Pigot & Co South Wales 1830


The information  below relating to Milford Haven was extracted  by Pat Powell from the S.O.G  fiche and verified to the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


Is a market-town and sea-port, in the parish of Steynton and hundred of Rhoose or Rhos, and county of Pembroke: 257 miles from London, 146 from Bristol, 8 from Haverfordwest, and 7 from Pembroke. The town is situated on a large arm of the sea, and consists of three streets running parallel with each other from east to west, on the side of a hill. The harbour is of an oblong figure, about ten miles in length and from one to two in breadth: having five bays, 10 creeks, and 13 roads - the whole, for anchorage, being considered the best and safest in Great Britain.

The Haven is navigable for any ships in the world, and is capable of containing all the Royal navy and vessels of the nation, without incommoding each other; from hence, too, by favour of the strong and extraordinary high tides, they can proceed to sea, almost with any wind, more speedily than from any other considerable port in the kingdom, and without being delayed by the baffling winds so frequent in the Channel.

These advantages seem to point out Milford Haven as one of the best stations for the Royal navy; but (owing most probably to the dock-yards being already established, at a vast expense, in other places) there has been but little use made of one of the most naturally-favoured harbours in the world.

The inadequate share of prosperity and importance, which has been attached to the local facilities of Milford, has lately been seriously invaded, - it having been found necessary to remove the dock-yard higher up the river, to a place called Pater; and the post-office steam-packet establishment is likewise about to be deprived of, in favour of the same place: the effect of these regulations, so injurious to Milford, has already began to be felt, as upwards of 50 families will have to remove; and the final, if not rapid decay of the place, is fearfully anticipated.

At present there is a Lazaret establishment, upon a very extensive scale, having nine sail of large vessels, amongst which is the old Ville de Paris.

The principal exports of the place are stone-coal, for drying malt, of which great quantities are shipped for London and the different ports on the Bristol channel; also limestone and culm, of which large cargoes are sent coastwise, and also to North Wales.

The chief government of the town is in a resident magistrate; and a court leet is held annually, under the lord of the manor, the Hon. Captain Robert Fulk Greville.

The places for divine worship are, the church ( a handsome building), or rather a chapel of ease to the mother church at Steynton (of which the Rev. Thomas Brigstocke is minister); and four chapels for dissenters.

The charities are comprised in several schools for instructing the children of the poor free of expense, and a well-supported institution for assisting poor women in child-birth. The vicinity of Milford boasts several handsome mansions of the gentry.

The sports of the field draw together a large assemblage of gentlemen in the proper season; and two fine packs of hounds are kept by W.H.Sconefield, Esq., and George Rock.Esq.

The country around here is hilly, and the prospect chiefly interesting from the fine expanse of water; the shores rising into hills, which are unornamented by wood and unbroken into crags, their sameness would fail in delighting the eye, were the general scene not enlivened by the constant arrival and departure of vessels of various size.

The markets are held on Tuesday and Saturday, in a commodious covered market-place; an annual fair is held on the 1st of August. The parish of Steynton contained, in 1821, 2,405 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, Edward Pritchard, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive every morning at half-past five, and are despatched every evening at half-past seven.

Letters from Ireland arrive every afternoon, and are despatched every morning at half-past five.


  • Boucher Capt. W.H. R.N. Milford
  • Brigstocke Rev. Thomas, Milford
  • Bunker Capt. Uriah, Bunker's hill
  • Chappell Edw. Master R.N. Milford
  • Child Lewis, esq. Newton
  • Corey Miss, Milford
  • Cousins William, esq. Rose pool
  • Crimes Rev. A.J. Milford
  • Davies Capt. John, R.N. Happy retreat
  • Davies William, esq. Capestone
  • Davis John, master, R.N. Milford
  • Dobbin Captain Wm. R.N. Milford
  • Gregory Mrs Jane, Milford
  • Greville Hon. Capt. Rbt. Fulk, Castle hall
  • Griffith David, gent. Milford
  • Hearding Captain John, Heakin
  • James Capt. Jacob R.N. Milford
  • Johns Wm. Master, R.N. Milford
  • Jones Rev. -, Hubberson
  • Lewett Mrs. Milford
  • Palmer Henry, esq. Gallow's wick
  • Parry George, esq. Scobeston
  • Paynter David, esq. Dale
  • Paynter George, gent. Milford
  • Pedbury Captain, R.N. Milford
  • Phillips John Lloyd, esq. Dale castle
  • Poyntz Capt. R.N. Newton Oye
  • Pringle Captain John, Milford
  • Reynett Capt. Jas. Henry, Milford
  • Richard David, gent. Milford
  • Roberts Robt. Purser, R.N. Milford
  • Robertson Bowen, esq. Haken lodge
  • Roch George, esq. Butter hill
  • Roch Rev, William, Butter hill
  • Rule James, jun. esq. Milford
  • Saunders Mrs David, Milford
  • Sinnott -, gent. Milford
  • Sourfield William Henry, esq. Robertson hall
  • Stokes Anthony Innis, esq. St. Botolph's
  • Strugnal Lieut. Wm. R.N. Milford
  • Summers Wm. Bowlas, gent. Moor
  • Which Mrs. Phillipa, Milford
  • Williams Mrs. Milford


  • Appleby Ann
  • Brigstocke Rev. Thomas (gent's boarding)
  • Clare Joseph
  • Dalton Amelia
  • National school - John Harries, master
  • Stribling Thomas
  • Waldergrave Sarah (ladies' boarding)


  • Harries Walter (ship, & to the underwriters of Liverpool)
  • Hearding Capt. John (to the East India Company)
  • Lewis Thomas James (ship & commission)
  • Richards John (quarantine, and French pro-consul)
  • Robertson Wm. (ship) & at Pembroke
  • Starbuck Gayer (to Lloyd's)


  • Richards Hugh
  • Stephens & Roberts (& chain cable)
  • Stephens Phillip (& chain cable)


  • Merritt Hny. (ship-bread & miller)
  • Morgan Elizabeth (& ship-bread)
  • Roberts Ann (and ship-bread)
  • Symmons Martha


  • Hancock James
  • Lewis William
  • Lloyd David


  • Anderson Margaret
  • Gould Wm.


  • Howell Thomas
  • Jones Thomas
  • Lewis James
  • Lifton John
  • M'Allister Thos.
  • Richards Edward
  • Saies Thomas
  • Thomas George


  • Barrell William
  • John George
  • Williams Thomas


  • Berry James
  • Edwards Henry
  • Evans Benjamin


  • Hughes John
  • Jones James
  • Mumford William


  • Darker Thomas
  • Jones Morgan
  • Price David


  • Brown Louisa
  • Greenish John
  • Howell William
  • Key Robert
  • Martel Stephen
  • Nicholls John
  • Palmer James


  • Crockett John
  • Lewis John


  • Commercial, James Murphy
  • Nelson Hotel, Edward Pritchard


  • Greenish John
  • Nicholls John


  • Harries Walter
  • Pedbury Captain, R.N. Milford
  • Starbuck Gayer (and American and Hambro vice-consul)
  • Starbuck Paul


  • Beal Mary
  • Gwynn Mary
  • Lewis Martha
  • Saies Mary Ann


  • Lloyd William
  • Milne James
  • Saies James


  • Dunmore Benjamin, Jordanson
  • M'Millin Quintin (to the Lazaret establishment)
  • Smith Charles, Blackbridge


  • Chick John & Co. Dowlais
  • Jones William, Grawen
  • Price George, Jackson's bridge


  • Lloyd Charles
  • Pritchard Edward


  • Canton John
  • Field Richard
  • Roberts William


  • Allen Martha
  • Anderson Cath.
  • Davies Margaret
  • Glanvill Richard
  • Hogan John
  • Lawrence Hannah
  • Phillips Theodosia
  • Saies William
  • Williams Elizabeth


  • Appledore Thomas
  • Brown Charles
  • Jones Thomas


  • Adams David
  • Davis Rees
  • Edwards John
  • Evans Thomas
  • Grono Jewell
  • Hughes James
  • Morgan John
  • Richards William
  • Thomas John


  • Chase George
  • Greenish Sarah
  • Saies Mary


  • Byers Richard Hoare
  • Drew James
  • Waldegrave Charles
  • Williams Thomas


  • Howells William
  • Moseley William (& draper)
  • Webb John


  • Perkins Lewis
  • Williams Eliz.


  • Blue Anchor, Isaac Matthias
  • Bristol Trader, John Hughes
  • Cardigan Arms, Thomas Morris
  • Champion, John Richards
  • Coopers' Arms, Frances Mumford
  • Dolphin, William Barrell
  • Fishguard, Elizabeth Morgan
  • Globe, Martha Beynon
  • Hibernian Tavern, Lavinia Scott
  • King's Arms, Elizabeth Griffiths
  • Lion, William Phillips
  • New Inn, Susannah Simmons
  • Pilot Boat, James John
  • Ross and Wexford Tavern, Thomas John
  • St David's Arms, Martha Watkins
  • Ship, William Brown
  • Shipwrights' Arms, Ann Roberts
  • Sloop, Thomas Phillips
  • Swan, James Sexton
  • Three Tuns, Elizabeth Rees
  • Union Packet, Ann Rees
  • Waterford Packet, Martha Morris


  • John James, marine store dealer
  • Key Matilda and Susan, confectioners
  • Lee Michael, watch maker
  • Pascall Henry, sail maker
  • Peregrine Thomas, notary republic
  • Rees David, tin-plate worker


  • Collector - Henry Leach, esq.
  • Comptroller & Surveyor - Thomas Phillips, esq.
  • Tide Surveyor - Samuel Harding
  • Landing Waiter - John Browne


  • To Carmarthen, the Royal Mail, from the Nelson Hotel, every evening at seven; goes through Haverfordwest, Narberth, Coleblow and St. Clear.
  • To Haverfordwest, a Car, from the Commercial Inn, every morning at 9.


Post office Establishment

Steam Packets.

  • The Crocodile, Charles Nuttall, master: the Sovereign, Edward Hallands; the Sybil, John Roberts; and the Vixen, William Evans. - One of which Packets sails for Dunsmore, Waterford, every morning upon the arrival of the Mail.

Coasting traders

  • To London, the Draper, Hny Richards, master; and the Perseverance, Thomas Richards.
  • To Bristol, the Barleycorn, Llewellyn Llewellyn, master.
  • To Liverpool, the Dispatch, Thomas Jones, master; the Pursuit, Jno. Lewis.