Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


WHITCHURCH with the parish and villages of Lisvane, Llanishen,
Pentyrch, Tongwynlais, Taff's Well, and Walnut Tree Bridge

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

WHITCHURCH is a parish and pleasant village in the hundred of Caerphilly, county of Glamorgan, situated in the beautiful vale of the Taff, and intersected by the high road from Cardiff to Merthyr. It is about 3 miles from Cardiff, its post town, and 5 from Caerphilly, in the Cardiff union and county court district. The iron and tinplate works of the Messrs. Thomas William Booker & Co. Limited, are at Melin Griffith, in this parish, also at Pentyrch, and employ a great number of hands. The Taff Vale Railway passes through the parish, and has a station (Llandaff) about half a mile from the village. The parish church is a plain low edifice, without tower. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of the diocese. There are also places of worship for Baptists, Independents, Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodists, and a National school. Population in 1861, 2,274, and in 1871, 2, 722

TONGWYNLAIS is a considerable village, mostly in the above parish, and partly in that of Eglwysilan, about 5 miles from Cardiff, and half-a-mile from the railway station at Walnut Tree Bridge. Castell Coch, or the Red Castle, is seated on a considerable eminence, near the village, embosomed in trees, and commanding a fine view of the Taff vale and the Bristol channel. It is now being entirely restored by the Marquis of Bute to as near as possible its former proportions. The castle, which is not very extensive, was built by the Britons to repel the Norman invaders, and was long held by Ivor Bach, who gallantly headed the natives of Glamorgan against Fizhamon and the Norman settlers. The Normans afterwards became masters of it, and considerably enlarged, if not entirely rebuilt it. There is a chapel of ease, and chapels for the Calvinists, Baptists, and Independents in the village, also a National school, Population returned with the parish.


The following parishes, &c. are all in Cardiff postal district, poor law union, and county court district :-


LISVANE is a parish and district in the hundred of Kibbor, about 5 miles from Cardiff and 3 from Whitchurch. The soil is chiefly owned by Mrs. Vaughan and others, Colonel Tynte, J.P. and Lord Tredegar. The Cardiff waterworks reservoir is in this parish, measuring about 30 acres in extent. The Rhymney railway intersects the parish. The living of the parish church is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord Windsor and Charles K. E. Tynte, Esq. J.P. alternately. There is also a chapel for Baptists. Population in 1861, 226, in 1871, 242.

LLANISHEN is a parish and village in the hundred of Kibbor. It is about 4 miles from Cardiff, and the same from Caerphilly. The Rhymney railway passes through this parish, and has a station here. The Marquis of Bute, Colonel Tynte, Lord Tredegar, Mrs. Vaughan and others, own the soil. The parish church is a neat edifice. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord Windsor and Charles K. K. Tynte, Esq. J.P. alternately. There is also a chapel for Wesleyans and a National School. Population in 1861, 449, in 1871, 515.

PENTYRCH is a parish and village in the hundred of Miskin, about 6 miles from Cardiff, and 4 from Caerphilly. In this parish, on the river Taff, are situated the extensive ironworks of the Messrs. T. W. Booker & Co. Limited. The scenery is very beautiful on both sides the river, which is crossed by a neat stone bridge, a great accomodation to the neighbourhood. The parish chruch is situated in the village; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of the diocese and the Dean and Chapter alternately. The Baptists, Independents, and Calvinistic Methodists have also places of worship here. There are also National schools. Population in 1861, 1,590, in 1871, 2,105.

TAFF'S WELL is a considerable village in the parish of Eglwysilan, about 6 miles from Cardiff, and 3 from Whitchurch, and about the same distance from Caerphilly. It takes its name from an ancient well, which is said to possess medicinal properties of a very high order. The well is close by the river, into which it is continually flowing. An iron shed encloses the well, and a charge is made for bathing in its waters. WALNUT TREE BRIDGE is a railway station and junction on the Taffvale and Rhymney lines, and is in close vicinity to the village, which contains a chapel of ease, and chapels for Calvinists, Independents, and Wesleyans, also Board schools. Population returned with the parish.


POST OFFICE - Whitchurch, Charles Reynolds, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at ten minutes past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at half past six evening
Money Order Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Pentyrch, William Thomas, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at forty minutes past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at fifty minutes past four afternoon.
Money Order Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Taff's Well, Morgan Thomas, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at forty minutes past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past five evening
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Tongwynlais, William Russell, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at forty minutes past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at five minutes past six evening
Taff's Well is the nearest Money Order Office

POST OFFICE - Llanishen, Charles Maisey, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive (from Cardiff) at half-past eight morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past five evening
Whitchurch is the nearest Money Order Office

Letters for all the above places should be addressed "near Cardiff."



Bedlington Mrs. Hannah, Bryngles House, Whitchurch
Booker Thomas William, Esq., J.P., Velindra House, Whitchurch
Clarke Rev. John Thomas, M.A., Vicarage, Whitchurch
Cubitt William, Esq., New House, Llanishen
David Mrs. Sarah, Tyclyd Cottage, Whitchurch
Davies Mrs. Mary, Taff's Well
Davies Rev. David R., Tongwynlais
Evans Rev. David, Whitchurch
Evans Henry J., Esq., J.P., Greenhill, Whitchurch
Fereday Major Frederick F., Albert Cottage, Whitchurch
Herne Mr. Joshua, Treoda Castle, Whitchurch
Howard Mr. Sydney S., Llanishen
Jackson Mr. James A., Bridge House, Whitchurch
James Mrs. Jane, Whitchurch
Jefferies Henry, Esq., Pentyrch Works
Jenkins Rev. John, Pentyrch
Jenkins Mrs. Rhoda, Rose Cottage, Whitchurch
Jones Rev. T. W., Taff's Well
Lewis Henry, Esq., Green Meadow, Tongwynlais
Phillips Griffith, Esq., J.P., The Cottage, Whitchurch
Rees Rev. G., Whitchurch
Rees Rev. Thos., Vicarage, Llanishen
Rees Rev. William, Taff's Well
Richards Mrs. Miranda, Tyn-y-coed
Thomas George W. Griffiths, Esq. J.P., The Heath, Llanishen
Thomas Rev. Horatio J., Vicarage, Pentyrch
Thomas Mr. Isaac, Elm Grove, Whitchurch
Thomas Rev. Joshua, Tongywnlais
Wride Mr. Francis, Llanishen House



Board School, Taff's Well - Daniel M. Davies, master; Sarah Johns, mistress; Rachael Francis, infants' mistress
Charity School (Mrs. Aldsworth's), Taff's Well - Eliza H. Jones, mistress

National Schools :-

Llanishen - Richard H. Thomas, master
Tongwynlais - Alfred Roberts, master; Emily Roberts, mistress
Pentyrch - Morgan Thomas, master
Pentyrch Works - Thomas Madge, master
Whitchurch - John C. Meredith, master; Emma A. Meredith, mistress


Small Robert S. (day & boarding), Whitchurch



Burgoyne Thomas, Whitchurch
Cosslett Judah, Llanishen
Evans Thomas, Walnut Tree Bridge
Martin David, Whitchurch
Matthews William, Pentyrch
Morgan Thomas, Whitchurch
Redwood James, Whitchurch
Thomas Edward, Tongwynlais
Williams Evan, Lisvane



Edwards William, Pentyrch
Farr Gwenllian, Tongwynlais
Frost George, Tongwynlais
Jenkins David R., Taff's Well
Jenkins Joseph, Taff's Well
Jones Jane, Taff's Well
Maisey Charles, Llanishen
Morgan Robert, Pentyrch
Richards Lewis, Tongywnlais
Slathiel Daniel, Whitchurch
Thomas Thomas, Whitchurch
Thomas Thomas, Lisvane



Davies Thomas, Tongywnlais
Hardwick Samuel, Whitchurch
Lewis John, Tongwynlais
Llewellyn William, Pentyrch
Richards John, Taff's Well



David Evan, Whitchurch
Evans William (& builder), Whitchurch
Kinsey Jonathon, Tongwynlais
Lewis John, Llanishen
Longford James (& wheelwright), Derry Mill
Williams Edwin, Whitchurch
Williams Thomas, Pentyrch
Williams William, Tongwynlais



Booker T. W. & Co. Limited (& exporters), Llan Colliery, Pentyrch
Morgan David (& fire birck maker), Bryn-coch, Taff's Well



In Whitchurch

Clode William, Tyn-y-park
Evans Mary, Ash Grove
George Thomas, Derry Farm
James Sina, Fynnon-Wen
Jones Alexander, Pant Mawr
Lougher Richard, Forest Farm
Phillips John, Wauntreode
Preston Alice, Tyn-y-pwll
Preston William, Rhubina
Thomas Edward, Llwynmallt
Thomas John, Great House
Thomas John & William H., Cefn-garw
Thomas William, Ty-pwdwr
Williams Edward, Pentwyn
Williams Thomas, Ty-clyd
Wride Barry, Village Farm
Wride William, Graig


In Lisvane Parish

Edwards Edward, Tyn-y-berllan
Edward Sarah, Maes-y-felyn
Griffiths Isaac, Church Farm
Husband Philip, Mardy
Llewellyn Titus, Tai-Mawr
Matthews Blanche, Fair Oak
Rees Lewis, Ty Llwyd
Richards Thomas, Penteg
Thomas Edward, Graig
Watkins Thomas, Ty-Mawr
Williams Thomas, Spring Meadow


In Llanishen Parish

Ainsley Elizabeth, Rhyd-y-pennan
Bryant Isaac, Fair Oak
Butt John, Fydlaes
Cornwell George H., Heath Farm
Davies John, Ty-celyn
John Thomas, Ty-hwnt
Lewis Thomas, Llwyn-crwn
Rees Daniel, Heol-hir
Reynolds William N., Tonyrewan
Richards Humberston, Cefn-fedw
Tinker Charles, Mill Farm
Williams Edward, Graig
Wride Barry, Ty-coch
Wride Francis, Llanishen House
Wride Thomas, Blue House

In Pentyrch Parish


Evans David, Cefn-Colsten
Howells Mary, Bwlch-gwint
John Evan, Castell-y-Mynash
Llewellyn Evan, Maesteg
Llewellyn William, Caerwen
Llewellyn William, Penygarn
Morgan Morgan, Ty Mawr
Phillips Hannah, Caer-erfa
Phillips James, Crigan
Richards David, Llwyn-y-brain
Roberts Robert, Garth
Thomas Richard, Pant-y-corred
Williams Anthony, Penllwyn
Williams Daniel, Llwynddu
Williams David, Maes Mawr
Williams Thomas, Craig-gwilym




Bond Charles, Tongwynlais
Cornish John S., Heoldon, Whitchurch
Dagg William, Taff's Well
Davey Samuel, Whitchurch
Davies David, Pentyrch
Davies Edward, Tongwynlais
Edwards Daniel, Taff's Well
Edwards Margaret, Whitchurch
Ellis John, Pentyrch
Evans & Co., Taff's Well
Evans Henry (draper), Taff's Well
Evans William, Pentyrch
Francis Mary A., Tongwynlais
Govier Walter, Tongwynlais
Hughes Rosanna, Taff's Well
Jeremy John, Tongwynlais
John Margaret, Whitchurch
Jones Benjamin (draper), Taff's Well
Jones Mary, Taff's Well
Junction Shop Co., Taff's Well
Lewis Philip, Whitchurch
Llewellyn William, Pentyrch
Lloyd Thomas, Gwaelod-y-garth, Pentyrch
Merry Nathan, Tongwynlais
Morgan Nicholas, Taff's Well
Mountjoy E., Taff's Well
Phillips Morgan, Whitchurch
Phillips Philip, Gwaelod-y-garth, Pentyrch
Price Thomas, Whitchurch
Reynolds Charles, Whitchurch
Russell William, Tongwynlais
Shapland Susan, Whitchurch
Thomas Edward, Tongwynlais
Thomas Thomas, Taff's Well
Williams David, Tongwynlais
Williams Evan. Lisvane



Anchor, Alfred Jones, Taff's Well
Butchers' Arms, Isaac Richards, Derry Mill, Whitchurch
Bute Arms, Edward Morgan, Tongwynlais
Cardiff Castle, David Williams, Tongwynlais
Castell Coch, Edmund Jones, Tongwynlais
Castle, Catherine Morgan, Taff's Well
Church, John Lewis, Llanishen
Cross, David Earle, Whitchurch
Dynevor Arms, John Morgan, Taff's Well
Exchange, Jacob Hedges, Whitchurch
Fox & Hounds, John Watkins, Whitchurch
Griffin, Mary Williams, Lisvane
Gwaelod-y-garth, John Evans, Pentyrch
Holly Bush, Jane Lewis, Whitchurch
Junction, John Davies, Taff's Well
King's Arms, Wm. Llewellyn, Pentyrch
Lewis' Arms, Thomas Thomas, Pentyrch
Lewis' Arms, William Whitney, Tongwynlais
Malsters' Arms, Edwin Brind, Whitchurch
Masons' Arms, Daniel Thomas, Whitchurch
New Inn, John Thomas, Tongwynlais
New Inn, Morgan Phillips, Whitchurch
Old Ton, John Davis, Tongwynlais
Plough, William Williams, Whitchurch
Portobello, John Williams, Whitchurch
Railway, Eliza Brookman, Whitchurch
Railway, Stephen Morton, Taff's Well
Rock & Castle, Daniel Thomas, Pentyrch
Taff's Well, John Young, Taff's Well
Three Elms, John Morris, Whitchurch
Walnut Tree Bridge, Thomas Evans, Taff's Well



Davies William, Taff's Well
Edwards Mary, Whitchurch
Griffith John, Whitchurch
Jenkins Eli, Taff's Well
Martin David, Whitchurch
Poole Thomas, Tongwynlais



Booker Thomas William & Co. Limited, Melin Griffith Works, near Cardiff, and Pentyrch Works, Pentyrch - Henry Jefferies, managing director



Bayliss William, Whitchurch
John Lewis, Whitchurch
Porter Louisa, Whitchurch
Stevens George, Whitchurch



Edwards Edmund, Derry Mill, Whitchurch
Lewis & Williams, Bank Mill, Whitchurch
Lewis Jacob, Tongwynlais
Thomas Edward, Llanishen



Davies Evan, Taff's Well
Evans Edward, Tongwynlais
Morgan Evan, Tongwynlais



Davies Thomas, glass & china dealer, Taff's Well
Edwards Daniel T., surgeon, Taff's Well
Haddock Thomas, secretary at Melin Griffith Works, Hawthorn, Whitchurch
Haddock William D., cashier at Melin Griffith Works, Whitchurch
Hopkins Henry, relieving officer and registrar of births and deaths for Whitchurch district, Whitchurch
Jenkins Eli, stonemason, Taff's Well
Lewis John, clerk at Melin Griffith Works, Penson Villa, Whitchurch
Morton Stephen, haulier, Taff's Well
Rees William, haulier, Taff's Well
Taylor William, newsagent, Taff's Well
Thomas John, manager at Melin Griffith Works, Melin Griffith
Thomas Morgan, chemist, Taff's Well
Watkins Evan, furnace manager, Pentyrch Works



and their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

Parish Churches :-


Lisvane - Rev. Thomas Rees, vicar
Llanishen - Rev. Thos. Rees, vicar
Pentyrch - Rev. Horatio J. Thomas, vicar; Rev. John Jenkins, curate
Whitchurch - Rev. John Thomas Clarke, M.A., vicar

Chapel of Ease, Tongwynlais - Rev. David P. Davies, Curate
Chapel of Ease, Taff's Well - Rev. T. W. Jones, curate



Dissenting Chapels


Baptist :-
Lisvane -
Pentyrch - Rev. Thomas Jenkins
Tongwynlais (English) - Rev. Joshua Thomas
Tongwynlais (Welsh) - Rev. Joshua Thomas
Whitchurch (English) - Ministers various
Whitchurch (Welsh) - Ministers various
Independent (Welsh) :-
Taff's Well - Rev. William Rees
Tongwynlais - Rev. J. W. Morris
Whitchurch - Rev. David G. Rees
Pentyrch -
Methodist (Calvinistic) :-
Whitchurch, Tongwynlais, Pentyrch, and Taff's Well
Methodist (Wesleyan) :-
Taff's Well, Llanishen, and Melin Griffith

Reading Rooms, Tongwynlais - Solomon Phillips, secretary



On the Taff Vale Line

Station, Llandaff - about half a mile from Whitchurch - Charles P. Evans, station master
Station, Walnut Tree Junction - George James, station master


On the Rhymney Line

Station, Llanishen - John Kilby, station master



Slaters Commercial Directory, Whitchurch, Glamorgan, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]