Slaters Commercial Directory, 1880.


TREHERBERT and YSTRAD-RHONDDA with the parish and hamlets of Ystradyfodwg, Blaen-y-cwm, Blaen-y-Rhondda,
Cwmdare, Cwmpark, Llwynpia, Pen-y-Graig, Penyrenglyn, Pentre, Ton-Pentre,
Tonypandy, Treorky, Tynewydd and Tynybedw

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

TREHERBERT is a thriving and populous village, 11 miles from Pontypridd, its post town, union and county court district, in the parish of Ystradyfodwg, situated at the head of the Rhondda Valley, which is watered by the river Rhondda, from which the valley derives its name; it is also a station on the Rhondda Valley line of the Taff Vale Railway Co., and in the midst of the scenery of a beautiful and mountainous character, and in a rich mineral district. The chief part of the inhabitantsderive their support from the extensive collieries in the immediate neighbourhood. It possesses a very handsome church of the Establishment, built in 1867-8 at the sole expense of the most noble the Marquess of Bute, who has also given a reading room for the accomodation of the working classes, which is well supplied with daily and weekly papers and periodicals. There is a Public Hall for the purpose of holding meetings, concerts and entertainments, recently built by a limited company formed for that purpose, of which Mr. Walter H. Morgan, Pontypridd, is secretary. There is also an engineering works and iron foundry situated here. There are chapels for the Baptists, Independents, and Calvinistic and Primitive Methodists, in which services are generally conducted in the Welsh language. There are also National and British schools. Population returned with the parish.

YSTRAD or YSTRAD-RHONDDA (the latter name adopted to distinguish it from other Ystrads in this part of the country) is also a thriving and populous village 8 miles from Pontypridd, its post town, union and county court district, and 3 miles from and in the same parish as Treherbert. The rapid increase of this neighbourhood is chiefly owing to the opening out of some very extensive and prolific coal mines, which give employment to the majority of the inhabitants; it is also a station on the Rhondda Valley line of the Taff Vale Railway Co. The parish church of St. Dyfodwg is a plain stone edifice, situated near the railway station. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of Llantrissant. There are also chapels for Baptist, Independents, and Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists, the services of which are generally conducted in the Welsh language

PENTRE is also a thriving and populous village, 9 miles from Pontypridd, its post town, union and county court district, and 2 miles from and in the same parish as Treherbert. It contains one long and handsome street running the whole length of the village. The shops are numerous and do a good retail trade, the village being situated in the midst of the colliery district, the population of which is rapidly increasing. Maendy Hall, a handsome mansion, is the residence of Edmund Thomas, Esq. The Rhondda Engineering Works, owned by Messrs. Llewellyn and Cubitt, and two iron foundries are situated close by. There is a Public Hall in which the county court is held. There is a National school here, and also chapels for Baptists, Independents, and Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodists.

TREORKY is a populous village situated midway between Treherbert and Pentre, and is a station on the Taff Vale Railway, and, like most of the villages in the Rhondda Valley, consists of one long main street. The shops are numerous and well-stocked, and there are several stone quarries in the vicinity. A reading room for the working is established in the village. There are a chapel of ease and places of worship for Baptists, Independents and Methodists, and also a British school.

YSTRADYFODWG is an extensive parish in the hamlet of RHIGOS, Rhondda Valley, which is watered by the river Rhondda, and intersected by the Rhondda Valley line of the Taff Vale Railway Co. The greater portion of this parish is mountainous waste, but rich in mineral wealth, and will, no doubt, at no distant period, become one of the most prolific coal-producing districts in this part of the Principality. The pits and levels, which are now in operation in this vale, are very numerous, and are gradually increasing. The principal owners of the soil and minerals, are the Marquis of Bute and the Countess of Dunraven. The parish contains many villages and hamlets, some of which are growing rapidly into importance, namely :- Treherbert, Treorky, Llwynpia, Pen-y-Graig, Pentre, Ystrad, Pandy &c. There are also other villages or hamlets of the parish, which are given elsewhere. The area of the parish is estimated at 24,000 statute acres. Population of the entire parish in1861, 3,857, but in 1871 it had increased to 17,777 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE - Treherbert, Edwin Herbert, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at ten minutes before eight and half-past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at ten past three afternoon and ten minutes past six evening
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Pentre, Edward Skyrme, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at thirteen minutes past seven, and twenty-five minutes past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at fifteen minutes past three afternoon and six evening.
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Pen-y-graig, Robert Price, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at five minutes before seven and five minutes past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at fiftbefore seven and five minutes past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at six minutes before four afternoon and six minutes before six evening.
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Ton-y-Pandy, George Knill, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at seven and half-past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at fifteen minutes past three afternoon and ten minutes past six evening.
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Treorky, William H. Morgan, Post Master. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at ten minutes to eight and half-past nine morning, and are despatched thereto at twenty minutes past three afternoon and twenty minutes past six evening.
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE - Ystrad-Rhondda, Ann Phillips, Post Mistress. - Letters arrive from all parts (via Pontypridd) at twenty minutes past seven and twenty-five minutes before ten morning, and are despatched thereto at three afternoon and ten minutes past si evening
Money Order Office and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

RECEIVING BOXES, at Llwynpia, Blaen-y-Rhondda, Penyrenglyn, Ton-Pentre, Ystrad and Tynewydd
Letters for the above-named places should be addressed "near Pontypridd."


Cole Mr. Benjamin, Tynewydd siding
Cule Mr. Evan, Treherbert
Curnew Mr. Thomas, Bute terrace
Cuthbertson William, Esq., Pentre
Davies Elias H., Esq., Pentre
Davies Evan, Esq., Primrose Hill, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Rev. Evan, Penyrenglyn
Davies Idris, Esq. Llys-y-griag, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Mr. John, Treherbert
Davies Rev. William, Treorky
Davies Mr. William, Danyrallt
Evans Mr. George, Bute st
Evans Jenkin J. Esq., Maesyffrwd, Treorky
Evans Mr. John, Penyrenglyn
Hiley Mr. George, Bute st
Hood William H. Esq., Glyn Corner, Rhondda Valley
Howells William G. Esq., Rose Cottage, Ystrad Rhondda
Jenkins Mr. Charles, Station st
Jenkins William, Esq., Ystrad Fechan
Jones Mr. Griffith R., Oak Cottage
Jones Rev. Lewis, Bute st
Jones Mr. Moses O., Treherbert
Jones Rev. William, Dumphreys st
Jones Rev. William, Ton-Pentre-Ystrad
Joseph Thomas, Esq., Tydraw, Treherbert
Lewis Edwin, Esq., Knoll Villa, Ystrad Rhondda
Lewis Henry W., Esq., Station St
Lewis Rev. William, Vicarage, Pentre
Morgan Mr. David, Station terrace
Morgan David, Esq., Treorky
Morgan Wm., Esq., Tynewydd House
Morris Rev. William, Treorky
Phillips Mr. Jenkin, Maesgwyn, Ystrad
Price Mr. Alfred, Ton-Pentre-Ystrad
Price Rees G. Esq., Treorky
Rees Rev. John Treherbert
Rhys Watkin, Esq., Treherbert
Rosser Rev. J., Treherbert
Rosser Mr. John, Tynewydd
Rowlands Moses, Esq., Pisgah House, Pen-y-graig
Thomas Mrs. -, Station st
Thomas Daniel, Esq., Edmondstown, Pen-y-graig
Thomas David, Esq., Church Villa, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas Edmond, Esq., Maindy Hall, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas Mr. Evan, Danyderw, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas Mr. Henry, Bute st
Thomas Mr. James, Treorky
Thomas Mrs. Margaret, Bute st
Timothy Mr. James, Saw Mill Villa, Ton-Pentre-ystrad
Timothy Mr. Thomas, Victoria st, Ton-Pentre-ystrad
Treharne David, Esq., Pentre
Williams Mrs. Nest, Sunny Cottage, Ystrad Rhondda
Williams Mr. Obadiah M., Bute st
Williams William, Esq., Grove Field House, Pen-y-graig


British Schools :-

Treherbert - Moses Jones, master; Martha Jones, mistress
Blaen-y-Cwm - Thomas Davies, master; Miss - Williams, mistress
Cwmpark - Thos. Morgan, master; Mary J. Morgans, mistress
Dinas Colliery - Llewellyn Jones, master; Mary Jenkins, mistress
Pentre - John R. Hosbons, master; Margaret Evans, mistress
Ton-y-pandy - John William Jones, master
Treorky - David Evans, master; Mrs. Oak, mistress; Mary Richards, infants' mistress

National Schools :-

Llwynpia (Llwynpia Colliery) - Thos. John, master
Pen-y-graig - John J. Griffiths, master; Rachel Griffiths, mistress


Davies E. H. (agent for life & fire insurance offices, assessors and collector of income tax, estate agent, private inquiry agent, & valuations for Probate), Baglan House, Pentre


Cule Aneurin (for W. & A. Gilbey), Pentre
Davies H. (insurance), Pentre
Davies Roderick (insurance), Ystrad Rhondda
Hollier H. J. (to Crawshay Bailey Esq.), Ton-pentre-ystrad
Hood William H. (mineral), Llwynpia
Jenkins William (mining), Ystrad Fechan
Rees H. Y. (for the Inman, White Star & National Steamship Companies), Pentre
Thomas Thomas W. (emigration), Pentre
Treharne David (land), Pentre


Bowen David, Pentre
Collier John, Treorky
Davies Henry, Pen-y-graig
Hughes John, Treorky
Hughes John, Bute st
Jenkins Thomas P., Ton-y-pandy
Jones James, Pentre
Jones William, Ystrad Rhondda
Lewis Thomas M., Ton-y-pandy
Lewis William, Ton-y-pandy
Lewis William & Co., Llwynpia
Price Thomas, Bute st
Rees John, Treorky
Treharne David, Ton-Pentre-ystrad
Whitmarsh George, Treorky
Williams Charles, Tynewydd
Williams J., Bute st


London & Provincial Bank, Treherbert and Pentre - draws on Glyn & Co. - Charles Bassett, manager
National Bank of Wales, Limited, Treherbert, Treorky & Pentre - draws on London Joint Stock Bank - William Merchant, manager


Lewis Henry, Tynewydd
Williams Thomas, Penyrenglyn


Davies Daniel, Treorky
Davies James D., Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Richard, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Thomas, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Thomas, Pentre
Evans John J., Pen-y-graig
Jones Henry, Ton-Pentre-ystrad
Jones Jones, Bute st
Jones Thomas, Treorky
Lewis Daniel P., Treherbert
Lloyd David, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Price Robert, Pen-y-graig
Thomas John, Treorky
Thomas Thomas, Bute st
Watkins Thomas, Pentre
Watkins Thomas, Tynewydd
Williams William, Ton-y-pandy


Curtis Charles, Pen-y-graig
Davies Abraham, Pen-y-graig
Davies William, Ton-y-pandy
Evans Benjamin A. (dealer), Ystrad Rhondda
Evans Edward, Dunraven Row
Evans John, Tynewydd
Evans Thomas, Tynewydd
Evans William, Tynewydd
Farr John, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Griffiths Thomas, Treorky
Halewood Peter, Ystrad
Howard William, Tyneywdd
Jenkins Daniel, Ton-y-pandy
Jenkins William, Bute st
Jones Evan, Pentre
Jones Evan, Treorky
Jones John, Pentre
Jones John, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Jones John, jun. Ton-pentre-ystrad
Lewis John, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Lewis Richard, Llwynpia, Porth, Ton-y-pandy, and Treherbert
Lloyd John, Ton-y-pandy
Morgan James, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Morgan Griffith, Pentre
Morgan Robert, Pen-y-graig & Trealaw
Morgan William, Pen-y-graig
Morris John, Pentre
Oliver George, Treorky & Pentre
Price James, Treorky
Rees John, Treorky
Viney George, Ystrad Rhondda
Webster Jacob W., Bute st
Welsford Josiah, Bute st
Williams Thomas, Penyrenglyn
Witchell Joseph B., Ton-y-pandy, Treherbert, Treorky, & Ystrad Rhondda


John David, Pentre
Lavender William, Ton-pentre-ystrad
The Rhondda Valley Brewery Co. (& agents for Allsopp's & Ind Coope & Co.'s Burton ales), Treherbert - D. P. Lewis, cashier


Arnold James, Ystrad Rhondda
Arters Henry, Pentre
Arters John, Ystrad Rhondda
Beavan David, Ton-pentre-ystrad
David Nicholas, Tynewydd
Davies David, Pentre
Davies David, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Davies Evan, Bute st
Edwards George, Bute st
Evans John, Pen-y-graig
Evans John, Pentre
Eynon David, Cwmpark
Griffiths Thomas, Ton-y-pandy
Howells Edward, Treorky
Howells Matthew, Treorky
Jenkins John, Bute st
Jenkins Thomas, Treorky
Johnson, Charles, Treorky
Jones Cecilia, Bute st
Jones John, Pentre
Jones Thomas, Treorky
Jones William R., Pentre
Lewis Titus, Ystrad Rhondda
Morgan Margaret, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Morgan Rice, Treorky
Nicholas Samuel, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Parry Philip, Ton-y-pandy
Penduck A. W., Ton-y-pandy
Penduck John, Pen-y-graig
Richards David, Tynewydd
Richards Ebenezer, Treorky
Rosser Robert, Pentre
Rowlands Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Thomas Edwin, Ton-y-pandy
Thomas John, Ton-y-pandy
Thomas Thomas, Treorky
Williams David, Pen-y-graig
Williams John, Trealaw
Williams William M., Treorky
Young Charles, Ton-y-pandy


Griffiths John & Son, Ton-y-pandy
Thomas William, Pentre


Marked thus * are also Undertakers

* Dudley John, Pentre
Evans John, Dunraven Row
Jenkins Charles & Son (& contractors), Station st
* Jenkins John, Treorky
Jones David (builder and undertaker), Station street
Lewis Henry, Treherbert
Mannell David, Cwmdare
* Richards William & Co., Ton-y-pandy
Thomas & Williams, Ystrad Rhondda
Timothy Thomas & Son, Ystrad
Watkins William, Miskin, near Pandy
* Wilcock William (& contractor), Tynewydd


Cooke Richard, Ton-y-pandy
Evans Frederick W., Bute st
George B. A. (proprietor of George's cough balsam, and the Europa infants' powders), Pentre, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire
Jones Rees T. (pharmaceutical), Bute street
Lloyd Rees (& veterinary surgeon), Pen-y-graig
Morgan William, Treorky
Williams William R., Pentre


Marked thus + are Coke Burners

Brithweunydd Colliery, Trealaw, and Dinas Isha Colliery - Daniel Thomas, proprietor; office, Cardiff
Burnyeat, Brown & Co. Abergorky Colliery; offices, Cardiff
Bute Merthyr Colliery, Treherbert (Trustees of the Marquis of Bute, proprietors) - Thomas Curnew, manager
Cardiff & Swansea Smokelesss Steam Coal Co. Limited, Pentre and Church Collieries, Rhondda Valley and Resolven - John Davies, Esq. secretary; William James, manager; W. Thomas, F.G.S., Mining Engineer, Bryn Awel, Aberdare; London office, 6 Great Saint Helens, E.C.
Crown Level, Treorky - David Weakes, manager
Davies David & Co., Ocean Steam Coal Collieries, Maindy Park, Dare, Eastern and Western Collieries, Ystrad Rhondda - William Jenkins, general manager & mining engineer; shipping offices, Cardiff
Davis David & Sons, Boedringallt Colliery, Ystrad Rhondda, and Ferndale Collieries. Rhondda Fach - David Evans, general manager; shipping offices, Cardiff
Dunraven Merthyr Steam Coal Colliery, Blaen-y-cwm, Treherbert - Thomas Joseph, Esq. proprietor; shipping offices, Cardiff
Fernhill Colliery Company (Watkinson & Son), Blaen-y-Rhondda - John Rosser, manager
+ Glamorgan Coal Co. Limited (& fire brick makers), Llwynpia Collieries, and Penrhiwfer and Gilfach - Joshua Davies, manager; William Lax, engineer; shipping offices, Cardiff
James John (and brick maker), Gelligaled Colliery, Ystrad Rhondda
Jones Thomas, Tyla Coch Colliery, Treorky - William Miles, manager, Ynishir Colliery, near Porth - William Jones, manager
London & South Wales Coal Co., Blaen-y-Rhondda Colliery - David Gibbon, manager; office, Cardiff
+ Pen-y-graig Coal Company, Pen-y-graig - Rowland Rowlands, manager
Rhondda Merthyr Steam Coal Company, Limited and Reduced (& fire brick makers). Tynewydd Colliery - John Rosser, manager; office, Cardiff
Riches Thomas & Son, Cwym Clydach Collieries, Pandy
Trealaw Colliery & Brick Works (Trealaw Brick Co.) - William Williams, manager
Troedyrhiw Coal Co., Ynysfaio Colliery, Treherbert - Evan D. Evans, manager
Tynewydd and Troedyrhiw Collieries, near Porth - James Thomas, manager
+ Tynybedw & Gelli Collieries, Rhondda Valley - Thomas & Griffiths, proprietors; shipping offices, Cardiff


Bassdtt Robert, Treorky
Davies Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Walsey Henry, Pentre


Campion Thomas, Station st
Fairburn Thomas, Pentre
Lori Michael, Pen-y-graig


In the Parish of Ystradyfodwg
Davies David, Gelle Failnog
Davies Evan, Primrose Hill
Davies George H., Church Farm
Davies John, Brynfedwan
Davies Thomas, Twyneryr
Evans Richard, Pont Rhondda
Evans Thomas, Lederddu
Evans Thomas, Troedyrhiw
Hughes Hugh W., Skiborcoed
Jones Evan, Tynybedw
Jones Llewellyn, Penrhys Isaf
Jones Thomas, Tynywern
Lax William, Llwynpia
Llewellyn David, Park Isaf
Llewellyn Rowland, Glyn Gwyn
Morgan William, Tynewydd
Phillips Jenkin, Maesgwen
Phillips Margaret, Glyn Coli
Thomas Edmund, Maindy
Thomas Evan, Carny Celyn
Thomas James, Mount Pleasant
Thomas John, Hendre Cavan
Thomas John, Ynysfais
Treherne David, Pentre
Watkins Watkin, Gelli
Williams Mrs. -, Tyn Ty Tla
Williams Evan, Fforch
Williams Mary, Fynondwym
Williams William, Fforch Nest
Williams William, Penrhys Uchaf


General - A. Davies, Ton-Pentre-ystrad, and J. O. Griffiths, Ton-Pentre-ystrad
Manchester (fire) - B. P. Lewis, Bute st
Pearl - David Rees, Miskin
Prudential - Benjamin Lawrance, Pentre
Scottish Accident - D. P. Lewis, Bute st


Evans Ann, Bute st
Evans Charles, Pen-y-graig
Evans William, Pentre
George David, Treorky
Harris Edward, Treorky
Howells Morgan, Treorky
Hughes Lewis, Pentre
Job Henry, Bute st
Kinsey John, Tynewydd
Lavis William, Pentre
Lloyd Thomas W., Ton-y-pandy
Lodwig David, Pen-y-graig
Mantle Edward, Pentre
Morgan Mary, Ton-y-pandy
Morris Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Phillips John, Bute st
Rees Thomas, Ton-y-pandy
Richards David, Treorky
Richards Evan, Trealaw
Richards Mary C., Pentre
Salvage Charles, Ystrad Rhondda
Saunders Benjamin F., Tynewydd
Smith George, Dunraven row
Tilbury John, Ton-y-pandy
Whitcombe Walter, Pentre


Crockett John & Co., Pentre
Cule Evan, Bute st
Raymond B., Pen-y-graig
Woodward Cornelius, Pentre


Davies William, Dunraven row
Evans Charles, Pen-y-graig
Gibbon David, Dunraven row
Hornsby Harriet, Ton-y-pandy
Hughes Lewis, Pentre
James Elias, Pentre
Jones Henry, Treorky
Price Roger, Tynewydd
Richards Evan, Bute st
Williams Howell, Ystrad Rhondda


Marked thus + are also Drapers

Beynon Arthur, Pentre
Bowen Rees, Treorky
Cole William, Tynewydd
+ Cooperative Industrial Society, Ystrad Rhondda
Cooperative Stores, Treorky
+ Cule Aneurin, Pentre & Pen-y-graig
+ Cule Evan, Bute st. and Blaen-y-Rhondda
Curtis John, Treorky
David John, Blaen-y-Rhondda
David Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Davies & Co., Pentre
Davies James, Llwynpia
Davies Margaret, Treorky
Edwards John, Pen-y-renglyn & Tynewydd
Evans Benjamin A. Ystrad Rhondda
Evans David, Pen-y-graig
Evans John, Pen-y-graig
Excell Edward J., Bute st
George Richard J., Ton-y-pandy
Griffiths Charles, Tynewydd
Griffiths Thomas, Ton-pentre-ystrad
+ Harris Thomas, Ystrad Rhondda
+ Harris William, Bute st
+ Hart Henry, Trealaw
Hiley George, Bute st. and Blaen-y-Rhondda
Holmes David, Ton-pentre-ystrad
James Evan, Treorky
James James, Station st
James M. A., Pentre
+ Jeffreys William, Bute st
Jenkins & Son, Ton-y-pandy
Jenkins Edward, Llwynpia
Jenkins Edward, Trealaw
John John, Pen-y-renglyn
Jones Brothers, Coedpenmawr, and at Cwmpark, Pentre, & Trealaw
Jones James, Pentre
Jones John, Pentre
Jones John C., Pen-y-graig
Jones John H., Llwynpia
Jones John J., Pen-y-graig
+ Jones Richard, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Kinsey John, Tynewydd
Knill George, Ton-y-pandy
+ Lewis Evan, Ton-y-pandy
Leyshon John, Ystrad Rhondda
Lloyd Richard, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Lloyd William, Ystrad Rhondda
Lodge F. J., Ton-y-pandy & Ystrad Rhondda
Meredith Edward, Ton-y-pandy
Morgan David, Treorky
Morgan David, Pentre
Morgan David, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Morgan John, Treorky
Owens David J. Pentre, and Ystrad Rhondda
Pegler William & Son, Treorky
+ Phillips Ann, Ystrad Rhondda
Phillips William, Treorky
Phillips William, Cwmpark
Price Robert, Pen-y-graig
Rees Herbert Y., Pentre
Rees William, Ton-y-pandy
Richards Catherine, Ton-y-pandy
Richards David, Treorky
Richards & Son, Llwynpia
Rossiter John, Dunraven Row
Rowlands Moses, Pen-y-graig
Savage, Mary, Pen-y-graig
Short William C., Treorky
Skyrme Edward, Pentre
+ Smith Leonard, Pentre
South Wales Tea Company, Treorky
Thomas Daniel, Ton-y-pandy
Thomas Daniel, Coed-pen-mawr
Thomas David, Tynewydd & Penyrenglyn
Thomas David, Pentre
Thomas James D., Treorky
Thomas Owen, Pentre
+ Thomas Thomas, Pen-y-graig
+ Thomas Thomas, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas Thomas & Co., Ton-y-pandy
Thomas Thomas, Tynewydd
Walters John, Blaen-y-cwm & Treherbert
Williams Daniel, Pen-y-graig
Williams James, Ystrad Rhondda
Williams John E., Pen-y-graig
Williams Josiah, Cwmpark, Pentre, Ystrad & Treorky
Williams Thomas, Ton-y-pandy
Williams William, Cwmpark & Treorky


Coole Thomas, Pentre
Cox William, Ton-y-pandy
Edwards James, Treorky
Fox William, Ton-y-pandy
James Joshua, Bute st
O'Brien Larry, Ton-y-pandy
Park Robert H., Treorky
Phillips Joseph, Pen-y-graig
Pritchard Charles, Pentre
Taylor John, Tynewydd
Williams Thomas, Tynewydd


Morgan Edmund, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas Daniel, Station st


Adare Inn, Thomas Owen, Ton-y-pandy
Baglan Arms, Llewellyn Llewellyn, Penyrenglyn
Bailey's Arms, John James, Ystrad Rhondda
Blaen-y-Rhondda Inn, Thomas Williams, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Boar's Head, Jane Roche, Treorky
Boedringallt, Daniel Williams, Ystrad Rhondda
Butchers' Arms, Morgan Rees, Pen-y-graig
Bute Hotel (commercial, posting and billiards), George Evans, proprietor, Treherbert
Cardiff Arms, Evan Evans, Treorky
Castle, Robert D. Williams, Treherbert
Commercial, John Lewis, Ystrad Rhondda
Cross Keys, Francis Martin, Ton-y-pandy
Crown, Jenkin Morgan, Treorky
De Winton Hotel (commercial), James B. Phillips, Ton-y-pandy
Dunraven, Evan Thomas, Treherbert
Dunraven Arms, Thomas Davies, Ton-y-pandy
Gelli Inn, John Harris, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Gelligaled, John Davies, Ystrad Rhondda
Greenfield Inn, John Morgan, Ystrad Rhondda
Ivor Hael Inn, Griffith Richards, Llwynpia
Kings Head, Ann Jones, Ystrad Rhondda
Lamb, William Pearce, Ystrad Rhondda
Lion, Margaret Price, Treorky
Market, Job Llewellyn, Pentre
Miskin, Robert Williams, Miskin, Pandy
New Inn, Jennet Morgan, Penyrenglyn
Pandy Inn, Daniel Jenkins, Ton-y-pandy
Partridge, Ann Llewellyn, Coedpenmawr
Pentre Inn, David John, Ystrad Rhondda
Prince of Wales, Wm. L. John, Treorky
Queen's Head, John Jones, Pentre
Railway, Thomas Thomas, Treorky
Railway Bar, John L. Morgan, Station street
Railway Inn, Thomas Evans, Ystrad Rhondda
Red Cow, Thomas N. Harris, Treorky
Royal Exchange, Thomas Davies, Penyrenglyn
Royal Oak, Eli Dyer, Penyrenglyn
Sandy Bank, Edmund Edwards, Ystrad Rhondda
Smiths' Inn, James Jones, Penyrenglyn
Stag, Thomas Evans, Treorky
Star, David Jenkins, Ystrad Rhondda
Stewart, Evan Williams, Treherbert
Swan, Evan Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Trealaw Inn, Elias Thomas, Pandy
Treorky Hotel (commercial), Thomas Jenkins, Treorky
White Hart, Thomas Williams, Ton-y-pandy
White Rock, William John, Pen-y-graig
Woodfield Inn, Alfred Parfitt, Pentre
Wyndham Arms, William William, Tynewydd
Ynyseylow Inn, Matthew W. Dav Treal


Davies David, Cwmpark
Davies Thomas, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Hughes John E., Pen-y-graig
James Richard, Pentre
Jones William, Blaen-y-Cwm
Lewis William, Pen-y-graig
Llewellyn Howell, Ton-y-pandy
Llewellyn Philip, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Manuel Arthur, Penyrenglyn
Matthews John, Cwmdare
Miles Emily, Pentre
Phillips Richard L., Pentre
Scott William, Pentre
Thomas David, Pentre
Williams John H., Penyrenglyn


Lewis Henry W., Treherbert, Engineering Works, Station st
Lewis Richard, Ystrad Foundry, Ystrad Rhondda
Llewellyn & Cubitt, Rhondda Engineering Works, Pentre - Richard Lewis, manager
Thomas Thomas, Ton-pentre-ystrad


Crockett John & Co., Pentre
Cule Evan, Treherbert
Davies William, Ton-y-pandy
Evans Edward, Ton-y-pandy
Glass William, Bute st
Reed Charles, Bute st
Rees James, Pentre
Thomas Daniel, Treorky


Cule Evan, Bute st
Davies David W., Ton-y-pandy
Davies Jonathon, Tynewydd
Davies Richard, Ton-y-pandy
Edwards James, Treorky
Evans Benjamin B., Treorky
Evans Thomas, Treorky
Havard Thomas, Ton-y-pandy
Herbert Edward, Post Office, Bute st
James Henry, Dunraven row
Jenkins David, Pentre
Jenkins Thomas, Trealaw
Jones Julian, Pentre
Jones Walter, Treorky
Lewis William, Penyrenglyn
Lloyd Evan, Ton-y-pandy
Loyn Henry, Pen-y-graig
Morgan William, Pentre
Owens William, Treorky
Price Thomas, Pentre
Rees Evan, Treorky
Richards David, Pen-y-graig
Richards Thomas, Llwynpia
Scott James A., Ton-y-pandy
Smith William L. & Co., Ton-y-pandy and Treorky
Thomas John, Pentre
Thomas William, Tynewydd
Watkins Jane, Ton-y-pandy


Davies David W., Ton-y-pandy
Evans Elizabeth, Treorky
Evans Elizabeth, Treorky
Evans Mary A. (& straw bonnet), Treorky
Harris Harriet, Dunraven Row
James Mrs. -, Ton-pentre-ystrad
James Henry, Dunraven Row
Jones Hannah, Pentre
Jones Julian, Pentre
Morgan Margaret, Tynewydd
Samuel Ann, Treorky
Thomas Elizabeth C. (& straw bonnet), Dunraven row


Cording John, Ton-y-pandy
Evans Henry, Ystrad Rhondda
Jones John, Pentre-ystrad
Jones Robert (and dealer in oils, paints, varnishes, painters tools, &c.), Bute street
Samuel David, Pentre


Burkle Edward, Treorky
Lori Morris, Pentre
Stall Abraham J., Treherbert


Davies Daniel, Treorky
Davies Thomas J., Ystrad Rhondda
Jones J., Bute st
Thomas Alfred, Dunraven row


Jones John, Bute st
Thomas Thomas, Pentre
Williams Gomer, Treorky


Allen Alfred, Ystrad Rhondda
Andrews Joseph, Treorky
Churches John, Treherbert
David Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Davies Edmund, Station st
Davies Evan, Pentre
Davies John, Pentre
Davies John, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies Mary, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Eales John, Pen-y-graig
Edmunds Daniel, Ystrad Rhondda
Edwards John, Pentre
England Robert, Ystrad Rhondda
Evans David, Pentre
Evans David, Llwynpia
Evans Edward, Dunraven row
Evans Enoch, Treorky
Evans Lewis, Pen-y-graig
Evans Margaret, Pentre
Evans Matthew, Pen-y-graig
Evans William, Treorky
Eynon Thomas, Treorky
Foster Daniel, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Griffiths David, Tynewydd
Hill Thomas, Dunraven row
Howells John, Penyrenglyn
Hughes Alfred, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Hughes William, Pen-y-graig
James Griffith, Ystrad Rhondda
James Isaac, Tynewydd
Jenkins Eleanor, Treorky
John William, Trealaw
Jones Daniel, Treorky
Jones Daniel, Pen-y-graig
Jones Griffith, Coed-pen-mawr
Jones Owen, Pentre
Jones Richard, Coed-pen-mawr
Jones William, Trealaw
Jones William, Ystrad Rhondda
Jones William, Treherbert
Lewis James, Treorky
Lewis Thomas, Cwmdare
Lewis William, Tynewydd
Lloyd Thomas, Ton-y-pandy
Maddocks Joseph, Ystrad Rhondda
Miles Morgan, Ton-y-pandy
Morgan William, Blaen-y-Rhondda
Morris Hannah, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Morris Richard, Coed-pen-mawr
Peregrine Henry, Pentre
Perkins David, Tynewydd
Phillips Ann, Dunraven row
Pritchard John, Treorky
Prothero David, Penyrenglyn
Rees John, Penyrenglyn
Rees Thomas, Pen-y-graig
Roberts Abraham, Dunraven row
Roderick Moses, Ystrad Rhondda
Rogers Thomas, Treorky
Summers Robert, Ystrad Rhondda
Thomas David, Bute st
Thomas Thomas, Ystrad Rhondda
Webber William, Ton-y-pandy
Weymouth Henry, Pentre
Williams Samuel, Station st
William Susannah, Treorky


Hollier & Williams (on Mondays), Pentre, Bailey's Estate Office, Pentre-ystrad, and at Pontypridd
Morgan Walter H. (& clerk to the Ystradyfodwg Sanitary Authority, solicitor and secretary to the Treferig Valley Railway Company, and secretary to the Ogmore Gas and Water Company, Limited), Pentre, Treherbert, and Mill St. Pontypridd
Rosser David (Mondays and Fridays - & clerk to the Ystradyfodwg School Board), Pentre, and High st. Pontypridd


Bute Stone Quarry, Treherbert - Thomas Curnew, Manager
Davies David & Co., Ystrad - William Jenkins, manager
Evans Evan, Treorky
Glamorgan Coal Co., Llwynpia - Joshua Davies, manager
Morgan David, Treorky


Cuthbertson William, Pentre
Davies Idris, M.D. L.M.I., Lls-y-graig, Ystrad Rhondda
Price Rees G., Treorky
Rhys Watkin, Treherbert
Warburton E. S., Tynewydd


Evans Jenkin J. (& Civil engineer and architect), Maesyffrwd, Treorky
Jenkins William (& mining engineer), Ystrad Fechan
Lewis Edward (land), Ystrad Rhondda


Charles James, Bute st
Cox Thomas, Bute st
Davies David, Ystrad Rhondda
Davies David L., Pen-y-graig
Davies James, Ton-y-pandy
Davies Jenkin, Ton-pentre-ystrad
Davies John, Treorky
Evans Herbert, Tynewydd
Francis Benjamin, Ton-y-pandy
Hooper George, Bute st
Jenkins Gethin, Ystrad Rhondda
Jones David M., Dunraven row
Jones Thomas, Pentre
Lewis Stephen F., Treorky
Lewis Thomas, Treorky
Lloyd John, Pentre
Rees Thomas, Treorky
Rutter Samuel, Pentre
Smith Richard, Ton-y-pandy
Thomas Brothers, Pentre
Thomas Daniel, Pentre Ystrad
Thomas Henry, Bute st
Thomas W. D., Treherbert
Williams William, Dunraven row


Jenkins Charles & Son (& deal and slate merchants and building materials), Treherbert, and Steam Saw Mills, Porth
Morgan David (timber merchant, contractor, and builder), Treorky
Thomas & Williams, Ystrad Rhondda
Timothy Thomas & Son (& building materials), Ystrad Rhondda


Campion Thomas, Station st
Fairbairn Thomas, Pentre


Crockett John & Co., Pentre
Dotter Charles, Pentre
Ford John, Bute st
Kinstley Rose, Ton-y-pandy
Mertz Franz X., Bute st
Rogers David, Treorky
Ruf Marcus, Ton-y-pandy
Stroub Constantine, Treorky


Davies William, flannel weaver, Pandy Factory, Ton-y-pandy
Franks Henry, leather seller, Pentre
Hallesley E. & Co., marine stone dealers, Ton-pentre-ystrad
James P. S., billposter and town crier, Treorky
Perry John, brick maker, Treorky
Thomas James, flannel dealer, Penryenglyn
Williams Idris, assistant overseer for the parish of Ystradyfodwg, Pentre
Williams Margaret, straw bonnet maker, Station st
Williams William, photographer, Treorky



and their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment

St. Dyfodwg's, Ystrad Rhondda - Rev. William Lewis, vicar
St. Andrew's (Chapel of Ease), Llwynpia - Rev. William Lewis
District Church, Treherbert - Rev. John Rees, curate

Chapels of Ease

Pentre - Rev. William Lewis, vicar
Penyrenglyn - Rev. Evan Davies, curate
Treorky - Rev. Wm. Davies, curate
Ystrad Rhondda - Rev. William Lewis, vicar

Dissenting Chapels

Baptist (English) :-
Trealaw - Ministers Various
Treherbert - Rev. J. Rosser
Treorky - Rev. Daniel Davies
Ystrad Rhondda - Rev. T. H. Jones

Baptist (Welsh) :-
Cwmpark - Rev. D. C. Jones
Pentre - Rev. David Davies
Pen-y-graig - Rev. Hugh Hughes
Ton-y-pandy - Rev. J. R. Jones
Trealaw - Rev. William Morris
Treherbert - Rev. Lewis Jones
Treorky - Rev. William Morris
Ystrad Rhondda - vacant
Independent (English) :-
Ton-pentre-ystrad and Ton-y-pandy - Ministers various
Independent (Welsh) :-
Cwmdare - Rev. J. R. Richards
Llwynpia - Rev. J. G. Jenkins
Pentre - Rev. David Evans
Pen-y-graig - Rev. - Davies
Penyrenglyn - Rev. John Rees
Ton-pentre-ystrad - Rev. J. H. Jones
Ton-y-pandy - Rev. David Thomas
Treherbert - Rev. - Jones
Treorky - Rev. Benjamin Davies
Tynybedw - Rev. J. S. Edwards
Ystrad Rhondda - Vacant
Methodist (Calvinistic) :-
Ton-pentre-ystrad - Rev. W. Jones
Cwmpark and Pen-y-graig - Ministers various
Methodist (Primitive) :-
Llwynpia, Pentre, and Ystrad Rhondda - Ministers various
Treherbert - Rev. William Jones
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapels :-
Ton-y-pandy, Treherbert & Ystrad Rhondda - Ministers various
Treorky - Rev. William Bairstow
Methodist (English) :-
Pentre - Rev. George Frayn
Methodist (Welsh) :-
Blaen-y-Rhondda - Rev. D. M. Jones
Pentre - Rev. - Davies
Pen-y-graig - Rev. H. Currie
Trealaw - Ministers various
Treherbert - Rev. - Rees
Treorky - Rev. Thomas Davies
Treorky - Rev. Evan Davies
Ystrad Rhondda - Rev. - Roberts


of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district of Ystradyfodwg - George H. Davies, Danyrallt
Registrar of Marriages for the district of Ystradyfodwg - Idris Williams, Pentre

Bute Reading Rooms, Bute St - Marion Jones, keeper
Police Station, Treherbert - Thomas King, inspector
Police Station, Pentre - James Noot, sergeant
Police Station, Ton-y-pandy - William Price, sergeant
Public Hall, Station st - Walter H. Morgan, secretary
Public Hall, Pentre - Elias H. Davies, secretary
Public Reading Rooms, Treorky - Roderick Hughes, keeper
Ystrad Gas and Water Company, Ystrad Rhondda - Franck James, secretary; Edmd. S. Pike, manager


On the Rhondda Valley Line of the Taff Vale Railway Co.

Station, Treherbert - Wm. Thomas, station master and goods manager
Station, Treorky - Idris Lewis, station master and goods manager
Station, Pandy - William Richards, station master
Station, Llwynpia - David Howells, station master and goods manager
Station, Ystrad Rhondda - David T. Jenkin, station master and goods manager

Slaters Commercial Directory, Treherbert and Ystrad-Rhondda, 1880 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]