Pigot's London Provincial Directory,1822-1823.



Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

SWANSEA is a pleasant well built and populous town in the county of Glamorgan, situated on the river Tawe, near the centre of a most beautiful bay on an angle between two hills which shelter it from the north west to the north east, the southerly winds blowing over a vast expanse of sea renders the air mild besides having a gravelly soil for the considerable depth makes its situation not only pleasant but extremely healthful. Swansea has increased very much of late years, and at this period envoys advantages not to be found in any other town in Wales, it is much resorted to by company for sea bathing, the tide ebbs and flows a considerable way over a flat sandy shore, and up the Tawe, which runs by the town and is navigable for vessels of 300 tons burthen more than two miles, besides which there is a canal to Hennoyadd Brecon, an extent of upwards of 16 miles. Swansea has long been a place of considerable trade, and furnises frequent intercourse with London, Bristol, Cornwall,and Ireland, it also has some trade with the baltic, and West Indies, and is lately become a bonded-port. From the immense mines of coal-stone, coal and culm; flags, fire clay and lime, iron and rotten stone in the vicinity, a number of manufactories for copper, brass, iron, china and earthenware, have been erected on the banks of the river, ship building is also carried on to a considerable extent, there is an extensive porter brewery, and pipe manufactory, and more than 2000 vessels are annually employed in exporting coal, copper, earthenware, &c. &c. In 1791, a bill passed, empowering the corporation to repair and enlarge the harbour of Swansea, by turning the river through the western channel; a stone pier and embarkment, of above 400 years, has been built on the western side, and a pier from Salthouse Point on the eastern, of above 600 years in length, leaving an opening of 80 years between the pier heads, which forms an outer harbour, capable of holding in perfect safety many hundred vessels. A light-house and watch-house have been erected, on the western pier, with a platform to look out, from whence there is a beautiful view of the town and country round the bay, the light regularly appears when there is eight feet water on the bar. Swansea is one of the most safe and beautiful harbours in the kingdom, where every accomodation of wet and dry docks can be made at a trifling expence. The town has a very handsome appearance, being built on a semicular rising bank. The houses are good, the streets wide and clean, and well lighted with gas. The whole of Swansea is comprised in one parish. The church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is a handsome edifice with a middle and two side aisles, separated by two rows of pillars, with a large square tower at one end, a new gallery has lately been erected at the west end, and the whole is neatly lighted with gas. Near the upper end of the town is another small church, dedicated to St. John, having been formerly a chapel to the Knights of Jerusalem. Here are also two places of worship for the Independants, two for the Methodists, two Baptists, a Huntingdon, a Unitarian, a Friends meeting-house, a Catholic chapel, and a Jews Synagogue. The market house is commodious, and is said to be covered with the lead from St. David's Cathedral, given by Cromwell to a gentleman of this town. The Castle is situated on an emminence in the centre of the town, surmounted by an elegant parapet, with arched openings, and a lofty circular tower ornamented with a clock, which is all that is not concealed by the houses. The appartments yet habitable are converted into a gaol, principally used for the confinement of debtors. The town hall is a spacious and handsome modern edifice, built on a park of the castle inclosure. Theplaces of amusement, are an elegant theatre, open in the summer season, and the assembly rooms on the Burrows. The Infirmary & House of Industry, are situated on the Sands. There is a free school endowed by Dr. Hugh Gore, Bishop of Waterford, and Lismore, in 1684, and two schools on Mr. Lancaster's plan, one for boys and the other for girls. Swansea is a borough town, the Corporation consisting of a Portreeve, Recorder, twelve Aldermen, two Common Attornies, two Sergeants at Mace, and an unlimited number of Burgesses, and is one of the contributory boroughs that sends a member to parliament for Cardiff. Market days, Wednesday and Saturday. Fairs second Saturday in May, July 2nd, August 15th, October 8th, and two following Saturdays. Distance from London 206 miles. According to the late returns, the town contains 1,994 houses, 5581 males, 4,426 females, making 10,007 inhabitants.

Post Office, Wind-street, John Davies, Post Master. - The Royal Mail to London, every morning at a quarter after one. To Milford, &c. every night, at twelve. A Horse Post to Reynoldston, Gower, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at eight, and returns the same evening.

Custom House, Wind street

Collector, David Davies, Esq.
Collector's Clerk, John Williams
Comptroller, Gabriel Powell, Esq.
Surveyor, Griffith Jenkins
Searcher, Edward Hughes
Landing and Coast Waiter, John Rowland

Excise Office, Wheat-Sheaf

Collector, Wm. Williams, Esq.
Collector's Clerk, Wm. Smith


Armsworth H. (gentleman's), High st
Griffiths Rev. D. (free grammar school), Mount Pleasant
Ince Mrs. (ladies), Nelson terrace
Montague Mrs. (ladies), Burrows

Agents (to the Copper & Coal Works)

[Those Makred thus * Copper Works]

Bath Henry, to Sir. J. Morris, Bart
Bevan Wm. to Sir. J. Morris, Bart
Bevan John to Penyvilia Vein Co.
* Bigg Thomas to Ynishowell works
* Bordell S to Birmingham mining Co.
Edwards D., to J. D. Berrington, Esq.
* Jenkins John B., to Middle and Upper Works
* Jenkins Elias, to White Rock Wrks
Martin Thos. Lot., to Mrs. Martin
* Morgan Roger, to Vivian & Sons
Roby Wm. to Harper & Co.
Sheppard J., to Scott & Co.
Thomas Wm., to Rev. F. Gough
Thomas Wm. of Llan, to Sir John Morris, Bart
Williams John, to Hy. Smith, Esq.

Anchor Smiths

Jones Daniel, Strand
Lewis David, Strand

Architects and Builders

Bowen Thos., Pleasant-row
Jernegan Wm., Burrows
Powell Wm.


Berrington & Jenkins, High st
Davies Morgan Thos., Castle st
James & Collins, Castle st
James John, Deputy Sherriff for the County, Castle st
Price John Jackson, Goat st
Rowland David, Goat st
Thomas Lewis, Recorder and Steward to the Duke of Beaufort, Fisher st
Williams John, Worcester place
Withecombe Robert, Clerk to the Justices, &c. and Surveyor of Taxes, Goat street


Dawson Johm, Carr st
Harris Daniel, Castle st
Howells Charles, Wind st
Llewellyn Simon, College st

Bakers, &c.

Hanson Geo., St. Mary's st
French James, Strand
Lewis Wm., Strand


Gibbins & Eaton, Old Bank, New st
Haynes, Day, Haynes & Lawrence, Wind street
Wwalters J. & J., Market place

Block Makers

Francis David, Strand
Walker Griffith, Strand

Boat Builders

Howells John, Back lane
Hughes Thomas, High st
Phillips Thomas, Strand

Book Binders

Bluett Geo., Calvert st
Evans John, St. Mary st
Wilkins Wm., Mariner's row

Booksellers, Binders, Printers, and Stationers

Fagg Filmer, Wind st
Harris Joseph, High st
Jenkins -, Wind st
Jenkins D. (& law stationer), Castle st

Boot and Shoe Makers

Hammett John, Goat st
Prosser Thos., Castle st
Roberts Wm., Castle st
Thomas John, College st
Tittle Philip, Goat st
Williams John, Castle st

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers

Carver A., High st
Guy Samuel, Wind st
Williams John, Wind st


David Edward, Strand
Haynes & Morgan, Cambrian Porter Brewery, Strand

Cabinet Makers

Burrell John D., Fisher st
James James, Quay
Jenkins Philip, Carr-st

China & Earthenware Manufacturers

Baker, Bevans & Irwin, Glamorgan Pottery, Strand
Bevington T. & J., Cambrian Pottery, Strand

Coach Makers

Francis John, High st
Butchell Thos., Watchet row

Coal-Stone, Coal and Culm Merchants

[Those Marked + are Coal, this * are Culm; thus $ Stone, Coal & Culm.]

$ Berrington Jenkin Davies, Esq., Brynmorgan Colliery
* Cathelid Culm Co., Canal Wharf
$ Cox James, Esq., Hendreforgan Stone coal Colliery
* Gough Rev. Fleming, Hafod
$ Harper & Co., Aubrey Stone-coal Colliery
$ Huxham Geo. Palleg, Stone-coal Colliery
$ James, Evan & Co., Cumllynfi Stone-coal
+ Lewis Wm., Pentre Brewery Wharf
$ Martin Martha, Hafod Wharf
+ Morris Sir John, Bart, Strand
* Parsons Rd. & Samuel, Hafod
* Penyvillia Vein Co., Morriston
+ Scott & Co., White Rock
+ Smith Henry, Esq., Foxhole
* Strick John, Graighooper Colliery


Bruel C. W., Wind st
Day John, St. Mary st
Jones M., Wind st
Wood Joseph, Castle st

Copper Refiner and Assayer

Brown Edward, White Rock Works

Copper Smelting Works

Birmingham Mining & Copper Co., Ynishowell
Fox, Williams, Grenfell & Co., Ynishowell Works
Freeman John, Esq., and Copper Company, White Rock
Vivian & Sons, (and Copper Manufacturers), Hafod Works
Williams P. & W. Grenfell & Co. Middle & Upper Works

Corn & Flour Factors

Bath Henry, jun. Strand
Michael Lewin & Co., Strand
Michael Francis D., Strand

Corn Merchants

Bevan Wm., & Son, Morriston
Edwards David, Strand
Grove Wm. & Sons, Strand
Harries Geo. & Co., Strand
Hazel Geo, Nelson terrace
Thomas Wm., near Morriston


Attwood Wm., St. Mary st
Griffiths David, Carr st
Howells Rees, High st
Jones James, High st
Shaw Wm., Market place

Druggists, &c.

Allen Thos. L., Wind st
Dawe Sampson, Castle st
Lister John, Castle st

Fie, &c. Offices

Albion Geo. Hazel, Nelson pl
Atlas, Jones & Son, Wind st
Globe, Thos. Jenkins, Wind st
Norwich Wm., Stroud, New st
Phoenix L. & T., Michael, Wind st
Royal Exchange, J. & W. R., Grove, Strand


Allen Thos., Castle st
Birchell Thos. Market place
Daniells Daniel, St. Mary st
Griffiths Alexander, Market place
Walters Thos., Wind st
Walters Griffith, Castle st
Walters David, Wind st
Williams Evan, Market place

Hatters, &c

Francis Ts. (manufacturer), Market place
Walters John, Market place
White Amos, St. Mary st

Hop and Seed Merchant

Buck Robert, High st


Bush, Thos. Davies, High st
Mackworth Arms, Wm. Jones, jun., Wind st
Wheatsheaf, Dd. Watkeys, Castle st

Iron and Brass Founders

Nantrhyd-y-vilas-air Furnice Co. Llandore
Parsons Rd. and Samuel, Clydach Forge, and Yniskedwyn Furnice, Brecon

Iron Mongers, Ship Chandlers and Seedsmen

Bevan Rees, Castle st
Edmond John, (and retail dealer in copper), Castle st
Jenkins Samuel, Market place

Land Surveyor

Dawson John, Carr st

Linen & Woollen Drapers, &c

Andrews John, Wind st
Clark John, Market place
Clark Wm. Wind st
Clark John Wm., Wind st
Evans David, Castle st
Griffiths Henry, Market place
Jenkins M., Market place
Jones Mary, Wind st
Jones Wm. & David, Market place
Howell Catherine, Market place
Hughes Wm., Castle st
Powell Thos., Castle st
Starbuck Daniel, Market place
Turner Richard, Castle st
Voss Jno. M., Market place
Walters John, Market place

Liquor Dealers

Jones Rees, Castle st
Hopkins George, Calvert st
Williams Joseph, Castle st
Williams Wm., Castle st


Andrews Joseph, Back lane
Davies David, Strand
Gibb David, Carr st


Bath Henry, Strand
Grove Wm. & Sons, Strand

Milliners, Haberdashers, Glovers, &c.

Brown F. & E., Cross st
Corbet A., Carr st
Hales & Graham, Wind st
Harries J., Castle st
Morris & Logon, Wind st
Rees L. & Co., Wind st
Rose Margaret, Wind st
Williams M., Castle st

Painters, Glaziers, &c

Evans Thomas, Orange row
Johns Wm, College st
Richards Thos., Quay
Vinten Wm., High st
Watts Wm. H., Goat st

Pawn Brokers

Cohen Catherine, Strand
Michael Jacob, Wind st


Collins J. C., Wind st
Edwards Wm., Castle st

Pipe Makers

Bevington Wm., Hafod

[Printers] Letter Press

Harris Joseph, High st
Jenkins -, (Cambrian Office, published on Friday), Wind st
Voss John M., Market place

Rope Makers, &c.

Davies Thos., Quay
Phillips, Bath & Co., Strand

Sail Makers

Couch Thomas, Strand
Cragg Richard, Strand

Ship Builders

Llewhelling Geo., Strand
Meager & Richards, Strand

Ship Brokers

Cleaves Thos. Bevan, Wind st
Evans John, High st
Morris James, Strand
Wilson Thos., Goat st


Bowen David, Goat st
James Benj., Lower Calvert st
Rees Morgan, Fisher st


Braine Francis, Gower st
Davies John, Wind st
Hancorne Robt., Watchet row
Jones Joseph, Fisher st
Long David, Fisher st
Osler Edward, Infirmary
Prosser Thomas, High st
Sylvester Charles, Wind st
Terry Wm., Orange row

Tallow Chandlers

Bevan John, Morriston
Griffiths James, Quay
Walters Griffith, Castle st
Walters Thos., Wind st
Walters David, Wind st

Tailors and Habit Makers

Cadwallader John, Castle lane
Gwynne David, Wind st
Harries John, Strand
Harries David, Quay


Morgan Watkin, Gower st
Thomas Henry, White walls
Williams John, High st

Taverns and Public Houses

Angel, Rd. Williams, St. Mary's st
Ancient Briton, W. Lewis, High st
Barnstaple Inn, Dd. Davies, Quay
Blue Bell, Geo. Williams, Strand
Britannia, John Evans, High st
Britannia, Rees Howells, Back la
Cornish Arms, J. Davies, Strand
Crown & Anchor, Sh. Essery, Strand
Champion of Wales, W. Griffiths, Strand
Corner House, W. Beddow, Strand
Crown, John Sheffield, Strand
Cross Keys, J. Davies, St. Mary's st
Duke William, W. Thomas, Wind st
Dolphin, John Owen, Ann st
Duke of Wellington, Rd. Davies, St. Mary's st
Devonshire Arms, Dd. Davies, Strand
Farmer's Arms, J. Williams, Flog st
Ferry House, Rd. Beer, River side
Fountain, John Bell, Strand
Freemason's Arms, Josh. Williams, Frog st
George, John Bowen, Wind st
Golden Lion, T. Francis, Market pl
Globe, Wm. Burchell, Strand
Golden Lion, E. Jones, High st
Green Dragon, W. Howells, Strand
Greyhound, J. Betts, Calvert st
Griffin, A. Griffiths, Strand
Hope & Anchor, W. Lewis, Fisher st
Ivy Bush, Jas. Hall, High st
Jolly Sailor, Js. Griffiths, Quay
King's Arms, E. Taylor, High st
King's Head, J. Lewis, Market pl
King David, M. Hussey, St. Mary st
Lower Cock, H. Owen, High st
Lamb, J. Williams, Calvert st
Lord Nelson, S. Stephens, Calvert st
Neptune, John Davies, Strand
Nag's Head, R. Walters, St. Mary st
New Inn, P. Howells, Fisher st
Old Ship, Henry Nicholas, Quay
Orange Tree, M. Spooner, Orange rw
Peace & Plenty, G. Davies, Strand
Powell's Arms, L. Rees, High st
Pilot Boat, Jane Jones, Strand
Plume of Feathers, Richd. Cleaves, Wind street
Prince of Wales, J. Barber, High st
Recruiting Officer, Lewis Edwards, High street
Red House, W. Rees, near the River
Red Lion, Benj. Howells, River side
Red Lion, Eliza Prance, Quay
Rose & Crown, S. Padley, Wind st
Red Cow, David Rodrick, Quay
Royal Mail Coach, Hy. Watkins, Wind street
Royal Oak, Wm. Hopkins, Strand
Ship & Castle, Jas. Morris, Strand
Ship-aground, Geo. Crocker, Green Dragon lane
Ship, Joshua Phillips, St. Mary st
Star, Robt. Davies, Cross st
St. Ives, E. Williams, Calvert st
Talbot Arms, P. Hughes, St. Mary st
Three Cranes, Sh. Jenkins, Strand
Three Mariner's, O. Davies, Strand
Tiger, Elizabeth Luce, Strand
Union, John Kneath, Strand
Upper Lamb, My. Davies, Greenhill
Upper Cock, W. Hughes, High st
Vernon Arms, J. Glover, Carr st
Welcome to Town, W. Evans, Strand
White Hart, My. Guy, Wind st
White Lion, M. Morgan, Strand
White Lion, Thos. Bishop, Goat st
Wyndham Arms, J. Adams, College st

Timber Merchants

Grove, Bevan & Co., Strand
Harries Geo. & Co., Strand

Watch & Clock Makers, &c.

Davies John, Wind st
Mosely Jacob, Castle st

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Jones Wm., senr., Fisher st
Padley Silvanus, Strand


Dalton E., toy dealer, &c., Wind st
Griffiths Lewis, wheelwright, College street
Herring J., flour dealer, Quay
John David & Son, woollen manufacturers, Morriston
Jones Thos., toy dealer, &c., Wind st
Michael J. & L., silversmiths, tea dealers, &c., Wind st
Morgan John, perfumer, Wind st
River Jno., looking glass, &c., dealer, Wind street
Williams Griffiths, cooper, Strand


BRECON, Williams, from the Talbot Arms, every Tuesday
CARMARTHEN, M. Thomas, from the Greyhound, every Thursday
LLANDILO, John Jones, every Friday
MERTHYR TYDVIL, Evans, from High street, every Thursday
NEATH, Evans, every Thursday


By Water :-

Bristol Steam Packet, for passengers & luggage three times a week, and returns the following days from Bristol
Ilfracombe, Packet, every Thursday, & Saturday, Amos Fry, Master

Regular Traders :-

London :-
The Assidious, Capt. Jenkins
Brothers, Capt. Jenkins
Hafod, M. Carkeek
Henry, T. Lewis
Hussy, Rhys-Jenkins
Trial, J. Jenkins
William, William Trewavies
Bristol :-
Friendship, Capt. Jenkins
General Picton, E. Thomas
New Industry, T. George
Phoenix, William Lodge
Swansea Packet, William Barrett
Swansea Trader, P. Huxtable


Bristol, Royal Mail, from the Mackworth Arms, every morning, at one, through Neath, Cardiff, and Newport
Milford Haven, Royal Mail, from the Mackworth Arms, every night, at half-past twelve, thro' Carmarthen, &c.
Bristol & Gloucester. The Regulator, from the Mackworth Arms, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morns, at five in the Summer, and three in the Winter, through Chepstow
Bristol. The Cambrian, from the Mackworth Arms, every Tues. Thursday, and Saturday mornings, at five in the Summer, and three in the Winter, by the New Passage
Cars to the Mumbles, every morning at ten, and afternoon at three, during the Summer

Pigot's London Provincial Directory. Swansea 1822-1823 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]