 1878

City of Lincoln, 1882

City of Manchester lifeboat, 1872

Commet-Poole (Wedger), 1832

Conqueror - Cuba, 1866

Conrad - Calders, 1858

Cornwall barque (Watkins), 1866

Countess of Bective barque - Swansea (Paul Smith), 1854

County of Pembroke - Swansea/Bristol (William Rose), 1846

Crawford-Wicklow (Keaton), 1832

Creswell Castle - Llanelly (Lewis), 1812

Cruiser tug - Swansea, 1882

Cuba - Portugal, 1914

Cuba barque - Swansea, 1852

Demetian - Marseilles, 1914

Devonshire (Lowther), 1832

Duke of Beaufort - Coquimbo, 1858

Duke of Northumberland - Cuba, 1858

Eagle - Aberystwith, 1848

Edmond emigrant ship, 1850

Eirene - Rotterdam, 1866

Eleanor-Bristol (George), 1832

Eliza brig - wreck -  Cette, 1818

Elizabeth - Torrevienga, 1856

Elizabeth and Mary (Rowe), 1812

Eliza-Fowey (Lelean), 1832

Emerald-Fowey (Climo), 1832

Emma C (? Beal), 1866

Emma C Best - San Francisco, 1866

Endeavour-Falmouth (Morgan), 1832

Erosland steamer - Italian, 1854

Etoile du Nord - Cardiff, 1870

Euphrasto - France, 1866

Fabian - Mediterranean ports, 1914

Favourite-Gloucester (Jones), 1832

Felix - St Malo, 1856

Florence Danvers - Caldera, 1866

Fortitude (Ware), 1832

Fortitude brig (Skelton), 1808

Four Friends-Falmouth (Hockin), 1832

Fury frigate, Appendix 3

Gatanilla - Cuba, 1866

Graniens frigate, 1816

H.E schooner - Llanelly,1894

Hannah - Pomeron, 1866

Harmony (Bedford), 1832

Harrier and Pelarous, 1824

Hathor - Alexandria, 1914

Havre - Havre, 1866

Hearty - Jersey, 1858

Helga govt ship (McAuley), 1902

Heroine schooner, 1868

Hinton-Cork (Samuel), 1832

Industry - Swansea (Bowen), 1808

Invincible sloop - Aberystwith, 1810

Irresponsible HMS, 1930

Jane and Mary-Gloucester (Jones), 1832

Jane-London (Davies), 1832

Jeane Colome - St Malo, 1866

Jenett barque - New York, 1854

Jerimiah (Fisher), 1832

John and Edward-Fowey (Melhuish), 1832

Joseph and Mary-Falmouth (Harry), 1832

Joseph Haydn wreckage, 1870

Lady Kenmare (Thomas), 1832

Lass o' Gowrie tug, 1870

Leda wreck, 1808

Lord Beresford - Swansea/Bristol (Robert Davis), 1846

Lord Beresford packet - Swansea, 1844

Lord Eberington (Day), 1832

Louis Napoleon (Gaidet), 1854

Louis Napoleon merchant, 1854

Louisa - Lymm (Lonsdale), 1812

Lustre collier - South Shields (Williams), 1858

Madeleine - Caldera, 1866

Maida - Paposa, 1866

Majestic liner, 1914

Mammoth privateer, 1814

Margaret - Bristol, 1844

Margaret - Newry (Wm Mowbray), 1838

Maria-Falmouth (Heathrington), 1832

Mary - Newfoundland (Murphy), 1814

Mary (Pinnet), 1832

Mary Ann - Cardigan (Mathias), 1812

Mary Ann - Llanelly (Morgan), 1812

Mary B brigantine - Llanelly, 1872

Matoaka liner - New Zealand, 1860

Mermaid - Liverpool (Thomas), 1812

Milo - Amsterdam,1914

Montonden - Llanelly, 1866

Mountaineer steam packet-Swansea (Edwards), 1836

New House-Fowey (Todd), 1832

New Pioneer - Rouen, 1914

Njaal - Portugal, 1914

Ocean brig - Shoreham (Holland), 1858

Olive Branch-Fowey (Peters), 1832

Olivia - Cardiff, 1868

Orenitce - Alexandria, 1852

Ottawa - Hondeklip, 1866

Out Pensioner lifeboat - Arklow, 1878

Palace-Fowey (Featherbridge), 1832

Palmerston packet, 1828

Peggy (Lloyd), 1832

Pelican screw steamer - Liverpool, 1852

Pennelly-St Ives (Barch), 1832

Perseverance (Mathias), 1832

Phaeton hms (Sturt), 1824

Phoenix sloop - Bristol, Appendix 2

Phoenix-Plymouth (Taylor), 1832

Pluto - Amsterdam, 1914

Polaria emigrant ship - Hamburg (Winekher), 1882

Polgooth-Fowey (Rollings), 1832

Prince of Wales steamer, 1868

Prince Waterloo-Wicklow (Fox), 1832

Princess Royal-Dundalk (Morgans), 1832

Providence - Lymm (Taylor), 1812

Rainfos - Odde, 1914

Rashleigh-Fowey (Vounders), 1832

Rebecca - Newport (Treharne), 1812

Rebecca-Falmouth (Chalk), 1832

Request - Garrucha, 1856

Resoy - Stavanger, 1914

Ripper - Aveiro, 1858

Robert Staple - Nova Scotia, 1866

Roberta - London Packet, 1812

Rose of England - Tocapilla, 1866

Rubins - Jersey, 1858

Saginaw - Cardiff, 1866

Sarah (Thomas), 1832

Sarah Ann-Dundalk (Julian), 1832

Sarah-Liverpool (Johns), 1832

Scottish Lass - Runcorn, 1866

Serena - Swansea, 1870

Severn (Cridland), 1832

Severn packet - Newport? (Brown), 1844

Sir Henry Pottinger wreck, 1872

Somerset (Barwell), 1832

Sophia - Glocester (Rogers), 1812

Sovereign screw steamer, 1858

Sovereign steamer - Liverpool,1864

St Joseph - Rouen, 1816

Star - Jersey, 1866

Star of the West - Callao, 1868

Start tug boat, 1868

Susan Foreshaw - Genoa, 1816

Swan (Galgey), 1832

Tagus - Portugal, 1914

Take Care - Jersey, 1858

The Brothers schooner (Thomas Lewis), 1828

The Friends - Milford, 1866

The Scotia brig -  Swansea, 1878

Theta (Harris), 1812

Three Sisters-Falmouth (Barch), 1832

Troubador steam vessel - Swansea (James Beckett), 1842

Truro-Falmouth (Carter|), 1832

Two Brothers-Falmouth (Wheddon), 1832

Two Friends - Llanelly (Morgan), 1812

Two Friends-Dungarron (Burke), 1832

Union - Garruchia, 1856

Union (Vittery), 1832

Usk packet - Newport (Dando), 1844

Utopia steam trawler - Swansea (Abbeys), 1902

Velindre steamship - Swansea, 1878

Veria - Mediterranean ports, 1914

Villers-Plymouth (Dalton), 1832

Voilier - Pont L'Abbe, 1866

Vulture  steam trawler - Swansea (Smith), 1902

Welcome (Davies), 1812

William & Mary - Barnstaple (Roberts), 1812

William (Thomas), 1832

William and Frank - Jersey, 1858

William and Thomas-Fowey (Scantlebury), 1832

Wimbledon, 1884

Windsor Castle - Pembroke, 1852

Witch - Fowey, 1816

Yangste - China, 1914

Youghall - Falmouth (Shean), 1832


Retained in the order they appear in the book

The Cambrian Office Wind Street Swansea 1849, dust jacket

Swansea from Kilvey Hill 19th century, dust jacket

The First Edition 28 January 1804

The Cambrian Office - Early 20th century, x

The site of the Cambrian Office - early 21st century, x

A view of Swansea from the Bay - 19th century, opp 32

A view of Cameron's Wharf Swansea c 1847 by William Butler, opp 32

Castle Square - near the Cambrian Office, opp 33

Wind-street - near the Cambrian Office, opp 33

South Dock Swansea - opened in 1859, opp 48

The Market Swansea - built in 1897, opp 48

Mumbles Village, opp 49

Mumbles Lighthouse, opp 49

Singleton Abbey, opp 64

Penrice Castle, opp 64

Gelli Aur [Golden Grove], opp 65

Fairyhill, opp 65

Druslwyn - Dr T D Griffiths' home, opp 80

Parc de Breos, opp 80

Assembly Rooms Swansea, opp 81

Swansea Union Workhouse (Tawe Lodge), opp 81

The Lake Brynmill Park, opp 96

Singleton near the Swiss Chalet, opp 96

Cambrian Place, opp 97

Richmond Villas, opp 97

The Bush, opp 97

The Adam & Eve, opp 97

Swansea Grammar School - built in 1853, opp 112

All that remains (Swansea Grammar School) - 2003, opp 112

New Theatre - 19th century, opp 113

'New' Empire Theatre erected in 1899, opp 113

Advertisement by T Norman & E Williams silver and electro plated novelties 105 Oxford St Swansea, opp p128

Advertisement by Weaver & Co Ltd millers & corn merchants Swansea Flour Mills, opp p128

Advertisement by Swansea Harbour Trust, opp p128

Advertisement by F C Eddershaw & Son house furnishers 19/21 High St Swansea, opp p129

19th and 20th early century road transport - 4 of F C Eddershaw's vehicles horse/steam/motor, opp p129

Advertisement by Cambrian and General Picton Coaches Mackworth Arms Inn 1894, opp p144

Advertisement by General Coach Office City Arms Hotel Hereford 1818, opp p144

Feature headed Varieties - Tricks of the Trade 1818 or 1894?, opp p144

Notice re Grand Football Match at Swansea Cricket Ground - Swansea 2nds v Bridgend 1894, opp p144

Advertisement for Swansea and Liverpool steam vessel Troubadour(James Beckett) 1831, opp p144

Drawing of girl  called 'Child's Frock' 1898, opp p144

Drawing of man called 'Mr H Fauntleroy' 1824, opp p144

Drawing of lady's head with hat called 'Hair, Head and Hat' 1898, opp p144

Advertisement for YZ soluble soap powder 1904, opp p144

Drawing of man called 'Lord Kelvin 1902', opp p144

Notice re Grand Morning Concert at Albert Hall Swansea 1888, opp p145

Advertisement for Ben Evans' Great Drapery and Furnishing Warehouse, opp p145

Advertisement for Moule's Patent Earth Closets, opp p145

Notice re Bazzar and Fancy Fair for Swansea Industrial Home for Orphan and Friendless Girls 1894, opp p145

Notice styled 'Prosperity awaits every Willing Worker in Canada - Free farms of 150 acres (undated), opp p145

Notice to Readers and Advertisers re merging of Cambrian, Weekly Post, Mid-Glamorgan Herald, and Herald of Wales under new title of 'Herald of Wales and Cambrian' on March 22 1930, p158

Photograph of William Mansel (1837-1926), p159

Document relating to the funding of a newspaper at Swansea 1803, p161

Inscription from William Mansel's memorial stone at Oystermouth, p161

Contents Descriptions

Not  necessarily exactly as provided in the book

Retained in the order they appear in the book



Birth of the Cambrian

Storm in Swansea area

Strengthening of ships

Invasion by French

Merchants and Ship-owners meeting in Swansea

Queen's Birth-day

Swansea Assembly

Female Dresses

To Moneyed Men - Swansea related

Docks and Canals  in Swansea



Rolla - the stud horse - Swansea sale

Severn crossing

The Prince of Wales telegraph coach service from London to South Wales

Caution to Waggoners

Storm in Montgomeryshire et al

Society for the Education of the Children of the Poor meeting in Swansea

Ball at Llandilo

Notice re sale of Timber in Llangevelach

Treaty of Presburgh

Apprentice wanted in Carmarthen

The Rt Hon William Pitt's funeral arrangements and parliament

King George in Parliament

Open letter to the King from Gentlemen Clergy and Freeholders of Caernarvon

Magistrates court - a bewitching case

Notice re Kidwelly District Turnpike Trust letting



Price of postal services

Bear Inn Cowbridge Subscription Ball

New Theatre Carmarthen

Violin players in Cardigan

Invitation to tender for Freight contracts from Llanelly

Port of London

British naval/troop movements

Trade between Britain and America

Notice re auction of the wreck HMS Leda at Milford Haven

Meteor near the Swilles Menai Straits

Notice re auction of breeding horses at Dobbin-Pitts Farm near Cardiff

St David's Day - celebrations and life history

Parliamentary debate about peace discussions with the French

Navy returns re ships of the line

Woman servant wanted in Swansea

Storm near Amwlch

Boy falls from coach near Carmarthen

Capture by French privateer of the ship  Industry of Swansea

Smallpox vaccination in Montgomeryshire

Sexton wanted for Harleigh parish

Domestic scene in Sheffield

Curacies and curates

Hints for Country Coffee-Rooms

Monthly Agricultural Report



Notice re Old Established Fly-Waggons from Brecknock

South Wales Soap Works Swansea

Cancelled match between Fusiliers captain and heiress

Notice re Prince of Wales day coach times from Swansea

Severn Tunnel bill passed

Hay for sale in Gower

Notice re Travelling gig for sale in Cowbridge

Forgotten cemetery found by workers at Mumbles limestone quarry

Notice re sale of Castle Hill near Aberystwith

House of Correction Cowbridge escape incident

Cardiff Assizes convictions

Death in London of Mrs Vaughan widow of Richard Vaughan of Golden Grove

Odd will - of Lewis Evan Morgan of Gwyllgyth

Llanrhidian fairs

Cardiff gaol prisoners thank benefactor for provisions



Notice re sale of Worcester House Swansea

Cabinet Council re French government communication

Notice re sale of Robeston Hall Pembrokeshire

Neath Wesleyan Methodist chapel opens

Court martial of Lieut Gibbons of Alphea schooner

Marriage of Richard J Nevill  of Llanelly to Anne Yalden of Hants at Weston on the Green

Notice re the Prince Regent new post coach service from London to Carmarthen et al

Lectures in Scotland by Mr Lancaster on education of poor children

Oxford University discontinues use of pastry during scarcity

Restoration of tranquillity in Birmingham

Letter to Editor from T Jonnes of Hafod re alternative method of making bread at time of high corn prices & scarcity

Ship News at Carmarthen



Notice re bids for letting of Wichtree Bridge Toll-Gate near Morriston

Recovery of The Mary to Ilfracombe after capture by American privateer

New cast iron bridge over Wye at Chepstow

Notice re sale of Taliaris estate near Llandilo Carmarthenshire

Army officer's wife gives birth on Chester mail from London

Attractions for visitors at Hafod and Devil's Bridge Cardiganshire

Letter to Editor from 'Navalis' of Haverfordwest re coastal shipping losses

Sighting of mermaids off Port Gordon in Scotland

Air Balloon ascent at Kettlewell Orchard adjoining York Cathedral



Notice re Cambrian & General Picton Coach service from Swansea to Bristol

Notice re new Post Coach service called Accommodation from Swansea to Hereford

Notice re sale of Tenby Theatre

Ship news at Swansea

Westphalian Essence

Dicey & Co's True Daffy Elixir

Executions at Ely

Notice re sale/let of estate called Lower Sketty

Chepstow bridge will be opened on the 24th inst ....

Smugglers' vessels taken into Milford

Blight in orchards

Swansea fair - report on prices

Llandilo Barnabas fair report



Notice re sale/let of Pentwyn House Loughor

Commission to inquire into forgery of Bank notes

Strange underground noises in old church-yard at Tulli-allen Perthshire

Warmest summer since 1979

Notice re house to let in Castle Bailey Street Swansea

Navy enlistment vessel off the Tower

Notice re custom-house auction of wine et al from cargo of brig Eliza

Swansea Infirmary weekly House Surgeon's report

Fine Arts - Engraved Prints - six views in or near Swansea

Apprentice to surgeon and apothecary wanted in South Wales town

St David's organist advertises his tutoring services

Notice re shooting permit at Duke of Beaufort's Hills in Breconshire

Arrived in Swansea



Notice re now loading - The Assiduous at Carpenter Smith's Wharf London

Notice re Premises to be purchased for road access in Goat St Swansea

Escaped from Justice - 13 combiners from Llansamlet

Dismissal of Royal Marines Artillery searjeant for drinking Queen's health in pub

Convictions at Brecon Great Sessions

Fatal accident at Box Colliery Llanelly

Notice re letting of house and Tan-Yard Cardiff

Notice re shooting and coursing on various manors in Glamorgan

Thank you re Miss Desmond's Benefit in Swansea

Notice re upcoming illustrated lecture at Swansea Theatre by Mr Lloyd

Wages dispute in copper companies in Swansea area

Notice re letting of Breconshire Turnpike Trust toll gates

Notice re sale of imported brandy rum et al at Mackworth Arms Swansea



Notice re New Lottery Scheme

Armed raid on farm house in Kildonnel Donegal ?

The King is unwell

Swansea Theatre re-opens after 4 weeks closure

General Turnpike Act passed - full details

Domestic Telegraph - better than bells to summon servants

Half a million surplus ladies according to latest census



Reports of King Louis's funeral in French newspapers

Mr Stevenson's new work on cataract

Steam engine explodes at Dartmouth

Carrier between Chester and Rhyddlan fined

Sudden death of master of brig Perseverance of Ilfracombe

Cure of Hydrophobia - recipes

Capture of smuggling vessel in channel

Monthly Agricultural Report

Notice to Subscribers of Swansea Infirmary from Mr William Rowland surgeon

Farmer drinks 14 pints of cider each day for 50 years

Fishing boat tragedy at Aberystwyth



Meeting at St Martin's Vestry of General Committee of National Society for the education of the poor

Bank of England to open branch in Liverpool

Proposed reductions in naval estimates to be laid before Parliament

Earl Pembroke to reduce tenants' rents in view of depressed state of agriculture

Meeting of Turnpike Trust of road from Warminster & Frome to Bath to present petition to Parliament re expenses in procuring Turnpike Acts

Apprentice wanted by a Surgeon and Accoucher

Manchester and Liverpool Tunnel works proceeding

Edinburgh Observer comment on effect of adverse climate on workers and trade

The King offers subscription towards mausoleum to Shakespeare in Stratford

'Remarkable statements' by Sir Andrew Halliday to Middlesex Magistrates re conditions in Lunatic Asylums in London area

Rolling mill workers wanted at Rose Copper Works Swansea

Swansea meetings to establish a Tradesman's and Mechanic's Institution in the area

Some tonnage figures for Swansea Canal

Swansea Hounds meet at Waunllestyr and Norton



Use of salt in a fire

Potato bread - explained by Sir John Sinclair in Edinburgh

Steam propelled Carriages on land

Wounded Turk sailor at battle of Navarin

Shrewsbury Union coach in accident at Gerrard's Cross

Bridge over Severn at Holt Fleet near Worcester opens

"Cambrian retains its original aim......"

Repair of Cardiff Bridge

The sloop Cambria of Carmarthen upset in Loughor river

Prevalence of southerly & westerly winds prevents sailings from Swansea et al and leads to shortage of coal in Cornwall

Tynyreol Neath' establishment for education of young ladies' re-opens

Palmerston packet to remain at Bristol for repairs

Prisoners at Brecon County Gaol give thanks to Samuel Church esq for Xmas dinner

Notice of sale of share in Penclawdd Canal

Letter to Editor re slavery in British Colonies

Notice re loading of schooner The Brothers at Hayes Wharf London for Swansea

Executions of two men  at Horse-monger Lane gaol in London

Birth of female with two faces in Taunton

"Elopement in High" Life in Essex



Workers discharged at Chatham Dock-yard

Snow on Mendips blocks wagons near Oakhill

Sudden death and inquest on the Right Hon Gent Mr Tierney

Fashions for February - from La Belle Assemblee

The Welsh Iron Trade

Highway Robbery near Hereford

Chepstow lit with gas for first time

Postponement and new date of 3rd Subscription Ball at Assembly Rooms Swansea

Gift of barge of coal to labouring poor of Swansea by C H Smith esq of Gwernlwyniaith Coal

Scientific Notices; Substitute for steam; Clifton Suspension Bridge

Exhibition of a Steam Omnibus at Mr Braithwaite's works in London

Eagle shot near Bridgewater



Execution of Bristol Rioters

Ball at Assembly Rooms Swansea to celebrate the Queen's Birthday

New term starts at St David's College

Notice by William Phillips of breaking up of old partnership and details of his new livery stables

Poem by 'Ann of Swansea' called The Fate of Genius

Ships arrived at Swansea

Llanelly Field Sports

"The Parents New Year's Gift" dedicated to the Lord High Chancellor

Population figures from census returns

Commentary on political matters

Skinless Oats - seed for sale in Barnstaple



Trade Union deputation re sentence of transportation passed on the Dorchester agricultural labourers

Notice re letting of Lower Sketty residence

Notice re brig Britannia sailing to New York

Notice re letting of Public Slaughter Houses Swansea

Notice re general meeting of Swansea Gas Light Establishment

Project to make a railway from Llanelly to Cardiff as one section of the Great Western Railway

Notice re Swansea and Neath Horticultural Society show

House of Commons; - Great Western Railway in New Windsor - petition; Carmarthenshire Railway Bill - bill presented by Mr Vivian; Motion to abolish punishment of death for stealing letters; petition re sentencing in illegal Dorchester trade union matter; Cambridge University petition re treatment of religious dissenters



Notice re new steam packet Benledi plying between Bristol, Ilfracombe, Swansea & Tenby

Notice re new steam packet Mountaineer plying between Swansea, Milford and Liverpool

Dutch Mechanical Surgery - artificial limbs

Swansea Borough council meeting report - councillors in attendance;-Cameron, Aubrey, Grove, Glover, Johns, Michael, Owen, Richardson, Smith and Sanders

Swansea Philosophical and Literary Institution - list of articles donated to it

Drowning in Severn near Beachley

Letter to Editor re loose dogs in Swansea from 'A Cur Hater'

Poem called "Wine is a Mocker" by 'The Patriot'

Lecture re locomotive engines by Dr Gardner of Southwark

"What will the Lords do ?" from the Dumfries Times - on an anti House of Lords theme



Notice re opening of Great Western Railway between London [Paddington] and Maidenhead

Yoland's Specific Solution-for the cure of various diseases and complaints

Clydach surgeon's son  admitted as member of Royal College of Surgeons  London

Man's leg amputed at the Infirmary (Swansea?)

Magistrates allowed to commit to an asylum instead of trial

36,000 mackerel sold 24 hour period by Swansea fish salesman

Cardiff schooner sets new record for London to Cardiff run

Swansea Teetotal Procession and Tea Party meeting

Concentrated Essence of Jamaica Ginger - a cure for various complaints

Newspaper Stamps - lists what look like circulation figures for the following newspapers; Cambrian, Carmarthen Journal, Carnarvon Herald, Merthyr Guardian, N'th Wales Chronicle, Silurian, Welshman

Notice by Swansea Philosophical Institution inviting tenders from contractors for new building work

The Coronation - details of the proposed arrangements

Negro Apprenticeships - details Welsh members of parliament who voted for their immediate abolition

Awful shipwreck Cape Clear, 39 dead - copied from the Sunderland Beacon

The great Montgolfier Balloon non ascent



Swansea Theatre - new season opening concert details

Notice re letting of Earlswood Cottage near Briton Ferry

Advertisement re a Preparatory School for Young Gentlemen at 4 Nelson Place, Swansea

Vacancies at Swansea Academy

Editorial re abolishment of death penalty for all crimes except murder and treason

Invitation to contractors to tender for the widening of Loughor Bridge

Notice re vacancy for resident surgeon at Swansea Infirmary

Notice re Swansea District Eisteddfod and procession of bards and brothers



Thames Tunnel approaches completion

Railway Accident near Barton station between Birmingham and Derby from Nottingham Journal

Miraculous Escape - house collapses on coroner and jury at inquest near Cheltenham

Prince of Wales's Nurse  discharged for drunkenness

Longevity - man dies aged 111 in Cork  Cork Reporter

Swansea Infants' School - examination of the children

Notice re sailings of steam vessel Troubadour between Swansea, Milford, Bristol and Liverpool

Shop window vandalised in Swansea

Corn Trade - comment re weather threat to harvest



Notice re letting of The Union Iron Foundry in the  Strand Swansea

Notice re letting of fields part of Ffynone Lands

Notice re auction of wine, seed and oilcake salvaged from wreck at Brufton Bay of Margaret of Bristol

Felony at Rheola Glamorgan

Distressing deprivation - sudden death of three children at Llandilofawr in Carmarthenshire

Mad rabid dog seen in this neighbourhood

Swansea and Merthyr Cricket Clubs - match near the Lamb and Flag Vale of Neath

Rebecca Riots - silver vase to be presented to a reporter of the London Times for exposing and promoting the redress of Welsh grievances

Steam Boats Collision on river Avon near Sea Mills Reach

South Wales Railway - progress report

South Wales Railway - meetings at Ross and Tolsey to consider the question of a railway through South Wales with numerous named notable attendees



Notice re sale of carriages and harnesses by Mr Francis

Notice addressed to miners mechanics & artificers as potential emigrants to Adelaide South Australia re sailing of brig Appleton loading at Swansea and Bristol

Glamorganshire County Roads - wanted a surveyor for northern district of county

Notice re sailing times of steam packets Lord Beresford and County of Pembroke between  Swansea and Bristol

Fashionable Dancing Deportment and Calisthenic Exercises at Assembly Rooms  Swansea

Note re Dr Williams of Swansea's essay "on the structure and functions of the liver" in the annual Guy's Hospital Reports

"Extensive scientific entertainment" at Swansea Theatre - a planetarium

Accident at Swansea pig market

Dangerous Nuisance -  state of road from Greenhill gate to New Bridge on Landore Rd

Coach Accident - Collegian between Brecon and Aberystwyth

Shoals of pilchards sighted off Pembrokeshire coast

Letter to the Editor - protest at police stopping local Brass Band playing in Swansea's streets




Harbour Master Wanted in Portcawl

Notice re seized goods to be auctioned at Custom-house Swansea

Notice re auction of draught horses and brood mares in Pembrokeshire on behalf of  South Wales Railway

Notice by Swansea Harbour Trust re meeting to decide on new wet dock on river Tawe

Letter to Editor re Swansea Docks vis a vis 1847 Act

Diet and cholera, or the Board of Health versus vegetables

Notice re exhibition of Models of Ancient and Modern Jerusalem at Swansea Assembly Rooms

Where Ignorance is Bliss - a tale of marital strife

Wreck at the Mumbles - the Eagle of Aberystwith

Swansea sewers and drains out of repair



Loss of another Emigrant ship - the Edmond in Kilkee Bay and the Adeline for New Orleans

Advertisement re New Decimal Palm Candles

Advertisement for cure all for depression, blushing, sleeplessness etc

Vacancies for cabin passengers on the Alceste from Swansea for San Francisco

South Wales Railway - report on traffic/passenger/freight volumes for week

Gipsey George the vagrant out and about in Swansea

Newport - Western Valley Line Railway inspected

Landlord of Green Meadow Newbridge charged with being open during divine service on a Sunday

Merthyr - Early Closing Movement; Gas lamps; Dowlais works/proposed visit to 1851 exhibition

Man charged with preaching in the streets - namely  Fisher St

Llandovery flooded by rivers Bowddwr and Brane

Letter to Editor re proposed address to the Queen in defence of 'common Protestantism'

Notice re letting of The Rhyddings overlooking Swansea Bay

Notice re freight charges reduction on South Wales Railway



A woodcock spotted at Pendine Carmarthenshire

Work on the Windsor Castle in Pembroke Dock is progressing with speed

Harbour dues auctioned in Cardiganshire

Illicit malt makers caught in Cardigan

Screw Steamers at Liverpool

Trial at Lewes Assizes of train driver in South Coast Railway accident

Trial at Kingston Assizes of child murderers

Execution of Anthony Turner in Derby

Coals Superseded - invention by Dr Bachhoffner using metal pieces in place of coal in grates

Use of Photography  with machinery

Letter to the Editor re Free Trade Meeting in Swansea

Notice to tourists and excursionists from the Vale of Neath Railway Co re scenery of the Neath Valley

A Flat between Two Sharps - incident on a train

English and Yankee Yacht builders - proposed challenge race at Cowes

Notice re letting of Ffynone house overlooking Swansea Bay

Melancholy Accident at Ravenstonedale corn mill

Notice re letting of 55 acre farm overlooking Swansea Bay

Notice re Bustin's Concert-Room Oxford St Swansea

Notice re sale of barque Cuba of Swansea

Notice by Swansea Harbour Trust inviting tenders for an Iron Dredging machine



Notice re vacancies on barque Jenett from Port Talbot to New York

Advertisement by Electric Light and Colour Company

Advertisement by B R Hennessy optician etc Wind St Swansea

Notice by South Wales & Vale of Neath Railways re excursions

Notice re vacancies on ship Louis Napoleon from Swansea to Sydney

Disclaimer by Morgan Griffiths re his wife's debts

The Cholera !  Advertisement for Crew's Disinfecting Fluid

Fire at Port Tennant

Notice re Ratepayers' Meetings at Town Hall Swansea and Landore

Notice re letting of Montpelier Villas Sketty

Notice re South Wales Railway traffic return

Notice re Swansea Theatre event

Notice re another Swansea Ratepayers' Meeting referring to 'the evil doings' of the town council

Melancholy Shipwreck in the Mediterranean - 11 English passengers lost

Advertisement re Matrimonial Alliance Bureau

The Harbour Trust Meeting Swansea

Letter to Editor re alleged impersonation by previous letter writer

Extraordinary quick voyage by barque Countess of Bective

Circulation of Newspapers - figures for 7 Welsh papers for 1832 & 1853

The Trades Union - public meeting of Swansea operatives at Bird-in-Hand High St

Louis Napoleon at Swansea - a full rigged French merchant ship



Latest Foreign Arrivals - various ships at Swansea carrying copper & wheat flour

Goods warehoused during past week

Llandilo Petty Sessions report

Great Cricket Match at Neath between an 'All England Eleven' and 'Twenty Two of Neath and South Wales' ( named players not extracted in main index)

Llanelly Petty Sessions report - 12 year old girl committed to a Reformatory

Pembroke Dockyard - troop accommodation and activities

Advertisement re Registry Office for Servants at 12 Singleton St Swansea

Advertisement re Emporium of Fashion in Castle St Swansea

Notice re meeting of British and Foreign School for Boys in Goat St Swansea

Correspondence - complaint about lack of peace celebrations in Swansea

Invitation to tender by Swansea Union for suppliers of various provisions and articles, also funeral services

Poem about Oxwich Bay near the Mumbles (by J Deffett Francis ?)

Concert by Swansea Orpheus Society - report of

Figures relating to length of railway lines open

Loss of Life by the War

Report re improved water supply in Swansea

Singular Accident - danger of hugging in a hurry



Brig Ocean and collier Lustre  jammed in East India Dock Gates Blackwall London

Swansea Theatre programme next week

Swansea National Schools annual  report

Latest Foreign Arrivals at Swansea docks

Blasting Quarries re letters of complaint

Slip at Briton Ferry Docks

Notice re Royal Mail Omnibuses  from Swansea to the Mumbles

Notice re Horses Broken to Saddle and Harness

Notice re Increased Steam Communication between Bristol and Swansea

Crinoline at the Cardiff Cattle Show

Notice re new omnibus service between Builth and Llandovery

Alderman Davies's Schools Neath foundation - celebratory procession and dinner

The Slang of the Prize Ring

Letter to Editor re Harbour of Refuge at the Mumbles

Pembroke Dock Regatta report



Letter to the Editor re the Harbour Master's Salary

Increase of Salaries (public bodies) - where is it to end ?

Ystalyfera - report of a visit there

Situation wanted - as groom or coachman

Notice of vacancies for freight and passengers onboard the liner Matoaka from Bristol to New Zealand

Why do we buy eighty million eggs annually from the continent ? ...........

Gower Inn Rosary now in bloom

House of Correction - comment re absence of facility to house debtors

Notice re The Mumbles Regatta

A True Picture of Cardiff - commentary on trades of prostitution and vice

Notice re Cardiff Annual Regatta

Jim Myer's Mammoth Equestrian Establishment to visit Swansea

Advertisement re Gellionen Spa Hotel with analysis of Gellionen water

Important Improvement in Carriages by Letters Patent

Notice re new publication of The Llanelly Telegraph and General Advertiser



Poem entitled Idylls of Gower by 'Ex Pennard'

Cooper's Fields Glamorganshire to become a deer park

Notice re Grand Concert at Town Hall Swansea for benefit of Monsieur Allard

The Shipping Trade - comment on depression in the trade in Swansea

Prison Life

Poor Box robbed in Llangadock Carmarthenshire

Wrecks on the British Coast - Board of Trade figures

Tenby Races

Cricket - Third Glamorgan versus Fourth Glamorgan

The Volunteers at Caswell - a picnic



A Lucky Preacher

Notice re opening of Mid-Wales Railway - connecting North and South Wales

British School Swansea - donation by mayor

Local Marine Board passes

Heavy Gales on Welsh Coast - Porthcawl

Notice re Panorama of the Heavens exhibit at Music Hall Swansea

Archbishop Paul Cullen on Prize-fighting - letter to local clergy

Notice re Grand Concert at Music Hall Swansea featuring Gounod's 'Mirella'

Notice re Grand Concert at Music Hall Swansea featuring Herr Meyer Lutz

Letter to Editor from 'A Scotchman' re previous letter from Talhaiarn a local poet

Heavy Gales on Welsh Coast - Porthcawl

Reynoldston School and the Stouthall family

Rescue of two men from sinking barge in Bristol Channel

Supper for New Passage railway workers

Miss Edmond's Concert at Music Hall Swansea

The Shipping Trade - Swansea harbour returns

Monmouth and South Wales - report on iron trade

Skilful Surgery - report copied from the Springfield Republican

Llanelly Special and Petty Sessions report



Shipping Intelligence

The Cholera - now happily cleared away

The Health of the Town - declared cholera free

Cardiff - the Mayorality

Swansea Police Court report

Our Sanitary Conditions - Llanelly

Longevity in the Copper works - death of old employee at Morfa Copper works

Notice re vacancies at Careg Cenen House school near Llandilo

Notice re upcoming events at Theatre Royal Swansea

Notice re Girls' Evening school at Trinity Chapel Schoolroom Swansea

Notice re opening of the New Catholic Church Greenhill Swansea

Report of entertainment at Music Hall on behalf of Swansea Juvenile Dorcas Society

Foreign Arrivals at Swansea

Letter to Editor re Orange Street and the Market from 'A Lover of Justice'



Proposed Great Passenger Ship - Thomas Silver's new design

The Fortunate Painter - Cardiff artist's inheritance

The Flirting Farmer - how he occupies himself in the seasonal farming lull from The London Review

Wholesale Rustication at Oxford - New College undergraduates all sent down

Improvement of Severn Navigation - plans for new weirs at Gloucester

Letter to the Editor re Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations

Poem entitled 'Never Satisfied'

Miss Francis's Concert at Music Hall Swansea - report

Notice re chemistry class at Swansea School of Science

Letter from 'An Elector' to the Editor re the Merthyr Election and H A Bruce's expenses

Letter from 'A Parent' to the Editor re reporting of delicate subject at a Swansea Board of Guardians meeting

Letter from D B Shipmaster to the Editor re the Treatment of British Seamen after death

Glamorganshire County Council Roads Board - report on annual letting of toll gates

Notice re sale of various carriages in Bath

Report re Stamped Newspapers in County of Glamorgan - postage figures for the Cambrian; Cardiff/Merthyr Guardian; Cardiff Times



Gale in Bristol Channel - some shipping problems and a death

Swansea Harbour Trust - report of monthly meeting

Swansea Hospital Ball at Music Hall - report

Shipping Intelligence

Early Lambing

New Congregaional chapel - Walter Road

Apology by Monthly Wine & Spirit Trade Circular London  re previous adverse reference to Swansea wine merchants

Welsh Views on Education - proposed resolution to Welsh Educational Conference

Letter from 'Cymro' to Editor re St John's Church

Open letter from Thomas Rees Sketty Hall to the Guardians of the Poor Swansea Union

Letter from 'An Elector' to the Editor re Our Representatives

Letter from 'Truth' Swansea to the Editor re The Wreck of the Charles Amelie

Letter from C S Waring of The Darraz to Editor re Wrecks inside the West Pier extension




Public Park for Swansea - on surplus lands at Cwmdonkin Reservoir

The late Shipping Disaster in Carmarthen Bay - loss of Mary B    extract from The Welshman

Deadly Wakes and Wasteful Funerals -  re Catholic practice of 'nursing the dead'    extract from The Builder

Serious Defalcations and Flight of a Swansea Income-tax Collector

A Careless Driver and its Consequences

Statistics for Deaths in South Wales

Severn Commission - committee meeting re Midland Railways Bill

Fashions for February - La Follet

Letter from 'School-Boy' to the Editor re Good News for the Boys

Port and Harbour of Neath - proposed Bye-Laws re The Petroleum Act 1871



A Flying Visit to Llangyfelach Fair

Brynhyfryd Board School - purchase of site

Danygraig School - tenders received

Report of the Board dealing with Swansea elementary education

Commentary on philanthropic efforts  'embodied in healthy institutions'

Dilapidated and Overcrowded Premises - 7 Orchard Street

Swansea Cricket Club - report of Annual General Meeting at Mackworth Arms

Neath Harbour Floating Dock meeting

Penllergare Hounds meetings at Llandybie Station and trosarch

Return match between Swansea Football Club and Cowbridge School at Bryn -y-mor

Letter from 'Enquiror' to Editor re Street Steam Engines

Letter to the Editor from Jno R Brenton re The Corporation Accounts and its Late Collector

Put out a bit - incident on railway journey in London



The Welsh Calvinists and eccentric names

Welsh Nomenclature in the new Domesday Book      extract from Land and Water

Steam Tram Cars        extract from Engineer

List of matches and results of Swansea Football Club

The Value of Property in Swansea

Commentary on parks and recreational grounds in Swansea

Notice re Messiah Concert for the benefit of the Hospital at Music Hall Swansea

Letter to the Editor re Swansea Provident Society and Dispensary

Letter to the Editor from 'A Draper's Assistant'  re Swansea drapers' intention to close on Easter Monday-Bank Holiday

Letter to the Editor from 'A Swansea Boy' arguing for a Training Ship in Swansea



Shipping Intelligence; - The Scotia founders; Rescue of Broughton's crew by lifeboat; Figures for Wrecks and Casualties during month of May

Commentary re respectability of streets such as Walters Rd and Mansel St

Commentary re responsibilities of representative officials on councils

Entertainment at Greenhill Mission Hall for Pentre Iron Church debt funds

Report of prize fight in Barnstaple

Gossip - suggestion that a steam roller might usefully be used on certain Swansea streets

Poem entitled 'The Song of the Ship' by I.A.C in the South Pacific Ocean.

Letter to the Editor from Leyshon Rees St Helen's  re Cheap Trains to the Mumbles

Statement by The Swansea Tramway Steam Cars company refuting previous correspondence

Swansea and Devonshire Traffic - need for deep water pier at Mumbles

Letter to the Editor from 'A Sufferer' re Swansea Shipping Investments



Aquatic and Foreshore Sports at the Mumbles

The Mumbles Visitors' List

The Doctor in the Kitchen - one of a series of lectures by Mr Ernest Hart under auspices of National Health Society in London

Notice re Grand Musical Festival at Music Hall

'A Good Suggestion' re train connection times

Commentary re American tourist numbers to visit Europe this summer

Figures re mackerel catch on south coast of England

Temporary substitute for proposedbridge across Neath river at Briton Ferry

Notice re Concert by Swansea Police Band at Cwmdonkin Park

First love - how charming is it ?

Swansea Police Court report



An Art Society for Swansea

The Polaria German Emigrant Ship at Swansea

M de Lesseps on the Suez Canal and Channel Tunnel

Masonic Outing in the Swansea Valley

A Gentleman of Boston USA writes re his ancestor Robert Wheaton from Swansea

List of Fairs for July

Letter to the Editor from J M Harding re Footpaths of Swansea



The Cholera - outbreak on the Continent

Protection against Cholera - report of bill in parliament

Poem called 'Cloudy days'

Board of Trade Enquiries at Swansea into stranding of the 'Wimbledon' and the 'Baines Hawkins'

Mania for Coffee Taverns in Swansea

Barry Dock and Railways evidence to the Select Committee of the House of Lords

Notice re Regatta of the Year in Swansea Bay

Letter to the Editor from William Lewis of Llanharry re Sunday Band playing



Opening of Messrs B Evan's & Co's New Premises in Lower Goat St Swansea

Notice re New Theatre Swansea programme

Grand Ball at Glanbrydan Park

The Severn Tunnel - opening



Shall Swansea replace Gas by Oil or by Electricity ?

Notes and Comments re the Greenway Breakwater to be tried at Swansea

A Word to the Wise Men of the Mumbles

Matthew Arnold's Daughter in Gower

An Old Roman Plane Road - over Rhosilly Down

Concert at the Albert Hall

Notice re Great Western Railway excursions

American calculating machine called 'The Comptometer'

Letter to the Editor from Ieuan Tawe re Welsh-English Eisteddfodic Cant

Letter to the Editor from Paul Pry re 'A Swansea Picture for sale'

Notice by Swansea Baths and Laundry Co Limited



The Bath and West of England Show in Swansea 1892 - How about Site and President ?

The Disgraceful State of the Swansea Foreshore - Pier approaches now impassable

Threatened Discontinuance of the Mumbles Ship-Signalling Station - Merchants and Shipowners to the Rescue !

Local Fixtures of Forthcoming Events

Is Football (rugby) a Valuable Enthusiasm or a Dangerous Frenzy - How Swansea Men Differ about it - Observations in Swansea and in Cardiff by Peter Clark

Should Swansea copy Worcester re obstruction of footpaths ?

Water colours can last 400 years - so says Professor Hartley

Swansea horses suffering from flu

Letter to the Editor from 'Faust' re 'Where are the Ghosts of Gower-Land gone ?'

Letter to the Editor from 'Ffynonllwynygog' re 'The Reform of National Eisteddfodic Abuses - Do Welshmen really study their own language and literature ?'



Mumbles Cliff Road - When is to be extended?

'Kitreb's Travels

Rhosilly's Roman Road ?

Extension of the Mumbles Railway - Absurd and unnecessary grumbling by residents

Upcoming social events

Miss Marion Evans in Bristol

Welsh Place Names by E Roberts Swansea

Theme of 'Swansea needs fewer talkers and dreamers'

The 'Sporting Depot' to be moved

The New Cut Bridge -  A Serious Stoppage of Traffic

Poem - Acrostic - "The Editor" by Rosabelle Joseph

Football and General Athletic Notes - by 'Argus'

Read this ye Footballers ! Prizes which ought to be fought for

Football on the down grade in Swansea - Neath romp round the 'All Whites'

Is this True ? - Are Mainwaring and Edwards to leave the Swansea Rugby club for Morriston ?

Further commentary re other Swansea Rugby players



Disaster at Sea - Schooner HE of Llanelly

Month's gaol for a kiss

St David's Day in London - Most Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons Anniversary Dinner

Lighting of Swansea Parish Church by Electricity - A Suspected Advertisement removed as soon as Possible

Mr Melville and the Actress - Alleged serious injury in Swansea New Theatre

A Police Retrospect of Swansea in 1893 - Interesting facts and Figures



Thoughts of Thinkers - extracts by Carlyle; Richard Jefferies; Frederick Harrison.

Gower echoes - An Advertising Scheme; The Health Bill; Paraclete Congregational Chapel Newton anniversary services; The Forthcoming Japanese Bazaar at Oystermouth Castle

Flashes from the Assize Courts - the filthiest calendar on record

Letter to the Editor from J R Leaver Swansea re ' Floating the Tawe'



Scientific Notes - A New Antiseptic; Electricity and Animalcula; A Gun that Shoots Electricity; Colour Blindness in Japan and China; Singing Sands

Town and Port of Swansea - A Pertinent Speech by the Chairman of the Swansea Harbour Trust re municipalisation of tramways and gasworks

Letter to the Editor from 'Free Thought' re "Is Nonconformity Awakening ?"

Contemporary Chat - females in service and infant mortality; an appeal to all Joneses in Warwickshire



Elections - victory in Swansea for Liberalism and Nonconformity

Election Notes - Churchill canvassing at Oldham; Musical and domesticated methods of canvassing by Judge John D Holt of West Virginia

"Never want it again" - a prison chaplain's tale of his bible

Morriston - Bus fatality

Port Talbot - Wedding at Aberavon of Olive Jones to Richard Richards



Swansea Society in London - Proposed South Walian Organisation meets at 'Haunch of Venison' Fleet St London

A Newspaper Storage at Hendon -  new British Museum storage depot

Illegal trawlings by Swansea Captains - Irish bench imposes heavy Fines

Would old-age pensions be useless ? - comment on Mr R  Rowntree's new book 'The Probable Effect of Old-age Pensions upon Poverty'

Fashion notes by Messrs Ben Evans and Co Ltd Swansea

Hospital Collections - Cardiff wants to adopt Swansea's scheme

Swansea Board Schools - H M Inspector's Reports 1899/1900 re Aberdyberthi-Street School



'Thomas of Lan' 88th Birthday (Captain William Thomas)

Brake Collision near Clydach - Compensation claim for £43

Morriston Mems, various ; Innovation at Tabernacle Church ; Funeral of Harry Griffiths of Morriston; Who stole the magazine?; Morriston Male Voice Party; Free Trade v Protection battle debating competition

The fact that 'Swansea copper-ore men were missing in the American Civil War' used in Birkenhead election campaign

Crushed to Death - Famous animal trainer killed by an elephant at Walthamstow

Problems with Vivian & Sons' tipping ground at Neath Rd

Welsh University Court meeting re Swansea Technical College



Dr T D Griffiths. Distinguished Swansea Surgeon. Dies at Bournemouth. Notable Career.

Radium for Swansea Hospital

Different Men - Some specimens of Loughor English at Swansea Crown Court

'1812' at the Mumbles Pier by Herr Simon Wurm's Hungarian Band

Pontardawe Council takes no action in appeal by Sir John Williams for funds on behalf of the Welsh National Library at Aberystwyth

Cheers for 'BP' - What the Movement really means

Mayor's Blessing for the Movement (Scout) at Royal Institution Swansea

Disappointing - Swansea's Shipping Returns at Low-ebb

The White Star liner 'Majestic' coming to Swansea to be broken up

Suffragettes Again - Pier Pavilion gutted at Yarmouth

Street cleansing easier with asphalte/wood/tarmacadam surfaces

Legion of Honour. Striking Ceremony. Swansea's Four New Freemen. Symbol of Public Affection. Impressive Addresses.

From Far & Near- Bishop's Boots

Swans Ex-Manager. Suggests he is a Scapegoat. Peep Behind the Scenes. Criticism of the Directors.

Fifty Ministers in 'Noncon' Protest against Church Bill (Disendowment)

Local Siftings - Beynon Bros's mare 'Gower Princess' dies in foaling



Big Motor Contract. £40,000 Order secured by Swansea firm. Chassis for 'Buses'

The Post Bag - Rowe Harding mentioned in dispatches for game in Rhodesia

Two supreme riddles to answer

The Mother of Ten - Problem of Preparing them all for School - Penygroes mother in court

Swansea Snubbed. Deputation to Post-master General on Removal of Telephone Exchange. Mr Grenfell MP's Firm Stand.

Fever in the Valley - 10 cases of scarlet fever and one of diptheria in Pontardawe RDC area

Speeding at Neath

No daily weather reports of health resorts entry for Mumbles and Gower ? Why indeed ?

Blacksmith's shop below Kilvrough has greatest authority on history of Gower

Sir Walter Davies to succeed the late Sir Frederick Bridge as Gresham Professor of Music

Tynycoed chapel in Swansea Valley to be modernised

The Worm Turns. Ammanford Council answers Ratepayers Critics; Electricity Works Future

Motor Firm Sued. Titled Lady Sues for Recovery of £850. A Swansea Purchase.

Lorry Falls in Garden. Narrow Escape of Driver and Children at Bynea

His Better Half. Husband Who 'Would Not Dare' to Get Drunk Often.

Fumes at Llansamlet. Ministry of Health Open an Enquiry at Swansea. Town Clerk and Works Closing.

Lord of the Manor. The Borough Electrical Engineer's Purchase. A £10,455 Sale.



Swansea Technical College. Dispute with the Pharmaceutical Society.

Notice to Swansea Dog Owners re unlicensed dogs

£20,000 Spent on Power Station Site. Mr T Mainwaring Hughes attacks Swansea Council's 'Mad Finance'. Loss of £20,000 per annum on Asylum Heating. Fighting Speech at St Helen's.

Up-To-Date Shops of Swansea. Appreciation of a Famous Actress. The Lure of Gowerland.

Post's Biggest War Scoop. Stoker and the Battleship Log Book. Still a Mystery.

GWR Schemes in South Wales. Government Approval of Company's Plans. Speeding-Up Ideas.

Record International (Wales v Ireland at Swansea) Crowd. GWR Transport over 30,000 People.

Our Post Bag - the new Daily Post and Leader

Kidnapped to Ireland ! Swansea Hosts on Lady Munster. Roger Beck to the Rescue.

Swansea Film Star. Adolphe Menjou or Perhaps a Valentino.

Penllegaer Hunt's Good Runs. Lady Follower Bogged at Tylydu Meet.

New 'Post and Leader'. Majestic Hall of Giant Machines. Our New Home.


Appendix I

The Cambrian Newspaper, Printers and Proprietors.


Appendix 2

An Extract from R D Rees's 'Glamorgan Newspapers under the Stamp Acts', Morgannwg III (1959), pp 61-94


Appendix 3

1.Cambrian Synopses at various times; 1804, 1854, 1904, 1924, 1930

2. Statement by 'Cambria Daily Leader' - 24th May 1861


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