Pembrokeshire Families Project




This families database relates to the parish of Talbenny and is part of the Pembrokeshire Families Project - see that site for a full description.
Entries are in alphabetical order of the husband's surname

For ease of reference the key to the text fields used is;

  • *1; SURNAME given name (where born and life span)
  • *2; Wife's SURNAME given name (ditto)
  • *3; Main occupation
  • *4; Places either one were at on various dates e.g census, burial etc - separated with a / (When)
  • *5; Names of children with birth years - separated with a / (where born)
  • *6; Parish and county that your nearest, by relationship, ancestor was in 1901 - (Name with maiden/married name     if appropriate.)
  • *7; Contributor's name (name of the child in the entry (Field 5) who was their direct ancestor)

The data is now in two formats, the original text based format below
and a table format used to create a
combined county based table

*1; DAVIES John (Talbenny ?-1793); *2; ? Anne ?  (? ?-bef.1793); *3; farmer; *4;  Upper Broadmoor, Talbenny (1786); *5; Thomas 1783 (Upper Broadmoor, Talbenny) / John 1784 (Upper Broadmoor, Talbenny) / Mary ? (Upper Broadmoor, Talbenny) / Martha ? (Upper Broadmoor, Talbenny); *6; Herbrandston, PEM 1901 (Martha Davies/Feild); *7; Rosemary May (Thomas)