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Help and advice for Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

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Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

The information  below relating to Fishguard was extracted  by Denise Robinson from the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


Is a market-town and sea-port, in the parish of its name, hundred of Kemess, and county of Pembroke: 257 miles W. by N. from London, and 16 N from Haverfordwest, the like distance NE from St David's, and 7 W. from Newport; situated on a steep cliff on the seashore, at the influx of the river Gwaine with the sea, which forms a spacious bay, where vessels may ride safely in five or six fathoms water. At this place Frenchmen landed in 1797, who surrendered, on the summons of Lord Cawdor, without firing a single shot.

The town is divided into two portions, the upper and lower town, by the river, over which is a good stone bridge of five arches. The upper town occupies the eminence, and includes the greater proportion of inhabitants, with the church, market-house, and principal shops: the lower part skirts the estuary, and , having sprung from its shipping and commerce within the last seventy years, is fast becoming a rival in trade and population to its more elevated neighbour.

With the exception of a little flannel weaving, no manufactures exist here - corn, butter and herrings, comprise it's chief trade; the fishery however, of late years, has not been prosperous. Slate abounds in the neighbourhood, and of excellent quality; there is also iron ore near the town, but up to the present time no works have been established. There is no regular municipal government attached to Fishguard; but a head constable, with the title of mayor, is elected annually under the court leet, though his duties are not particularly defined. The manorial courts are held annually within the limits of the borough. Fishguard shares, with Haverfordwest and Narberth, in the elective franchise.

The Parish church of the Virgin Mary is an old structure, presenting little worth notice. There are places of worship for Baptists, Independents and Calvinists: the living of Fishguard is a vicarage, in the gift of the Crown. Within a few miles of the town are several romantically situated seats, and the views from many points around are highly picturesque, from the undulating surface of the country, and the abrupt altitude of the sea-cliffs. The prospect inland includes Preselau, the loftiest mountain in this county, being one thousand eight hundred feet above the level of the sea; together with hills of inferior height, many crested with enormous masses of rock. The narrow vale of Gwaen, including the grounds round Glyn Amel, is an interesting object to the tourist and the artist.

A New Market-house has been erected; the market is held on Thursday; and the fairs on the 5th of February, Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the 8th and 9th of October, and the 17th and 18th of November. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,990 inhabitants; and at the last census (1841), 2,013.


POST OFFICE, George Rees, Post Master. Letters from LONDON and various parts arrive every morning at half-past seven, and are despatched every afternoon at twenty minutes before five. Letters from CARDIGAN and the North arrive every afternoon at twenty minutes before five and are despatched every morning at half past seven.


  • Barham C.H. Esq. Trecoon
  • Bowen Rev. John, Ffynondredian
  • Edwards William, Esq. Sealyham
  • Evans Lieut. Thomas, Fishguard
  • Fenton John, Esq. Fishguard
  • Griffiths Moses, Esq. Fishguard
  • Gwynne John, Esq. Kilkiffeth
  • Gwynne William, Esq. Court House
  • Hancock Mrs. Jane, Fishguard
  • Harries David, Esq. Puerhiw
  • Harries George, Esq. Heathfield
  • Harries Rev. George, Lettarstone
  • Harries Capt. Hugh, Kevenydre
  • Harries John Hill, Esq. Priskilly
  • Harries Rev. William, Fishguard
  • Harries William, Esq. Tower Hill Fishguard
  • Harries William, Esq. Llwyngorras
  • Harries William, Esq. Treathro
  • James William, Esq. Tranewidd
  • Jones William, Esq. Lanstinan
  • Llewellin Esq. Tregwynt
  • Lloyd Mrs. Mary Ann, Fishguard
  • Lloyd Mrs. Rebecca, Fishguard
  • Luke Rev. Thomas, Gwodwick
  • Mathias Mr. Stephen, (attorney) Fishguard
  • Mends Capt. H.B. Fishguard
  • Mortimer John, Esq. Penisgwarne
  • Mortimer William, Esq. Gwodwick
  • Nathan Rev. Henry, Fishguard
  • Parker Esq. Gwodwick
  • Phelps Sparks Martin, Esq. Llangwarran
  • Richardson Rev. Arthur, Gwodwick
  • Thomas Rev. William Watkin, Dinas


  • Evans Eliza,
  • Griffith Owen,
  • Griffiths Margart,
  • James David,
  • Jones Enoch,
  • Rees George,
  • Vaughan Benjamin,


  • Davis John, (to W.H. Castles, slate proprietor)
  • Nicholas Thomas, (ship)
  • Vaughan Levi, (For the Clerical and Medical Life Assurance Company


  • Davies John
  • Davies Thomas
  • Morris John
  • Morris Thomas
  • Rowland Daniel
  • Rowland David


  • Davies John
  • Davies William
  • Evans David
  • Garnon Philip
  • Garnon William
  • Griffiths William
  • Jenkins David
  • Jenkins Eleanor
  • Jenkins Enos
  • Jenkins Seth
  • Lewis John
  • Owen John
  • Phillips John
  • Rowland James
  • Symmons Daniel
  • Williams John


  • Acraman John
  • Vaughan Levi


  • Davies Thomas
  • Evans John
  • Evans Thomas
  • Lewis David
  • Meyler David
  • Nicholas Thomas
  • Owen James
  • Owen Stephen
  • Williams Thomas


  • Acraman John (and Seed)
  • Vaughan David
  • Vaughan Levi


  • Lewis Josiah
  • Lloyd Thomas


  • Evans Thomas
  • Morris John
  • Protheroe David


Markes thus* are also Drapers

  • *Davies John
  • *Davies John
  • Davies William M.
  • *Hughes Thomas,
  • *Jenkins Margaret
  • Jenkins Seth
  • *Lamb Thomas
  • *Morgan Thomas
  • *Nicholas David
  • *Nicholas John William
  • *Nicholas Thomas
  • *Phillips William


  • Angel, David Thomas
  • Black Lion, Richard Barzey
  • Bridge End, Daniel Jones
  • Castle Inn, Mary Francis
  • Commercial Inn, (and excise office), Ann Meyler
  • Cross Inn, James Eynon
  • Farmers' Arms, Thomas Jenkins
  • Fishguard & Haverfordwest Arms, John Morris
  • Friendship, Mary Davies
  • Grand Seignior, Thomas Beddoe
  • Mariners' John Thomas
  • Mermaid, Elizabeth Griffiths
  • Old Castle, Peter Davies
  • Prince of Wales, Henry Bevan
  • Royal Oak, Hugh Mellor
  • Ship, Martha Jones
  • Shipwrights' Arms, Thomas Francis
  • Swan, Ann Davies
  • Swan, Ann Evans
  • Swan, Sarah Williams
  • Three Crowns, Thomas Hughes
  • Weary Traveller, Mary Evans


  • Vaughan Levi, (and Iron Merchant)


  • Eynon James
  • Griffiths John
  • Jenkins Thomas
  • Smyth John


  • Evans Thomas
  • James John


  • Eynon Jane
  • Hancock Margaret
  • Hancock Susan
  • Poyutz Martha


  • Lamb Thomas
  • Lewis John, Panslade
  • Symmons James, (and plumber)
  • Vaughan William


  • Griffiths William
  • Owen James
  • Williams Benjamin


  • Evans Daniel, (and builder)
  • John Richard
  • Morgan David
  • Vaughan William


  • Beynon John Morris
  • Lloyd David, Dinas
  • Mortimer Thomas


  • Evans James
  • Jenkins James
  • Jenkins William
  • Nicholas John
  • Nicholas Thomas
  • Owen Thomas
  • Williams David


  • Griffiths William
  • Jenkins Thomas
  • Lewis Josiah
  • Lloyd Thomas


  • Acraman John
  • Vaughan Levi, (and corn)


  • George Henry
  • Nicholas David
  • Reed Levi


  • Davis John, Castles W.H. slate, Proprietor, Agent
  • Rees William, Custom House, Principal Court Officer
  • Davies James, Wine & Spirit Dealer
  • Davies James, Cooper
  • Davies Thomas, Book Seller, Stationer, &c.
  • Evans Thomas, Druggest
  • James Levi, Trellis, St Nicholas, Auctioneer
  • Lamb Thomas, Butcher
  • Lewis David, Hat Manufacturer
  • Phillips Thomas, Sail Maker
  • Symmons James, Tin-Plate worker
  • White William, Butcher


  • To HAVERFORDWEST, Edwd, Phillips and George Tudor, every Tues. and Fri.
  • To NEWPORT, James Thomas, Thurs.


  • To BRISTOL, the William, Capt. John Harries, once a month, Thomas Nicholas, Agent.