Bedwellte / Bedwellty


"BEDWELLTY, a parish in the lower division of the hundred of Wentllooge, in the county of Monmouth, 7 miles to the W. of Pont-y-pool. Newport is its post town. It is situated in a hilly district between the river Rumney, on the W., and the Sirhowey on the E., and contains the chapelries of Rhymney and Tredegar, the latter being now a market town, and the hamlets of Ishlawrcoed, Mamhole, and Uwchlawreoed. The district is rich in iron and coal, and is the seat of an extensive iron manufacture, giving employment to above 1,300 hands. Between 3,000 and 4,000 persons are engaged in the great ironworks and collieries in the vicinity." [Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)



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There are more than 30 churches identified in this place. Please click here for a complete list.

Church History

Church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales. Ed. by  I.G  Jones, & D. Williams. UWP,  Cardiff, 1976. The names given towards the end of each entry are those of the informants.  Check with  Gwent RO to see what extant records are held, and possible names of chapels/churches built after 1851.

PS  - Some Ebbw Vale entries are as listed in the Return under Aberystruth Sub-District, Aberystruth Parish - so for Ebbw Vale, see below AND Aberystruth parish

Tredegar sub-district, that part of Bedwelty parish consisting of hamlets of Manmoel and Ushlawrcoed (latter in sub-district of Rock Bedwelty). Total acres 16,210.  Population 13,434 males, 11,110 females, total 24,544.  Additional population in Rock sub-district of 2639.

  • Manmoel Hamlet
  • St Georges Church, Tredegar town.  -   A District Church, consecrated 1836.     Attendance  - space 570 free, 570 other, "generally well filled".    "There are two licensed school rooms in the District besides the Church where Divine Service is held 3 times every Sunday and once in the week. The Congregations in them average 200"  Services, 1 Welsh, 2 English.    William Jones, Incumbent.
  • Rhymney Church - District Parish.  -  "......Royal Assent in 1839 to enable the Rhymney Iron Co. to erect and endow a church in the parish of Bedwellty.....Consecrated 1843 as additional church.....the Parish Church of Bedwellty being nearly 7 miles distant and there being in the District at the time above 8000 souls without a place of worship provided by the Church of England .." Attendance - morning 96 & 301, afternoon 340 scholars, evening 756.  Services, 1 Welsh, 2 English       Lodwick Edwards, Minister
  • Ebbw Vale School Room. -  Licensed 1842 for accommodation of persons living 3 or 4 miles from the District Church.   Erected by the Ebbw Vale Iron Company and used as their Day School.  Attendance - morning 123+118 scholars, evening 185.    "There is no encouragement given to the children to attend worship as they would occupy all the room now apportioned for adults.    This is the only Church accommodation for a population of 7000 souls."    L Charles Lewis, Minister
  • Jerusalem Chapel, Rhymney, Particular Baptist.  - Erected 1841.   Attendance - morning 311+116 scholars, afternoon 162 scholars, evening 358.    Henry Harries, Deacon, House Agent, Rhymney Iron Works
  • Moriah Independent Chapel, Rumney  - Erected 1840.     Attendance - morning 301, afternoon 250 scholars, evening 508            E C Jenkins, Minister
  • Mormonites (Uchlawreved)  -  Part of a dwelling house, converted in a place of worship 12 months since.    Attendance - morning 49, afternoon 75, evening 70.    David Jones, Minister, Mount Pleasant Row, Rumney
  • English Wes.Meth Chapel.   - Erected 1839    Attendance - morning 87+45 scholars, evening 161+50 scholars.   John Holliday, Steward; William Rees, Leader, No 360 Forge Row, Rhymney
  • Cwm Shon Mathew, Rhymney Iron Works -  Branch of the Welsh Wesleyan  Cause at Twyn Carno. Inhabited dwelling house used for purpose of religious worship from March 1851. Attendance - afternoon 32, evening 11.     Rowland Hughes, Wesleyan Minister, Merthir Tidvil
  • Goshen Independent Chapel - Erected 1847   Attendance - morning 226+80 scholars, afternoon 150 scholars, evening 320.     William Watkins, Minister, Maesteg, Bridgend, Glam
  • Paran Cal.Meth. Chapel, Manmoel   -   Erected 1828      Attendance - morning 30, afternoon 25 scholars, evening 60       Thomas Phillips, Minister, Chapel St, Tredegar Iron Works
  • Tabernacl Wes.Meth., Rumney  - Erected 1837         Attendance - morning 211, afternoon 213 scholars, evening 286        Rowland Hughes, Minister, Merthyr Tydfil
  • Sion Independent, Rumney   -  Erected 1837     Attendance - morning 311+128 scholars, afternoon 245 scholars, evening 375.      William Davies, Supplying the pulpit, Brecon College
  • Penuel Particular Baptist -  Erected 1838.    Attendance - morning 690, evening 780       Isaac Price, Secretary, Builder, Rhymney Iron Works
  • Ebenezer Cal.Meth. - Erected 1806      Attendance - morning 456, afternoon 308 scholars, evening 562      Thomas Elias, Secretary, Rhymney Iron Works
  • Bethel Independent Chapel, Augusta St, Victoria Iron Works   - Erected 1838     Attendance - morning 122+75 scholars, evening 261.       John Hughes, Minister, Victoria Iron Works
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Augusta St, Victoria   -  Part of a dwelling house, room used exclusively for religious worship.   Attendance - afternoon 26, evening 45.      William Powell, Steward, Victoria Iron Works
  • Caersalem Welsh Baptist Chapel, Victoria Iron Works   -  Erected 1839       Attendance - morning 168, afternoon 187 scholars, evening 252.     Jenkin Rees, Minister
  • Sharon Independent/Congregational Chapel  -  Erected 1837.   Attendance - morning 500, afternoon 309 scholars, evening 700    Thomas Jeffreys, Independent Minister, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale
  • Zion Independent Chapel  -  Erected 1843     Attendance - morning 70, afternoon 86 scholars, evening 100       Thomas Jeffreys, Independent Minister, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale
  • Zion Particular Baptist Chapel  - Erected 1846      Attendance - morning 40, afternoon 151 scholars, evening 93.     Henry Morgan, Minister, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale
  • Penuel Welsh Cal.Meth. Chapel, Ebbw Vale  -  Erected 1825      Attendance - morning 449, afternoon 340, evening 557        James Griffiths, Secretary, Builder, Ebbw Vale
  • English Wesleyan Chapel   -  Erected 1825     Attendance - morning 150+100 scholars, afternoon 300+140 scholars, evening 300+60 scholars.     Miles Meyrick, Steward, Ebbw Vale
  • Nebo Chapel, Particular Baptist   -  Attendance - morning 700, afternoon 258 scholars, evening 822       Thomas Evans, Minister, Ebbw Vale
  • Bethcar Welsh Wesleyan Methodist - Erected 1830     Attendance - afternoon 202+122 scholars, evening 230      Benjamin James, Chapel Steward
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sirhowy  -  Established 1844          Attendance - afternoon 110+22 scholars, evening 205+30 scholars.     George Price, Minister, High St, Tredegar
  • Penuel Chapel, Tredegar, Cal.Meth.    - Erected 1809     Attendance - morning 580, evening 150      Isaac Edwards, Deacon, Tredegar
  • Siloh Particular Baptists (Welsh)  - Erected 1800    Attendance - morning 445, evening 559    "The space allowed for each sitting is 17 inches"   William James, Deacon, Grocer, Tredegar Iron Works
  • Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Tredegar    - Erected 1810, rebuilt 1836      Attendance - morning 145, afternoon 175, evening 290.     Daniel Lewis, Local Preacher, Castle St, Tredegar
  • Sharon Ind. Chapel.   Erected 1819     Attendance - morning 400+150 scholars, afternoon 367 scvholars, evening 800/900     David Evans, Minister
  • Wesleyan Chapel (English), Tredegar    Erected 1825    Attendance - morning 170+70 scholars, afternoon 70 scholars, evening 435.   Thomas Pugh, Trustee & Circuit Steward, Draper
  • Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Tredegar   - Erected 1846    Attendance - morning 51+32 scholars, evening 103+25 scholars.   George Price, Minister, High St, Tredegar
  • Adulam Chapel, Tredegar, Ind/Congregational   -  Erected 1848     Attendance - morning 143, evening 215    William Williams, Minister
  • English Baptist Chapel, Church St, Tredegar  -  Erected 1829         Attendance - morning 120+10 scholars, evening 140  William Morgan, Deacon
  • Salem Chapel, Tredegar, Cal.Meth.    - Erected 1840   Attendance - morning 120, evening 160   David Morgan, Deacon
  • Ushlawrcoed (Islawrcoed) Hamlet
  • Bedwellty Parish Church .         According to tradition, erected in C7th      Usual number present 80 to 100   No Sunday School at present      I service in Welsh    Informant; Evan Jones
  • Cwm y Gelly Episcopal Chapel  -  Erected 1841     Attendance - 60-80   No Sunday School held here    2 services, 1 in Welsh           Informant; Evan Jones
  • Argoed Chapel, Baptist  - Erected 1817    Attendance - morning 149, evening 265      John Jarman, Minister
  • Latter Day Saints  -   Private House    Attendance - morning 30 scholars, afternoon 60, evening 45      Evans Evans, Elder, Coal Miner, near the Rock, Blackwood
  • Rock Chapel, Welsh Cal.Meth.    - Erected 1839     Attendance - afternoon 70, evening 60    Evans Jones, Elder, Blackwood
  • Blackwood Wesleyan Chapel  -   Erected 1828    Attendance - morning 60, evening 81      John Waters, Superintendant of the School, Seedsman, Blackwood
  • Rehobeth Primitive Methodist  -  Erected 1843    Attendance - afternoon 34+15 scholars, evening 58+12 scholars    William Hallwood, Steward, Blackwood
  • Libanus Baptist Chapel    -  Erected 1833     Attendance - morning 75, evening 94     William Jenkins, Deacon, Blackwood
  • Salem, Independents  -  Erected 1829    Attendance - morning 200, afternoon 88 scholars, evening 240    Benjamin Lewis, Minister, Pontmaenpengam, near Blackwood
  • Brymesar Baptist Chapel, Pontmaenpengam   -  Erected 1828    Attendance - afternoon 90 scholars, evening 131     James Davies, His Mark, by authority from John Jenkins, Hengoed
  • Rhiw Anmroth Chapel, Particular Baptist    -   Erected 1839     Attendance morning 60, evening 100     Edmund Evans, Deacon, Blackwood



    Church Records

    See the Monmouthshire county page for links to online records

    • This list of parish records is intended as a rough guide to coverage only. Their location as stated should be confirmed with the appropriate Record Office prior to any visit.
      Bedwellte / Bedwellty, St Sannan's Church - records with the Gwent RO
      1624-1812, 1815-1954, 1957-751634-19741755-1825, 1829-62, 1960-821634-1812, 1815-1903
      Bishops Transcripts1696, 1717, 1724-75, 1777-97, 1799-1811, 1813-79 - records with the NLW
      (see also Tredegar)
      Aberbargod/Aberbargoed - records with the Gwent RO
      Cendl / Beaufort (formed from Llangatwg/Llangattock + Llangynidr (co. Brecon) + Aberystruth + Bedwellte/Bedwellty 1846) - records with the Gwent RO
      1843-19581891-1975 (St. John 1873-1946)1891-19711896-1961 (St. John 1843-1915)
      Glynebwy / Ebbw Vale, Christ Church (formed from Tredegar + Aberystruth + Cendl/Beaufort 1870) - records with the Gwent RO
      1858-1967 (St. John 1902-54)1870-1976 (St. John 1910-70)1954-641900-29
      Rhymni / Rhymney, Unknown Dedication (formed from Bedwellte/Bedwellty 1843) - records with the Gwent RO
      Bishops Transcripts1843-61, 1863-5 - records with the NLW
      Tredegar, St George's Church (formed from Bedwellte/Bedwellty 1836) - records with the Gwent RO
      Bishops Transcripts1838-61 - records with the NLW
      Tredegar Newydd / New Tredegar, St Dingat's Church (formed from Tredegar & Bedwellte/Bedwellty 1900) - records with the Gwent RO
      Tre-Lyn / Fleur-De-Lis, St David's Church (formed from Mynyddislwyn + Bedwellte/Bedwellty + Bedwas + Gelli-gaer 1896) - records with the Gwent RO
      1897-19611897-19781897-1938, 1943-501904-67
      Victoria, Unknown Dedication (formed from Glynebwy/Ebbw Vale) - records with the Gwent RO
      [Details as published in The Parish Registers of Wales, NLW 1986 - present location/availability may vary]

    Description & Travel

    You can see pictures of Bedwellte / Bedwellty which are provided by:





    Postcard: Bedwellty Park, Tredegar, c. 1904 - on the People's Collection Wales site



    • Family Search have an interactive map called "England and Wales Jurisdictions 1851" showing parish (and other) boundaries with optional background maps such as Ordnance Survey. There is also a Search facility, do read the guidance notes to get maximum benefit from this useful resource. See here for further background information to assist in the interpretation of this data
    • Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R., Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. Colchester, Essex: History Data Service, UK Data Archive [distributor], 17 May 2001. SN: 4348.  Here is a gazetteer/finding aid plus a set of overview maps to accurately identify the position of parishes within the county.
    • Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site
      • Plan of the parish of Bedwellty in the County of Monmouth 
      • Tithe map of Bedwellty, Monmouthshire

    You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SO155039 (Lat/Lon: 51.7278, -3.224444), Bedwellte / Bedwellty which are provided by:






    • Various items  - on the People's Collection Wales site
      • Surface view of Betwellty Colliery
      • Colliery Accident at New Tredegar (Sept 20th 1902)

    Poor Houses, Poor Law

    Bedwellty Board of Guardians - on the People's Collection Wales site

    Records of Bedwellty Poor Law Union, 1849-1930, including Guardians' minute books, 1849-1930; committee minute books, 1896-1930; correspondence, 1870-1930; relief order books, 1887-1914; Relieving Officer's records, 1887-1930; District Medical relief book, 1924-1926; registers and returns, c.1890-1930; financial records, 1849-1930; workhouse administration records, c.1900-1924. See Archives Hub


    Public Records

     Bedwellty records, 1809-1922, including minute books of the parish vestry meeting, 1809-1847; and apportionments of tithe charge, 1839-1922. See Archives Hub

    Records of Bedwellty Local Board, 1891-1896, and Bedwellty Urban District Council, 1896-1974. See Archives Hub



     Records relating to Bedwellty School Board, 1871-1904. See Archives Hub

     Records relating to Bedwellty & Mynyddislwyn School Board, 1887-1900. See Archives Hub


    Social Life & Customs

    • Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site
      • Bedwellty Secondary School Cricket Team, 1940. 
      • Bedwellty Secondary School Rugby Team, 1940.