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Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available

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Twyn yr Odyn Baptist Chapel

  • The Baptist cause was first established in 1819, preaching in Welsh was often in the open air or in a cottage registered in 1823 as a meeting house for Baptists. Like other Baptist causes, the "mother" chapel at Croes y Parc, at nearby Peterston super Ely was responsible until the chapel in Wenvoe became self supporting. (1)
  • The first chapel was built in 1823, and enlarged in 1843. Re-opened in 1929 when the Rev Oscar I Jenkins was inducted as minister. In 1923 the minister was Rev. W Morris. (1)
  • The chapel closed in 1956, and the remaining members joined the chapel in Walston Road. The burial ground that surrounded the chapel was in use as recently as 1946, but quarrying operations destroyed a lot of the burial ground and the gravestones were thrown into the quarry. A listing of those stones that could be read was made and has been published by the Glam. F. H. Society. (1) Glamorgan FHS - the publications lists etc (3)
  • No registers of the chapel have survived and the building is now a private house. (1)
  • 1823, November 15; Baptist; a building called The Twynyrodyn Baptist Meeting-House; Thomas Thomas of the parish of St. George, Baptist Minister and a trustee of the said building, William Jones, Robert Pritchard (2)
  • Twynrodyn Baptist chapel, Twynrodyn ST11577380 Built in 1823 (6)
  • Twyn'r Odyn Particular Baptist Erected in 8123 Robert Owen, Minister, Twynyrodyn, Wenvoe 1851 (7)

Baptist, Wenvoe

  • 1821, May 2; Baptist; the dwelling-house of Thomas John, gardener, called Tobadiah, being part of the estate of Robert Gener (Jenner) , esquire; the said Thomas John, William Edward, David Evans (2)

Nazareth Baptist, Wenvoe

  • 1850, September 24; Baptist; a building called Nazareth; William Williams, Llewellyn Miles, Edward Jenkins, William Evans (2)


Independent, Wenvoe

  • 1820, February 6; Independent; a house called Pishware; John Thomas, John Jenkins, James Morgan (2)


ZOAR Calvinistic Methodist Chapel situated in Walston Road, Wenvoe.

  • A parcel of land was leased from Mrs Ann Day Selley in 1831 with a 999 lease at a peppercorn rent.. The chapel was registered at the Bishops Registry in 1835 as a meeting house. A graveyard was used for burials, the earliest being in 1837. There are no extant registers for the chapel and the burial records published by the Glam. F.H. Society are taken from the existing M.I.'s. A further lease was taken out in 1903 for additional land for a garden at the rear. There is also a Chapel House attached which appears to have been let out to tenants. (1)
  • The "Barry Dock News" of the 2nd May 1890 reported an annual tea meeting attended by 60 - 80 members, followed by a choral entertainment. Walston chapel was well known for its singing. (1)
  • Ministers.... Rev. J. W. Mathews preached his first sermon on July 19 1885. (1)
    Rev. D. M. Thomas inducted at pastor April 12th 1892.
    Rev. Mr Phillips 1908.
  • The chapel was still used up to 2000 with a service once a month. In 2003 the chapel was sold and has now been converted into a private dwelling. The chapel "Cradle Roll" was removed and is now in the safe keeping of a former chapel member. (1)
  • 1835, May 2; Calvinistic Methodist; a meeting-house called Zoah; Thomas Jones of Wenvoe, farmer (2)
  • Glamorgan FHS - the publications lists etc (3)
  • There is a Methodist chapel in Wenvoe 1895 (4) & 1910 (5)
  • Zoar CM chapel, Walston, Wenvoe ST11967307 Built in 1834, modified, altered or rebuilt in 1883 and in 1905 (6)
  • Zoar CM Erected in 1832 Benjamin Richards, Secretary, Smith, Wenvoe 1851 (7)
  • Zoar chapel, Wenvoe - Records detailed at Archives and Manuscripts, National Library of Wales
    "Zoar Chapel, otherwise known as both Soar and Walston Chapel was built in 1832, and registered as Zoar Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in 1835, but some graves predate the registration...................."
    "......register of baptisms, 1860-1928"

Other (including unidentified)

Anabaptist chapel, Wenvoe

  • There is an Anabaptist chapel in Wenvoe 1895 (4) & 1910 (5)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Wenvoe

  • 1848, December 20; Latter-Day Saints; a house called Daggar's Gate, Twyn yr Odyn; William Thomas (2)

Wenvoe Community Cemetery