Pigot & Co South Wales 1844


The information  below relating to Milford Haven and Neighbourhood was extracted  by Gareth Hicks from the CD of the above  title published by Archive CD Books.

Milford Haven and Neighbourhood

See Pigot 1830 for a general description.


Post Office, Edward Pritchard, Post Master. --- Letters from London and all parts arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched at a quarter before six in the evening.

Gentry and Clergy

  • Allen, Captain John; Milford
  • Austin, Rev W S; Milford
  • Bonette, Major ---; Milford
  • Brigstocke, Rev Thomas; Walwin's Castle
  • Child, Lewis, Esq; Newton
  • Corey, Miss ---; Milford
  • Cozens, William, Esq; Milford
  • Davies, Captain John; Milford
  • Davies, William, Esq; Copstone
  • Dobbin, Miss ---; Milford
  • Duffin, Mrs ---; Milford
  • Dumayne, Benjamin, Esq; Milford
  • Evans, Rev G; Bunker's hill
  • George, Lieutenant James; Hakin
  • Griffiths, Miss Elizabeth; Milford
  • James, Mrs Eleanor; Milford
  • James, Miss Ellen; Milford
  • James, Miss ---; Milford
  • Johns, Captain William; Milford
  • Johnson, Captain ---; Milford
  • Jones, Rev Isaac; Hubberston
  • Keys, Mrs Ann; Milford
  • Leach, Henry, Esq; Milford
  • Levetts, the Misses; Milford
  • Martin, Thomas James, Esq; Milford
  • May, Captain, John, Milford
  • Moore, Miss Anne, Milford
  • Moore, Miss Mary; Milford
  • Palmer, Henry, Esq; Galley's wick
  • Palmer, Mrs Margaret; Milford
  • Palmer, Mrs Mary; Milford
  • Paynter, Mrs Mary; Milford
  • Phillips, John Lloyd, Esq; Dale Castle
  • Pringle, Captain John; Milford
  • Reynett, Capt. James Hemry; Milford
  • Rhode, Mrs Mary; Milford
  • Richards, Miss ---; Hakin
  • Roberts, Captain John, RN; Milford
  • Roch, George, Esq; Butter hill
  • Roch, Rev William; Hadleston
  • Rule, Mrs ---; Milford
  • Saunders, Rev Samuel; St Ishmael's
  • Starbuck, Mrs ---; Milford
  • Stokes, Adrian, Esq; St Botolph's
  • Summers, Wm Bowlas, Esq; Moor
  • Thomas, Rev J H; Milford
  • Vaughan, Capt David; Milford
  • Vincent, Mrs ---, Milford
  • Warlow, Rev William; Milford
  • White, William, Esq; Newton Oyes
  • Wish, Mrs Philippa; Milford
  • Wright, Joseph, Esq; Hakin

Academies and Schools

  • France, Esther & Jane (boarding and day); Milford
  • Harries, Mary Ann (boarding & day); Milford
  • Merritt, John (day); Hakin
  • Morgan, Susan (day); Milford
  • Richards, Rev Thomas (boarding and day); Thornton
  • Richardson, John Marshall (day); Milford
  • Roberts, Ellen (day); Milford
  • Waldegrave, Alice & Rebecca (boarding and day); Milford


(See also Consuls --- Vice)

  • Harries, Walter W (agent for Lloyd's and for the underwriters of Liverpool, and notary public); Hakin
  • Lewis, Thomas James (ship and general commission); Hakin
  • Palmer, Jas (steam packet); Milford
  • Probert, David (steam packet); Hakin

Anchor and Ship Smiths, and Chaincable Manufacturers

  • Marychurch, Josh; Hakin
  • Richards & Sons (& iron founders); Hakin
  • Stephens, Philip; Milford


  • Allen, Elizabeth; Milford
  • Allen, Martha; Milford
  • Johns, James; Milford
  • Merritt, Henry (and confectioner); Hakin
  • Phillips, Mary; Hakin
  • Roberts, Ann; Hakin
  • Symmons, Martha (& confectioner); Milford


  • Brown, Griffith; Milford
  • Davies, John; Hakin
  • Hancock, James; Hakin
  • Lewis, William; Milford

Block and Pump Makers

  • Anderson, William; Hakin
  • Gould, George; Hakin
  • Gould, William; Hakin

Booksellers and Stationrs

  • Stribling, Mary; Milford
  • Richardson, John Marshall; Milford

Boot and Shoe Makers

  • Davis, William; Hakin
  • Howell, Thomas; Milford
  • Johns, James; Milford
  • Lewis, James; Milford
  • Lifton, Isaac; Hakin
  • Richards, Edward; Milford
  • Saies, Thomas; Milford
  • Sutton, James; Milford
  • Thomas, George; Milford
  • Williams, James; Hakin


  • Starbuck, Gayer (& maltster); Milford


  • Banner, Henry; Hakin
  • Davies, Charles; Milford
  • Greenish, John; Milford
  • John, David; Milford
  • John, George; Milford
  • John, Morris; Milford
  • Phillips, William; Hakin
  • Williams, Thomas; Milford

Butter Merchants

  • Perkins, Lewis (& tallow chandler); Milford
  • Starbuck, Gayer (and corn); Milford

Cabinet Makers

  • Berry, Joseph; Milford
  • Davies, John; Milford
  • Edwards, Henry & James; Milford
  • Matthews, John; Milford
  • Symmons, Thomas; Milford

China, Glass &c Dealers

  • Glanville, Richard; Milford
  • Key, James (& marine store dealer)

Consuls ---Vice

  • Netherlands and Portugal, Gayer Starbuck; Milford
  • Sweden and Norway (and consular agent for France), William Walter Harries; Hakin


  • Hughes, Thomas; Milford
  • Jones, James; Hakin

Grocers, Drapers and Dealers in Sundries

  • Anderson, Catherine; Milford
  • Beal, Mary; Milford
  • Davies, William; Milford
  • Glanville, Richard; Milford
  • Hogan, Mary; Hakin
  • James, William; Hakin
  • Johns, James; Milford
  • Lee, Jane; Hakin
  • Lloyd, Elizabeth; Milford
  • Merchant, William; Milford
  • Mumford, Frances; Milford
  • Nicholls, John; Milford
  • Palmer, James; Milford
  • Phillips, George; Hakin
  • Phillips, Mary; Hakin
  • Saies, James; Milford
  • Sidney, William; Hakin
  • Stokes, John; Hakin
  • Symmons, Martha; Milford
  • Thomas, Benjamin; Milford
  • Thomas, George; Milford
  • Williams, John; Hakin
  • Williams, Thomas; Milford
  • Williams, William; Milford
  • Wood, Cornelius; Hakin

Inns and Public Houses

  • Bristol Trader, Thomas Hughes
  • Cardigan Castle, John Morgan; Hakin
  • Carnarvon Castle, Joseph Anderson
  • Carpenters' Arms, John Rees; Hakin
  • Cobourg, Martha Saies; Milford
  • Commercial, John Wade; Milford
  • Coopers' Arms, Frances Mumford
  • Cross, Thomas Morris; Milford
  • Dolphin, John Greenish; Milford
  • Farmers' Arms, David John; Milford
  • Fishguard Arms, Elizabeth Morgan; Hakin
  • George and Dragon, Ann Wade; Milford
  • Globe, Hannah Thomas; Hakin
  • Golden Lion, Morris John; Milford
  • Heart of Oak, Mary Le Hunte; Hakin
  • Hibernian Tav, Ann Phillips; Hakin
  • King's Arms, William James; Hakin
  • Masons' Arms, John Jones; Milford
  • Nelson Hotel (and posting house), Edward Pritchard; Milford
  • New Sloop, George Phillips; Hakin
  • Newport Castle, Jno Mathias; Hakin
  • Rose & Shamrock, Mary Davies; Hakin
  • Ross & Wexford Arms, Thomas John; Hakin
  • Saint David's Arms, John Thomas; Hakin
  • Saint Dogmell's Arms; Wm Griffiths, Hakin
  • Shipwright's Arms, James Davies; Hakin
  • Sloop, Mary Phillips; Hakin
  • Three Tuns, James Hancock; Hakin
  • Victoria, William Smith; Milford
  • Waterford Packet, Martha Morris; Hakin
  • Yarmouth Arms, William Brown; Hakin


  • Nicholls, John; Milford
  • Powell, William; Milford
  • Roberts, Margaret & Co; Hakin


  • Starbuck, Gayer (& brewer); Milford


  • Harries, Walter W; Hakin
  • Lewis, Thomas James; Hakin
  • Starbuck, A B; Milford haven
  • Starbuck, Gayer (and corn & butter); Milford Haven

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Anderson, Margaret; Hakin
  • Evans, Sarah; Hakin
  • Evans, Sarah; Milford
  • Gwynn, Mary; Milford
  • Hitchins, Mary & ann; Milford
  • Hughes, Maria; Milford
  • Lewis, Mary; Milford

Painters and Glaziers

  • Coney, Peter; Hakin
  • Edwards, Henry James; Milford
  • Lloyd, William; Hakin
  • Powell, William; Milford
  • Saies, James (glazier); Milford

Sail Makers

  • Browning, William; Hakin & Milford
  • Richards, Robert; Hakin
  • Thomas, William; Hakin

Ship Builders

  • Davies, James; Hakin
  • Hogan, John; Hakin
  • Lewis, Richard; Hakin
  • Roberts, Margaret & Co; Hakin & Milford

Spirit Dealers

  • Appledore, Jane; Milford
  • Davies, William; Milford
  • Lewis, Thomas James (wholesale); Hakin

Stone Masons

  • Adams, David; Milford
  • Jones, John; Milford
  • Sidney, William; Hakin
  • Smith, William; Milford
  • Williams, David; Hakin

Straw Hat Makers

  • Harries, Mary; Milford
  • Phillips, Mary Ann; Milford


  • Barrallaer, John L; Milford
  • Byers, Richard Hoare; Milford
  • Drew, John; Milford
  • Field, John Andrew; Hakin
  • McMillan, Quintin, MD; Milford
  • Williams, Thomas; Hakin


  • Garrett, William; Milford
  • Howell, William; Hakin
  • Johns, Charles; Milford
  • Morgan, John; Milford
  • Moseley, William; Hakin
  • Richards, John; Milford
  • Sutton, William; Hakin
  • Webb, John; Milford

Timber Merchants

  • Roberts, Margaret & Co; Hakin & Milford
  • Starbuck, A B; Milford Haven

Tin-Plate Workers

  • Mabe, Thomas; Milford
  • Rees, David; Milford

Watch Makers

  • Lee, Jane; Hakin
  • Phillips, John; Hakin


  • Edwards, Henry & Jas., carpenters; Milford
  • George, Lieut James RN, assistant superintendent of quarantine; Hakin
  • Lazarette Establishment, Quintin McMillan, physician; Milford
  • Lewis, Thomas James, rope maker; Milford
  • Merritt, Henry, auctioneer; Hakin
  • Probert, David; harbour master; Hakin
  • Probert, Stephen, saddler; Milford
  • Williams, Thos, chymist & druggist; Milford

Custom House

  • Collector --- George Cooke Hamilton
  • Comptroller and Landing and Tide Surveyor --- William Williams
  • Chief Clerk, George Gwyther
  • Second Clerk--- George Williams
  • Assistant Tide Surveyor --- John Morris

Trinity Office

  • Chief Sub-Commissioner --- B H Bailey
  • Sub-Commissioner of Pilots --- David Probert and David Vaughan
  • Sea Pilots --- Joseph Westerman, William Brown, James Hancock, George Johns, Thomas Johns, Robert Phillips, and William Johns
  • River Pilots --- William Garrett, John Griffiths, and --- Grymes

Omnibus and Car

  • To Haverfordwest, an Omnibus, from the Nelson Hotel, and Thomas Davies' Car, from his house, every morning (Sunday ex.) at half-past nine

Conveyance By Water

Steam Packets

  • To Bristol, the Star, William Rees, master, every Friday --- James Palmer, agent, Milford
  • To Bristol, Swansea & Liverpool, the Troubadour, James Becker, master, once a week ----  David Probert, agent, Hakin
  • To Haverfordwest, the Star, William Rees, master, every Tuesday --- James Palmer, agent, Milford
  • To Milford, Tucker's Boat, daily


  • To London, the Perseverance, --- Richards, master, and the Vixen, John Richards, master, once a month
  • To Bristol, the Eliza, William Richards, master; the Ann, John Lewis, master; the John, Thos Davies, master; and the Ellen, Peter Perkins




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