Pembroke St Mary (Pembroke Dock)


See the Kain maps to see the extent of the parish boundary

"The town and county of the town comprise the whole of the parish of St. Mary, and part of the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Martin, together with a very small part of the parish of Prendergast, and a large extra-parochial area called "Poor-field;" the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Martin also comprise divisions respectively called the hamlets of St. Thomas and St. Martin, which are within the hundred of Rhôs . . . The living of St. Mary's is a perpetual curacy, in the archdeaconry and diocese of St. David's . . . The church, situated at the upper end of High-street, is a spacious and venerable structure, in the early style of English architecture, with a low tower, which was anciently surmounted by a spire of elegant proportion. The interior consists of a nave, chancel, and north aisle: the nave is lofty, and ceiled with panelled oak, richly ornamented with carving; it is lighted on each side by a range of clerestory windows, of various character, and is separated from the chancel by a lofty pointed arch, supported by clustered columns, and from the north aisle by a series of similar arches of lower elevation, resting on clustered columns having capitals richly ornamented with sculpture. The east windows of the chancel are lofty, and highly enriched with tracery; and the windows of the north aisle, which are similarly embellished, are of good proportion and elegant design. There are several good monuments, and in the chancel are some of splendid character, to the memory of various members of the family inheriting the neighbouring seat of Picton Castle. . . . " [From A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (S. Lewis, 1833).]



The 1851 census for this parish has been indexed by Dyfed Family History Society.

Census Returns for this parish have the following LDS Call Numbers:

  • 1841 Census - 0464346
  • 1851 Census - 0104234
  • 1861 Census - 0543243
  • 1871 Census - 0850853/4
  • 1881 Census - 1342303
  • 1891 Census - 6099638

Church History

Some church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales. Ed. by I.G Jones, & D. Williams. UWP, Cardiff, 1976. The names are those of the informants

  • St John's. Pembroke Dock New Parish under provisions 6&7 Vict. cap. 37 Situated at Pembroke Dock, in the new Parish Town of Pembroke Dock Consecrated on 29th Sept 1848 by Bishop of St David's; Mother Church, St Mary's Pembroke Cost defrayed by £500 from Admiralty, £3000 Inhabitants Geoff. Fitzroy Kelly MA, Incumbent
  • St Mary Church Informant; Jos. Lewis, Registrar
  • Chapel of Her Majesty's Dock Yard Pembroke Situated within the Walls of the Yard, in the Parish of St John's. Neither consecrated nor licensed Erected by Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty James H Mallet, Chaplain of Her Majesty's Dockyard
  • Bethany chapel, Pembroke Dock Baptist Erected in 1818 "Sickness is very prevalent among the members and the congregation at this time. Several families were absent on that account last Lord's Day....." Henry James Morgan, Minister, Front St See Welsh Chapels and Churches for a photograph
  • Baptist chapel Obtained by the Baptists in 1836 "The chapel was erected as a dwelling house afterwards occupied by the Wesleyan Body, and taken by us in 1836; since then it has been considerably improved" Thomas Morgan, Minister
  • Tabernacle Independents or Congregationalists Erected in 1812 [Signature illegible] Deacon
  • Preaching Room, Castle Back Primitive Methodist Fitted up for worship in 1839 John Jones, Steward, Main St
  • Gishom chapel [?], Pembroke Dock CM Erected in 1838 John Adams, Secretary, Pembroke Dock
  • Bethel Baptist Erected in 1844 "The lower number [in Attendances] shows increase which is accounted for by the fact of the weather being more favourable and therefore the attendance is something larger in the Summer season than in the autumn and winter. Some have also lately left for other and distant places" Evan Davies, Minister, Lewis St, Pembroke Dock
  • Wesley chapel, Meyrick St, Pembroke Dock WM Erected in 1848 "This Chapel was built in lieu of one that was too small, not on the same site but on a more central part of the town. The old Chapel was built in the year 1820 and disposed of in 1849" John Road, Steward, Shipwright, Meyrick St, Pembroke Dock
  • Temperance Hall Independent " is at present used as a place of worship. A Chapel being in course of erection to be called 'Meyrick Street Chapel' ....." William Burdwood, Treasurer
  • Zion, Pembroke Dock Primitive Methodist Erected in 1849 John Maylard, Minister, Hobbs Point
  • St Mary's Roman Catholic Erected four years Oliver Maybury [?], Priest, Dimand St, Pembroke Dock
  • Tabernacle, North Brewery St Ind Erected in 1824 Charles Sumpter, Deacon, 7 Queen St
  • Bethel, West Gate CM Erected in 1826 William Powell, Minister


Parish entry for St Mary from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

  • St Mary & St Daniel's Mort Church
  • Incumbent and Curates; H Rosser
  • Rural Deanery of Castlemartin
  • Acreage 1,339; Population 2,204

Parish entry for Pembroke Dock and Nash with Upton from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

  • St John B (Acreage 1,096; Population 10,653) & St Patrick & St Teilo & St Mary (Nash) (Acreage 598; Population 100) & Upton Chapel (disused) (Acreage 333)
  • Incumbent and Curates; J J Davies (E Jenkyns; R H Davies; E L Saunders)
  • Rural Deanery 

Church/chapel photographs on the People's Collection Wales site, sample

  • Tabernacle Congregational Church (United Reform), Main Street, Pembroke
  • Mount Pleasant English Baptist Church, East Back, Pembroke
  • Bethel English Baptist Chapel, Pembroke Dock
  • Pembroke Dock, Royal Dockyard Chapel 1940
  • Bethany English Baptist Chapel, Pembroke Dock
  • Bethel Baptist Chapel, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock
  • St Andrews English Presbyterian Church, Pembroke Dock
  • Choir and Clergy at St. John's Church - 1946

Pembroke Dock, St Daniel's Mortuary Church See Welsh Chapels and Churches for a photograph

Pembroke Dock, Garrison Chapel See Welsh Chapels and Churches for a photograph
"This was built in 1830-1, but became disused and ruinous. It has been restored, and is owned by the County Council. There are plans to turn it into a heritage centre." Geograph.org.uk

    Hughes, Basil. Jottings on the History of South Pembrokeshire - St Daniel's Church (Pembroke) ISBN 1 898687 01 3 A history of the church and those associated with it

    Williams, A. H. (Albert Hughes). John Wesley's preferment to St. Daniel's Church, near Pembroke. Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 48 (1992), p. 155


    Church Records

    Parish registers: Christenings (1711-1961), Marriages (1711-1915), Burials (1711-1950) at NLW

    Marriages Banns (1924-68) at Pem.RO

    Mf Copies Christenings (1711-1961), Marriages (1711-1915), Burials (1711-1950) at Pem.RO

    Copy ts PR M pre 1813 with index at NLW and Pem.RO

    Bishops' Transcripts, covering the period (1799-1807, 1809-88) are at the National Library of Wales, and have been microfilmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Call Number: 0105196.

    See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg

    Hughes, Basil. Baptisms at St Patrick's Church Pennar Pembroke Dock 1895 to 1934 . ISBN 1 898687 11 0 This is a complete list in alphabetical order of all baptised at St Patrick's Church Pennar Pembroke Dock from the foundation of the Church till 1934. It includes parents names.

    Pembroke Dock, St John [formed out of St Mary in 1844]
    Parish registers: Christenings (1844-1927) Garrison (1856-1906) Dockyard (1875-1926) Pennar (1895-1967), Marriages (1848-1951, 1965-76) Banns (1848-1971), Burials (1844-1977) Garrison (1861-1922) at Pem.RO
    BTs: (1844-86) at NLW

    Nonconformist Chapels:

    • Bethany, in High St/Pembroke Dock [Baptists, 1818]. Records ; births 1814-37, at PRO RG4/3965, and have been microfilmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Call Number: 819966, IGI On Dyfed FHS
    • Bethel, in Meyrick St / Bush St/Pembroke Dock [Baptists, 1845]. Records ; See Bethany See Welsh Chapels and Churches for a photograph On Dyfed FHS
    • Chapel, in Pembroke town [Baptists, 1831]. Records ; See Bethany Mount Pleasant English Baptist, East Back SM9878001407 Built 1831, modified, altered or rebuilt 1859 and restored 1877 Still open 1998 Coflein On Dyfed FHS (under Pembroke, St Michael - it appears to be right on parish line with St Michaels but under St Mary's in Rawlins)
    • Gilgal Baptist chapel, Ferry Rd / Nelson St, Pennar, Pembroke Dock SM9619802483 Built 1862, rebuilt in 1887 Still open 1998 Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Bethel, in Westgate [Calvinistic Methodists, 1826] On Dyfed FHS Westgate CM chapel, Westgate Hill,Pembroke - still open in 2006
    • St Peter's Chapel , in Llanreath village [Calvinistic Methodists, 1885] On Dyfed FHS
    • Gershom, CM, Queen St, Pembroke Dock [Calvinistic Methodists, 1838] SM9659203599 Built 1838, modified, altered or rebuilt 1866. See Zion PM below Coflein
    • St Andrews CM chapel, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock - still open in 2006 SM9689503276 Built 1838, rebuilt in1865-66, modified, altered or rebuilt 1883 and 1896 Still open 2000 Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Castle Back, in Castleback [Primitive Methodists, c 1823-30]. Records ; baptisms, 1847-1907. Other types of records deposited at the Record Office include accounts, minute books etc, Pem RO. Rawlins describes as "society formed between 1823/1830; a preaching room was fitted out for worship; branch of Pembroke Dock Station". On Dyfed FHS (under Pembroke, St Michael - it appears to be right on parish line with St Michaels but under St Mary's in Rawlins)
    • Zion Primitive Methodist chapel, Prospect Place / South Park St, Pembroke Dock [Primitive Methodists, 1849]. Records ; baptisms, 1847-1907. Other types of records deposited at the Record Office include accounts, minute books etc, Pem RO. SM96510318 Built in 1849. Not still open 1998
      This Primitive Methodist cause was begun ca. 1845 (Rawlins): its "little chapel at the top of South Park Street" (Mrs S. Peters, History of Permbroke Dock, 1905) was built in 1849 (Rawlins); in 1866 the congregation moved to Gershom Chapel - see above) and the 1849 chapel was sold Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Zion Wesleyan Chapel, in Meyrick St/Pembroke Dock [Wesleyan Methodists, 1820]. Records ; 1. Births and bapts in three registers, 1821-58, at PRO RG4/3966, 3917, 3918, and have been microfilmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Call Number: 819966, IGI. 2. Births and bapts, 1847-1937 and a large collection of other records are also deposited at the Records Office including accounts, minute books , Sunday School papers etc, at Pem RO. SM9667403435 First chapel, Ebenezer (see below), built 1818-20, with the present chapel built 1848, alterations 1857, enlarged 1865-7, internal alterations 1882-5, renovation 1911 & 1986. Still open 2000 Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Ebenezer Wesleyan chapel, Wesley Row, Treowen, Pembroke Dock SM9602 Opened 1820, closed 1846 See above Coflein
    • Pennar Wesleyan chapel, Nelson St, Pennar, Pembroke Dock SM9613502541 Built 1870 Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Trinity Wesleyan chapel, Pembroke Ferry, Pembroke Dock Pembroke Ferry English Methodist (Trinity), Pembroke Ferry SM9754604661 Built 1879 Still open 2000 Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Pembroke Wesleyan Methodist chapel, East Back / Main St, Pembroke SM9876801350 Built 1822, rebuilt mid C19 Not still open 1993 Coflein
    • Front St Wesleyan Methodist schoolroom, Front St, Pembroke Dock SM9603 A Sunday School in 1905 Coflein
    • Old chapel at rear of 87 Main St SM9863901332 Building 14' x 12' very thick walls, a two storey stone structure. Possible of medieval origins with a 16th century doorway. John Wesley preached there on visits to Pembrokeshire in the 1760s. Coflein
    • St Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke On Dyfed FHS ?
    • St Joseph RC Church, Pembroke, St Mary On Dyfed FHS ?
    • St Mary RC church, Pembroke Dock On Dyfed FHS
    • Spritualist church, Queen St, Pembroke Dock SM9651203584 A house of c1890 converted to a Spiritualist Church Coflein On Dyfed FHS
    • Commercial Row Gospel Hal (Plymouth Brethren)l SM9603 Coflein
    • Pembroke Haven Evangelical church, Main St, Pembroke SM983015 Built in 1850s, converted to an Evangelical Church Still open 1993 Coflein
    • Dockyard chapel, Commercial Row SM9628003486 Built 1830-2 Not still open 2002 No denomination given Coflein
    • The Green, Salvation Army Citadel, Woodbine Terrace, Pembroke SM9839101731 Coflein
    • Meyrick St Salvation Army Citadel, Pembroke Dock SM96750333 Taken over by The Salvation Army in 1883 but now demolished Coflein
    • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Front St, Llanion Hill, Pembroke Dock SM966037 A Church converted from an Army Mess Hall. Still open 1993 Coflein

    Court Records

    Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

    • Pembroke Dock County Court Records 1896-1922

    Description & Travel

    Carradice, Phil. Pembroke Dock in old picture postcards .Netherlands : European Library, 1987.175p

    Cripps, Brian. Pembroke and Pembroke Dock : postcards of yesteryear .Llandysul : Gomer, 1996.116p

    Mason, ?. Guide to Pembroke Dock. 1914

    You can see pictures of Pembroke St Mary (Pembroke Dock) which are provided by:



    Pigot & Co. South Wales Directory for 1844. Here are Extracts for Pembroke, Pembroke Dock (or Pater) and Neighbourhoods.



    The transcription of the section for Pembroke St Mary from The National Gazetteer (1868) provided by Colin Hinson.



    Griffiths, Bill. The Allen families of Pembroke Dock. Dyfed FHS journal, Vol 6/2 Dec 1997. "..some interesting Allen families that populated the dockyard town of Pater or Pembroke Dock, founded in 1814..."

    Harries, Phillip Edgar Phillips Harries, CBE (better known as 'EP'): some aspects of his life The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, No.4 1990/91 Welsh Journals Online

    May, Rosemary. Lt Col Samuel Ferrior of Pennar - killed at Waterloo 18 June 1815. Dyfed FHS journal, Vol 8/1, Dec 2002.

    Newbury, Paul. ISITT of Pembroke Dock. Dyfed FHS journal,1996/7 An account of two generations of the Isitt family, from 1800 to 1902, and their connections with the Royal Naval Dockyard.

    Rose, Richard. Pembroke People. Otterquill Books, London, 1/2001.(ISBN 0-9535542-0-1) .A detailed account of every person who lived and worked in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock between 1800 and 1830.

    Pembrokeshire Families



    There are historical snippets about this parish on Not everyone knows this..

    Various collections relating to the history and heritage of Pembroke Docks - on the People's Collection Wales site

    Group of Pembroke Dock Special Constables pose for photograph in the Market Yard, 27th March 1927 - on the People's Collection Wales site

    A history of Pembroke Dock, in this parish, is given in the transcription of Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1833)  extract for Pembroke.

    Carradice, Phil. The book of Pembroke Dock : the story of a town created to build ships .Birmingham : Barracuda, 1991.124p

    Carradice, Phil. The ill-fated ships of Pembroke Dock. Picture Postcard Monthly 147 (1991), p. 42-3

    Gilson, Paul. The Admiralty extension at Pembroke Dock : the Pembroke and Tenby railway extension and its relations with the Admiralty . Welsh Railway Archive 1 (1994), p. 286-91

    Hughes, Basil. Jottings on the History of Pennar, Pembroke Dock . ISBN 1 898687 04 8 . Among many names associated with Pennar it includes all those victims of the Cholera epidemic

    Hughes, Basil Jottings on the History of Pembroke Dock, Pater and Pennar [Kindle Edition 2013]

    Peters, [E E] Stuart Mrs. The History of Pembroke Dock. London,1905.173p.

    Phillips, Lawrence. An interesting frigate from Pembroke Dockyard : H.M.S. Constance of 1846 . Mariner's Mirror 73 (1987), p. 61-9

    Phillips, Lawrence. Captain Sir Thomas Sabine Pasley, Bt.,R.N., and Pembroke Dockyard, 1849-1854. Mineralogical Magazine 71/2 (1985), p. 159-65

    Tiffany, M N E. Paterchurch: a mystery solved (NLW's site) Pemb Historian V


    Land & Property

    Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

    • Meyrick family and Bush estate, records "Papers relating mainly to the management of urban properties in Pembroke Dock including leases, tenancy agreements and rentals 1766-1969; correspondence and files, 1907-1968; accounts, tax papers, etc., 1874-1970; general estate papers, 1814-1970; maps and plans, 1738-1960. ..............................."
    • Meyrick Owen [a solicitor in Pembroke Dock] collection of Pembroke and St Florence papers "Records collected by J. A. Meyrick Owen, 1609-1970, relating to Pembroke and St Florence, Pembrokeshire."


    Parish map (Kain/Oliver)

    You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SM967034 (Lat/Lon: 51.692441, -4.942873), Pembroke St Mary (Pembroke Dock) which are provided by:


    Merchant Marine

    The People's Collection Wales site has material for this parish, use the onsite search box


    Military History

    Various photographs relating to  Pembroke Docks  - on the People's Collection Wales site, here is a sample

    • Royal Australian Air Force 461 Squadron, moved to Pembroke Dock April 1943 
    • Royal Garrison Artillery, August 1916. The Battery was formed at Pembroke Dock in 1915 ....  
    • Naval Store Office Staff - 1919
    • 461 Squadron ANZAC Parade 1944
    • The Lamps London Road after the Blitz
    • Group of soldiers photographed outside the Pembroke Dock market building in 1890
    • Royal Welsh Fusiliers
    • Opening of The Pembroke Dock Memorial Park 1925
    • Luftewaffe Aerial Photograph 1940

    Names, Geographical

    Places, villages, farms etc within Pembroke St Mary parish as shown on the online parish map from the CD of Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. (Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R.). (Extracted by Barry Johnson)

    • Pembroke St Mary (150); Bangeston, Bush, Bush Cottage, Bush Camp, East Pennar, Golden Hill, Green, Hobbs Point, Lanion, Llanreath, Mead Lo., Pembroke Dock, Pembroke Ferry, Sykemoor, Waterloo, Whetstone Hill, Windmill Hill, Windsor Hill.
      The following places are shown in an adjacent undesignated parish section which is believed to belong to this parish;
      Brotherhill; Mutton Hill; Slade.


    Pembroke-Dock Mechanics' Institute. Rules and catalogue of books of the Pembroke-Dock Mechanics' Institute : established July, 1850. Pembroke-Dock : Printed by William G. Phillips, 1864. 80p

    Social Life & Customs

    Various photographs relating to people in Pembroke Docks - on the People's Collection Wales site, here is a sample

    • Photo of Suffragettes from Pembroke Dock c.1913/1914 
    • Pembroke Dock Liberal Club billiard team 1892 with Captain, Jack James 
    • Pembroke Dock Bowling Team
    • Pembroke Dock Fire Brigade - 1930's
    • Pembroke Dock - The 1910's
    • Pembroke Dock - The Edwardians
    • Cooperative bread cart on its delivery round - Outside the Bird in Hand, Pembroke Dock
    • RAF Pembroke Dock, 78 Maintenance Unit, rugby team (1933). Photograph taken on the tree lined avenue leading up to the Royal Dockyard Chapel
    • The cast of an operetta performed by the young people of St. John’s Church, Pembroke Dock. Late 1940s
    • The Crown and Anchor under the management of W.Rees. 17 Front Street, Pembroke Dock (1950s?)

    Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

    • Pembroke Dock Harlequins Rugby Club, records 1923-1999
    • Pembroke Dock Co-operative Society Limited 1887-1967

    Voting Registers

    Voting Registers for this parish have the LDS Call Number: 1818096