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Help and advice for Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

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Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

The information  below relating to Narberth and Neighbourhood was extracted  by Gareth Hicks from the CD of the above  title published by Archive CD Books.


See Pigot 1830 for a general description.

Post Office, John Williams, Post Master. --- Letters from London &c arrive every morning at two, and are despatched every night at a quarter before eleven. --- Letters from Haverfordwest arrive every night at a quarter before eleven, and are despatched every morning at two. --- Letters from Tenby and Pembroke, likewise from Ireland, arrive every morning at two, and are despatched every morning at six.

Gentry and Clergy

  • Allen, Seymour, Esq; Cresselly
  • Beynon, John, Esq; Trewern
  • Callen, Daniel Poyer, Esq; Molestom
  • Child, James M, Esq; Begelly House
  • Crann, John, Esq, Narberth
  • Davies, Rev Henry; Narberth
  • Devonald, Mrs ---; Sodston
  • Eaton, Mrs Dorothea; Park Glas
  • Foley, Mrs Emily; Stile-park Cottage
  • George, Evan, Esq; Plascrwn
  • George, William, Esq; Llan
  • Howell, Miss Mary; Narberth
  • Hughes, Rev Richard; Llan
  • James, David Harries, Esq; Llwyndwfr
  • James, James, Esq; Llawhadern
  • James, Rev James Williams; Robeston Wathen
  • James, Rev James William; Narberth
  • Jones, Rev David; Llandewy Uelfrey
  • Lloyd, Rev William; the Valley
  • Rowland, Nathaniel, Esq; Parke
  • Smith, Mrs Jane; Bloomfield
  • Seaton, Rev Wm; Lampeter Rectory
  • Streten, James, Esq; Pendilo
  • Swann, William Brock, Esq; Merrixton House
  • Thomas, Thomas, Esq; Treffgarne
  • Twyning, Joseph Henry, Esq; Lampeter House

Academies and Schools

  • Davies, Rev Henry (day)
  • Dewry, Sophia Watson (boarding & day)
  • Handcock, John Morgan (day)
  • National School --- John Evans, master
  • Williams, Stephen (day)
  • Woods, Rebecca (boarding & day)


  • Cozens, William (and conveyancer & commissioner for taking affidavits for the Palatine of Lancaster)
  • Gibbon, Lewis P
  • Gwynne, John
  • Lewis, Thomas
  • Martin, Henry Owen
  • Owen, William Herbert


  • Allen, William Morse
  • Phillips, David


  • Gibbon, Elizabeth
  • Howell, Mary
  • Morris, Frances
  • Morris, Francis


  • Brown, James (and whitesmith)
  • Howell, Thomas
  • Jenkins, George (and whitesmith)
  • Rees, William

Boot and Shoe Makers

  • Bowen, Stephen
  • Duckfield, Edmnd
  • Duckfield, Thos
  • Evans, Thomas
  • Griffiths, William
  • Harries, George
  • John, James
  • Lewis, William
  • Mathias, Thomas
  • Meads, John
  • Phillips, James
  • Rees, David
  • Rees, John
  • Rowe, James
  • Rowe, Stephen
  • Sheldon, William
  • Thomas, Benjamin
  • Thomas, John
  • Thomas, Michael


  • Griffiths, David
  • Griffiths, John
  • Howell, John
  • Howell, William
  • Mabe, Charles
  • Mabe, Wm Templeton
  • Morris, John, Redstone
  • Roger, John
  • Wilkins, John

Carpenters, &c

  • Davies, John
  • Davies, Rees
  • Haries, James
  • James, Thomas
  • Lewis, Thomas
  • Llewellin, John
  • Phillips, William
  • Thomas, David
  • Thomas, James
  • Watkins, Lewis

Chymists and Druggists

  • Evans, John
  • Griffiths & Nicholas (oil & colour-men)


  • Edwards, Edward
  • Morgan, Benjamin

Curriers and Leather Sellers

  • Davies, William
  • Harries, George
  • James, Howell (leather seller)
  • Price, Thomas
  • Roblin, George

Fire & Office Agents

  • Clerical, Medical, &c; Ben Royson Thomas
  • Farmers' and General; William Morris Howell
  • Norwich Union; William Herbert Owen


  • Fisher, George (and brazier)
  • Harries, James
  • Mathias, John (and plumber and painter)

Glovers and Tawers

  • Collins, John
  • Collins, Thomas
  • Collins, William (and skinner)

Grocers and Drapers

(See also Tea Dealers)

  • Couzens, Evan
  • Davies, James
  • Evans, David
  • James, Howell
  • John, Benjamin
  • Lewis, John
  • Meyler, Jason
  • Phelps, Richard
  • Roblin, George
  • Williams, Arthur


  • Davies, John
  • Hughes, Griffith
  • Jones, Lewis


(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • King's Arms, Henry Evans
  • Lion, Richard John
  • Rutzen Arms (and posting house), David Phillipps


  • Couzens, Evan
  • John, Benjamin
  • Lewis, John
  • Lloyd, James Rees


  • Bowen, Thomas
  • Harris, George
  • Williams, John


  • Beddow, Esther, New Mill
  • Butler, John, Blackpool Mill
  • Davies, John, Narberth Mill

Milliners & Dress Makrs

  • Ladd, Ann
  • Lewis, Sophia
  • Ormond, Jane
  • Wilkins, Mary


  • Bowen, Thomas
  • Ladd, John
  • Wilkins, John
  • Wilkins, Jno, jun


  • Jones, Walter
  • Phillips, James

Spirit Dealers

  • Griffiths & Nicholas
  • Lewis, Evan Prothewe
  • Phillips, Benjamin
  • Rees, Thomas

Stone Masons

  • Evans, Thomas
  • Evans, William
  • Hughes, John
  • Lewis, David, Robeston
  • Llewellyn, Isaac, Robeston
  • Lloyd, Thomas


  • Bowen, James
  • Bush, Thomas G
  • Gribble, William
  • Protheroe, Caleb
  • Protheroe, Griffith
  • Thomas, John


  • Howell, Thomas
  • Lewis, John
  • Morgan, David
  • Ormond, John & Son
  • Ormond, William

Tallow Chandlers

  • Collins, Joseph
  • James, Griffith

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Angel; David Smyth Nicholas
  • Ball; James Phillips
  • Barley Mow; Thomas Hughes
  • Butchers' Arms; John Griffiths
  • Bush; Thomas Thomas
  • Castle; Lewis Watkins
  • Coach and Horses;  Thomas Llewellyn, Robeston
  • Conduit; Sarah Thomas
  • Dolphin; Esther Thomas
  • Eagle; John Davies
  • Farmers' Arms; William James
  • Gate; John Howells
  • Globe; Thomas Rees
  • Ivy Bush; John Webb
  • New Inn; Thomas Mathias
  • Plough; Philip Thomas
  • Prince of Wales; Richard William Bell
  • Rose and Crown; Benjamin Phillips
  • Swan; James Davies
  • Welcome to Town; David Gibby

Tea Dealers

  • Dickson, Adam
  • Dickson, Archibald

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Jones, David
  • Lewis, George
  • Phillips, Thomas (clock)


  • Davies, John
  • Llewellin, John
  • Morris, Thomas


  • Davies, Janet; straw hat maker
  • Howell, William Morris; printer
  • Lewis, John; timber merchant
  • Llewellin, James; accountant
  • Phillips, John; bookbinder
  • Stamp Office; Arthur Williams, distributer

Union Workhouse, Narberth

  • Auditor --- John Williams
  • Clerk to the Board of Guardians --- John Miles
  • Master --- William Rowe
  • Relieving Officers --- William Jones Rowe and William Phillips

Registrars, of Births, Marriages and Deaths

  • Superintendent --- John Miles, Templeton
  • Registrar of Marriages --- John Griffiths
  • Registrars of Births and Deaths --- Henry Owen Martin and William Phillips


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Haverfordwest) passes through every night at a quarter before eleven, goes through St Clears, Carmarthen, Brecon &c
  • To Haverfordwest, the Royal Mail (from London) passes through every morning at two.


  • To Carmarthen, William James, every Tuesday and Friday
  • To Haverfordwest, Wm James, every Monday and Thursday; and Arthur Roblin, every Saturday
  • To Tenby, Ann Roblin and David Williams, every Tuesday and Friday


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