Pigot & Co South Wales 1830


The information  below relating to St David's and Solva was extracted  by Gareth Hicks from the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.  (May 2003)


See the 1844 Directory extract for a general description of the place.

The parish of St David's contained, by the last returns, 2,240 inhabitants.

Post Office, St Davids's, Henry Stephens, Post Master. --- Letters from Haverfordwest arrive every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at six, and are despatched on the same mornings at 5.

Post, Solva, --- Receiving house, at Henry Thomas's, boot and shoe maker.

Gentry and Clergy

  • Bland, Nathanial, esq; Treleathin
  • Harries, George, esq; Criglas
  • Harries, Gilbert Jas esq; Llanenwas
  • Harries, Rev John; St David's
  • Harris, ---, esq; Tregwint
  • Harris, Major ---, Trevaechan
  • Hewson, Rev William; St David's
  • Owen, Rev Jonah; St David's
  • Phillips, John, esq; Glanrithan
  • Propert, James, esq; St David's
  • Prosser, John, esq (inspecting commander of the preventive service); Nine wells
  • Raymond, Thomas, esq; Bank house, near Sola
  • Richards, Lieut John RN; Solva
  • Richardson, Rev Arthur; St David's
  • Richardson, Rev Wm; St David's
  • Roberts, Rev William; St David's
  • Whiteside, Mrs Martha; Solva
  • Williams, John, esq; Freyarched
  • Williams, Rev Thomas; St David's

Academies & Schools

  • Appleby, Mary (boarding and day)
  • Benevolent School, St David's --- John Morris, master; Phoebe George, mistress
  • Free Grammar School, St David's --- Rev Jonah Owen, master

Professional Persons

  • Bevan, Edwd, surgeon; St David's
  • Williams, Peter, surgeon; Upr Solva

Inns and Public Houses

  • Cambrian; John Howell, Solva
  • Commercial Inn; Thomas Williams, St David's
  • Dolphin; Elizbth Richards, Solva
  • Mitre; John James, St David's
  • St David's Arms; Ann Simmonds, St David's
  • Ship Inn; Richard Williams, Solva
  • Square & Compass; Jn Davies, Solva
  • Tower; Henry Richards, St David's

Shopkeepers and Traders

(at St David's when not otherwise mentioned)

  • Arnold, John, boot and shoemaker
  • Barrett, John, organist of St David's Cathedral
  • Bevan, Thomas, grocer, draper and maltster; Upper Solva
  • Bowen, Thos, grocer & draper; Solva
  • Cormack, Moses, grocer & draper; Upper Solva
  • Davies, John, carpenter; Solva
  • Edmond, Wm, boot and shoemaker
  • Harries, Hny, grocer & draper Solva
  • Harries, Henry, tailor; Solva
  • Harries, John, auctioneer and wine and spirit dealer; Solva
  • Harries, Jn, maltster & brewer; Solva
  • Howell, Jno, grocer & draper; Solva
  • Hugh, Geo, painter, and glazier
  • James, John, blacksmith; Upr Solva
  • James, Michl, corn merchant; Solva
  • James, Michael, tallow chandler and lime burner; Solva
  • Jenkins, David, blacksmith; Solva
  • Jenkins, Thomas, tailor
  • Johns, Thos, grocer & draper; Solva
  • Lloyd, Jno, boot & shoemaker; Solva
  • Martin, Ann, miller; Solva
  • Matthews, Thomas, wheelwright
  • Morris, Ths, boot &c maker; Solva
  • Morrow, Thomas, tailor
  • Pardoe, Jno, boot &c maker; Solva
  • Perkins, John, grocer and draper
  • Phillips, Dnl, blacksmith; Upr Solva
  • Phillips, James, blacksmith
  • Phillips, John, painter & glazier
  • Propert, Thomas, carpenter
  • Prosser, Levi, saddler; Upper Solva
  • Roach, William, blacksmith
  • Roberts, Jas, grocer & draper; Solva
  • Stephens, George, blacksmith
  • Thomas, Hny, boot &c maker; Solva
  • Vaughan, William, corn & butter merchant; Solva
  • Wagner, Edwd, boot & shoemaker; Solva
  • Watts and Williams, stone masons, Upper Solva
  • Wilcock, Thos, boot & shoe maker
  • Williams, Christopher, stone mason
  • Williams, George, grocer & draper and corn and butter merchant
  • Williams, John, stone mason
  • Williams, John, watch and clock maker; Upper Solva
  • Williams, Thomas, carpenter
  • Young, John, carpenter


To Haverfordwest (calling at Solva) John Williams, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday --- and Stephen Williams, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday , from their respective houses, St David's

Conveyance by Water

Coasting Traders from St David's

To Bristol, the Mary, Geo James, master; the Kitty, Henry Grinnith; and the Favorite Nancy, John Rees