Newspaper extracts for Tythegston parish


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on the following names in this order, Tythegston, Cefn Cribwr, Kenfig Hill

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 1st January 1915

TYTHEGSTON. TEA.—A delightful afternoon and evening  were experienced on Wednesday by the children who attended the Church Sunday School, at Tythegston. Mr. and Mrs. Knight invited the youngsters to the Court where a splendid tea was followed by various games. The Vicar of Newcastle distributed the prizes won by the scholars. Games being over a magnificent Xmas Tree, laden with bountiful gifts was placed in the hall where the children and their parents assembled and obtained valuable gifts, which were distributed by Father Xmas    ...(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 3rd August 1906

PRETTY BAZAAR AT TYTHEGSTON. The bazaar, in aid of the Additional Curates' Society, held at Tythegston Court on Tuesday, was a great success, the sun shining auspiciously on the crowds who flocked to the gates. There were many attractions, conspicuous among which was the little Japanese girl presiding over the bran tub. Other favourite amusements were the cocoanut shies, managed by Mr. Edmund Mordecai. who was indefatigable, while the shooting gallery, superintended by Mr. Hale; an Aunt Sally, with competitions and prizes donkey rides, swings, etc., were also most popular; but perhaps the main feature of the afternoon was the motor car rides, which everyone enjoyed.     ...(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 30th March 1906

FATALITY AT TYTHEGSTON. A shocking fatality occurred at Pentre Farm, Tythegston. last week. A farm labourer named William Wilson, aged 59, was at work alone in a field trimming hedges, and during the evening lit a fire to warm himself some tea. The flames, owing to the strong wind, ignited some sacking which he was wearing as an apron, and before he could extinguish the fire he received terrible burns, from which he expired the next day (Friday).   ...(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 22nd October 1909

TYTHEGSTON HIGHER RATE APPEAL A SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTION. At the Glamorganshire Quarter Sessions at Swansea on Tuesday, Mr. D. Villiers Meager (instructed by Messrs. T. J. Hughes and Lewis, solicitors, Bridgend) applied to the Court for an order dealing with an appeal by the overseers of the Parish Council of Tythegston Higher against the Glamorgan County Council assessment of the parish   ...(part extract)......

  •  From The Western Mail 9th November 1893

GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL. At the magistrates' room, Aberavon, on Wednesday afternoon, a meeting of the members of the Glamorgan County Council (Mid-Division) was held for the purpose of considering the boundaries of the several districts in the division. Mr. John Morgan Smith occupied the chair.—It was recommended that Pontrhydyfen be added to Cwmavon District and taken from Resolven;  Tythegston Higher should be added to Ogmore, and Ynisawdre be joined to Newcastle and that new polling stations be established at Glyncorrwg, Abergwvnfi, Touna. Tywith, and Blaengarw and that a new polling district, to be called Nantymoel Polling District, be formed.

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 11th December 1895

MINERS' MEETING AT BANKERS' ARMS, CEFN CRIBWR. On Saturday evening a crowded meeting of miners was held at the above place. The meeting was presided over by Mr Granville, checkweigher, of Park Slip Colliery. It was moved, seconded, and carried unanimously :—" That in the opinion of this meeting the time has now arrived for them as working men to join the Amalgamated Society of. Colliery Workers of the South Wales Coal Field., and that a lodge be established that evening in conjunction with the Garw district."  ...(part extract)......

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 12th December 1900

CEFN. Colliery Fatality. A young man, Thomas Davies, son of widow living at Kenfig Hill, was accidentally killed at Cefn Colliery. He was found lying under a tram on the slip. How the accident happened is unknown. An inquest will be held.

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 23rd August 1907

KENFIG HILL- Colliery Accident.—Mr. Daniel Rees, of Kenfig Hill, sustained a serious accident at the Bryndu Colliery, on Wednesday, whilst following his employment as road repairer on the No. 2 slant. By some means the trams became detached and, running away, Mr. Rees was struck on the hip and- ribs.

  • From  The Glamorgan Gazette 25th September 1908

KENFIG HILL. Daisy Lord.—The Petition on behalf of Daisy Lord, who is now under sentence of penal servitude for life. is being extensively signed in Kenfig Hill.

Male Voice Party.—The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Party were once more successful at the Bridgend Eisteddfod last Saturday. The party has been greatly strengthened lately by the new talent which has come to the locality. we hope to stay. The greatest need now is a number of first-class tenors. These would place the party in an excellent position, and achievements would be far greater in the future than in the past.    .....(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 20th December 1907

KENFIG HILL, Lantern Lecture.—At Cefn Cribbwr Council School on Wednesday night a lantern lecture, entitled, "Britain's Folly," was delivered by Mr. E. Black, Huddersfield, under the auspices of the I.L.P. A large crowd listened attentively to the lecturer, and Mr. George Myers made an excellent chairman.

Ton Phillip Colliery.—After many disappointments and the expenditure of a great deal of money, the great fault which has been a hinderance to the development of the colliery has been penetrated by the Ton Phillip Colliery Company. The great body of coal under Cwmrisgla, which up to now has not been proved, will in the immediate future materially add to the output. To give an idea. of what the search for this coal meant to the enterprising company, we may say that a heading has been driven continuously night and day for the last two years   .....(part extract)......

  • From the Weekly Mail 5th January 1884

KENFIG HILL. CHURCH EXTENSION.—Regular church services were commenced here on Sunday last, when the recently appointed curate, the Rev. J. Davies, officiated. Kenfig Hill, which contains a population of 1,500 persons, is in the consolidated parish of Newcastle. This is the second new church congregation which the energetic vicar, the Rev. J. P. Hughes, M.A., has formed within the last two years, and the Rev. J. Davies is the fifth curate now working in the parish. At the present time there is no centre of population in the whole of the extensive consolidated parish without regular Church ministrations.