Pigot & Co South Wales 1830


Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830

The information  below relating to Haverfordwest was extracted  by Pat Powell from the S.O.G  fiche and verified to the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


Is a market-town, borough, and county of itself surrounded by Pembrokeshire; 266 miles from London, 139 from Bristol, 10 from Pembroke, and 7 from Milford Haven.

The town is large and beautifully situated on an eminence, having the river Dungleddy running at its foot; and the houses are arranged in several steep streets from the top of the acclivity down to the river; most of the buildings are good, and some of the habitations may be said to be handsome, and the place may be noticed as the residence of a great number of independent gentry.

The principal public buildings, besides the edifices for divine worship, are, the Guildhall, a modern erection, situated in the upper part of the town; the gaol, part of which are the remains of its ancient castle, and a handsome covered market-house, erected by the corporation in 1826.

The river is navigable for small vessels as high as the bridge: the other commercial facilities are afforded by the situation of the town on the great western road, having the London mail coach passing through it every day; and the town possesses as great a portion of retail domestic trade as any town in Wales.

Within a few miles are several valuable coal and culm mines, which give employment to many hands, and renders fuel remarkably cheap. Upon the river is a paper mill of rather extensive business.

The town is governed by a mayor, assisted by a common council of twenty-six, chosen from the principal burgesses, as sheriff, &c.; the magistrates are, the mayor for the time being, and his predecessor. The grand sessions are held here, in the spring and autumn annually. The sheriff, by virtue of charter, is lord of the manor, and holds his leet-court annually at Michaelmas; there are also two courts of record for the recovery of debts, one held monthly, the other every fifteen days, of which the mayor or his deputy is the president.

This town enjoys the privilege of having a Lord Lieutenant attached to it, and is the only town in Great Britain so distinguished; the was obtained by a very ancient grant from the crown, when the county of Pembroke was a palatinate.

This borough sends one member to parliament; the right of election is vested in the free burgesses, and inhabitants in general, paying scot and lot, in number about 700; the sheriff is the returning officer; the present representative is Sir Richard B Philipps, bart. of Picton castle, a fine seat about three miles distant.

Haverfordwest contains three churches, viz. - St. Thomas's, of which the Rev. T. Harris is the rector; St. Mary's, the Rev. James Thomas, vicar; and St. Martin's, the Rev. James Summers, rector. The other places of worship are chapels for the service of several sects of dissenters, as, Moravians, presbyterians, Wesleyan methodists, Calvinists, Welch methodists, baptists, those of Lady Huntingdon's doctrine, and a meeting house for quakers.

The situation of the town is in the midst of a well wooded and highly cultivated country, and the extreme cheapness of provisions, renders it a very desirable and pleasing residence. A good parade here commands an extensive and fine view of the surrounding country, and the ruins of the ancient abbey, which extends a considerable way along the side of the hill. At the extremity of this walk are some ruins of an ancient priory of Black Canons, supposed to have been founded by Robert de Haverford, lord of this place, about the year 1200.

The market days are Tuesday & Saturday; and the annual fairs are 12th May, 12th June, 18th July 4th and 23rd September, and 18th of October.

By the returns to parliament for 1821, the three parishes contained together, 4,055 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, Dew-street, John Bowen, Post Master.

  • Letters from London arrive every morning at five, and are despatched every evening at eight.
  • Letters from Milford Haven arrive every evening at eight, and are despatched every morning at five.
  • Letters by penny-post arrive from Fishguard every evening (Tuesday excepted) at seven, and are despatched every morning at seven.
  • Letters arrive from and are despatched to Newport every Monday, Thursday & Saturday.
  • Letters arrive by twopenny-post from St David's every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning at nine, & are despatched same days at one.


  • Ackland Rbt. J. esq. Boulston lodge
  • Anthony Miss Ann, High St
  • Bartlett Mrs. Charlotte, Goat St
  • Bristow John Joseph, esq. Goat St
  • Brown Rev. Joseph, Bridge end
  • Bushell Captain, Court Leese
  • Cantalo Mrs. Ellen, Goat St
  • Carrow the Misses, Goat St
  • Cooper John, esq. Grove house
  • Crymes Mrs. Mary, High St
  • Davies John, esq. High St
  • Davies Miss Rebecca, High St
  • Davies William, esq. High St
  • Drewitt Richd. gent Cleveland row
  • Elson Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
  • Evans Rev. Hugh Gwynne, High st
  • Grafton Thomas, gent. Dew st
  • Griffiths James, esq. High st
  • Harries John, esq. Goat st
  • Harries Miss Elizabeth, Hill st
  • Harries, Miss Martha, High st
  • Harries Rev. Thomas K. W. High st
  • Harries Rev. William, High st
  • Harris Mrs. Mary Ann, Hill st
  • Higgin James, esq. High st
  • Higgin Mrs. High st
  • Ike Rev. Christian Gotthelf, Quay st
  • James Miss Beck, Dew st
  • Jenkins Lieut. Edwd. R.N. Back st
  • Jones Miss Jane, Market st
  • Jordan Mrs. Martha, Green
  • Lewis Mrs. Mary, St Martin's
  • Lloyd Mrs. Elizabeth, Hill st
  • Lloyd Thomas, esq. Hill st
  • Lort Mrs. Elizabeth, Hill st
  • Martin Rev. Thomas, Withybush
  • Mathias Sir Henry, knight, High st
  • Meylett Phillip, esq. Market st
  • Morgan Benjamin, gent. Market st
  • Morris Mrs. Hill st
  • Owens Capt. Jno. Walker, High st
  • Philipps Colonel Owen, High st
  • Philipps John Lloyd, esq. Hill st
  • Philipps Mrs. Margaret, Glos'ter pl
  • Philipps Sir R.B.bart. Picton castle
  • Philipps the Misses, Goat st
  • Phillips Frederick, esq. High st
  • Phillips Mrs. William, High st
  • Phillips Nathaniel, esq. High st
  • Phillips Phillip, esq. Market st
  • Powell Phillip, esq. St Martin's
  • Protheroe Mrs. Market st
  • Prust Charles, gent. St Martin's
  • Rees Henry J. esq. High st
  • Rees Rev. Js. Court hse, St Martin's
  • Roch Geo. Clayton, esq. Clareston
  • Roche Miss Letitia, Goat st
  • Salmon Capt. Chas. Hy. St Martin's
  • Scowcroft Mrs. Eliza, Quay st
  • Skyrme Miss C. Market st
  • Stevenson Mrs. Mary Glos'ter ter.
  • Summers Rev. James, King st
  • Thomas Rev. James, Goat st
  • Thomas Rev, James, jun. Dew st
  • Traneker Rev. Ignatius, Green
  • Tucker W Edwardes, esq. Sealy Ham
  • Williams William, esq. Cartlett
  • Willy John, esq. Market st
  • Wright Mrs. Ann, Goat st
  • Young Mrs. Catherine, Back st


  • Batson Jane Louisa (boarding and day) Short row
  • Charity School, market street - John Evans, master
  • Davies Mary (ladies' brdng) King st
  • Free Grammar School, Dew st - Rev. James Thomas, jun. Master
  • Gibbon Martha, Market st
  • Harries John, Cartlett
  • Hazel Thomas (gent's boarding and day) Merlin's vale
  • Mathias MaryAnn (English, French and Italian, boarding) Goat st
  • Philipps Thomas, Cartlett
  • Wedgeberrow Eliza and Mary Ann, Quay street
  • Williams Mary (boarding and day) Gloucester terrace


  • Mathias Joseph, Quay st
  • Owen and Sons, Short row
  • Rowlands Thos. Mariner's square


  • Evans Wm. And Thomas, High st
  • Gwynne Thomas, Short row
  • James Morgan Rice, High st
  • Mathias Thomas, Bridge st
  • Morgan Thomas, Bridge st
  • Phelps John, Lower Tower hill
  • Phillips James, Market st
  • Scowcroft James, Haverfordwest
  • Summers James, St Mary st
  • Willi John, Market st


  • Gibbon Richard, St. Mary st
  • Jenkins John, St Mary st
  • Mathias Joseph, Quay st
  • Robbin Thomas, Shut st
  • Walter George, Gloucester terrace


  • Davies Lewis, Bridge st
  • Davies Thomas, Prendergast
  • Griffiths John, Prendergast
  • Harris Elizabeth, Dew st
  • Jenkins Lewis (& grocer) Bridge st
  • Johns James, Dew st
  • Llewhellin Elizabeth, King st
  • Morris John, Bridge st
  • Morris Sarah, Bridge st
  • Painter William, High st
  • Rees Richard, King st
  • Relly Richard, Bridge st
  • Williams Mary, Quay st


  • Walters, Voss and Co. Bridge st - (draw on Jones, Loyd and Co.)
  • Savings' Bank, Quay st - (open on Tuesdays) - Ths. Perkins, actuary


  • Blethyn John, Quay st
  • Corker Dennis, Merlin's Vale
  • James Henry, Cartlett
  • Jeffries Evan, Church lane
  • Johns John, Green
  • Lloyd & Marychurch, Bridge st
  • Lloyd David, Prendergast
  • Lloyd David, Quay st
  • Mathias Joseph, Cartlett
  • Morris David, Prendergast
  • Owens Thomas, St. Martin's
  • Phillips Thomas, Dew st
  • Stephens William, St. Martin's


  • Gilliard Wm. (& library) Market st
  • Harries Ths. (& tea dealers) Bridge st
  • Potter Joseph (printer, library and news room) High st
  • Thomas James ( printer & religious tract depository ) High st
  • Turner Edward (and binder) Gloucester terrace
  • Williams Sarah (stationer) St. Mary st


  • Allen John, Bridge
  • Banner John, Tower hill
  • Barnard William, Bridge end
  • Brown Mark, Bridge end
  • Davies Thomas, St. Martin's
  • George James, Quay st
  • Hood Richard, Church lane
  • Hood William, Green
  • Hurlow William, Bridge end
  • Martin Thomas, Green
  • Owens Joseph, Prendergast
  • Thomas James, Quay st
  • Thomas William, Prendergast
  • Thomas William, Dew st
  • Vaughan James, Bridge
  • Williams William, Back st


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge st
  • Crunn William, St. Martin's
  • Evans John, Quay st
  • Morris John, Bridge st
  • Morris Sarah, Bridge st


  • Blethyn John, Quay st
  • Lloyd and Marychurch, Bridge st


  • Mathias Joseph, Quay st & Cartlett
  • Owen & Sons, Short row
  • Rowlands Wm. Mariner's square


  • Charles William, Dew st
  • Davies John, Dew st
  • Ellis Richard, Merlin's vale
  • Evans John, Tower hill
  • Robin John, Market st
  • Robin, Thomas, Poor field
  • Thomas Martha, St. Martin's
  • White James, Prendergast
  • White William, Prendergast


(See also merchants)

  • Evans Evan, Prendergast
  • Jardine John and David, Bridge st
  • Maddocks Thos. (& corn ) Bridge st
  • Morgan David, Bridge end
  • Mathias Thomas (& corn) Bridge st
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay st


  • Davies John, High st
  • Evans James, Prendergast
  • Evans William, Prendergast
  • Lewis Henry (& upholsterer & undertaker) Bridge st
  • Mathias Jos. (& upholsterer ) Quay st
  • Owen & Sons ( & upholsterer) Short row


  • Edmonds John, Northgate
  • James William, Northgate
  • Jenkins John, Quay st
  • Thomas Daniel, Goat st
  • Thomas William, Dew st


  • Ball John, Short row
  • Ball Samuel, Short row
  • Hodson Edward, Quay st
  • Prickett John, Market st


  • Davies Owen Edmund, Bridge st
  • Harris William, Bridge st
  • Jones John, Market st
  • Makeig George, High st
  • Phillips John, Castle square
  • Thomas Hugh, Market st


  • Lloyd William, Cartlett
  • Mathias Joseph, Cartlett
  • Owen & Sons, Short row


  • Childs Mary, Bridge st
  • Jenkins Lewis, Bridge st
  • Phillips Mary, Market st
  • Rees Richard, King st
  • Richards and Relly, High st
  • Skinner Francis, Bridge st
  • Smith Esther, High st


  • Evans Charles, Green
  • John William, Bridge
  • Llewhellin Thomas, Northgate
  • Vaughan Edward, Prendergast


  • Edwards James, Prendergast
  • Evans Caleb, Tower hill
  • Evans David, Prendergast
  • Green John, Bridge st
  • Griffiths David, Prendergast
  • Harris Elizabeth, Dew st
  • Harris Thomas, Market st
  • Jenkins Benjamin, Cartlett
  • Jones Elizabeth, Quay st
  • Thomas John, Back st


  • ATLAS, Wm. & Thos. Evans, High st & Jas. Scowcroft, Haverfordwest
  • BRISTOL UNION, James Brown, Market street
  • GUARDIAN, Thos. Morgan, bridge st
  • LAW (life) Wm. & Thomas Evans, High street
  • PHOENIX, Sarah Williams, St. Mary street
  • PROTECTOR, Joseph Mathias, Quay street and Cartlett
  • SUN, Charles Gibbs, High st


  • M'Ewen John, Merlin's vale
  • M'intire James, King st


(See also Painters)

  • Adams Chas. (& painter) Market st
  • Arguest John, St. Martin's
  • Davies William, Bridge st
  • Jones John, Cartlett
  • Mathias Jos. (& painter) Cartlett
  • Owen & Sons (& painters) Short row


  • George William, Prendergast
  • Griffiths John, St. Martin's
  • Rees William, St. Martin's


(see also Shopkeepers)

Marked thus * are also Drapers

  • *Allen John, Bridge end
  • *Bevan Mark, Bridge st
  • *Bowen John, Market st
  • Davis Joseph, Bridge st
  • *Evans Evan, Prendergast
  • Gibbs Charles, Bridge st
  • Gibbs Charles, jun. Market st
  • Higgon Thomas, Market st
  • Hume James, Dew st
  • Hume John, Cleveland row
  • *James John, Dew st
  • Maddocks John, Tower hill
  • Mathias Sarah & Margaret, High st
  • Mathias Thomas, Bridge st
  • *Morris George, Bridge
  • *Morse David, Northgate
  • *Nicholas Thomas, Bridge st
  • Owen John, Bridge st
  • Phillips Thomas, Dew st
  • Price William, Dew st
  • *Pyne Henry, King st
  • *Rees Benjamin, High st
  • Rees William, St. Martin's
  • *Rees William, King st
  • Rees William, Gloucester terrace
  • *Richards Catherine, Green
  • Richards John, Tower hill
  • *Thomas George, St Martin's
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay st
  • Williams Ann, High st
  • *Williams William, Market st


  • Davies David, Prendergast
  • Davies William, St Martin's
  • Davis Mary Ann, Bridge st
  • Edwards Edward, Bridge st


(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Castle, Lewis Pugh, Castle square
  • Mariners, Sarah Williams, Mariners' square


  • Canton William, Quay st
  • Jardine John & David, Bridge st
  • Jenkins James, Bridge st
  • Lloyd & Marychurch, Bridge st
  • Lloyd Benjamin, Bridge st
  • Mathias Thomas, Bridge st


  • John William, Cartlett kilns
  • Llewhellin Thomas, Cartlett kilns
  • Maddocks Thomas, Cartlett kilns
  • Rogers John, Cartlett kilns


(See also Grocers, &c. )

  • Clare & Llewellin, Short row
  • Davies James, Cleveland row
  • Davies William, High st
  • Jardine John & David, Bridge st
  • Jones John, Market st
  • Lloyd Jno. (& undertaker) Market st
  • Owen & Meyler , Castle square
  • Phillips & Lewis, High st
  • Phillips Mary, Market st
  • Williams Ann, High st
  • Williams Nathaniel, Market st


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge st
  • Crunn William, St. Martin's
  • Ellis Richard, Merlin's vale
  • Evans John, St. Mary's
  • Fisher William, Bridge st
  • Green John, Bridge st
  • Griffiths William, Bridge st
  • Howells William, Prendergast
  • Morris John, Bridge st
  • Morris Sarah, Bridge st


  • Bowen John, Kensington place
  • Griffith Wm. (corn & coal) Bridge st
  • Richards Thomas (coal) Quay st


  • Harvey Benjamin, Haverfordwest Mills
  • Morris James, Horn's lane
  • Rees Isaac, Cartlett Mill
  • Rees John, Priory Mill


  • Adams Mary Ann, Dew st
  • Brown Mary, Quay st
  • Edwards Sarah, Cartlett
  • Frances Janet, Market st
  • Game Elizabeth, Castle square
  • Hall Martha, Goat st
  • Hitchings Dinah, Bridge
  • Jenkins Elizabeth, King st
  • Meyler Mary Ann, St Mary st
  • Miller Philippa, Goat st
  • Rees Jane & Lettice, St Martin's
  • Rees Rebecca, Tower hill
  • Wilkins Dorothea, Market st
  • Williams Ann, Gloucester terrace


  • Goolding Ralph, King st
  • Goolding William, King st
  • Potter Thomas, King st


  • Harries George, Hermon's hill
  • Howell John, Quay st
  • Jones Walter David, Market st
  • Morgan John Lloyd , High st
  • Reynolds Michael, High st


  • Frost Edward (music) Hill st
  • Tasker Joseph (music & organist ) Cleveland row


  • Davies Henry, Cartlett
  • Smith Henry, Dew st


  • Gibbs Charles, High st
  • Meyler John, St. Mary st
  • Morgan Peter, Market st
  • Walters Edward, Market st
  • Warlow Geo. Edmund, High st


  • Bowen John, St. Martin's
  • Brown Elizabeth, Quay st
  • Evans Martha, Cartlett
  • Gumpert Mary, King st
  • Harries Martha, Cartlett
  • Harris John, Dew st
  • Johns Elinor, Green
  • Jones Evan, Prendergast
  • M'Intire James, King st
  • Mathias Richard, Cartlett
  • Morris Charlotte, Gloucester terrace
  • Owen Thomas, Prendergast
  • Rees Thomas, Bridge
  • Spencer Elizabeth, High st
  • Sutton William, King st
  • Thomas Ann, St. Martin's
  • Thomas Henry, St. Martin's
  • Thomas James, Prendergast
  • Williams Henry , St. Martin's


  • Brown James, Market st
  • Gibbs Charles, Market st
  • Harris William, Bridge st
  • Parry Rebecca, High st
  • Phillips George, Short row
  • Phillips Richard, Bridge end


  • Harries -, Tower hill
  • Phillips John, Castle st
  • Rowlands Thomas, St. Martin's
  • Williams David, North-gate


  • Bennett Martha, Tower hill
  • Harris Elizabeth, Market st
  • Lemon Mary, Quay st
  • Llewhellin Jane, King st
  • Poyntz Mary, Market st
  • Price Jane Louisa, Dew st
  • Wilkins Dorothy, Market st


  • Harris William (to the Lunatic Asylum) Dew st
  • Lloyd James, Bridge end
  • Millard George Llewhellin, High st
  • Row George, High st
  • Summers Richard, Bridge st
  • Twyning William Henry, Bridge st


  • Good James, Sportsman's hall
  • Goode & Son, Portfield lodge, near Haverfordwest
  • Mathias Joseph (house) Cartlett
  • Thomas Alfred, Market st


  • Abbott Charles (& draper) Dew st
  • Barnard Joseph, Cartlett
  • Bowen James, Cartlett
  • Davies Thomas, St. Martin's
  • Evans John, Dew st
  • Griffiths James, Short row
  • Howell John, St. Martin's
  • Law Thomas George, King st
  • Lloyd John, King st
  • Lloyd William, Quay st
  • Morris Martin, Dew st
  • Thomas Jas. (& draper) Bridge st
  • Thomas Wm. (& draper) Bridge st
  • Williams John, Quay st


  • Lemon Francis, Bridge
  • Lemon William, Quay st
  • Prickett John, Market st
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay st


  • Bowen John, Dew st
  • Lloyd Thomas, Scotch well


  • Albion, Richard Rogers, Dew st
  • Angel, John Morgan, Bridge st
  • Barley Mow, James Davies, Prendergast
  • Bell, William Morris, Cleveland row
  • Black Bear, John Howell, Dew st
  • Black Horse, William Lloyd, Bridge st
  • Blue Boar, William Makin, Dew st
  • Boar's Head, George Jones, Dew st
  • Boot & Shoe, James George, Bridge st
  • Bridge End, Thomas Cornock, Bridge End
  • Bristol Trader, Thos. Llewhellen, Quay st
  • Britannia, John Parry, Dew st
  • Bull, James Phillips, Prendergast
  • Bush, Thomas Price, King st
  • Butcher's Arms, Wm. Griffiths, St. Martin's
  • Carmarthen Arms, Ths. Williams, Cartlett
  • Carpenters' Arms, Thos. Griffiths, Dew st
  • Cat & Bagpipes, James Morgan, Dew st
  • Coach & Horses, Richd. Parsell, St Mary st
  • Coach Makers Inn, Rd. Mathias, Cartlett
  • Commercial Tavern, Thos. Davies, Bridge
  • Crown, Benjamin Evans, Quay st
  • Crown, Edward Riggards, Bridge End
  • Dolphin, William Walters, St Mary st
  • Duke of York, Francis Lemon, Bridge End
  • Duke of Wellington, Jno. Phillips, Prendergast
  • Falcon, Richard Owen, St Martin's
  • Farmer's Arms, John Harries, Gloucester terrace
  • Fishguard Arms, Jane Thomas, Bridge
  • Fountain, John Griffiths, Gloucester terrace
  • Fountain, Elizabeth John, Prendergast
  • Fox & Hounds, Thos. Reynolds, King st
  • George, Wm. Golding, Cleveland row
  • Glaziers' Arms, William Davies, Bridge st
  • Globe, William Thomas, Cleveland row
  • Golden Slipper, Wm. Pritchard, Quay st
  • Greyhound, Stephen Bowen, St Mary st
  • Haverfordwest Arms, Moses Phillips, Dew st
  • Kensington Arms, Daniel Deness, Dew st
  • King's Arms, Thomas Evans, Shut st
  • King's Arms, Wm. Ormond, Prendergast
  • Lion, William Jones, Merlin's bridge
  • Market Cellar, Elizabeth Gibbon, Market st
  • Milford Arms, Edward Powell, Cartlett
  • Mill, William Williams, Cartlett
  • Nag's Head, Elizabeth Davies, St Martin's
  • New Inn, John Robbin, Cleveland row
  • Old Black Horse, John Williams, Prendergast
  • Old Three Crowns, Wm. Griffiths, Quay st
  • Old Tuns and Thistle, Richard Gibbon, St. Mary st
  • Pembroke Arms, John Lloyd, King st
  • Plough, Mary Francis, King st
  • Plume of Feathers, Mary James, Bridge end
  • Porters' Arms, Thos. Llewhellen, Quay st
  • Porters' Hall, John Jenkins, Quay st
  • Rats' Island, Joseph Davies, Dew st
  • Red Cow, William Adams, Green
  • Rising Sun, William James, Northgate
  • Rising Sun, William James, St. Martin's
  • St David's Arms, Meshech Owen, St. Martin's
  • Sawyers' Arms, (vacant) Drawbridge lane
  • Ship, James George, Bridge st
  • Smiths' Arms, Wm. Stephens, St. Martin's
  • Star, Thomas Davies, St. Martin's
  • Swan, Samuel Midgley, Bridge st
  • Three Crowns, Matthew Walters, King st
  • Union Tavern, Ths. Richards, jun. Quay
  • Vine, Jane Thomas, St. Martin's
  • Wheat Sheaf, Benjm. Lewis, St. Martin's
  • White Hart, James Llewellin, King st
  • White Lion, Mary Mathias, Bridge st


  • Child Joshua, Bridge st
  • Eynon Susan, Bridge st
  • Gibbon Jane, Tower hill
  • Harries Thomas, Bridge st


  • Canton William, Quay st
  • Higgon James, Short row
  • Jardine John & David, bridge st


  • Evans George, Tower hill
  • Jenkins James, Bridge st
  • Lloyd & Marychurch (& braziers & wire workers) Bridge st
  • Phillips Thomas, Prendergast


Marked thus * are also Jewellers & Silversmiths

  • Bevans James, High st
  • *Gibbs William, High st
  • *Maurice William, Bridge st
  • *Owen & Meyler, Short row
  • Truscott Lewis, Short row


  • Gibbon Richard, St. Mary st
  • Nicholas Thomas, Bridge st
  • Owen Wm. Owen, St Martin's
  • Relly William, Bridge st
  • Walters George, Bridge st


  • Adams David, hair dresser, &c. King st
  • Ayleway William, apothecary, Short row
  • Basnascone Francis, hardwareman & toy dealer, Dew street
  • Custom House, Quay st - Jas. Phillips, comptroller
  • Evans Louisa, stay maker, Prendergast
  • Eynon James, working cutler, Dew st
  • Griffiths Thomas, farrier, St Martin's
  • Griffiths Wm. Skinner, Gloucester terrace
  • Harvey Benjamin, paper maker, Haverfordwest Mill
  • Jenkins John, conveyancer, High st
  • Jewell William, cork cutter, Back st
  • Jones Thomas, governor of the prison, St. Martin's
  • Lloyd Jenkins, weaver, St. Martin's
  • Lunatic Asylum, green - William Harris, surgeon
  • M'Quire John, umbrella maker, Bridge
  • Perkins Thomas, coast officer, Quay st
  • Phillips John, paper factor, Short row
  • Rees Henry J. clerk of the peace, High st
  • Rowlands James, plasterer, St. Martin's
  • Thomas Owen, bookbinder, Glo'ster


  • To LONDON, the Royal Mail (from Milford) calls at the Castle Inn, every evening at eight; goes through Narberth, St. Clears, Carmarthen &c.
  • To CARMARTHEN, the Regulator, from the Castle Inn, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten - and the Cambrian, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at ten; both go through Haverfordwest & St. Clears.
  • To MILFORD, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Castle Inn, every morning at five - and a Car, from the King's Arms, Dew st, every afternoon at 3.


  • To LONDON, Rees and Son's Waggon, from the Old Tun and Thistle, every Tuesday morning - and Prosser & Co's Waggon, from Mathias' office, Quay st, every Thursday; both go thro' Narberth and Carmarthen.
  • To CARDIGAN, John Davis, from the Fishguard Arms, every Wednesday.
  • To FISHGUARD, Evan Reed, every day (Tuesday excepted) - and David Lewis and George Lamb, from the Fishguard Arms, every Saturday.
  • To NARBERTH, Jas. Roblyn, from the Old Three Crowns, every Saturday
  • To PEMBROKE, Richard Thomas, from Shut st, every Wednesday & Friday
  • To ST. DAVIDS, John Williams, from the Greyhound, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


Coasting Traders

  • To LONDON, the Endeavour, Edward Jenkins, master
  • To BRISTOL, the Cambrian Packet, Thomas Richards, master; the Expedition, William Williams: the Liberty, Thomas Bailey: and the Supply, Henry Richards,master.