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The Bishop's Transcript for 1786 starts in May. Information coloured purple is additional information taken from the Parish Register

Baptisms 1786

Jan 18 Aron son of William Robert and Jonnet his wife

Feb 5 Evan son of Evan Williams and Jane his wife

Apr 6 Mary daughter of William Evan and Gaynor his wife

Apr 8 Elizabeth daughter of John Owen and Elizabeth his wife

Apr 9 Jane daughter of Humphrey John and Jane his wife

May 25th Hugh son of John Hugh

May 28th Margaret daughter of Robert Morris and Catherine his wife

May 28th Margaret daughter of Robert Williams and Ann his wife

Jun 8th William son of humphrey Hugh and Jane his wife

Jun 18th John son of Edmund Jones and Margaret his wife

Jun 22 Robert son of Samuel Roberts and Margaret his wife

Jun 23rd Griffith & Humphrey the sons of Humphrey Morris and Ann his wife

Jun 30 Anne daughter of William Lloyd and Elizabeth his wife

July 2 Catherine daughter of Richard Robert and Lowry his wife

July 9th Jane daughter of Richard Jones and Mary his wife

Jul 9th Catherine daughter of Evan Jones and Elizabeth his wife

Jul 14 Lowry daughter of David Davies and Sarah his wife of Beddycoediwr

Aug 11 William son of Robert Gwillim and Jane his wife

Aug 25 Lowry daughter of Edmund Richard of Pandy and Ann his wife

Sept 15 Elizabeth daughter of John Jones and Catherine his wife

sept 23 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Roberts and Jane his wife

Sept 29 John son of Evan Williams and Gwen his wife

Nov 22 Edward son of Evan Morris and Margaret his wife of Maentwrog Parish

Nov 26 Ephraim son of Humphrey Ephraim and Catherine his wife

Dec 6 Catherine daughter of Evan Richard and Jane his wife

Dec 8th Humphrey William son of Morgan Rhoos and Sarah his wife

Dec 17 Morris son of Hugh Robert and Trophenia his wife

Marriages 1786

July 26 Robert Ellis Parish of Maentwrog and Catherine Edwards of this parish

Sept 1 Cadwalader Jones Parish of Llanuwchllyn and Gwen Jones of this parish

Sept 25 John Ellis and Elizabeth Jones both of this Parish

Oct 4 Robert Ephraim and Ann Cadwalader both of this Parish

Oct 28 Morgan Williams and Jane Richard both of this Parish

Nov 17 Thomas Ellis and Catherine Richard both of this Parish

Dec 17 David Richard and Dorothy Morris both of this Parish

Burials 1786

June 22 John Rowland

June 25 David William

June 25 Ann Morris Aug 11 Jane William

Aug 11 Catherine Richard

Sept 22 Elizabeth Jones

Sept 27 Elin Evan

Oct 9 William Rhoos

Oct 12 John Evan

Dec 1st John William

Dec 6 John Richard


Baptisms 1787

Jan 10 Evan son of William Jones & Jonnet his wife

Jan 18 Richard son of Lewis Jones & Susanah his wife

Mar 3 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Jones & Jonnet his wife

Mar 25 Anne daughter of Tudor Thmas & Jane his wife

Mar 30 Hugh son of Thomas Hugh & Margaret his wife

Apr 13 Catherine daughter of William Roberts & Jonnet his wife

Apr 21 Catherine daughter of Evan Griffith & Mary his wife

Apr 25 Hugh son of John Robert & Ann his wife

Apr 29 Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas Parry & Lowry his wife

Jun 3 Jane daughter of Humphrey John & Jane his wife

Jun 9 Evan son of Richard Owen & Jane his wife

Jun 15 John son of Richard Ellis & Catherine his wife

July 2 Margaret daughter of Humphrey Ellis & Elizabeth his wife

Aug 3 Robert son of Dorothy Richard & Person Unknown

Aug 12th Evan son of Cadwalader Probert & Margaret his wife

Aug 26 Elin daughter of David Richard & Dorothy his wife

Sept 8 William son of Ann William

Sep 15 Owen son of William Evan & Margaret his wife

Sep 23 Lowry daughter of Ellis Jones & Elizabeth his wife

Oct 13 Catherine daughter of John William & Gwen his wife

Dec 8 Ellis son of Evan Ellis & Margaret his wife

Marriages 1787

Sep 8 William Williams of Llanfrothen and Dorothy Richard of Trawsfynydd by banns

Nov 19 Ellis Thomas and Margaret William both of this Parish of Trawsfynydd by banns

Nov 26 William Williams and Elizabeth Richard both of this Parish of Trawsfynydd by banns

Dec 14 Cadwalader Evans of the Parish of Llandochwyn Jane Edward of this parish by Licence

Burials 1787

Feb 26 Robert son of Robert Roberts

March 8 Robert Humphrey

March 15 Jane John

March 25 Robert William

Apr 9 David Roos

Apr 21 Sarah Roberts

Apr 21 Jane a child of Humphrey John

May 25 Humphrey John

May 29 Richard Evans

June 9 William Robert

Jun 16 Catherine Evans

Aug 11 Morris Williams

Sept 27 William Williams

Sept 27 Elizabeth Humphreys

Oct 2 Evan son of Humphrey Humphreys

Nov 6 Lowry Humphrey

Dec 29 Mary daughter of Richard Jarrett

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