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Baptisms 1808

Jan 16 Gwen daughter of Robert Roberts and Margaid his wife

Jan 18th Alice daughter of Robert Jones and Catherine his wife

Jan 21 John son of Robert Morris and Gwen his wife

Jan 24 Owen son of John Evans and Jane his wife

Feb 14 Richard son of John Richard and Anne his wife

Feb 21 Jonnett daughter of Lewis Edward and Gwen his wife

Feb 21 William son of Robert Edward and Margaid his wife

Feb 26 William son of Robert Lloyd and Elizabeth his wife

March 20 John son of Evan Robert and Gwen his wife

Apr 8 Morris son of Ellis Robert and Gwen his wife

Apr 18 Jane daughter of David Edward and Elinor his wife

Apr 26 Anne daughter of Hugh Price and Jane his wife

May 22 William son of William Robert and ......

May 22 Lowry daughter of Cadwalader Hugh and Grace his wife

May 27 Margaid daughter of John William and Jane his wife

July 23 Mary daughter of Robert Conway and Catherine his wife

July 14 Owen son of Richard Robert and Lowry Jones his concubine

July 24 William son of William and Lowry David his concubine

Aug 2nd William son of Owen Jones and Mary Robert his concubine

Sept 25 William son of John Lloyd and Elinor his wife

Oct 30 Richard son of John Richard and Anne his wife

Oct 31 Robert son of Robert Cadwalader and Jane his wife

Nov 4 William son of Evan William and Sarah his wife

Nov 18 Elizabeth daughter of Owen Ellis and Jane his wife

Dec 4 Owen son of Owen Robert and Gwen his wife

Dec 9 John son of Henry Richard and Jane his wife

Marriages 1808

First three illegible

... Paul Jones and Margaret Robert Licence

Two illegible

Nov ... Richard Jarrett and Catherine Roberts Licence

nov 12 Robert Williams and Siane Evans Banns

Nov 25 William Lloyd and Elizabeth David Licence

Nov 26 Ellis Abraham and Mary David Licence

Dec 7 Owen R... and Catherine Jarret Licence

Burials 1808

Jan 3 John Richard

Mar 5 ... William

Apr 25 Gwen Richard

May 17 Ellis Hugh

Jun 2 John Rees

Jun 18 Jane Evans

Aug 2 Margaret Roberts

Oct 1 Elinor Evans

Oct 12 William Thomas

Nov 18 Peter Evans

Nov 25 Edward Robert

Nov 30 Edward Evans

Dec 7 Moses Evans


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