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SWANSEA - Reflections in Black and White

Compiled by Bernard Mitchell 1983

Published at Trinity House, 6 Roft Street, Oswestry SY11 2ET

Indexed by Roger McFenton 2000

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District,Street,Subject Matter,Date,Page Number

Blackpill,Mumbles Road,1880's,45 Brynhyfryd,Eaton Road,The Commercial Inn,1900,41
Brynhyfryd,Llangyfelach Road,The Plough & Harrow Inn,1890's,41 Brynmill,Open-Fronted Double Decker Tram No.34,1910,74
Brynmill,Francis Street,Wrought Iron Gates of Vicroria Park,1920's,6 Clydach,Mond Nickel Works,Workers Photograph,1920's,63
Cwm Athletics A.F.C.,Team Photograph,1922-24,56 Cwmbwrla Square,The Tram Terminus,1915,43
Cwmbwrla,Gors Road & Carmarthan Road,Trivoli Cinema,1915,43 Cwmfelin,Steelworkers Group Photograph,1930's,61
East Dock,Brigantine Ship's Loading Coal,1860's,68 East Dock,Early Steam Paddle Tugs & Copper Barques,1850's,69
Gower,Bishopston,Early Omnibus Motor Service,1920's,75 Gower,Caswell Bay,Mobile Changing Rooms,1905,55
Gower,Parkmill,The Gower Inn,1880's,45 Hafod,Blast Furnace Chimney's,1890's,61
Hafod,River Tawe Ferry & Industry,1890's,64 Hafod,Standard 3 School Photo with Mr.George Lewis,1920,14
Hafod,The Swansea Canal Bridge,1923,79 Hafod,The Swansea Canal & Industry,1920's,62
King's Dock,Derrick Cranes Unloading Cargo,1930's,66 King's Dock,The Gun Boat H.M.S. Robin,1880's,70
Landore,Derelict Seimans' Laboratory,1950's,62 Landore,Industrial Wasteland,1930's,63
Landore,The Cinema,1950's,35 Llansamlet Square,The Star Inn,1870's,44
Manselton,The Congregation of Bethel Presbyterian Church,1890's,8 Manselton,Iorwerth Street,The Coronation Procession,1953,15
Manselton,Major Street Club,The Home Guard Group Photo,1940's,12 Manselton,Manselton Road,1910,44
Manselton,The Manor Cinema,1950's,34 Morriston Orpheus Choir & Conductor Eurfryn John,Tabernacle Chaple,1960,11
Morriston Orpheus Choir 25th Anniversary Photograph,1960,11 Morriston Orpheus Choir Formation Meeting,1935,11
Morriston 'Hanney Band',1st Glamorgan Garrison Artillery Band,1880's,12 Morriston Clinic,Women Holding their Babies,1935,14
Morriston,The Cross,Lamb & Flag Inn,1912,40 Morriston,A.R.P Chemical Road Detatchment Group Photo,Blitz 1941,50
Morriston,Chamber of Trade Annual Outing by Charabanc,1919,76 Morriston,Clase Road,1910,37
Morriston,Clase Road & Industry,1900,40 Morriston,Duke Street,1910,36
Morriston,Forest Tinplate Works & Dyffryn Works,1890's,38 Morriston,Lloyd-George Addresses the Crowd,1918,10
Morriston,Tabernacle Chapel Under Construction,1871,37 Morriston,The Cross Inn & Wrought Iron Public Convenience,1900,36
Morriston,The Cross & Woodfield Street,1920's,37 Morriston,The Old Bridge Gospel Hall,1912,39
Morriston,Ty Canol Tinplate Workers Photograph,1930's,60 Morriston,Woodfield Street,St. John's Church,1914,39
Mumbles,The Mumbles Pier,1915,53 Mumbles,Early Railway with Horse-Drawn Carriage,1850's,78
Mumbles,Mumbles Electrified Train Service,1950's,78 Mumbles,Mumbles Steam Locomotive at Southend Station,1920,78
Mumbles,Steam Locomotive & Swansea Bay,1930's,80 Mumbles,The Last Mumbles Train Leaves Depot,1960,78
Mumbles,The Promenade,1905,52 North Dock Basin,1890's,66
North Dock,The Weavers' Flour Mill,1930's,67 North Dock,Swing Bridge in Operation,1920's,67
North Dock,The 'Brighton' Paddle Steamer,1912,68 North Dock,The New Bridge,1930's,71
Plasmarl,Infants School Photograph,1920,15 Plasmarl,Neath Road,The Red Cow Inn,1918,9
Plasmarl,School St.David's Day Photograph,1926,15 Plasmarl,Trewyddfa Road,Armistice Street Party1945,14
Plasmarl,Trewyddfa Road,Lower Swansea Valley Industry,1880's,60 Plasmarl,Trewyddfa Road & Castle Graig,1855,65
Pontardawe,The Lewis Brothers 'Pop' Lorry,1915,77 Sketty Village,The Bush Inn,1900,42
Sketty,Enclosed Double Decker Tram No.8,1930's,74 Sketty,Motor Company Staff Photograph,1912,75
South Dock Hydraulic & Gas Pumping Station Volunteers,G.W.R Strike,1926,12 South Dock,Panoramic View of Brigantines Unloading Timber,1880's,67
South Dock Basin,1915,68 South Dock,Panoramic View of Fish Wharf,1890's,69
South Dock,Interior View of Fish Warf Shed,1910,70 St.Thomas,The Scala Cinema,1950's,33
Swansea Sands,Horse-Drawn Bathing Machines,1930's,55 Swansea Sands,Summer Holiday Crowd,1920's,54
Swansea Sands,Boat Trip Across Swansea Bay,1930's,54 Swansea Sands,Trafalgar Arch,'Gallopers' Roundabout,1930's,54
Swansea Sands,The Slip,Swansea Bay Line & Holiday Crowd,1920's,53 Swansea Sands,The Slip,Bay View Hotel & Trafalgar Terrace,1920's,52
Swansea Sands,L.M.S Swansea Bay Station,1950's,73 Swansea Town F.C.,Team Photograph,1924-25,57
Swansea Town F.C.,Team Photograph,1950's,57 Swansea Town F.C.,Team Photograph,1960's,57
Swansea Town F.C.,Player Ivor Allchurch,1958,57 Swansea R.U.F.C.,Team Photograph,1895-96,59
Swansea R.U.F.C.,Team Photograph,1925-26,59 Swansea R.U.F.C.,Team Photograph,1949-50,59
Swansea R.U.F.C.,Team Photograph,1973-74,59 Swansea,Alexandra Road,Ariel View of Library & Town,1905,5
Swansea,Alexandra Road,Bombed Out Buildings,Blitz 1941,47 Swansea,Alexandra Road,'Ralph the Books'& Shop,1960's,17
Swansea,Alexandra A.F.C.,Team Photograph,1956-57,56 Swansea,Cambrian Leader Staff Photograph,1913,13
Swansea,Castle Street,Bombed Out Buildings,Blitz 1941,48 Swansea,Constitution Hill,Cable Tramway,1910,79
Swansea,Cradock Street,The Albert Hall Cinema,1920's,33 Swansea,Dynevor School Rugby Team Photograph,1921-22,58
Swansea,Fire Crew Photo & Horse-Drawn Fire Engine,1880's,9 Swansea,High Street,The Great Western Railway Hotel,1920's,20
Swansea,High Street ,Open-Top Double Decker Tram,1914,20 Swansea,High Street,Hodges & Son Store,1905,20
Swansea,High Street ,The Arcade,1960,21 Swansea,High Street,Enclosed Double Decker Tram,1930's,21
Swansea,High Street,Roof Photographic Studio,1920,21 Swansea,High Street,The Cameron Hotel,1916,22
Swansea,High Street,H.A.Chapman Photographic Studio,1880's,26 Swansea,High Street,The Elysium Cinema,1950,34
Swansea,High Street,Great West Railway Station,1930's,73 Swansea,High Street,Old Railway Hotel,1920's,73
Swansea,J.Davies West Glamorgan Drug Store,1890's,27 Swansea,King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Procession,1904,10
Swansea,Kingsway,A Panoramic View,1890's,22 Swansea,Kingsway,The Plaza Cinema Opening,1931,32
Swansea,Kingsway,The Plaza Cinema Gallery,1931,32 Swansea,New Cut,The First Bridge,1860's,71
Swansea,Old Indoor Market,1930's,28 Swansea,Old Guildhall,Police Parade,1920's,13
Swansea,Orange Street,The Orange Tree Inn,1955,26 Swansea,Orchard Street,The General Picton Inn,1950's,27
Swansea,Oxford Street,Empire Theatre Staff Dinner Photo,1957,8 Swansea,Oxford Street,Empire Theatre & Macowards Store,1910,24
Swansea,Oxford Street,WilliamCoakley Game & Poultry Shop,1880's,26 Swansea,Oxford Street,Old Market Entrance,1890's,29
Swansea,Oxford Street,Old Market,1880's,29 Swansea,Oxford Street,Clock Tower & Outdoor Market,1860's,30
Swansea,Oxford Street,Empire Theatre,1950,31 Swansea,Oxford Street,Empire Theatre Staff Photo,1950's,31
Swansea,Oxford Street,Bombed Out Buildings,Blitz 1941,47 Swansea,Postmen Group Photograph,1904,13
Swansea,Swing Bridge Over River Tawe,1920's,69 Swansea,St.Helen's Tram No.18 & Weaver's Bridge,1915,71
Swansea,St.Marys Church Bombed Out,Blitz 1941,47 Swansea,St.Marys,The 'Swansea Devil' Sculpture,1930's,3
Swansea,Temple Street,David Evans Store,1930's,24 Swansea,Temple Street,David Evans Store Bombed Out,Blitz 1941,49
Swansea,Victoria Station,Coal MarshallingYard,1930's,65 Swansea,Victoria Station,L.M.S. Steam Locomotive,1930's,72
Swansea,Victoria Station,Interior Platforms,1950's,72 Swansea,Victoria Station,Horse-Drawn Carts Loading Mail,1890's,75
Swansea,Walters Road,Colquhoun Photographers Staff Photo,1930's,52 Swansea,Walters Road,The White Rose Hotel,1910,76
Swansea,Wind Street,Ben Evans Store,1896,25 Swansea,Wind Street,Ben Evans Store Inflames,Blitz 1941,46
Swansea,Wind Street,Island House,1880's,23 Swansea,Wind Street,Railway Bridge,1900,23
Swansea,Wind Street,Hopkins Dining Rooms,1879,25 Swansea,Wind Street,Open-Fronted Tram No.54,1910,74
Uplands Square,Glanmor Road,Double-Decker Tram,1920's,42 Uplands,Glanmor School Rugby Team Photograph,1922-23,58
Uplands,The Cinema,1950,35  



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