Caldey Island Heritage Perspectives


A Dissertation by Hannah Charlotte Epicheff in September 2014 for her Masters Degree at Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, University of Wales

This is only a contents listing and the bibliography contained within the piece


Acknowledgements and Illustrations (pg. 6)
Abstract (pg.8)
Introduction (pg.9)
I. Synopsis of the Island Site ( pg.11)
II. The Geology of the Island ( pg.14)
III. Coastal Management Reports( pg.21)
IV. Flora, Fauna and Fish (pg.26)
V. Prehistory and Archaeology (pg.38 )
VI. Hermit Monks and the Nordic Slaughter (pg.48)
VII. The Arrival of the Medieval Benedictines (pg.57)
VIII. Museums and Management Policies (pg.66)
IX. Caldey under private ownership (pg.82)
X. The Second Coming ( pg.87)
XI. Scourmont Cistercians (pg.93)
XII. Tourism, Perfume and Chocolate (pg.101)
XIII. Heritage Management (pg.108)
Conclusions (pg.124)


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