Pigot & Co South Wales 1844


The information  below relating to Pembroke, Pembroke Dock (or Pater) and Neighbourhoods  was extracted  by Denise Robinson from the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


PEMBROKE is a market town, and borough, both corporate and parliamentary, in the hundred of Castle Martin, and county of its name; 253 miles from London, 7 E. by S. from Milford Haven, and 10 S. from Haverfordwest, and the like distance west from Tenby; advantageously seated on a creek of the harbour of Milford Haven, navigable for vessels of two hundred tons burden, up to the town.

Although Pembroke appears to be the capital of the county, from giving to the latter its name, yet the assizes are not held here, but at Haverfordwest. The municipal government of this ancient borough is vested in a mayor, aldermen and councillors, in number altogether twenty four being three aldermen and nine councillors for each ward - Pembroke forming one, and Pembroke Dock the other. The borough is contributory with Tenby, Wiston and Milford, in returning one member to parliament. The present representative is Sir John Owen, Bart, Lord Lieutenant, &c.; and the county member is Viscount Emlyn, eldest son of the Earl of Cawdor.

The main consequence of this town is derived from the contiguity of PEMBROKE DOCK, or Pater, where is one of the finest dock-yards in the kingdom, and where some of the largest ships in the navy have been built, and are still building; upwards of nine hundred workmen and artificers are constantly employed in the yard, beside the officers, &c. So eligibly situated is Pembroke yard for naval purposes, that a first class frigate has been launched there at neap tides. The post-office steam packet establishment has been removed to Pembroke Dock from Milford; a new pier and government storehouses have been erected, and a road, communicating with the main one to London, is completed. There is also a large fort for the protection of the dockyard; and military barracks are erecting on the hills immediately over it. A large market-place, likewise, has been enclosed; and the several alterations, buildings and improvements, at this place, are of a magnitude to indicate that Pembroke Dock will, at no distant period, become a maritime station and arsenal of first-rate importance. Pembroke Dock is admirably calculated for extensive mercantile transactions; and among the inhabitants of the two places are several respectable merchants, who have a trade with Ireland, Newfoundland, the ports of Cornwall, and others in the British channel.

At Pembroke are two excellent inns, the 'Golden Lion', and the 'Royal Hotel;' they are both posting houses.

Pembroke has three parish churches, namely St. Mary's, St. Nicholas', and St. Michael's; the last named has been rebuilt, on the old site, and is now a very elegant, convenient and spacious structure. There are other places of worship, both here and at the Dock, for various religious denominations. The three parishes form one vicarage, which is in the gift of Sir John Owen, Bart. There is an extensive charity here, founded by a gentleman of the name of Jones, which affords pecuniary assistance to persons of limited means. The benefits of this charity have lately been extended to Pembroke Dock, principally through the exertions of Dr. Thomas, one of the trustees appointed by the Lord Chancellor; and its funds have recently been considerably increased. There is another charity from which similar advantages are anticipated.

The vicinity of Pembroke boasts several interesting ruins; and the general appearance of the country around is highly picturesque. The castle, which is a singular remnant of antiquity, stands at the west end of the town, at the very edge of a precipice. It is remarkable as the birthplace of Henry VII, and also for its gallant defence whilst held for Charles I. In the rock under the castle is a natural cavern, noted for its fine echo; this is supposed to have formed the storeroom of the garrison, as there are remains of stairs leading to the building above.

The market days at Pembroke are Wednesday and Saturday; and on Tuesday and Friday at Pembroke Dock. The fairs are held on the 11th of May, and 23rd of September, chiefly for cattle, at which no toll is taken - the corporation having generously abandoned their right to tolls on cattle sold at those fairs. The three parishes contained, in 1831, 6,511 inhabitants; and by the last census (taken that June, 1841), 8,126.

POST OFFICE, PEMBROKE, John Ormond, Post Master.-Letters from LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, BRISTOL, MONMOUTH, BRECON, CARMARTHEN and IRELAND arrive every night at half past eleven, and are despatched immediately.- Letters from HAVERFORDWEST arrive every night at half past ten, and are despatched every night at half past nine.

POST OFFICE, HOBB'S POINT, Sarah Williams, Post Mistress.-Letters from LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, BRISTOL, MONMOUTH, BRECON, CARMARTHEN arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every morning at twenty five minutes before one.- Letters from WATERFORD and all parts of IRELAND arrive every afternoon at five, and are despatched every night at twenty five minutes before eleven.

POST, Receiving-House, Commercial-row, DOCK, Nathaniel Owen, Receiver.


  • Adams John, Esq. Holy land
  • Allen Rev. James, Castle Martin
  • Allen James, Esq. Freestone Hall
  • Allen Seymour, Esq. Cresselly
  • Allen Rev. William, Bosheston
  • Biddulph Francis Thomas, Esq. Crickmarren
  • Bloxam Rev. Richard Rowland, Pater
  • Bowen William, Esq. Milton House
  • Bowling Major George, Woodfield
  • Bowling Nicholas Esq. Bulliber
  • Bowling Rev. William, Cosheston
  • Bunny Mr. S. Pembroke
  • Byers Rev. J.B. Northdown
  • Callen Chas. Poyer, Esq. Underdown
  • Cartmel Rev. George, Pulcrochan
  • Cawdor the Right Hon. Earl, Stackpole Court
  • Chase Mrs. Charlotte, Pembroke
  • Cockburn Rev. G. Rhoscrowther
  • Cocker Edwd. Esq. Carew Parsonage
  • Cumming Mrs. Mary, Pembroke
  • Dalton Rev. Thomas, Angle
  • Davies Mrs. Ann, Pembroke
  • Davies Morgan, Esq. Pembroke
  • Davies Rev.-, Pembroke Road
  • Dunn George, Esq. Welston
  • Evans Rev. Wm. Paynter, Upton Castle
  • Francis Mrs.-, Pembroke
  • George Adjntant-, Dock
  • George Mrs. Charles, Pembroke
  • Henderson William, Esq. Bangeston
  • Hodges Mrs. Mary, Pembroke
  • Humphreys Miss-, Pembroke
  • Leach Mrs. Abraham, Pembroke
  • Leach Captain-, Pembroke
  • Leach Rev. Francis George, St. Petrox
  • Leach Henry, Esq. Corston
  • Leach Mrs. John, Pembroke
  • Leach Rev. Octavius, Pembroke
  • Lloyd Rev. H.K. Carew Vicarage
  • Lloyd Mrs. James, Pembroke
  • Lloyd Rev. William, Pembroke
  • Lock Mrs.-, Lamphey
  • Lord Charles O. Esq. Pembroke
  • Mathias Chas. Esq. Lamphey Court
  • Mirehouse John, Esq. Brownslade
  • Morgan Rev.-, Dock
  • Morison Colonel-, Portclew
  • Owen Sir John, Bart. M.P. Lord Lieutenant of the county, Orielton
  • Owen Rev. Thomas, Pembroke
  • Penn Mr. John, Pembroke
  • Phelps James, Esq. Stephen's Green
  • Philipps Rev. Charles, Pembroke
  • Philip Henry, Esq. Alleston
  • Philips the Misses, London Road Dock
  • Robertson B.R. Esq. Warreston
  • Robertstone Mrs.-, Pembroke
  • Roch Nicholas Esq. Paskeston
  • Sewell Mrs. J. Pembroke
  • Thomas Miss Mary, Pembroke
  • Tuder J.K. Esq. Walker's Cottage
  • Waters J.H. Esq. Paddock
  • Watkins Captain-, R.N. Pembroke
  • Williams Rev.-, Dock
  • Wilson Captain-, R.N. Pembroke


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Allen John, Dock
  • Barclay James, High St, Dock
  • Bateman George, Dock
  • Callagher Mary, (ladies' boarding and day) Pembroke
  • Carthew William, Queen St, Dock
  • Groves Mrs. (boarding and day) Bellevue Cottage
  • Jenkins Jenkin, Pembroke
  • NATIONAL SCHOOL John Owen Master Pembroke
  • Saunders Mary Ann, (boarding) Pembroke
  • Shaw Edward, Pembroke
  • Wogan Ann, Pembroke


(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)

  • Jones John, (land agent & surveyor) Pembroke
  • Murphy Geo. (to the Bristol traders) Dock
  • Richards John, (to the Bristol traders) Pembroke


  • Gibbon William, Pembroke
  • Lanning Robert, (& town-clerk, clerk to the magistrates for the hundred of Castle Martin, and solicitor to the charity trustees) Pembroke
  • Leach Edward, (& clerk of the peace) Pembroke
  • Lock Robert, (& Clerk to the magistrates for the borough) Pembroke
  • Owen M. Wynn, Pembroke


  • Jones Benjamin, Pembroke
  • Jones John, Pembroke
  • Thomas William, Pembroke


  • Davies George Hicks, Dock
  • Harris John, (& confectioner) Pembroke
  • Hazard Thomas, (& confectioner) Pembroke
  • Lewis Frances, (& confectioner) Pembroke st, Dock
  • Peters John, New road, Dock


  • Biddulph Brothers & Co. Pembroke (-draw on Cocks. Biddulph and Company, London)
  • SAVINGS' BANK, Pembroke-John Owen actuary


  • Davies Robert, Commercial row Dock
  • George James, Pembroke
  • George Samuel, Pembroke
  • John James, Pembroke
  • Lewis Thomas, Pembroke
  • Llewellin John, Pembroke
  • Merriman John, King st, Dock
  • Wade John, Pembroke


  • Barclay James, High St, Dock
  • Clougher Thos. Commercial row Dock
  • Potter Henry Edward, Pembroke
  • Treweeks Richard Cater (& newspaper agent) Pembroke


  • Barger William, Pembroke
  • Blake William, Pembroke
  • Carthew William, Queen St, Dock
  • Davies James, Pembroke
  • Duggan Philip, New road, Dock
  • Evans Richard, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Evans William, King st, Dock
  • Griffiths Thomas, Park st, Dock
  • Jones Thomas, High St, Dock
  • Lewis John, Pembroke
  • Mahany Edward, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Marychurch Thomas, Pembroke
  • Matthews John, Pembroke
  • Morgan Jno. Commercial row Dock
  • Morris John, Pembroke
  • Panton James, Pembroke
  • Panton James, jun. Pembroke
  • Phenix John, Pembroke
  • Phillips George, Clarence st, Dock
  • Phillips John, Pembroke
  • Rossant William, Pembroke
  • Soudon Henry, Pembroke
  • Thomas Charles, Pembroke
  • Thomas George, Pembroke
  • Upton Thomas, Market st, Dock
  • Vaughan James, Pembroke
  • Williams David, Pembroke
  • Williams John, Pembroke
  • Willis Grace, Pembroke st, Dock


  • Alger Joseph Allen, (& Coppersmith) Pembroke and Market st, Dock
  • Griffiths William, Clarence st, Dock
  • Jones John, Pembroke


  • George Thomas, Pembroke
  • Phillips George, Princess st, Dock
  • Trewent William, Pembroke


  • Alger Jos. Allen, Pembroke & Pater
  • Blethyn George, Pembroke
  • Blethyn Richard, Pembroke
  • Morris William, Pembroke


  • Curtis John, Pembroke
  • Davies Thomas, Dock
  • Dawkins Robert, Dock
  • Eastlake Elizabeth, Clarence st, Dock
  • Eastlake Thomas, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Gwyther George, Pembroke
  • John John, Dock
  • Miller John, Pembroke
  • Morgan John, the Hill
  • Parry James & John Pembroke
  • Rock Thos. Commercial row Dock
  • Young George, Pembroke


  • Barrett George, Pembroke
  • Barrett Richard, Pembroke
  • Davies John, Commercial row Dock
  • Jones John, Pembroke
  • Kenniford William, Pembroke


  • Bateman James, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Davies Josiah, Queen St, Dock
  • Gwyther George, Pembroke
  • Harris Hugh, Pembroke
  • Jones John, Pembroke
  • Price George, Pembroke
  • Scourfield Ase, Commercial row Dock
  • Tregenna Richard, Dock
  • Upton William, Front st, Dock
  • Yerwood Thos. Commercial row Dock


  • Chase George, Pembroke
  • Harris William, Pembroke
  • Painter Harriet, Pembroke


  • Hird William Tucker, Pembroke
  • Moore Eliz. Commercial row Dock
  • Ormond John, Pembroke
  • Treweeks Richard Cater Pembroke


  • Hurlow Thomas, Pembroke
  • Jones George, Pembroke
  • Mason Thomas, Pembroke
  • Morris Micheal, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Powell William, Pembroke


  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA William Robertson, New road, Dock


  • Henderson William, Bangeston
  • Randel Thomas, Waterloo


  • Belt George, Pembroke
  • Beynon William, Pembroke
  • James John, Pembroke


  • Ormond Richard, Pembroke
  • Trewent Wm. (& butter) Pembroke


  • Dawkins Jonas, Pembroke
  • John Thos. Commercial row Dock
  • White William, Pembroke
  • Yeoman John, Pembroke


  • ATLAS M. Wynn, Owen Pembroke
  • CHURCH OF ENGLAND Richard Cater Treweeks Pembroke
  • COUNTY (fire) & PROVIDENT (life), William, Hulm Pembroke
  • ECONOMIC (life) Francis Thomas, Biddulph Pembroke
  • FARMERS' & GENERAL John, Jones Pembroke
  • GUARDIAN, Daniel Shewen Thomas Pembroke
  • PHOENIX (fire), Richard Cater Treweeks Pembroke
  • NAVAL, MILITARY & EAST INDIA Co. (life) Henry, Lewis Pembroke
  • STAR, Joseph Allen, Alger Pembroke
  • SUN (fire) & WESTMINSTER (life) William, Gibbon Pembroke


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Bourne Nicholas H. Pembroke st, Dock
  • Davies George Hicks, Albion House Dock
  • Dawkins William, Albion House Dock
  • Glanville James, New road, Dock
  • Glanville William, Commercial row Dock
  • Harris William, Pembroke
  • Lewis Wm. Henry, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Morris Thomas, Queen St, Dock
  • Ormons Richard, Pembroke and Pembroke st, Dock
  • Owen Nathaniel, Commercial row Dock
  • Palmer John, Pembroke
  • Phelps Thomas John, Pembroke
  • Phillips Thomas, Treowen st, Dock
  • Powell William, Pembroke
  • Thomas Letitia, Pembroke
  • Thomas Owen, Pembroke
  • Trewent Francis, Commercial row Dock
  • Trewent William, Pembroke
  • Tucker John, (tea), Pembroke
  • Williams Thos. Commercial row Dock
  • Wogan William, Pembroke


  • Duggan John, Pembroke
  • Young James, Commercial row Dock


  • Burrows Edwd. Pembroke st, Dock
  • Chase George, Pembroke
  • Jones Benjamin, Pembroke
  • Millard William, Pembroke


(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)

  • Dragon, John Jones, Pembroke
  • Golden Lion, Mary Roberts, Pembroke
  • Royal Hotel, Sarah Williams, Hobbs Point
  • Victoria Hotel, Anna Jones, Dock


  • Alger Joseph Allen, (& brass and iron founder) Pembroke and Market st, Dock
  • Jones Robert, Pembroke
  • Owen Nathaniel, Commercial row Dock


  • Codd John, Sodgeston
  • George Thomas, Pembroke
  • Greenish Wm. Cleggars, Pembroke
  • Hird James, Pembroke
  • Jones Thomas, Pembroke
  • Morgan William, Lamphey
  • Phillips George, Princess st, Dock
  • Smith Edward, Round House, Dock
  • Trewent William, Pembroke


  • Hurlow Thomas, Pembroke
  • Robertson William, New road, Dock


  • Elliston Elizabeth, King's Mills
  • Handy James, Milton Mills
  • Jones Thomas, Pembroke Mills
  • Lloyd Benjamin, Orielton Mill
  • Lloyd Issac, Quoi's Mill
  • Thomas John, Pembroke


  • Cocks Mary, Dock
  • Davies Harriet, Pembroke
  • Duggan Louisa, New road, Dock
  • Edwards Ellen, Pembroke
  • George Ann, Dock
  • George Frances, Pembroke
  • Hurlow Elizabeth, Pembroke
  • Jackets Elizabeth, Dock
  • Lewis Ann, Pembroke
  • Palmer Rebecca & Hannah, Pembroke


  • Alger Joseph Allen, Pembroke and Market st, Dock
  • Barton Francis, Pembroke
  • Elsdon Charles, Pembroke
  • Griffiths William, Clarence st, Dock
  • Harries Charles, Pembroke
  • Rowlands William, Pembroke


  • Thomas John, Pembroke
  • Thomas Joseph, Pembroke


  • John Thos. Commercial row Dock
  • Lewis Henry, Pembroke
  • Richards Thomas, Pembroke
  • Warlow William Henry, Pembroke
  • Williams Isaac, Pembroke
  • Williams Thomas, Pembroke


  • Bevan James, Lawrenny
  • Canton Thomas, Lawrenny


  • Allen Sarah, Front st, Dock
  • Barclay James, High St, Dock
  • Barton Isabella, Pembroke
  • Bateman Thomas, New road, Dock
  • Beynon William, Pembroke
  • Bowen Geo. Henry, Front st, Dock
  • Burt Sarah, Front st, Dock
  • Edwards David, Pembroke
  • Evans William, Pembroke
  • Eynon Jos. Commercial row Dock
  • Glanville Thomas, High St, Dock
  • Griffiths Thomas, New road, Dock
  • Harbour Lettice, Pembroke
  • Harries Richard, Market st, Dock
  • James John, Pembroke
  • John Martha, Market st, Dock
  • Jones Thomas, Pembroke st, Dock
  • M'Carthey John, Pembroke
  • M'Donald Margaret, Pembroke
  • Mathias Ann, Pembroke
  • Mathias Elizabeth, New road, Dock
  • Mathias John, Pembroke
  • Miller David, High St, Dock
  • Miller William, Clarence st, Dock
  • Morris John, Pembroke
  • Phillips Alice, Park st, Dock
  • Phillips James, Pembroke
  • Philips John, Pembroke
  • Rhode John, King st, Dock
  • Richards John, Pembroke
  • Roch George, Queen St, Dock
  • Rollings John, King st, Dock
  • Sayse James, King st, Dock
  • Scott William, New road, Dock
  • Sennatt George, Pembroke
  • Stephens Ann, Pembroke
  • Tracey Edward, Pembroke
  • Thomas Mary, King st, Dock
  • Williams George, Pembroke
  • Williams Mary, New road, Dock
  • Yarbury Jeffry, Commercial row Dock
  • Young George, Pembroke


See Brightsmiths.


  • Beynon Thomas, Pembroke
  • Beynon William, Pembroke
  • Griffiths David, Pembroke
  • Hallett Samuel, Pembroke


  • Adams Elizabeth, High St, Dock
  • Chase Mary Ann, Pembroke
  • Davies Emma, Pembroke
  • Hallett Sarah, Pembroke
  • Narbeth Margaret, Pembroke
  • Surman Maria, Pembroke


  • Bryant James Robertson, Pembroke
  • Jones Henry Prout, Pembroke
  • Jones Ryce, Pembroke
  • Jones Thomas Cooke, Dock
  • Mansell Thomas, Pembroke
  • Paynter Joshua Whittaker, Pembroke
  • Powell John, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Roberts J.R. South Brewery st, Dock
  • Sumpter John, Commercial row Dock
  • Thomas Wm. Queen St, Dock


  • Cole Isaac, Pembroke
  • David Peter, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Davies James, Pembroke
  • Davies John, Queen St, Dock
  • Edwards James, Pembroke
  • Evans John, Market st, Dock
  • Griffiths Abel, Park st, Dock
  • Gwyther John, Pembroke
  • Hay William, Pembroke
  • Hodge Wm. (& draper) Pembroke
  • Howell John, Commercial row Dock
  • Howell William, Pembroke
  • Jones William, Pembroke
  • Lewis John, Commercial row Dock
  • Lowless John, Pembroke
  • Morris George, Queen St, Dock
  • Price Henry, Pembroke
  • Rogers William, Pembroke
  • Thomas James, Pembroke
  • Thomas John, Pembroke


  • Curtis John, Pembroke
  • Woodward George, Pembroke


  • Albion, John Murphy, King st, Dock
  • Apple Tree, George Perkins,Pembroke
  • Bee Hive Thomas Davies, Pembroke
  • Black Horse, Daniel Evans, King st, Dock
  • Black Horse, Charles Morris, Pembroke
  • Blacksmiths' Arms John Wade, Pembroke
  • Brown Cow, Ann Stephens, Pembroke
  • Bush, William Paget, Pembroke
  • Butchers' Arms James Morris, Pembroke
  • Caledonian, David Miller, Dock
  • Cambrian, Henry Williams, Treowen st, Dock
  • Carpenters' Arms Benjamin Marchant, Pembroke
  • Castle John Dunn, New road, Dock
  • Castle Charles Philpin, Clarence st, Dock
  • Clarence Inn, Catherine Gibby, Dock
  • Cross Keys, Jane Sutton, Market st, Dock
  • Crown, George Phillips, Princess st, Dock
  • Duke of York John Furlong, Dock
  • Farmers' Arms Mary Williams, Dock
  • Ferry House, Jas. Huzzey, Pembroke Ferry
  • Freemasons' Arms Wm. Jones, Pembroke
  • Globe, Thomas Roch, Commercial row Dock
  • Golden Lion, Josiah Davies, Queen St, Dock
  • Grapes, Thomas Richards, Pembroke
  • Hands & Heart, Rebecca Jones, Park st, Dock
  • Hope, William Colley, Pembroke
  • King's Arms Richard Phelps, Front st, Dock
  • Lamb, Levy Williams, Queen St, Dock
  • Launch, Elizabeth Daily, King st, Dock
  • Maltsters' Arms, JohnJ ones, Pembroke
  • Mariners, John George, Pembroke
  • Mariners, Abraham Hall , Front st, Dock
  • Milford Arms,, Mary Cooper, Front st, Dock
  • Navy Tavern, William Thomas, Dock
  • New Caledonian, Catherine Lawrence, Dock
  • New Inn, Thos. Griffiths, Front st, Dock
  • New Inn, James Vaughan, Pembroke
  • Old Cross Saws, Catherine Millard, Pembroke
  • Old Lion, Abraham John, King st, Dock
  • Pelican, George Rowlands, Pembroke
  • Pembroke Dock, John Harbour, Pembroke
  • Pilot Boat, Margaret Radford, Front st, Dock
  • Prince Albert, Richard Twigg, Dock
  • Prince of Wales, Benjamin Phillips, Dock
  • Red Lion, John Rees, Pembroke
  • Roebuck, William Williams, Pembroke
  • Rope & Anchor, Ann Brown, Pembroke
  • Rose & Crown, William Lewellin, Dock
  • Royal George, Sarah Bevan, Dock
  • Royal George, Thomas Jones, Pembroke
  • Royal Oak, Nathaniel Owen, Dock
  • Royal Marine, Margaret Thomas, Dock
  • Sailor's Return, Richard Smith, Dock
  • Ship & Launch, Martha Rogers, Dock
  • Shipwrights' Arms Jane Davies, Dock
  • Square & Compass, Wm. Lewis, Pembroke
  • Stag, JohnEynon, Pembroke
  • Steam Packet, Edw. Burrows, Pembroke st, Dock
  • Three Cups, William Rossant, Pembroke
  • Three Horse Shoes, John Merriman, Dock
  • Union, George Oriel, Pembroke
  • Victoria, David Thomas, Pembroke
  • Waterman's Arms Sarah Belt, Pembroke
  • West Gate, William Williams, Pembroke
  • White hart, Wm. Painter, Pembroke st, Dock
  • White Hart, James Truscott, Pembroke
  • White Lion, Henry Lewis, Pembroke
  • York Tavern, Ann Eynon, Pembroke


  • Hurlow Thomas, Pembroke
  • Robertson William, New road, Dock


  • Barrett John & Son, Pembroke and Pembroke st, Dock
  • Rees Daniel Pembroke st, Dock
  • Thompson William, Pembroke
  • Tracy James, (& naturalist), Pembroke
  • Truscott George, Pembroke
  • Truscott Lewis, Pembroke


  • Paget William, Pembroke
  • Phillips Benjamin, Pembroke


  • George Thomas, Pembroke
  • Thomas Daniel Shewen (& subdistributer of stamps), Pembroke
  • Thomas Owen, Pembroke


Names without address are in PEMBROKE.

  • Barnikel John Lewis, Bookbinder
  • COAST GUARD WATCH HOUSE, Front st, Dock Lieut. Griffiths Chief Officer
  • Conchar Robert & Alexander, travelling linen drapers, Clarence st, Dock
  • CUSTOM HOUSE, Front st, Dock Lance Philipps principal coast officer
  • Fowler Nathan, Hardware dealer
  • George Benjamin, tanner
  • Gregg Wm. millwright & machine maker
  • M'Lean James, travelling draper, New road, Dock
  • Williams William, plaisterer, Pembroke

Public Offices, &c.


  • Superintendent of the Royal Dock Yard~Sir Watkin O. Pell
  • Superintendent of the Works ~ Captain Moulds. Royal Engineers
  • Master Shipwright ~ F.T. Lair
  • Clerk of the Cheque and Store Keeper ~ Edward Laws.
  • Chaplain ~ the Rev. Richard Rowland Bloxham.
  • Surgeon ~ Thomas Cooke Jones.
  • Director of Police ~ Lieutenant William Weatherley.
  • Civil Engineer ~ Captain Clark.



  • Clerk to Board of Guardians ~ John Jones
  • Master ~ William Shepherd.
  • Mistress ~ Martha Shepherd.
  • Schoolmistress ~ Elizabeth Lewis.
  • Relieving Officers ~ for No. 1 District, Charles Woodward.
  • For No. 2 District, Henry Hitchings.


  • Superintendent Registrar ~ John Jones
  • Registrar of Marriages ~ Thomas George.
  • Registrar of Births and Deaths ~ Henry Lewis for Pembroke district;
  • John Lewis for Roose district; George Allen for Tenby district.


  • TO GLOUCESTER, the Royal Mail, from the Dragon, Pembroke, every night at half past eleven, calling at the Royal Hotel, Hobbs' Point; goes through Saint Clears, Carmarthen, Brecon, Abergavenny, Monmouth and Ross.


  • To CARMARTHEN, W. N. Rees' Waggons occasionally.
  • To HAVERFORDWEST, Rd. Thomas, from the Golden Lion, Wed. and Fri.
  • To TENBY, John Saunders and John Williams, from their houses, Pembroke, every Tuesday and Saturday.


  • To BRISTOL & HAVERFORDWEST, the Star Steam Packet, Captain William Rees, every Friday ~ George Henry Bowen, agent, Front st. Dock.
  • To WATERFORD, the Post Office Steam Packet, every night at twelve.


  • To LONDON, Vessels once a month ~ John Richards, agent, Pembroke.
  • To BRISTOL, the Trader, Joseph Eynon, master; & the Union, William Thomas ~ John Richards, agent, Pembroke; and the Brothers, William Dean, once a fortnight ~ Geo. Murphy, agent Dock.

Tucker's Passage Boats, from Dock daily, to MILFORD HAVEN.