The History of Haverfordwest and some old Pembrokeshire parishes


Originally written by the late John Brown and added to by J.W.Phillips & Fred J.Warren .

Published by subscription 1914

Indexed by Pat Powell 2000

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Ackland,Dudley,99, Adams,Parson,108,
Allen,Joshua,105, Angell,Elizabeth,115,
Anthony,Mr,107, Ayleway,Rev Charles,99,
Ayleway,Dr,159, Baileau,Mr,109,
Banner,John,61, Barlow Bishop of St David's,Wm,22,
Barlowe,Tho,36, Beach,Lieutenant,120,
Beynon attorney,Mr,136, Bowen,Miss, of Camrose,139
Bowen family,,120 123, Brown (1707),Ald William,90
Brown,James,36 Brown,Dr,165
Brus,Edward de ,27 Burnett,Mr,131
Burritt,Elihu,95 Canon,Maurice,57
Cawdor,Lord,99 Christmas bank inspector,Mr,130
Clare,Gilbert de,26 Cleaveland rector of St Thomas,Rev Mr,105
Cromwell,Oliver,35 Davids(1592-1654),Sage,59
Davids(1600-1651),John,59 Davies,Sir William Rees,165
Davies's of Capeston,,139 Davy,Robert,30
Dibdin,,116 Edward I,,27
Edwards,Wm.,96 Edwards,Elizabeth,116
Edwards of Sealyham,Owen Tucker,104 Ellis,Mr E.H.,26 159
Evans,Lewis,127 Evans shoemaker,,120
Flaerton,Rebecca,97 Foley,Richard,99
Foley,Thomas,100 Ford of Stonehall,Mr ,20
Fortune,Joseph,99 Fortune,Francis,138
Gambold,John,82 George artist,Thomas,137
Grey,Richard Lord,28 Griffiths,Sir Rice ap,22
Griffiths,John,103 Griffiths carpenter (1716),Henry,90
Griffiths poisoned his wife,John,129 Gwin,Richard,92
Halcut,Walter de ,27 Hargust ,John,114
Harold,John,20 Harries,General George,96
Hassall auctioneer,,144 Henry II,,27
Henry III,,27 Herbert Esq,John,30
Higgon,John,96 99 Higgon (1696),Benaiah,89
Hislop tourist killed in a duel,Mr,136 Hitchings of Dale Point,Mrs,105
Howells tailor,John,109 Hunt,Richard Le,92
Hwlffordd,Robert de ,17 James,Thomas Lewis,17 96 111
Jermyn smith,Mr,117 John,King,27
John,William,160 John JP,Mr Wm.,140
Jones Gent,James,134 Jones of Ystrad MP for Carmarthen,John,126
Jordan of Dumpledale,Mr,105 Jouer,Edward,96
Kendington,Lord,99 Knethell,Richard,59
Laugharne,Thomas,92 Lenthale,Roger,28
Llewellyn,Prince,27 Llewellyn,Patty,105
Lloyd,Morgan,92 Lloyd,John,98
Lloyd of Glanafon,Mr,104 Lort,John,35
Lort,Roger,36 Lort,Sam,36
Mansell,Sir Edward,30 92 Marshal,John,27
Marychurch,William,25 Marychurch,Roger,25
Mathias,David,82 Mathias,Caesar,105
Mathias,Colonel,166 Mathias-Thomas of Tenby,Mr,140
Mayler shoemaker,Mr,36 Mends family of Merlins Bridge,,138
Meyler,Richard,81 Meyler,Elizabeth,81
Meyler,Mary,81 Milford,Lord,99
Morgan,David,104 Morgan,Roger,104
Morgan of Carmarthen,W,105 Mortue Mari(Mortimer) of Wygemore,Roger de ,27
Nichols,William,50 Noble,George,92
Nowell,Alexander,166 Okeden,Mr,123
Owen,William,165, Parr,Captain John,59,
Parr,Elizabeth,59, Parr,Capt.,105,
Penres,Robert de ,27, Peremart Constable of Haverford,Weremund de,27,
Perkins,Rev Wm.,82, Perrott,Herbert,20,
Perrott,Sir John ,33, Perrott of Haroldstone,Sir James,20,21
Phillipps Laugharne,Mr J.,99, Phillipps of Picton Castle,,142,
Phillipps Picton Castle,Sir John,109, Phillips,Sir John,43,
Phillips,Rev Reregrine,81, Phillips,James,92,
Phillips,Nathanial,99 Phillips,John William,112
Phillips,James,114 Phillips,Rev John,141
Phillips bank,Mr Natty,131 Phillips Vicar of St Mary's,George,97
Picton,General,103 Picton,Sir Thomas,103 140
Potter,Theophilus John,116 Powell,John,92
Prust,R.B.,99 Purnell,Tom,143
Rees,William,61 Rees,Robin,118
Reymin,John,28 Reynish of Wolfsdale,Thomas,20
Rhys,Gruffydd ap ,26 Richard II,,28
Roblin found guilty of murder,,129 Rowlands Sherriff,Wm.,99
Sancho Amando,Amaricus de ,27 Scourfield,Sir John,165
Scowcroft,Mr,150 Smith(1664),David Harries,87
Stepney,Sir John,122 Stepney,Sir Thos.,122
Summers,John,92 Summers Family,,123
Surnam,Simon,123 Tasker alias Edmund Yates,William ,143
Tasker organist,Joe,61 Thomas,Rev James,109
Thomas the amrourer,,28 Tom (1664),John,86
Tucker of Sealyham ,Captain Tom,103 Tyrone of haverfordwest,Baron,23
Vaughan,Thomas,92 Voyle,Matty,109
Waller,Phillip,84 Walters,Mathew,127
Walters of Rhosemarket,Sir Richard,70 Wesley,John,111
White of Tenby,Miss,25 William Earl of Pembroke,,27
Williams,Mr Wm,26 Williams,Dr J.H.H.,42
Williams mercer,John,82  


Locations & Events

Albany Chapel,79,81 Assizes,126-128
Austerslade ,33 Back lane,108
Back Short Row,108 Bateman's lane,91
Battle of Colby Moor,34 Blue Boar,112
Bridge St,26,119,145 Bridgend,120,144
Butter Market,114 Cartlett,33,123
Cartlett Mill,149 Castle Inn,119
Coach and Horses Inn,115 Cuckoo lane,125
Dale,177 Dew St,26,112,114
Dolphin Inn,115 Drawbridge lane,118,159
Eylardes Mill,33 Fairs,17-18
Fleece Inn,115 French landing,131
Froghole,33 Front Short Row,108
Gostmeade,33 Grammar School,76
Gundwynes ditch,33 Haroldston St Issell's,170
Harp Inn Letterston,112 Haverford Mill,149
Haverfordwest Castle,38 Haverfordwest Gaol,44
Haverforwest Priory,73 High St,108,115
Hill Lane,108,117 Holloway,26
Hubberston,103 Kitty John's field,71
Knappan,124 Langum,196
Marhet St,26,95,114 Marloes and St Bride's,181
May Fair,17 Meat market,115
Middleton's Closes,98 Monthly mercury,108
Moravian Chapel,79 Mountain Hall,20
New Inn Upper Market St,111 New Quay,145
North Gate Street,20 North Parade,26
Northgate,144 Old Bridge,43
Old Quay,145 Penniless bench,114
Pigs Parade,26 Pillory St,95
Potter's library,116,141 Prendergast,120,162-165
Prendergast Place farm,122 Priory Mill,149
Quaker's Meeting House,159 Quay St,26,95
Rhos Market,193 Rising Sun Inn,26
Rother lane,98 Rot's Island,114
Round Meade,33 Scotch Wells,122
Sheep St,95 Shipmans Lane,95
Shirehall,115,126 Shoemakers St,95,108,114
Short Row,119 Shrove Tuesday football,124
Shut St,113 South African War memorial,161
St Ismael's Church Uzmaston,72 St Martin's Church,66
St Mary's Church,53 St Thomas Church,68
St Thomas' Fair,17 Stackpole Court,105
Steynton Hubberston and Milford,185 Talbot Inn,115
Taskers School,76 Tuns Inn,115
Vanity fair,122 Victoria Place,118
Walwyn's Castle,167 Waterford,100,103
Wesleyan Chapel,78 West Gate,112
White Hart Hotel,102  



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Constables of the Castle of Haverford (1207 - 1532), 44-45 High Sheriffs of the county of Pembroke (1540 - 1914), 231 - 244
Praepositi of Haverfordwest (1285 - 1678), 246 - 247 Mayors and Sheriffs of Haverfordwest ( 1285 - 1678),247 - 259
List of Subscribers,260-268