Newspaper extracts for Machynlleth


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  • From the Weekly Mail 17th June 1882

MACHYNLLETH. BAZAAR.—On Tuesday afternoon a fancy bazaar was opened at the Vane-hall in aid of a new church, which is being erected at the cost, of over £2,000, of which sum £1,800 has been subscribed. The Marquess of Londonderry opened the bazaar with a few appropriate remarks, in the course of which he said some people were strongly prejudiced against bazaars, but he was of opinion that the English and Welsh people liked some amusement in exchange for their money. The church they were erecting would be an additional ornament to the town, and he hoped it would be liberally supported. The principal stall was personally superintended by the Marchioness of Londonderry and Lady Olive Vane Tempest. Lord Vane Tempest was also present and rendered assistance. A splendid variety of fancy goods adorned the stalls, and, though it rained heavily throughout the day, a large number of visitors were present.

  •  From The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 14th January 1871

MACHYNLLETH. THE RECTOR'S VlEWS OF LAYMAN'S DUTIES.—The congregation at Vane Hall on Sunday evening week, where it is customary to hold English service, dispersed without service being held, in consequence of the absence of a clergyman. The respected rector (who, at the same time, was conducting the usual Welsh service in the parish church, whither some of the congregation repaired), at the conclusion of prayers, took occasion to discourse for a short time in English upon our Lord's words—

" I must work the work of Him that sent me while it is day."   In the course of the reverend gentleman's observations, he said ;The work which God has given us to do includes His work in the neighbourhood—in the locality in which we are placed, and this includes those social duties that we owe to one another. It is the duty of the rich to take care of the poor-to take compassion upon them in their distress and in their wants, .....(part extract of a lengthy article).......

  •  From The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 21st January 1871

MACHYNLLETH. DISTRIBUTION OF CHARITY.—About 120 poor persons residing in Machynlleth received, on Friday, the 13th inst., the Countess Vane's annual gift of three yards of flannel each. The presentations took place in Vane Hall. At the same time the Rev. George Griffiths, the rector, presented each poor person with a ticket for three cwt. of coals. There were present at the distribution :—The Countess Vane, Miss Sanderson, the Rev. G. Griffiths, Mrs. and the Misses Griffiths (the Rectory), Mr. and Mrs. Gillart, and Miss Jones (Vane School). It is needless to say the gifts were gratefully received.

  • From  The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 4th March 1871

MACHYNLLETH. THE FAIR.—There was a moderate show of stock at the fair on Wednesday, and a large attendance of visitors. Beef realized from 7d. to 7½d  per lb. Most of the cattle were in bad condition. Cart pigs fetched from 18s. to 20s. pork pigs from 4½d. to 5d. per lb. A few good draught-horses were exhibited, and met a ready sale.

AN OBSTRUCTION REMOVED.—The miniature mountains on the path leading to the station, occasioned by the tumbling down of a portion of a wall (noticed by a correspondent in last week's Cambrian News) have been removed, and the path is, as it ought to be, without obstruction at that spot.

THE MACHYNLLETH FIRST FRIENDLY SOCIETY.—The annual meeting of this society was postponed from the 1st of March to the 2nd, on account of the fair being held on the former day. A procession was formed in the morning, headed by the band, and the members attended divine service in the parish church. The sermon was preached by the Rev. D. Evans, vicar of Corris. The members afterwards proceeded to Vane Hall, where dinner was provided by Mrs Morgan, of the Swan Inn. David Howell, Esq., presided. The balance sheet for the past year showed receipts amounting to the total of £212 12s. 10d.; the expenditure was £ 200 6s. 9d.; leaving a balance in the treasurer's hands of £12 6s. Id. The present number of members is 190.

  •  From The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 11th March 1871

MACHYNLLETH. NEW NATIONAL SCHOOL.—The Rev. David Morgan, rector of Penegoes, has kindly given a large piece of land, situate near the church at Penegoes, on which is being erected a building to be used as a National School for that district.

  •  The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard From 12th May 1871

MACHYNLLETH. COURT LEET.-The annual meeting of the Court Leet for the manor of Cyfeiliog (Sir Watkin W. Wynn's) was held here on Friday, the 5th inst. The ordinary business connected with the Leet having been transacted, guests to the number of about seventy sat down to an excellent dinner at the Lion Hotel, served up by Mr and Mrs Evans. The ? ward of the manor, D. Howell, Esq., presided, and Mr D. Jones, foreman of the jury, occupied the vice-chair. .....(part extract)......

  • From  The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 2nd June 1871

MACHYNLLETH. MACHYNLLETH BENEFIT SOCIETY.—The anniversary meeting of the members of this society took place on Whit-Monday, May 29th, at the Blue Bell Inn. The ordinary business connected with the society's annual meeting having been transacted, a procession of the members was formed, and, headed by the Melinbyrhedyn Brass Band, and carrying, according to custom commemorative of "King Charles's Day," a small oak tree, they walked through the streets to the church, where special service was held, and a sermon preached by the Rev. Mr Jenkins. After leaving the church the members marched in procession again through the streets, and halted at the Blue Bell Inn, where dinner was served up by Mrs Mar- garet Griffiths. Nearly two hundred members and friends were present. Mr David Jones, Ogo-fawr, presided. The usual loyal and complimentary toasts were duly honoured. The funds showed an increase during the year of £12 0s. 2d. The expenditure during the year, including £ 65 11s. 6d. to sick members, had been £105 12s. 8d. The number of members on the books is 160. Mr William Rees was elected president for the ensuing year, and the auditors, treasurer, and secretary were re-elected.

  • From  The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 8th December 1871

MACHYNLLETH. DISTRIBUTION OF CLOAKS.—Mrs Howell, of Dolynog has distributed her annual gift of warm cloaks to several adults and little girls among the poor of Machynlleth,  as well as Penegoes

  • From  The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 29th December 1871

MACHYNLLETH. CHRISTMAS AT THE WORKHOUSE. —The inmates were regaled on Christmas Day with the usual dinner of roast beef and plum pudding. Messrs R. Gillart (Chairman of the Board) and G. W. Griffiths were present, and assisted in the distribution. These gentlemen, after dinner, presented the aged men with tobacco, and Mrs Gillart forwarded a quantity of oranges, apples, and sweets for the children and women. Several of the younger members of the Llwynlloedd family were present. The dining-room was tastefully decorated for the occasion.

  •  Frpm The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 5th March 1870

MACHYNLLETH. THE FEMALE CHRISTYS. -This troupe performed before a limited audience in the Town Hall on Thursdav evening.

THE MEETING OF THE GAS COMPANY.—The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Machynlleth Gas Company stands further adjourned until Saturday.

THE DRAINAGE OF THE TOWN.—We understand that Mr W. H. Kensit, C.E., Aberystwyth, has been instructed to make a complete survey of the town of Machynlleth, with a view to a thorough system of drainage, and to make a report thereon to the committee which has been formed for general sanitary purposes.

  • From The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 9th April 1870

MACHYNLLETH. THE POST OFFICE TELEGRAPHS.—The work of extending the telegraph to the post office commenced yesterday. The route taken is over the "Boot" field, crossing Mr Breese's shop, and thence across to the post office.

  •  From The Aberystwith Observer 13th October 1888

MACHYNLLETH. SHEEP DOG TRIALS AND AGRICULTURAL SHOW. -Sheep dog trials and an agricultural show were held in a field adjoining Penyglog farm on Wednesday, which proved to be a great success. In the sheep dog trials 48 were entered and competed, among the winners being Mr J. Owens, Ysgubor, Dinas Mawddwy, Mr J. Evans, Aberhinfelin, Mr W. Williams, Penrhiwlas, Mr John Jones, Machynlleth, and Mr E. Edwards, Maeserie.

  • From The Aberystwith Observer 16th June 1898

MACHYNLLETH. WATERWORKS.—An installation ceremony in connection with the recently constructed waterworks at Machynlleth took place on Thursday. The members of the Urban District Council proceeded to the reservoir at Esgairgeira, Llanwrin, accompanied by a large number of tradesmen, in whose presence the water was turned on. A banquet, was given in the evening, and was attended by Mr A. C. Humphreys Owen, M.P., and Colonel Pryce Jones, M.P.

  • From  The Aberystwith Observer 15th September 1898

MACHYNLLETH. Major Bonsall presided over the annual licencing sessions at Machynlleth on Wednesday.- Police Sergeant Hamer reported that during the year there had been 49 charges of drunkenness and 46 convictions, an increase of three as compared with last year. There were 52 fully licenced houses in the division, all of which had been fairly well conducted, and there was no objection to the renewal of the licences. the licences were all renewed.

  •  From The Aberystwith Observer 17th November 1888

MACHYNLLETH. COUNTY COUNCIL. — The Conservatives have selected Lord Henry Vane Tempest and Mr Joseph Evans, Fronygog, as candidates for the Machynlleth division. The Liberal nominees are Mr John Rowlands, solicitor, and Mr Davies, Dolcaradog

  • From  The Aberystwith Observer 27th July 1899

MACHYNLLETH. SCHOOL BOARD.-The ordinary meeting of the Board was held on Saturday morning, under the chairmanship of the Rev W. S. Jones. A satisfactory report was received from the Education Department upon the work of the Schools. The Department expressed a strong hope that the present buildings, which were old-fashioned, inconvenient, and not well arranged for teaching, would be replaced by entirely new premises.

  •  From The Aberystwith Observer 12th June 1902

MACHYNLLETH. At the Machynlleth Sessions Mr Edward Davies, the oldest magistrate present, moved that a resolution be sent to the King congratulating him upon the end of the war. In duty bound they must say that the Boers had fought a gallant fight for their independence. They had a historical parallel in that town, where the Welsh made the last stand for their national independence. If he could speak to the Boers he would tell them that the best thing Wales ever did was to submit to Great Britain. It was proved that day by their passing a vote of congratulation as magistrates of one of the most loyal towns in Great Britain.-Mr T. W. Bonsall (the chairman) seconded the motion, and it was carried.

  •  From The Aberystwith Observer 15th August 1885

MACHYNLLETH. FAIR.—Our August fair was held on Friday, the 7th. In the memory of the oldest inhabitant such a small and dull fair was never experienced. Cattle was scarcely looked at by the dealers, except, those which happened to be nearly ripe for the butcher. There were only a few horses on offer, which sold readily at remunerative prices. Pigs were plentiful, and at a low figure. Very few stalls for the sale of merchandise were erected in the streets. At an early hour all cleared off, and the town exhibited its usual quietude.

  •  From The Aberystwith Observer 26th May 1892

MACHYNLLETH. SHOW.-The committee of the Horse, Dog, and Poultry Show met on Wednesday when it was decided that a show be held again this year.