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The Vale of Glamorgan in Old Photographs

By Roy Denning 1987

ISBN - 1-870402-10-3

Indexed by Huw Daniel 1999

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Surname Given Name Location Photo Year

Andrews,William,Llantwit Major,2,1905 Armstrong,Mr & Mrs,St. Athan,52,
Bassett,Florence,Gileston,55, Bassett,Richard,Llanblethian,85,1900
Bassett,Sir Richard,Llanblethian,86,1900 Booth,W. ,Penmark Castle,123,1890
Booth,W. ,Penmark ,124,1890 Carne,Sir Edward,Ewenny,103,1902
Church,L.A.,St. Athan,50, Cory,John,St. Nicholas,146,1930
Crawshay,Francis,Llantwit Major,33,1930 Crawshay,Tudor,Llantwit Major,33,1930
David,Mrs,Weymans Lodge,105,1909 Davies,John,Cowbridge,72,1910
De Berkerolles,Family,East Orchard Castle,113,1904 De Clare,Earl Gilbert,Llanblethian,79,1905
De Londres,Maurice,Ewenny,103,1902 De Londres,William,Ewenny,103,1902
Dunn,Frederick,Llanblethian,77,1905 Edmondes,Family,Cowbridge,61,1910
Evans,Frank,Llantwit Major,12,1920 Evans,Jane,Pendoylan,143,1903
Evans,Rev. ,Bridgend,105,1909 Evans,William,Pendoylan,143,1903
Fisher ,Percy,Boverton,42,1930 Flook,G.,Llantwit Major,30,1908
Fowler,Charles B.,Llanblethian,76,1905 Gibbons,Bella,Gileston,55,
Glwyndwr,Owen,East Orchard Castle,113,1904 Gregory,W.T.,Colwinstone,105,1909
Harris,Rose,Llantwit Major,21,1953 Hearst,William Randolph ,Llantwit Major,39,
Hopkins,J. & Son,Cowbridge,66,1911 Hopkins,Mr & Mrs,St. Athan,47,
Jeens,Blanche Irene,Penmark Cemetery,125,1892 Jeens,Edward William,Penmark Cemetery,125,1892
Jeens,Rosa,Penmark Cemetery,125,1892 Jenkins,Augusta,St. Athan,46,
Jenkins,Evan,Gileston,55, Jenkins,Rev. G.M.W.T.,St. Athan,46,
Jones,David,Wallington, ,1860`s Jones,Robert,East Orchard Castle,113,1904
Kemeys ,Family,Rhoose,131,1930 Le Norris,Sir Robert,Llanblethian,81,
Le Walsh,Adam,Llanblethian,82,1910 Llewellyn,Mrs.,Llanblethian,77,1905
Maddock, ,Llantwit Major,19, McLachlan,Donald,Cowbridge,69,1910
McLaggan,Mr & Mrs M.A.,Merthyr Mawr,89,1920 Meller,Dr. C.B.,Cowbridge,61,1910
Miles,E. ,Llantwit Major,28,1906 Miles,Edwin,Llantwit Major,35,1910
Miles,Edwin,Cowbridge,56,1905 Moore,K.,St. Nicholas,147,1909
Morgan ,& Co,Llantwit Major,20,1923 Nicholl,Rev. Illtyd,Llantwit Major,6,1930
Nicholl,Rev. Robert,Llantwit Major,33,1930 Nicholl,Sir John,Merthyr Mawr,89,1920
Nicholl-Carne,Dr. John Whitlock,Llantwit Major,33,1930 Nicholl-Carne,Dr. John Whitlock,Llantwit Major,35,1910
Nicholl-Carne,Dr. John Whitlock,Llantwit Major,37, Nicholl-Carne,Edward Stradling,Llantwit Major,34,
Picton-Turbevill,R.C.Q.,Ewenny,103,1902 Price,John,Llanblethian,83,1910
Raglan,Robert,Llantwit Major,13,1925 Rawle,Mr & Mrs B.,Boverton,41,1891
Rees,Noah & Griffin,Llantwit Major,20,1923 Riddle,Arthur,Frampton Mill,1,1900
Seys, ,Boverton,30,1908 Shirvington, ,Rhoose,133,1910
Small,Mr & Mrs R.D.,Marcross,107, Speck,Audrey,Llantwit Major,24,1905
Spencer ,Thomas,Aberthaw,116, Stradling,Edward,West Llantwit,3,1905
Stradling,John,Cowbridge,65,1905 Thomas,James,Llanmihangel,110,1905
Thomas,Mrs S.,Gileston,54,1914 Thomas,William,Llantwit Major,18,1910
Tuckers, Furniture Shop,Cowbridge,66,1911 Turbevill,R.T.,Ewenny,103,1902
Umfreville,Sir Gilbert,Penmark Castle,123,1890 Vann,Edward,Llantwit Major,30,1908
Verity,J. ,Southerndown,97,1908 Watts,Family,Llanmihangel,110,1905
Watts,W.T.,St. Athan,44,1930 Williams,Ena,Llantwit Major,23,1953
Williams,Frank,Llantwit Major,23,1953 Williams,Griffith,Llantwit Major,30,1908
Williams,Janet,Llantwit Major,23,1953 Williams,John,Llantwit Major,24,1905
Williams,John,St. Athan,45,1806 Williams,Morgan Stuart,Llantwit Major,37,
Williams,Owen,Llanblethian,80, Wood,Henry,Merthyr Mawr,88,1905
Wyatt,Sir Digby,Llantwit Major,6,1930 Wyndham-Quins,Earls of Dunraven,Southerndown,94,1910



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