Monmouthshire Towns and Parishes


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Extra-parochial   (Included with nearest parish)

" An extra-parochial area was land uninhabited in Anglo-Saxon times and outside the jurisdiction of any civil or ecclesiastical parish. No poor or church rates were paid, though tithes in theory went to the Crown. A resident could choose the nearest convenient parish for baptisms, etc."[The Parish Registers of Herefordshire, J Harnden, 1987, ISBN 0 9512347 06]

See also Where is it in Monmouthshire for a list of places in the National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland, 1868 (provided by Colin Hinson).

The Welsh version of Monmouthshire is MYNWY.
This Town and Parish List aims to cover all those listed in Cofrestri Plwyf Cymru - Parish Registers of Wales, C J Williams & J Watts-Williams, NLW, 1986, from which style and spelling of place names have been adapted. I have also included one or two spelling variants, with the addition of less common variants in parentheses, and 'English' spelling variants where appropriate as cross references.
Some parishes may be noted as being "ex. par." = extra-parochial.

Note: this list includes only (pre-1834) parishes. If the place you are looking for isn't listed, you may like to try searching for it in the GENUKI Gazetteer