Place names in Glamorgan


Which have alternative spellings or have changed completely

The original list was of Welsh place names with their English equivalents (not direct translations necessarily) - and some obscure names 
This had been revised and updated by Richard Morgan in 2004; it has no sources shown [but probably some at least based on [PRW]]

That original list  has now been extended to include other place names which have changed in some way over time, these later additions are indicated by an * and are simply shown as alternatives without reference to which version is current - use your browser's Find facility to search both columns.
Some of the entries from  C19th Topographical Dictionaries may look a bit 'Anglicised 'but are included either because they suggest the original  origin or may be the name version being looked for.

The list doesn't include minor spelling variations, a single L for LL or those caused by use of the English K for C. or V for F.


Sources/Further References to place names

  • Deric John   [DJ]
  • A Gazetteer of Welsh Place-Names by Elwyn Davies   [Davies]
  • The Place-Names of Wales by Hywel Wyn Owen    [Owen]
  • Parish Registers of Wales     NLW          [PRW]
  • A Topographical Dictionary of Wales by Samuel [Lewis] 1833  (on Genuki)         [Lewis]
  • A Topographical Dictionary of The Dominion of Wales by Nicholas Carlisle, London, 1811.      [Carlisle]
  • West Glamorgan Archive Service for an extensive list of place names in West Glamorgan
  • Glossary of Welsh Place Name Elements - on John Ball's site
  • There is a list of place names in Glamorgan and their parishes on this site



Alternative 1*
Alternative 2*
Parish Source/Comments
Aberafan Aberavon Aberavon  
Aberbargod Aberbargoed Gelligaer  

Aberconvoye *

Abercwmboi *
[Cynon Valley]

Aberdare [DJ]
Abercynffig Aberkenfig Newcastle  
Aberdâr Aberdare Aberdare  

Aberdare Junction  *

Abercynon *

Llanwonno [DJ]
Aberddawan Aberthaw Penmark  
Abergwynfi Afan Vale


Aberogwr Ogmore-by-Sea St. Brides Major  
Aberpennar Mountain Ash Llanwonno  
Abertawe Swansea Swansea  

Allen's Town *

Caegarw  *
[Mountain Ash]

Llanwonno [DJ]
As Fach, Yr Nash Llysworney  
As Fawr, Yr Monknash Monknash  
Bargod Bargoed Gelligaer  
Barri, Y Barry Barry  


Basin *

Abercynon *

Llanwonno [DJ]
Betws Tir Iarll * Betws * Bettws [PRW]
Bewpyr * Bewper / Beaupré St Hilary [Davies]
Blaendulais * Seven Sisters * Cadoxton juxta Neath [Davies]
Bont-faen, Y Cowbridge Cowbridge  
Boulston / Bolston * Bonvilston * Bonvilston

[PRW] & [Lewis] - See also Tresimwn

Britwn, Y * Burton * Penmark [Davies]
Brychdwn * Broughton * Wick [Davies]
Bryn Owen * Stalling Down * Llanblethian [Davies]
Caer Tawy * Oystermouth * Oystermouth [Lewis]
Caerau a Threlái * Caerau with Ely * Caerau [PRW]
Caerdydd Cardiff Cardiff  
Caerffili Caerphilly Eglwysilan  
Casllwchwr Loughor Loughor  
Castell-nedd Neath Neath  
Castellnewydd, Y Newcastle Newcastle  
Chapel Ilterne * Llanilltern * Llanilltern [Lewis]
Cilâ * Killay * Swansea [PRW]
Cilfái Kilvey Llansamlet  
Clun, Y /Clyne * Llwynderw * Oystermouth [PRW]
Cocyd, Y Cockett Swansea  
Coed Du Church *

Llangrallo *

Coychurch *

Coychurch [Carlisle]

Coedfrank / Coedffranc *

Skewen * Cadoxton-juxta-Neath [Glamorgan list]
Coety Coity Coity  
Cornel-y-parc * Croes-y-parc * St Nicholas [Davies]
Creunant, Y Crynant Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Crwys, Y * Three Crosses * Llanrhidian [Davies]
Cwm Afan * Afan Vale *


Cwmafan Cwmavon Michaelston super Avon  
Cynffig Kenfig Pyle & Kenfig  
Ddraenen Wen * Hawthorn *
Llantwit Fardre [Davies]
Drenewydd yn Notais Newton Nottage Newton Nottage  
Dwn-rhefn * Dunraven * St Brides Major [Davies]
Eglwys Fair * St Mary Church * St Mary Church [Carlisle]/[Lewis]
Eglwys Fair y Mynydd St. Mary Hill St Mary Hill  
Eglwys Newydd, Yr Whitchurch Whitchurch  
Ewenni Ewenny Ewenny  
Ffont-y-gari Fontygary Penmark  
Ffwl-y-mwn Fonmon Penmark  
Ffynnon Taf Taffs Well Eglwysilan See also Trelywy
Filltir Aur * Golden Mile * Colwinston [Davies]
Flimston * Flemingston * Flemingston [PRW] & [Lewis] - see also Trefflemin
Gilfach * Gilfach Fargod * Gelligaer [Davies]
Glan-bad * Upper Boat * Eglwysilan [Davies]


Glanbradach *

Llanbradach *

Eglwysilan [DJ]
Glandwr Landore Llangyfelach  

Glanmarlais *

Llanmorlais *
Llanrhidian [DJ]
Glyn-nedd Glyn Neath Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Glynrhedynog Ferndale Ystradyfodwg  

Gower Road *

Gowerton * Loughor [DJ]
Great Nash * Monknash * Monknash [Carlisle]
Gwynva *
Wenvoe Wenvoe [Lewis]
Gwter Fawr Brynaman (Upper/Lower) Llangiwg See also under CMN
Hengastell, Yr * Oldcastle *
Coity [Davies]

Heol y Felin *

Trecynon * Aberdare [DJ]
Larnog Lavernock Lavernock +[Lewis]
Lecwydd Leckwith Leckwith  
Llan-Arau * Llanharry * Llanharry [Lewis]
Llan-faes Llanmaes Llanmaes  
Llan-Ganna * Llangan * Llangan [Lewis]
Llan-Geinwyr * Llangeinor * Llangeinor [Lewis]
Llan-Genydd * Llangennith * Llangennith [Lewis]
Llan-giwg Llanguick(e) Llangiwg +[Lewis]
Llan-Illtyd-faer-dre * Llantwit Fardre * Llantwit Fardre [Lewis]
Llan-San-Nwr * Llansannor * Llansannor [Lewis]
Llan-tri-saint *
Llantrissent *
Llantrisant * Llantrisant [Lewis]
Llan-y-tair-mair Knelston Knelston  
Llanbedr-ar-fynydd Peterston-super-montem Peterston Super Montem +[Carlisle]/[Lewis]
Llanbedr-y-Fro Peterston-super-Ely Peterston Super Ely  
Llanbydderi Llanbethery Llancarfan  
Llancatal Llancadle Llancarfan  
Llanddunwyd Welsh St. Donats Welsh St. Donats  
Llandeilo Ferwallt Bishopston Bishopston +[Lewis]
Llandochau Fach Llandough-juxta-Penarth Llandough-juxta-Penarth +[Lewis]
Llandochau'r Bont-faen 
Llandough-juxta-Cowbridge Llandough-juxta-Cowbridge +[Lewis]
Llandw / Llan-Dwy *
Llan-Dwfr *
Llandow Llandow +[Lewis]/[Carlisle]
Llandudwg Tythegston Tythegston  
Llanffa * Lampha * Ewenny [Davies]
Llanfair / Llan-Fair St. Mary Church St. Mary Church  
Llanfihangel-ar-Elái Michaelston-super-Ely Michaelston-super-Ely  
Llanfihangel-y-Bont-faen Llanmihangel Llanmihangel +[Lewis]
Llanfihangel-y-pwll Michaelston-le-Pit Michaelston-le-Pit  
Llanfiangel -yn-y-gwaelod * Michaelston-le-Pit * Michaelston-le-Pit [Carlisle]
Llanfihangel-ynys-Afan Michaelston-super-Avon Michaelston-super-Avon  
Llanfleiddan Llanbleddian / Llanblethian Llanbleddian  
Llanfrynach * Penllyn * Penllyn [PRW]
Llangatwg Nedd,
Llangatwg Glyn Nedd
Cadoxton (juxta Neath) Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Llangonoyd * / Llangonwd * Llangynwyd * Llangynwyd [Lewis]
Llangrallo Coychurch Coychurch +[Lewis]
Llangynydd Llangennith Llangennith  
Llanhari Llanharry Llanharry  
Llanilltud Faerdref Llantwit Fardre Llantwit Fardre  
Llanilltud Fawr Llantwit Major Llantwit Major  
Llanilltud Gwyr Ilston Ilston  
Llanilltud Nedd Llantwit-juxta-Neath Llantwit-juxta-Neath  
Llansanffraid-ar-Elái St. Brides-super-Ely St. Brides-super-Ely  
Llansanffraid-ar-Ogwr St. Brides Minor St. Brides Minor  
Llansawel / Llansawyl Briton Ferry Briton Ferry + [Lewis]
Llanwynno Llanwonno Llanwonno  
Llanyrnewydd Penclawdd Llanrhidian  
Llechwedd * / Llech-Wydd * Leckwith * Leckwith [Lewis]
Llwyneliddon St. Lythans St. Lythans  

Llwyni, Y *

Maesteg * Llangynwyd [DJ]
Llys-faen Lisvane Lisvane  
Llyswyrny Llysworney Llysworney  
Marcroes Marcross Marcross  
Mary-cross * Marcross * Marcross [Lewis]
Meisgyn Miskin Llantrisant  
Melin Ifan Ddu Blackmill Llandyfodwg  

Merthyr Myfor *

Merthyr Mawr * Merthyr Mawr [DJ]
Merthyr Tudful Merthyr Tydfil Merthyr Tydfil  
Mwmbwls Mumbles Oystermouth  
Mynachlog Nedd Neath Abbey Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Mynwent y Crynwyr Quakers Yard Llanfabon  
Mynyddcynffig Kenfig Hill Tythegston  

Navigation *

Abercynon * Llanwonno [DJ]
Newbridge * Pontypridd * Llantwit Fardre [DJ]
Pant-yr-ych * Pentyrch * Pentyrch [Carlisle]
Pen Pyrod * Worms Head * Rhossili [Davies]
Pen-arth * Pennard * Pennard [Lewis]
Pen-dar * Margam * Margam [Lewis]
Pen-Clawdd * Llanyrnewydd * Llanrhidian [PRW]
Pen-marc Penmark Penmark  
Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr * Bridgend * Coity [Owen]
Pendeulwyn Pendoylan Pendoylan +[Lewis]
Pengelli-ddrain * Grovesend * Llandeilo Tal-y-bont [Davies]
Pentrepoeth * Treforgan *
Morganstown *
Radyr [Davies]
Pîl a Chynffig Pyle & Kenfig Pyle And Kenfig  

Pont y Clown *

Pont y Clun * Llantrisant [DJ]
Pontneddfechan Pontneathvaughan Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Porth-Einion * Port Eynon * Port Eynon [Lewis]
Porthceri Porthkerry Porthkerry  
Radur Radyr Radyr  
Rhaiadr / Rhaiadar * Radyr * Radyr [Lewis]/[Carlisle]
Rhath, Y Roath Roath +[Lewis]
Rhos-Sulwy * Rhossili * Rhossili [Lewis]
Rhudd-dre * Rudry * Rudry [Carlisle]
Rhws, Y * Rhoose * Penmark [Davies]
Rhydfelen * Rhyd-y-felin * Eglwysilan [Davies]
Rhydri Rudry Rudry  
Rhymni Rhymney Gelligaer  

Rotheney *

Rhondda * Various [DJ]
Sain Dunwyd St. Donat's St. Donats  
Sain Ffagan St. Fagans St. Fagans  
Sain Nicolas St. Nicholas Llanmaes  
Sain Siorys St. George-super-Ely St. George Super Ely  
Sain Tathan St. Athan St. Athan  
Saint Andras St. Andrews Major St. Andrews Major  
Saint Hilari St. Hilary St. Hilary  
Saint-y-brid St. Brides Major St. Brides Major  
Sblot, Y Splott Roath  
Sgeti Sketty Swansea  
Sgiwen Skewen Cadoxton-juxta-Neath  
Sili Sully Sully  
Silstwn Gileston Gileston  
Tal-y-garn Talygarn Talygarn  
Thaw * Llansannor * Llansannor [Lewis]
Tre-gwyr Gowerton Loughor  
Trebannws Trebanos Llangyfelach  
Trebefered Boverton Llantwit Major  
Trefflemin Flemingston Flemingston  
Treforys Morriston Llangyfelach  
Treganna or Cantwn Canton Canton  

Tregantllo *

Tregawntlo *

Candleston * Merthyr Mawr [Davies]


Cadoxton (juxta Barry)

Treglement * Clemenston * St Andrews Minor [Davies]
Tregolwyn Colwinston Colwinston  
Trehopcyn * Hopkinstown * Llanwonno [Davies]
Trelái Ely Llandaff  
Trelales Laleston Laleston  
Trelywy * Ffynnon Taf * Eglwysilan [PRW]
Treorci Treorchy Ystradyfodwg  
Tresalem Robertstown Aberdare  
Tresigin Siginstone Llantwit Major  
Tresimwn Bonvilston Bonvilston  
Trewallter Walterston Llancarfan  
Trewiliam Williamstown Llantrisant  
Trwyn Larnog * Lavernock Point * Lavernock [Davies]
Tyllgoed Fairwater Llandaff  
Wenni, Y * Ewenny * Ewenny [Lewis]
Wig, Y Wick Wick  
Ynysowen * Merthyr Vale * Merthyr Tydfil [Davies]
Ynys y Barri * Barry Island * Barry [Davies]
Yr-yw-dre * Rudry * Rudry [Lewis]
Ystradyfodwg * Ystrad Rhondda * Ystradyfodwg [Davies]
Ystumllwynarth Oystermouth Oystermouth  


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