St Mary's Church, Pwllcrochan


Memorial Inscriptions

I spent some time this morning noting the MIs on the remaining gravestones at St.Mary's Parish Church , Pwllcrochan , in the Hundred of Castlemartin. You might have heard recently that the Texaco Oil Giant, who own the 16th century church, have plans to turn it into an environment education centre.

There were a few more stones which could not be read due to weathering and lichen damage. For your information, the door to the church is bricked up and there is no visible access to get inside. It lies in a dip near the Texaco Oilworks, accessed by narrow hardly used lanes. Its steeple can be clearly seen from nearly half a mile away but as you get closer it disappears from view and is very difficult to find. I was grateful for some help from walkers who had already been to the site.

John GRIFFITHS, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire  10 November 2001

Not in any order, the inscriptions are as follows:- Dates are shown as day, month and year

Benjamin BEYNON died 1.6.1898 9 years.
William John do do 7.6.1898 17 do
Sons of William and Priscilla BEYNON
Mary HENTON died 24.12.1870 28 years.
A.G. do. ? 8 days.
Mary Jane WILLIAMS died aged 49. wife of
George WILLIAMS died 3.11.1976 55 years.
To Mum & Dad from Vena & Enid
John WATTS died 7.3.1973 76 years.
Samuel HODGKIN died 27.3.1870 30 years.
John JOHNS Accident killed him on the workings of Popton Point 4.3.1861 aged 41.
Alice Maud THOMAS of Greenhill. died 29.3.1945
Elizabeth Hall ROBERTS died 19.6.1930. 78 years.
Lalla Florence HALL of Greenhill died 17.8.1924 50 yr
Howard William HALL do died 21.1.1953 77 years.
Susan HALL of Windsor Hill died March 1872 35yrs
George William HALL died in 1907 aged 67 years.
Warren WILLIAMS died 11.10.1846 aged 60
Selina WILLIAMS died in 1865 aged 74
James Albert HALL of Lambeath died October, 1872, aged 50.
John HALL died September, 1865 aged 75.
Benjamin HUGHES of West Popton died 4.3.1921 75yr
Martha do died 13.5.1922 aged 80
Daughter Augusta Dorothy died 7.2.1888 14 months
Benjamin STEPHENS died 24.6.1873 aged 48
Emma SMITH of Martins Haven died 30.12.1910. 51yr
John do died 3.6.1935 aged 74
Son, Alfred SMITH died 8.6.1912 aged 18
Benjamin STEPHENS of Coldborough died 20.4.1870 aged 3 years
Daisy HUGHES died 18.5.1904 aged 5 years, the daughter of Tom and Margaret.
Alun REES of Lindores, Haverfordwest, died 10.12.1952 aged 62.
Also his wife :-Florence Mary STEPHENS on 3.3.1959
Molly HUGHES, West Popton, died 21.12.1947 wife of James LANG of Vinehall, Sussex, daughter of Benjamin and Martha HUGHES of West Popton.
Thomas John HUGHES, Pwllcrochan Rectory, died on 11.8.1929 aged 60
Emma DIXON of Lewisham, Kent, died 3.12.1909 aged 70 years. A friend to the poor. As Emma LESLIE she wrote many widely read books .
Andrew LAIDLAW died 3.5.1951 aged 77
Elizabeth do died 11.4.1969 aged 99
Margaret Thom died 26.5.1911 aged 5.5 years. Daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth LAIDLAW
Maria JOHNS of Greenhill died 6.4.1894 50 years. Wife of George JOHNS.
May Muriel PHILLIPS of Wallaston, daughter of Robert and Annie PHILLIPS died 24.10.1893
Robert PHILLIPS, Wallaston, died 17.1.1012 52 years
Annie do died 18.1.1955 90 years
Nellie Olive PHILLIPS, Wallaston Farm, died 17.4.197? aged 75 years.
Thomas WEBB died 9.4.1888 aged 44
Mother, Jane WEBB, died aged 62 years. No date.
Frederick L. CLARK. Justice of the peace, born 9.4.1818 died 14.2.1885. Lying by the side of his wife Emma CLARK of Bulwell.
Charles JENKINS died 29.2.64 aged 78
Elizabeth do died 3.12.46 aged 63
(No indication of century of death. Inscription on brass plates on small wooden cross)
Vivian KENNIFORD of Hoplass Farm 9.6.1929 to 19.10.1977.
Nesta Margaret KENNIFORD, wife, 6.1.1925 to 16.4.1998. (Fresh flowers evident)
Elizabeth DAVIES, Bulwell, died at Pembroke 22.2.1886 aged 81 years.
John DAVIES died 25.2.1866 aged 85 years.
Martha DAVIES died 14.11.1866 aged 52. Daughter of John & Elizabeth DAVIES of Bulwell.
John DAVIES of Whitehall, Pembroke, died 26.6.1887 aged 61 years.
Martha DAVIES of Whitehall, Pembroke, died 9.11.1887 aged 52 years.
Thomas HOPLA died 9.4.1905 aged 83 years.
Maud Eliza SMITH died 28.3.1952 64 years
John SMITH died 3.5.1968 aged 82 years.
(Fresh flowers evident)
Alice Elizabeth JENKINS, Bulwell died 9.8.1952 aged 72 years.
George JENKINS died 5.11.1956 aged 75 years.
Thomas WALTERS, Bulwell, died 29.3.1904 63yrs
Maria ORMONDE, wife, died 15.9.1913 aged 68
Lilian Alberta WALTERS died 12.4.1940 aged 59
Mark Roch WALTERS died 3.9.1954 aged 76
John Roch WALTERS died 22.1.1952 at 42 yrs son of Mark & Lilian, husband of Betty.
Anthony MORGAN, West Popton, died 1873 aged 58
Margaret do born 12.12.1815 died 10.3.1903 (wife)
George Butler MORGAN born 3.11.1847 died 16.5.1902. (Presumed to be son)
Thomas George JENKINS , Bulwell, died 12.1.1973 aged 67 years.
Blanche Mary do . died 10.4.1982 aged 75 years.
Thomas PHILLIPS died 17.3.1897 aged 80 years.
Sophia do died 10.7.1896 aged 85 years.
John COLE, Wallaston, died 19.1.1880 aged 39 years.
James WILLIAMS died 24.1.1872 aged 57 years.
Son, James do died 20.10.1877 aged 21 years.
Dau., Marie do died 6.10.1874 aged 11 years.
Dau., Margaret do died 24.11.1877 aged 13 years.
Jane DAVIDSON nee DAWKINS, died 19.3.1865 aged 78 years.
John Peacock DAVIDSON, died 5.2.1896 aged 76 yrs
Martha DAWKINS died at Haverfordwest 11.2.1853 aged 38 years. Daughter of
Jonas and Phebi DAWKINS of Pwllcrochran.


[Gareth Hicks: 10 Nov 2001]