Pigot & Co South Wales 1844


The information  below relating to Haverfordwest and Neighbourhood was extracted  by Denise Robinson from the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.

Haverfordwest and Neighbourhood

HAVERFORDWEST is a market town, borough and county of itself, locally in Pembrokeshire; 251 miles w. by n. from London, 138 w. by n. from Bristol (by the route of Brecon), and 145 by that of Swansea; beautifully situated on an eminence (the base of which is washed by the river Daucleddau), in the midst of a well wooded and highly cultivated country. The town was formerly fortified, but was dismantled of its defences during the civil war. The houses, many of which are handsome, are arranged in several steep streets (well paved and gas-lighted), from the top of the aclivity down to the river; and the place may be noticed as the residence of large numbers of respectable families and independent gentry. The guildhall is a modern structure in the High Street; the gaol, part of it occupies a portion of the ancient castle - the latter, a fine specimen of the substantial erections peculiar to the early part of twelfth century. A new bridge has been constructed over the river, which opens a fine entrance into the centre of the town. The river is navigable for small vessels as high as the bridge. The other commercial facilities are afforded by the situation of the town on the great western road, having the London mail coach passing through it every day; and a steamer plies weekly between this town and Bristol. Within a few miles are several valuable coal and culm mines, which give employment to many hands, and render fuel remarkably cheap. Upon the river are two paper mills of rather extensive business; the trade in butter, corn, hops, seed and timber, is considerable: malting, brewing, tanning, currying and rope making, are other branches prosperously pursued; and the general domestic trade of the place is perhaps as flourishing as that of any town of the like size in the principality. A newspaper, the 'Pembrokeshire Herald', is published here every Friday, a journal, conducted with considerable talent. The government of the borough is confided to a mayor, with a common council of twenty-six, a sheriff, and assistant officers; the mayor is coroner for the time being, and he and his predecessor are justices of the peace. The grand assizes are held here in the spring and autumn annually. The sheriff, by virtue of charter, is lord of the manor, and holds his leet-court annually at Michaelmas; there are also two courts of record for the recovery of debts, one held monthly, the other every fifteen days, at which the mayor or his deputy presides. This town enjoys the privilege of a Lord Lieutenant of its own and it is the only town in Great Britain so distinguished. This peculiar appendage was obtained by a very ancient grant from the Crown, when the county of Pembroke was a palatine. Haverfordwest, conjointly with Narberth and Fishguard sends one member to parliament; the sheriff is the returning officer; and the present representative is Sir Richard Bulkeley P. Philips, Bart. of Picton Castle, in the county.

There are three churches of the establishment here, viz St. Thomas', St Mary's and St Martin's; and there are chapels for the worship of congregations of Baptists, Calvinists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Moravians and those of Lady Huntingdon's Connexion. Among the educational establishments, appear a free grammar school, a charity school, and a Baptist academy; while a savings' bank, commercial reading rooms, assembly rooms, a lunatic asylum, and a union poor house, may be enumerated as the chief, public and social institutions. The pleasantness of Haverfordwest, and the cheapness of provisions, render this locality an agreeable and desirable place of residence. The parade, here, commands a fine and extensive view of the surrounding country, with the ruins of the ancient abbey, which are seen along the side of the hill. At the extremity of this walk are the remains of an ancient priory of Black Canons, supposed to have been founded by Robert de Haverford, lord of this place, about the year 1200. The market house is a handsome covered building, erected by the corporation in 1826. The market days are held on Tuesday and Saturday; and the fairs on the 14th of April, 12th May, 12th of June, 18th of July, 4th and 23rd of September and 18th of October. By the returns to parliament for 1831, the three parishes, or town of Haverfordwest, contained (including the Hamlet of St. Thomas) 4,024 inhabitants; and by those for 1841 (the last census), 4,601.


POST OFFICE, High Street, Marianne Relly, Post Mistress - Letters from LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, MONMOUTH, BRECON, CARMARTHEN, ST. CLEARS and NARBERTH, together with those from the whole of SCOTLAND arrive every morning at half past three, and are despatched every night at ten minutes past nine. Letters from MILFORD HAVEN, CARDIGAN, ST. DAVID'S SOLVA, FISHGUARD and NEWPORT arrive every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at five. - Letters from PEMBROKE and IRELAND arrive every morning at half past one, and are despatched every night at half past eight.


  • Ackland Miss -, Cleddy Lodge
  • Ackland Robert J. Esq. Boulston
  • Adams Rev. D. W. Hill Street
  • Barham Rev. Charles, Trecoon
  • Batine Captain Francis, Chapel Street
  • Beach the Misses, St Thomas's Green
  • Bellairs James, Esq. Victoria place
  • Bowen Miss Ann, Market Street
  • Bowen C. W. W. T. Esq. Camrose
  • Bowen Thomas, Esq. Johnstone
  • Bowen Rev. W. W. Camrose
  • Brigstocke Rev. John, Burton
  • Bristow J. J. Esq. Fern hill
  • Brown Rev. Joseph, Bridge End
  • Butler Capt. William, Victoria Place
  • Cantelo Mrs Louisa, Goat St
  • Canton W.T. Esq. Rose Hill
  • Carrow the Misses, Goat st
  • Childs Mr.-, Merlin Terrace
  • Crymes Rev. Amos, Market st
  • Crymes Mrs. -, Castle Terrace
  • Davies Rev. David, Spring gardens
  • Davies Thos. Henry, Esq. Clarestone
  • Davies William, Esq. High Street
  • De Rutzen the Baron, Slebech Hall
  • Eaton Thomas, Esq. High Street
  • Edwards William, Esq. Sealyham
  • Ennis Mrs. -, Hill Street
  • Evans John, Esq. Treffgarne Hall
  • Founds George Henry, Esq. Goat Street
  • France Rev.-, St Martin's Place
  • Freeman H. Esq. Easthook
  • Gascoyne the Misses, Harroldstone Bridge
  • Grafton Thomas, Esq. Dew St
  • Griffiths James, Esq. High St.
  • Griffiths Mrs.-, Crescent
  • Harries Charles, Esq. Hill St
  • Harries George, A. Esq. Hill St
  • Harries The Misses, Hill St
  • Harries Rev. T.K.W. Hill St
  • Harries Rev. William Watts, Goat St
  • Higgon John Esq. High St
  • Hill Miss -, Victoria place
  • James George, Esq. High St
  • Johnson Mr. George, Crescent
  • Jones Mrs. Frances, Market St
  • Jones John Penry, Esq. Sutton Lodge
  • Jones Rev. T.G. Spring Gardens
  • Jordan Mrs. Martha, Market St
  • Lewis Jas. Hanbury, Esq. Victoria place
  • Lewis Mrs. Mary, Crescent
  • Lewis Captain William High St
  • Lloyd Thomas, Esq. Glanafon
  • Martin Rev. Thomas, Withybush
  • Massey Edward, Thomas, Esq. Cot Moor
  • Mathias Lady-, High St
  • Mathias Miss Sarah, High St
  • Mears Rev. Samuel Owen, Cartlett
  • Meyler Mrs-, Victoria place
  • Morgan John Lloyd M.D. High St
  • Morris Mr. William Prendergast
  • Owen Captain Dark St
  • Owen Hugh, Esq. Landshipping
  • Peel Johnathan H. Esq. Dennant
  • Peel Xavier, Esq. Mount Pleasant
  • Philipps Sir Richard Buckeley P. Bart. M.P. Picton Castle
  • Phillips Miss Elizabeth, Goat St
  • Phillips Mrs. J.L. Hill St
  • Phillips George, Lort. Esq. Dumple dale
  • Phillips Miss Harriet, Goat St
  • Phillips Rev. James, Victoria place
  • Phillips John, Esq. Market St
  • Phillips Mrs-, Castle Terrace
  • Phillips Mrs-, Gloucester Terrace
  • Phillips Sir William Phillips Laugharne, Bart. Hill St
  • Probart George, Esq. Goat St
  • Prust Charles, Esq. Crescent
  • Rees Mrs. Elizabeth, High St
  • Reynolds John, Esq. Haystone
  • Rogers Miss Elizabeth, Hill St
  • Saunders Mrs-, St.Thomas' Green
  • Scourfield Mrs-, High St
  • Stokes Captain Lort, Goat St
  • Stokes John S. Esq. Cuffern
  • Summers John, Esq. Woodbine Cottage
  • Summers William Esq. Goat St
  • Thomas Mrs. Ann, Castle Terrace
  • Thomas Rev. James, Dew St
  • Tinney Mrs-, Park House
  • Walker Thomas, Esq. Cinnamon Grove
  • Walters Mr. Henry, St.Thomas' St
  • Watts Rev. Thomas, Hill St
  • West Rev. John, St.Thomas' St
  • Williams Rev. Thomas, Llangwen


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Adams Thomas, C. (boarding) Horn's Lane
  • Davies Rev. David, Teacher Babtist Academy, Spring Gardens
  • Jones Rev. T.G. Teacher Babtist Academy, Spring Gardens
  • Barrett Mary, High St
  • Brown Rev. Joseph, (boarding) Prendergast
  • Evans John, Master Charity School, Market Street
  • Davies Mary, (boarding) Hill St
  • Ellis Thomas, Goat St
  • Thomas Rev. Jas. Master Free Grammar School, St.Thomas' Green
  • Garland Charles, St.Thomas' Green
  • Hill Charlotte, (boarding) Goat St
  • Mears Rev. Samuel Owen, Cartlett
  • Ward Eliza & Mary, (boarding) Hill St
  • Williams John, Prendergast


(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)

  • Fenton H.P. (to the Presselly slate wharf Marsh
  • Harvey John (Land) 5 Victoria place
  • Hitchings John, (to the Bristol steam packet) Quay St.
  • Richards Thomas, (to the London & Bristol traders) Quay St.
  • Thomas William (general commission) High St
  • Wilson Jas. (Land & Mineral) Goat St


  • Owen William & James High St
  • Rowlands Thomas, Goat St


  • Cozens William (and commissioner for taking affidavits for the county palatine of Lancashire) Dew St
  • Dodd Philip William, Dew St
  • Evans William & Powell, High St
  • Gwynne Thomas, Dark St
  • Heslop William Thomas, Bridge St
  • James Morgan Rice, High St
  • Lloyd John, High St
  • Morgan Thomas, Bridge St
  • Parry George, Market St
  • Phelps John, Tower Hill
  • Rees William Spring Gardens
  • Scowcroft James, Castle Terrace
  • Summers James, (and town clerk and treasurer for the county) Victoria place


  • Goode Henry Phelps, Dew St
  • Lewis Henry, Old Bridge
  • Nicholas Thomas, Spring Gardens
  • Phillips Henry, Hill St
  • Reynolds Walter, Cartlett


  • Cousens George, Market St
  • Davies Lewis, Bridge St
  • Hobbs Micheal, Tower Hill
  • Jenkins William, Bridge St
  • Lloyd Thomas, Bridge St
  • Phillips William, (and biscuits) Castle Square
  • Rees Henry, Bridge St
  • Rees Richard Hill St
  • Rees Thomas, Quay St.


  • Walters John & William, (draw on Jones, Lloyd&Co. London) High St Bankers
  • Wilkins & Co. Thomas Hughes, Agent (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co.) 3 Victoria Place Bankers
  • Perkins Thomas, actuary Savings Bank Quay St. Bankers


  • Beynon Thomas, St Thomas' St
  • Blethin John, Quay St.
  • Davies John, St Thomas' Green
  • Higgon Joss, St Thomas' Green
  • James Henry, Cartlett
  • Jenkins James, Cartlett
  • Jermain William, Church st
  • Jermain William, Jun. Dew St
  • Lawrence Benjamin, St Martin's
  • Lloyd David, Prendergast
  • Lloyd David, Jun. Prendergast
  • Morris George, St Martin's
  • Simpson James, Horn's Lane
  • Stephens William St Martin's
  • Williams James, Barn St


  • Perkins Wm. (& printer) Market St
  • Potter Joseph, (& printer) High St
  • Thomas Henry, Old Bridge
  • Thomas James, (& printer) High St


  • Allen John, Prendergast
  • Allen John, Bridge End
  • Barnard William, Dew St
  • Brown Mark, Prendergast
  • Codd William, Dew St
  • Evans Thomas, Dew St
  • George James, Bridge St
  • Hood Robert St Thomas' Green
  • Hood William, High St
  • Hood William, Hill St
  • Martin John P. St Thomas' Green
  • Martin Thomas, Dew St
  • Morgan John Shut St
  • Morse William, Barn St
  • Richards James, Dew St
  • Roach William, Quay St.
  • Robinson Richard Hill St
  • Rogers Thomas, Church st
  • Thomas James, Market St
  • Thomas John, Chapel St
  • Thomas Thomas, St Martin's Place
  • Thomas William, Dew St
  • Thomas William, Shut St
  • Thomas William, Prendergast
  • Vaughan James, Cartlett
  • Watkins Thomas, Shut St
  • Williams William, Back Lane


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge St
  • Davies Esther, Bridge St
  • Morris Ann, Bridge St


  • Blethyn John, Quay St.
  • Davies John, Church st
  • Marychurch Joseph, Bridge St
  • Roberts John, Horn's Lane


See Architects and Builders


  • Charles William, Dew St
  • Davies George, Shut St
  • Davies John, Shut St
  • Ellis Richard Merlin Bridge
  • Evans Henry, Prendergast
  • Jones George, Dew St
  • Jones John, Dew St
  • Peters Edward, Dew St
  • Robbin John, St. Thomas' St
  • Smith John, Cartlett
  • White Philip Prendergast


  • Davies James, New quay
  • Evans Thomas, North st
  • Fisher Edward. Quay st
  • Madocks John & Thomas Old Bridge
  • Mathias William Bridge St
  • Thomas William High St
  • Thomas William. Old bridge
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay St


  • Blethyn William, Bridge St
  • Davies John, High St
  • Evans James, Prendergast
  • Lewis Henry, (& Upholsterer) Old Bridge
  • Lewis William, Picton Place
  • Llewellin James, St, Thomas St
  • Llewellin John, Hill St
  • Owen William Old Bridge
  • Williams Daniel Quay St


  • Edmond John, Holloway
  • Jenkins John, Shut St
  • Jenkins Joseph, Dew St
  • Lewis Henry, Old Bridge
  • Lewis William, Picton Place
  • Lloyd Joseph, Dark St
  • Morse David, St. Martins.


  • Ball Samuel, High St
  • Davies William, Bridge St
  • Pratt R.B. Victoria place
  • Prickett John, Market St


  • Davies Benjamin, Prendergast
  • Davies Owen Edmond High St
  • Emment John, Dew St
  • Harries Gwynne, High St
  • Hicks Martha, Market St
  • Phillips John, Castle Square
  • Williams Thomas, Market St


  • Lewis Henry, Bridge Street
  • Lloyd William, Old Bridge


  • Ellis Richard, Old Bridge
  • Hitchings John, Quay St
  • Hudson John, the Quay
  • Llewellin Mary, the Quay
  • Llewellin Thomas, Old Bridge
  • Richards Jane, the Quay


  • Hobbs Michael, Tower Hill
  • Hughes Margaret, Mary & Ann, High St
  • Lloyd Thomas, Bridge St
  • Rees Henry, Bridge St
  • Rees Richard, Hill St
  • Skinner William, Bridge St
  • Watkins Stephen, Victoria place


  • Cozens William, Dew St
  • Gwynne Thomas, Dark St


  • Evans Charles, Hill St
  • Llewellin George, North St
  • Llewellin Thomas, Northgate


  • Jewell William, Dark St
  • Rogers George, Tower Hill


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge St
  • Davies James, New Quay
  • Evans Thomas, North St
  • Fisher Edward, Quay St
  • Hitchings John, Quay St
  • Madocks Jno. &Thomas, Old Bridge
  • Mathias William, Bridge St
  • Morris Ann. Bridge St
  • Thomas William, High St
  • Thomas William, Old Bridge
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay St


  • Brown Mark (seller), Prendergast
  • Brown William Robert, Bridge St
  • Edwards James, Prendergast
  • Evans John, St. Martin's Place
  • Fletcher John. Bridge St
  • Green Mary, Bridge St
  • Griffiths David, Prendergast
  • James Samuel, Prendergast
  • Jenkins Benjamin, Kilns
  • Jones Elizabeth, Dew St


  • Crane Charles, Cartlett
  • Morgan John, North St

FIRE, &. OFFICE AGENTS. (In alphabetical order by agent's names, original listed by name of company)

  • Evans William, LAW (life), High St
  • Gibbs Charles, SUN, High St
  • Hughes Thomas, FAMILY ENDOWMENT, 3 Victoria Place
  • Hughes Thomas, IMPERIAL Victoria place
  • James Richard, ROYAL FARMERS, High St
  • Lemon Ann, PELICAN (life) AND PHOENIX (fire) High St
  • Morgan Thomas, GUARDIAN, Bridge St
  • Perkins William, CHURCH OF ENGLAND (life) Market St
  • Potter Joseph, WESTMINSTER (life) High St
  • Rees William, ATLAS, Spring Gardens
  • Rees William, DISSENTERS Spring Gardens


  • Griffiths Thomas, Chapel Lane
  • Malt Stephen, North St


  • George William, Prendergast
  • Griffiths Mary & Martha St Martin's
  • Rees William, St Martin's


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Adams Ann, Hill St
  • Allen John, Old Bridge
  • Bevan Mark, Bridge St
  • Clare David, Market St
  • Edwards Edward, Bridge St
  • Ellis Philip, Merlin Bridge
  • Gibbs Charles, High St
  • Green John, Bridge St
  • Griffiths William, Gough Bridge St
  • Higgon Sarah, Market St
  • James John, Dew St
  • Jenkins Stephen, Prendergast
  • Lemon Ann, High St
  • Lewis David, High St
  • Maddocks Joseph, St Martin's
  • Morgan William, Dew St
  • Morris George, Old Bridge
  • Morse David, North St
  • Phillips Frances, Chapel Lane
  • Phillips Thomas, Dew St
  • Phillips William, Castle Sq
  • Pyne Henry, Hill St
  • Rees Henry, Bridge St
  • Reynolds Walter, Cartlett
  • Richards Eleanor, St Thomas' Green
  • Richards Jane, Quay St
  • Spencer Elizabeth, High St
  • Thomas James, Market St
  • Thomas Mary, Old Bridge
  • Thomas Phoebe St Martin's
  • Thomas Wm. (& Wholesale) High St
  • Tombs Joseph, (Wholesale) Quay St
  • Williams Henry, Queen's Sq
  • Williams Thomas, Tower Hill
  • Williams William, Market St


  • Stephens Edmund Ross Dew St
  • Williams William, Market St


  • Davies David, North St
  • Davies David, Prendergast
  • Edwards Edward, Bridge St


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge St
  • Evans Thomas, North St
  • Maddocks John & Thomas Old Bridge
  • Mathias William, Bridge St
  • Morris Ann, Bridge St
  • Thomas William, High St
  • Tombs Joseph (& general provisions) Quay St



  • Cook William, Queen's Sq
  • Francis Richard, Barn St
  • Gwyther John, Old Bridge
  • Harries John, Holloway
  • Harries Thomas, St Thomas St
  • Reynolds Walter, Cartlett
  • Thomas William, Old Bridge

INNS & HOTELS.  (In alphabetical order by landlord's names, original listed by name of place)

(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Pugh Sarah, Castle Hotel (Castle Sq) (& Commercial & Posting) High St
  • Winsor Charlotte Arah, Mariners Hotel (& Commercial & Posting) Mariners' Sq
  • Reynolds Walter, Salutation Inn Cartlett
  • Gwyther Jno, Swan Inn, Old Bridge


  • Jardine John, Bridge St
  • Jones Rhys, Market St
  • Lloyd James Rees, Bridge St
  • Lloyd John, Market St
  • Marychurch Joseph (& Agricultural implements manf.) Bridge St
  • Phillips James, Dew St
  • Richards John, Castle Sq
  • Thomas William, Quay St


  • Evans Thomas, North St
  • John William, Cartlett
  • Madocks John & Thomas Old Bridge
  • Rogers Thomas, Cartlett


  • Allen John, Old Bridge
  • Bevan Mark, Bridge St
  • Brown Daniel & John, Market St
  • Clare David, Market St
  • Davies William, High St
  • Green John, Bridge St
  • Higgon Sarah, Market St
  • James John, Dew St
  • Jenkins Stephen, Prendergast
  • Lewis David, High St
  • Llewellin William, High St
  • Lloyd John, Market St
  • Morris George, Old Bridge
  • Palmer George, High St
  • Phillips Thomas, Dew St
  • Richards Eleanor, St Thomas' Green
  • Williams Ann, High St
  • Williams William, (& Wholesale) Market St


  • Beynon Thomas, Bridge St
  • Davies Esther, Bridge St
  • Fisher Edward, Quay St
  • Green Mary, Bridge St
  • Madocks John & Thomas Old Bridge
  • Morris Ann, Bridge St


  • Harvey Benjamin, St Martin's
  • Mathias William, Harroldstone Mill
  • Rees Isaac, Cartlett
  • Rees John, Priory
  • Rees Richard, Dermant


  • Evans Martha, Bridge St
  • Game Elizabeth, Castle Sq
  • George Mary, Bridge St
  • Howell Lucretia, High St
  • Owen Jane North St
  • Millard Philippa & Janet Goat St
  • Parry Rebecca, High St
  • Pearse Hepzibah, Dew St
  • Prickett Sarah, Dew St
  • Rees Mary, Picton Place
  • Williams Ann, High St
  • Williams Ann, Gloucester Terrace


  • Pembrokeshire Herald
  • Potter Joseph, jnr. Proprietor, High St


  • Bilton William, Old Bridge
  • McEwen John, Merlin Bridge


  • Beynon John, Shut St
  • Davies Richard, Bridge St
  • Davies William, Bridge St
  • Morgan William, Dew St
  • Powell Joshua, Merlin Terrace
  • Price John, Shut St


  • Harvey Benjamin, Haverfordwest & Prendergast Mills.


  • Brown Martha, Market St
  • Jenkins James, Bridge St
  • Madocks John & Thomas Old Bridge
  • Phillips Richard, Old Bridge


See under the head Booksellers.


  • James John, (landscape) Prendergast
  • Pyne Henry, (portrait) Hill St
  • Ribbon James, (music) Shut St
  • Tasker Joseph, (music) Dew St


  • Davies Henry, Picton place
  • Owens John, Prendegast


  • Cole Thomas, Old Bridge
  • Gibbs Charles, High St
  • Morgan Peter, Old Bridge
  • Warlow George, High St


  • Collins Thomas, Prendergast
  • Davies Lewis, Bridge St
  • Evans Martha, Cartlett
  • Fotherell John, Prendergast
  • Gumpert Mary, Hill St
  • Hughes Samuel, Cartlett
  • James John, Goat St
  • James Thomas, Old Bridge
  • Jenkins Thomas, Cartlett
  • Jermain Thomas, Prendergast
  • Lemon Mary, Dew St
  • Lewis Thomas, Prendergast
  • Lloyd William, Holloway
  • Martin Thomas, Dew St
  • Marychurch Solomon, Dew St
  • Morris Charlotte, Gloucester Place
  • Owens William, Prendergast
  • Thomas George, Dew St
  • Williams David, Goat St


(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants,)

  • Edwards Edward, Bridge St
  • Gibbs Charles, Market St
  • Higgon William, High St
  • Parry Rebecca, High St


  • Davies Edward, Horn's Lane
  • Deness Daniel, Dew St


  • Morgan David & Thomas North St
  • Morris George, Old Bridge
  • Phillips Henry, Cartlett
  • Richards William, Cartlett
  • Rowlands Thomas, Tower Hill
  • Skyrme William, Quay St
  • Thomas John, (& statuary) Picton Place


  • Ball Jane, Hill St
  • Bennett Mary Ann, Tower Hill
  • Charles Letitia, Dew St
  • Evans Elizabeth, Market St
  • Garrett Mary, Chapel Lane
  • Harris Martha, St Thomas St
  • Lemon Mary, Dew St
  • Lewis Ann, St Mary's Place
  • Llewellin Jane, St Thomas St
  • Thomas Mary, Prendergast
  • Warlow Fanny, Tower Hill


  • Brown James David, Tower Hill
  • Evans John Tasker, Tower Hill
  • Millard George Llewellin, Market St
  • Morgan John Lloyd, M.D. High St
  • Phillips George, Dark St
  • Rowe George, Hill St
  • Summers Richard, Goat St
  • Warlow William, Hill Lane


(See also Agents)

  • Eaton Thomas, High St
  • Goode & Philpott, Dew St
  • Morris James (of taxes) Picton Place


  • Abbott Charles, St Thomas' Green
  • Barnard Joseph, Prendergast
  • Birch James, Holloway
  • Evans John, St Thomas' Green
  • Evans Thomas, Dew St
  • Evans William, Church St
  • Howell John, High St
  • John William, Hill St
  • Lloyd John, Quay St
  • Lloyd William, Quay St
  • Morris Martin, Shut St
  • Phillips John, Church St
  • Powis Henry, Tower Hill
  • Rees Thomas, Quay St
  • Scurlock James, Goat St


  • Prickett John, Market St
  • Thomas James, Market St
  • Thomas William, High St
  • Tombs Joseph, Quay St


  • Allen Charles Bowen, Quay St
  • Williams Richard, Merlin Bridge


  • Angel, Thomas Owens, Church St
  • Bell, William Morris, Market St
  • Black Bear, Martha Howell, Tower Hill
  • Black Horse, James Lloyd, Bridge St
  • Black Lion, Thomas Jenkins, Shut St
  • Blue Boar Griffith Davies, Dew St
  • Boar's Head, George Jones, Dew St
  • Bridge End, George Davies, Prendergast
  • Bridge End, John Phillips, Harrison Bridge
  • Bristol Trader, Mary Llewellin, The Quay
  • Bull, James Phillips, Prendergast
  • Butchers' Arms, Mary Griffiths, St Mary St
  • Carmarthen Arms, William Morgan, Cartlett
  • Carpenters' Arms, John Goodridge, Dew St
  • Cat & Bagpipes, Edward Peters, Dew St
  • Crown, Benjamin Evans, Quay St
  • Crown, Thomas Mathias, Old Bridge
  • Farmers' Arms, John Harries, Holloway
  • Feathers William Devereux, Old Bridge
  • Fishguard Arms, Thomas Thomas, Old Bridge
  • Fountain, John Owen, Prendergast
  • Fox & Hounds, Thomas Reynolds, Hill St
  • George, William Golding, Market St
  • Globe, Mary Thomas, Market St
  • Greyhound, Martha Bowen, Mariners' Sq
  • Grove Inn, Richard Phillips, Hill St
  • Horse & Groom, Thomas James, Prendergast
  • Ivy Bush, David James, Dew St
  • Jolly Sailor, Thomas Martin, Dew St
  • Jolly Sailor, Elizabeth Mathias, Merlin Bridge
  • Jolly Seaman, Stephen Sinnett, North St
  • King's Arms, William Price, Dew St
  • King's Head, John Jones, Shut St
  • Lamb, William Evans, Shut St
  • Market Cellar Alexander Price, Dew St
  • Mason's Arms, James Devereaux, Dew St
  • Mason's Arms, Thomas Williams, Cartlett
  • Milford Arms, Mary Mathias, Cartlett
  • Mill Inn, William Williams, Cartlett
  • Nag's Head, Elizabeth Davies, St Martin's
  • Narberth Arms, Thomas Thomas, Cartlett
  • New Black Horse, William Lloyd, Holloway
  • New Inn, Mary Carter, Old Bridge
  • New Inn, John Robbin, Market St
  • Oak, Henry Southwell, St Thomas' Green
  • Odd Fellows' Arms, William Harries, Cartlett
  • Old Three Crowns, Thomas Griffiths, High St
  • Old Tuns, Lettice Gibbon, Tower Hill
  • Plough & Harrow, William Richards, Cartlett
  • Plough, Isaac Williams, Hill St
  • Red Lion, George Eynon, Quay St
  • Rising Sun, David Morse, North St
  • Royal Oak, John Rogers, Dew St
  • Sailors' Arms, Peter Perkins, Quay St
  • Salutation, Walter Reynolds, Cartlett
  • Six Bells, George Evans, Tower Hill
  • St David's Arms, Jane Thomas, St Martin's
  • Star, John Rowlands, Church St
  • Swan, John Gwyther, Old Bridge
  • Three Crowns, Henry Watts, Hill St
  • Turk's Head, Elizabeth Sambrook, St Martin's
  • Union Tavern, Thomas Richards, The Quay
  • Waterman's Arms, George Newcombe Hassell, Quay St
  • Weary Traveller Joseph Owen, Prendergast
  • Wellington, John Phillips, Prendergast
  • White Horse, Joseph Jenkins, Dew St
  • White Lion, William Codd, Dew St


  • Jardine John, Bridge St
  • Marychurch Joseph, Bridge St
  • Thomas William, Quay St


  • Evans George, Hill St
  • Evans George, Tower Hill
  • Jones Rhys, Market St
  • Marychurch Joseph, Bridge St
  • Phillips Thomas, Prendergast
  • Richards John, Castle Sq


  • Bevans James, High St
  • Ellas Herman, High St
  • Golding William, Jnr. Market St
  • James James, Old Bridge
  • Phillips Thomas, Prendergast
  • Pratt R.B. Victoria place
  • Risley John, (clock), Old Bridge
  • Truscott Lewis, Castle Sq


  • Hitchings John, Quay St
  • Perkins Thomas, Quay St
  • Richards Thomas, Quay St


(See also Spirit Merchants)

  • Brown Martha, Market St
  • Jenkins James, Bridge St
  • Phillips Richard, Old Bridge


  • Marychurch Joseph, Bridge St
  • Richards John, Castle Sq


  • ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Tower Hill
  • TOWN HALL, High St.


  • Amson George, Keeper, LUNATIC ASYLUM, St Thomas' Green
  • Barnasconi Fras. Hardware Dealer, Dew St
  • Carter Thomas, Town Crier, North St
  • Farrell James, Basket Maker, Old Bridge
  • Fenton H.P. Agent, PRESSELLY SLATE WHARF, Marsh
  • Gibbon Ebenezer Manager, GAS WORKS, Marsh
  • Gibbs Charles, Sub-distributer of stamps, Market St
  • Hitchings John, Agent, BRISTOL STEAM PACKET OFFICE, Quay St
  • Hughes Thomas, Treasurer to the Corporation, 3 Victoria Place
  • James Richard, Clerk to board of guardians, High St
  • John Enoch, boot-tree maker &c, Bridge St
  • Jones Thomas, Governor, GAOL, (for town & County) Castle
  • Leach Edward, Clerk of the peace, Town Hall, High St
  • Millard George, Surgeon, LUNATIC ASYLUM, St Thomas' Green
  • Owen William, Owen, Accountant and interpreter, North St
  • Perkins Thomas, Principal Coast Officer CUSTOM HOUSE, Quay St
  • Phillips Thomas Nash, Cutler, Dew St
  • Potter Joseph, Reading Rooms, High St
  • Pugh Charles George, Veterinary Surgeon, Castle Sq
  • Russell Thomas, Boarding House 2 Victoria Place
  • Saies James, Insurance Broker High St
  • Thomas John, Plasterer Shut St
  • Thomas Owen, Bookbinder, St Martin's


  • Thompson William, Master,
  • Thompson Maria, Mistress,
  • Lewis Elizabeth, Schoolmistress,
  • Thomas George, Relieving Officer,
  • Evans Richard, Relieving Officer,
  • Nicholas James, Relieving Officer,
  • Evans John, Relieving Officer,


  • James Richard, Superintendent,
  • Bateman David, Registrar of Marriages,
  • Ellis Thomas, Registrar of Marriages,
  • Saies Thomas, Registrar of Births and Deaths,
  • Williams Thomas, Registrar of Births and Deaths,
  • Morris Thomas, Registrar of Births and Deaths,

MAIL, &c.

  • To LONDON, the Royal Mail, from the Castle, every night at a quarter past 9; goes through Narberth, St Clears, Carmarthen, &c,
  • To MILFORD HAVEN, an Omnibus, from the King's Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at four - and a Car from the Blue Boar, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at half past three.


  • To CARDIGAN, D. Furlong, from Shut street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and John Thomas and Henry Amson, from the Crown, every Thurs.
  • To CARMARTHEN, Wm. James, from the Swan. every Monday & Thursday, and David Evans, once a week.
  • To DALE and ST. ANN'S LIGHTS, -Hancock, from the Oak, every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • To FISHGUARD, Edwd. Phillips,from the Crown, and George Tudor, from the Fishguard Arms, every Tues. & Friday.
  • To LITTLE HAVEN and BROAD HAVEN, William Gooderich, from the Carpenters' Arms, every Wed. and Sat.
  • To NARBERTH, Wm. James and Ann Roblin, from the Swan, every Monday and Saturday.
  • To NEWPORT. Jas. Williams, from the Crown, and Enoch Williams, from the Fishguard Arms, every Thursday.
  • To PEMBROKE, Richard Thomas.from Shut street, every Wednesday and Friday.
  • To ST. DAVID'S, Daniel Owens & John Williams, from the Greyhound, every Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday, and Stephen Williams, from the Nags Head, every Saturday.
  • TO SOLVA, Mary John, from the Nag's Head, every Wednesday and Saturday.


To BRISTOL, calling at Tenby, the Star Steam Packet, every Tuesday & Friday during the summer months; in winter on Fridays only - John Hitchings, agent, Quay Street.


  • To LONDON, the Perseverance, Richards, master, and the Vixen, John Richards, master, once a month, from the Old Quay - Thomas Richards, agent.
  • To BRISTOL, the Eliza, Wm. Richards; the Cambrian Packet, - Richards; the Ann, John Lewis; the John, Thomas Davies: and the Ellen, Peter Perkins, Masters, from the Old Quay, once a week - Thomas Richards, agent.