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Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available


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  • 2. Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel, National Library of Wales journal, Vol VIII/4, Winter 1954.
  • 3. Glamorgan FHS - the publications lists etc
  • 4. Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff hold most extant parish church and non-conformist chapel records, these are listed on their site (click ' history of your family' on main page and scroll down to the end of the next page)
  • 5. Kelly's Directory, South Wales 1895 - the Archive CD Books Cd
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  • 8. Personal
  • 9. Historical Directories site

Additional sources


Lon Uchaf Baptist chapel, Rhiwbina

  • Lon Uchaf Baptist chapel, Rhiwbina ST15788130 (1)

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel, Tongwynlais

  • Ainon Baptist chapel, Tongwynlais ST13288216 Built 1832 and rebuilt/modified in 1851 and 1879 (1)
  • Ainon Baptist MIs (3)
  • Welsh Baptist, Tongwynlais Rev Joshua Thomas Slaters Directory for 1880
  • Ainon Baptist, Tongwynlais Erected in 1832, enlarged in 1850 "..... but when the ordinance of Baptism is administered which was the case this Sunday afternoon in the presence of about 800 persons, the service conducted by the River Taff and the candidate immersed in the River." William Lewis, Minister [this entry listed under Eglwysilan parish in source book] 1851 (7)
  • 1832, May 25; Baptist (endorsed: Welsh Baptist); a newly-opened chapel which is the property of the congregation; Edmund Jones of the parish of Eglwysilan, Baptist Minister [under Tongwynlais, parish of Eglwysilan]

Extant records on Archives Network Wales

  • "Tongwynlais Sunday Schools, Whitchurch, Glamorgan, were active from the 1920s to the 1970s. They were associated with Ainon Baptist Church."
    "....... consisting of: minute book, 1923-1975"

Salem English Baptist chapel, Queen St/Ivy St, Tongwynlais

  • Salem Baptist chapel, Tongwynlais ST13238220 (1)
  • English Baptist, Tongwynlais Rev Joshua Thomas Slaters Directory for 1880
  • English Baptist chapel, (Whitchurch) Rev Joshua Thomas 200 seats 1895 (5) ??
  • Salem English Baptist chapel, Tongwynlais Extant records on Archives Network Wales
    "Salem ..... daughter church of Ainon ... 1850s.. considerable influx of population..... monoglot English...... desire for religious worship in own language .. new chapel opened in Queen Street (then known as Ivy Street) in 1862.... two chapels using different languages under the same pastor .... untenable. In 1880, the English section .. decided to secede from Ainon and continue as a separate church ... closed in 1987"
    " ......... including: Sunday School minutes book, 1941-1953; Sunday School attendance registers, 1927-1936; Total Abstinence pledge book, 1905-1909; minute book of annual general meetings and deacons' meetings, 1955-1957; Lease and counterparts, 1862, 1899, 1901; trust deed, 1866; memorandum of appointments of new trustees, 1896, 1941; and conveyance, 1921"

Ararat Welsh Baptist chapel, Merthyr Rd, Wauntreoda (Capel y Waun)

  • Ararat Baptist chapel, Gwaun-Tre-Oda, Whitchurch ST16047975 Built in 1824, modified, altered or rebuilt 1836, 1851 and 1915 (1)
  • Ararat MIs (3)
  • Ararat Baptist Extant records (4)
  • Ararat Welsh Baptist chapel, Merthyr Rd 320 seats 1910 (6)
  • Welsh Baptist chapel, Whitchurch Rev Jas. Bevan (Baptist) 250 seats 1895 (5)
  • Ararat Baptist, Wauntroda Built in 1824 David Davies, Minister, Wauntroda 1851 (7)
  • 1804, October 25; Anabaptist; the dwelling-house of Evan Harry called Gwayn-trodau; John Hier, Minister, Henry Rees, William Mathews, Edward Morgan, Edward Edmunds, Edward Edward, being Anabaptists meeting at Lisvane (2)
  • 1824, March 29; Particular Baptist; a meeting-house; John Williams, farmer, Lewis Thomas (2)
  • Find a Grave - photographs of the grave headstones in Ararat Churchyard (by Russ Davies)
  • Chapels Baptist (Welsh) - Whitchurch: Rev Thomas Thomas
    Private Residents: Thomas, Rev. Thomas, Whitchurch
    (8 - Brian Comley) & 9 - Worrall's Directory of South Wales 1875)
  • Clergy & Gentry: Rev Thomas, Thomas, Baptist, Whitchurch
    (8 - Brian Comley) & 9 - Mercer & Crocker's 1876)
  • Extract from Old Whitchurch: The Story Of a Glamorgan Parish by Edgar L Chappell; Merton Priory Press, ISBN 1 898937 02 8
    Chapter XIX; Ararat Baptist Church
    "In 1865 came to Ararat a pastor, a young student, Rev. Thomas Thomas, from Pontypool College, who served the Church for 10 years and then resigned to take up the pastorate of Mount Carmel, Caerphilly. He died in 1908 and was buried at Ararat.
    Early in Mr Thomas's pastorate there seems to have been some difficulty at Ararat possibly owing to the difference of opinion over the demand by a small minority for the use of English as the language of public worship. This demand was strongly resisted and a small number are said to have seceded to establish with other English Baptists in the locality the Church today known as Bethel. The secession does not appear to have weakened the Church very much for in 1868 the number of members returned was 112 or only 24 fewer than in 1860, whilst the Sunday School suffered a loss of only 24 scholars. By 1870 the membership had recovered to 146 and the Sunday School numbered 115.
    The next Minister Rev. G.E. Jenkins came to Ararat straight from Collegiate training at Llangollen in 1876....................................."
    ( 8 - Robert Alun Chick)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The Ararat Baptist church (Whitchurch, Glamorgan) began about 1824, as an offshoot from the Baptist church at Lisvane, but the building was not completed until [c. 1828]. It was located on a corner of Waun Treoda common, hence its familiar names "Capel y Waun" and (sometimes) "Waun Treoda"; baptisms were conducted in a pool near Cornel-y-waun farm, until the opening of a baptistry in 1879. The church appointed its first minister, John Williams, in 1828 (minister 1828-1840), and it was admitted to the East Glamorgan Baptist Association in 1828. Some early entries (from 1793) in the baptisms register, apparently made by John Williams, relate to members born in Whitchurch, Llanishen and Llandaff North, Glamorgan, and must have been extracted from the registers of another chapel, possibly Lisvane, which was established in 1782. Welsh was used exclusively in services till 1878, when they became bilingual. Increasing anglicisation led to the dropping of Welsh services in 1905, and the last Sunday School in Welsh was held in 1907. The rapid urbanisation of Whitchurch in the 19th and 20th centuries required rebuilding of the church in 1851, and again in 1915 (the present structure). The church benefited from a number of energetic ministers, notably John Williams, James Bevan (minister, 1885-1899) and Luther Jones (minister, 1919-1944)"
    "Records ........... includes: register of births, 1793-1838; church meeting minutes book, (includes preparatory meetings and special church meetings), 1883-1891; church meeting minutes book, (includes special church meetings), 1907-1913; church meeting minutes book, (includes special church meetings and deacons meetings and list of collections), 1916-1917; record of preachers and theme of sermons, and miscellaneous notes, 1845-1848; receipts and disbursements, 1853-1869; copy letter book, 1910-1913; and members contributions book, 1914-1930"

Bethel English Baptist chapel, Penlline Rd/Merthyr Rd, Whitchurch

  • Bethel Baptist chapel, Penlline Rd, Whitchurch ST15418010 Built in 1894, modified, altered or rebuilt 1900 (1)
  • Bethel Baptist English, Merthyr Rd 530 seats Rev John Arthur Jones 1910 (6)
  • Bethel English Baptist Church, Whitchurch "........ was established in 1865 to cater for English immigrants and local people who had dropped the Welsh language in favour of English. Members met initially in a cottage on Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Glamorgan, but moved subsequently to a barn adjoining the common. The first church was built in 1867, to the rear of the present church. ......................"
    "Minutes books of church meetings, 1865-1870, 1894-1907; minutes books of deacons and church meetings, 1913-1958; minutes book, 1913-1958; accounts book, 1864-1973; church expenses book, 1872; members contributions book, 1867-1872; minutes book of organ and building fund committee, 1922-1928; minutes of fete committee, 1929, bazaar committee, 1932, and selection committee, 1943-1944; minutes book of eisteddfod committee, 1933-1936; minutes book of Sunday School teachers meetings, 1912-1919; and order of service for centenary celebrations, 2-9 May 1965."
    Archives Network Wales



Beulah Independent chapel (Beulah Dissenters), Heolyderi/Beulah Rd, Rhiwbina

  • Beulah Independent chapel (Beulah Dissenters), Heolyderi/Beulah Rd, Rhiwbina ST16028107 Built in 1851, modified, altered or rebuilt 1861, 1875 and 1890 (1)
  • ST16018108 The present church dates from 1890 and stands opposite the original chapel of 1851 (1)
  • Beulah MIs (3)
  • Beulah Extant records (4)
  • 1849, May 18; Independent; a building converted into a chapel called Baula; Edward Daniell, yeoman (2)
  • Beulah, Dissenters Erected in 1848 John Jones, Minister, Rhudry 1851 (7)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) (Eglwys Newydd)- with translation by Mary Jane Stephenson (April 2008)
  • There is a book by John Rhys Beulah United Reform Church, Rhiwbina; 'A Beulah scrapbook 1950-2000'. 2000
  • Beulah English Congregational Church, Rhiwbina "The Congregational cause in Rhiwbina had been established in members' homes by the early 19th century. A cottage was rented by the congregation in 1848 and Beulah English Congregational Church was opened in 1851. The freehold was aquired in 1879 and a new chapel opened in 1891.............."
    "Minutes of Cardiff Beulah English Congregational Church, 1889-1961; financial records, 1859-1963; church history, 1949; sermons, c1959-1979; and copy of A Beulah Scrapbook, 1950-2000." Archives Network Wales

Bethel (Bethesda ?) Ind chapel (United Reformed chapel), Tongwynlais

  • Bethel Ind chapel (United Reformed chapel), Tongwynlais ST13388209 Built in 1861 (1)
  • Congregational chapel, Whitchurch 400 seats Rev David Morgan (Congregational) [residence in Tongwynlais ] 1895 (5) ??
  • English Congregational, Tongwynlais 550 seats 1910 (6) [right place?]
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - translation by Maureen Saycell (May 2009)
  • But this one called Bethesda, other facts fit so looks like the same place

Welsh Independent, Tongwynlais

Congregational chapel, Llandaff Yard, Llanishen Rd, Whitchurch

  • Congregational chapel, Whitchurch Rev David Gwernedd Rees (Congregational) [residence only] 1895 (5)
  • English Congregational chapel, Llandaffyd, Llanishen Rd 550 seats Rev David G Rees 1910 (6)
  • Welsh Ind chapel, Whitchurch Rev David G Rees Slaters Directory for 1880 ??



St Andrew's Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Caerphilly Rd, Birchgrove

  • St Andrew's Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Caerphilly Rd, Birchgrove ST16797996 (1)

Llandaff North Methodist chapel, Copleston Rd

  • Llandaff North Methodist chapel, Copleston Rd ST15197876 Built in 1877, still in use in 2000 (1)
  • Article from the Western Mail in 1877 about the opening of the new Primitive Chapel (Cardiff Circuit) in Llandaff Yard (Whitchurch and Llandaff North site} - This would appear to be the same chapel in Copleston Rd

Wesleyan chapel, Melin Griffith (Penlan chapel)

  • Penylan English Wesleyan chapel (or Melingriffith). Erected in 1800 in lieu of another room Henry Wilcox, Wesleyan Minister, Cardiff 1851 (7) with duplicated submitted return by Charles Tucker, Wesleyan Minister, 2 Wellington Terrace, Cardiff 1851 (7)
  • Penylan Wesleyan Methodist chapel Erected in c 1810 John Thomas, Sunday School Secretary, Job's Row, Whitchurch 1851 (7) [Do these two entries from the 1851 Religious Census to relate to the same place ?]
  • 1812, December 19; Wesleyan; a chapel situated at Mellin Griffith; David Jones, Edmund Lewis, Walter Rosser, Charles Phillips, Joseph Armstrong, Thomas Davies, Jacob Kingsbury, Christopher James, James Foxall (2)

Bethel Rhiwbina CM

Hermon CM chapel, Queen St, Tongwynlais

  • Hermon CM chapel, Queen St, Tongwynlais ST13298208 Built in 1860, modified, altered or rebuilt 1906 (1)

Hawthorn Rd CM chapel (Presbyterian), Hawthorn Rd, Whitchurch

  • Hawthorn Rd CM chapel (Presbyterian), Hawthorn Rd, Whitchurch ST14727938 Built in 1898 (1)

Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Merthyr Rd, Whitchurch

  • Tabernacle CM chapel, Merthyr Rd, Whitchurch ST15657987 Built in 1866, modified, altered or rebuilt 1879 and c.1900 (1)
  • Calvinistic chapel, Whitchurch Rev David Evans (Calvinistic Methodist) 350 seats 1895 (5)
  • Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Merthyr Rd 400 seats Rev John Viner 1910 (6)
  • Tabernacle Yr Eglwys Newydd English CM chapel 81 Merthyr Road, Yr Eglwys Newydd, Caerdydd, Caerdydd CF14 1DD - still open in 2006

Eglwys Newydd Wesleyan Methodist church, Whitchurch

  • Eglwys Newydd Wesleyan Methodist church, Whitchurch ST15128032 Built in 1895 (1)
  • Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Merthyr Rd (Cardiff Wesley Welsh Circuit) 300 seats Rev J Newton Davies 1910 (6)

Wesleyan Welsh Methodist chapel, Coronation Rd

  • Wesleyan Welsh Methodist chapel, Coronation Rd (Cardiff Wesley Welsh Circuit) 280 seats Rev J Newton Davies 1910 (6)

Primitive Methodist chapel, Whitchurch

  • Primitive Methodist chapel, Whitchurch 200 seats Rev William Jones 1895 (5)

Ebenezer, Calvinistic Methodist

  • Ebenezer CM Erected in 1810 John Dew, Steward, Whitchurch 1851 (7)
  • 1811, October 28; Calvinistic Methodist; a house called Ebenezer; Thomas Edward, Minister, David David, Edward Phillip, Edward John, William Evan, Davidd Philip (2)


Other (inc unidentified)

St Teilo's Roman Catholic Church, Treoda, Whitchurch

  • St Teilo's Roman Catholic Church, Treoda, Whitchurch ST15588034 (1)

Birchgrove, Whitchurch

  • Birchgrove, Whitchurch ST1680 Built in 1904 (1)

Birchgrove Mission, Birchgrove

  • Birchgrove Mission, Birchgrove ST1680 (1)

Mission Hall, Bridge Rd, Llandaff North

  • Mission Hall, Bridge Rd, Llandaff North ST14937883 (1)

Chapel at Whitchurch Hospital, Park Rd

  • Chapel at Whitchurch Hospital, Park Rd ST14528068 Built between 1902-08 Denomination not given (1)


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