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Help and advice for Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

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Pigot & Co South Wales 1844

The information  below relating to Tenby was extracted  by Denise Robinson from the CD of the same title published by Archive CD Books.


Is a market town, contributory borough and sea-port, in the parish of Saint Mary, county of Pembroke; 242 miles w. from London, 10s. from Narberth, and the like distance east from Pembroke; pleasantly situated on the west side of Carmarthen Bay, upon a point or neck of land running out into the sea---protected on the south, by the islands of Caldy and Saint Margaret, from the waves of the Atlantic and Saint Georges channel.

Tenby appears to have been a place of great strength, from the remains of its walls, towers, and castle, the latter a venerable remnant of antiquity. The present town consists for the most part of one long winding, well-paved street, of good breadth. The principal advantages enjoyed by Tenby over other seabathing places, consist in the variety of its aspect and delightful views, the strength and clearness of the salt water the firmness and extent of its sands, purity of its air, and freedom from the smoke of works, and the noise and confusion of more frequented sea-ports. Almost every convenience and accommodation appropriate to a watering-place may be obtained in Tenby: there are reading and news-rooms, good libraries, baths of all kinds, comfortable lodging-houses, in pleasant situations, together with excellent inns --- suitable either to the economical tourist or fashionable visitor.Among the improvements effected within these few years, is lighting the town with gas.

The principal trade carried on here is in exporting oysters, in the shell and pickled in small jars, of which great quantities are shipped annually; the largest oysters in Great Britain or Ireland are obtained in Caldy-bed, between that island and Tenby. Mines of stone-coal and culm are worked within three and four miles hence; and iron - ore has also been found near the coal mines.

Tenby is governed by a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, with the usual assistant officers. The borough is exempt from the jurisdiction of the sheriff of the county, having two sheriffs of its own, called bailiffs, who are elected annually by the burgesses.Sessions are held four times a year, before the magistrates of the borough; and courts for the recovery of debts, &c. to any amount above 40s. monthly, and every fortnight for sums under 40s.: the mayor for the time being is lord of the manor, and judge of both these courts, and holds a court-leet and view of frank pledge at Lady-day and Michaelmas.This borough shares, with Pembroke and other places (named in the description of the latter town), in the selective franchise.

The church, which stands in the centre of the town is supposed to be the largest parish church in Wales; it has a square tower, surmounted by a lofty spire of white freestone, serving as an excellent and conspicuous sea-mark. The living is a rectory, in the gift of the Crown. There are places of worship for dissenters; a school conducted on the national plan, and one for infants. The corporation have two charities under their control, both for the decayed housekeepers; to one of these is attached a fund for apprenticing poor children.

The land around the town is mountainous, and not remarkably productive; but the views are very pleasing, and the north east aspect of the town has an extensive prospect over the whole of Carmarthen bay, seen beyond its own beautiful cliffs and promontories.

The markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday; and the fairs, on the 4th of May, at Whitsuntide, the 31st of July, and two days after; the 2nd of October, and the 4th of December.

The town of Tenby, and parish of St. Mary (within and without the town) contained, by the returns for 1831, 2,128 inhabitants; and by the census for 1841, 2,912.


POST OFFICE, Martha Morgan, Post Mistress.-Letters from all parts arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every night at eight.



  • Ainsworth Captain -, Bridge St
  • Allen Esq. South Parade
  • Allen Miss -, Bridge St
  • Allen The Misses,St Julian St
  • Basden Captain -, Norton
  • Basden Mrs. Colonel-, Norton
  • Bateman Miss -, Monubear
  • Bird Mrs.-, St Julian St
  • Birket Rev. John, St Florence
  • Bonds Miss -, Pannlly
  • Brett Captain -, Norton
  • Brown Captain -, High St
  • Bruce Mrs. Colonel-, Crackwell St
  • Burslem Captain -, High St
  • Cave W. Esq. St Julian St
  • Child J.M. Esq. Beggeley House
  • Coleman Esq. Rose Villa
  • Collins J. Esq. Moor
  • Cook Miss Martha, Frog St
  • Cope Captain -, High St
  • Cosby Miss -, High St
  • Crofton Miss -, High St
  • Crofton Miss -, Castle Square
  • Crofton The Misses,Norton
  • Crofton Mrs.-, Castle Square
  • Daly M. Esq. St Julian St
  • Davies Robert,Esq. St Mary St
  • Davies Mrs.-, Croft Terrace
  • Davies WilliamEsq. St Mary St
  • Dyndy Mrs.-, Ivy Cottage
  • Ferrier Colonel Charles, Norton
  • Fowke Mrs.-, Paragon
  • Freeling R. Esq. Norton
  • Giles Esq. Saundersfoot
  • Gould Lieutenant-, Frog St
  • Gower Mrs.-, Sunny Hill
  • Griffiths Miss -, St Julian St
  • Hamilton Mrs. Eliza, Norton
  • Hamilton W.H. Esq. Green Hill
  • Hereford The Misses,Pannlly
  • Howells Esq. Pannlly
  • Hughes Rev. Henry, Pannlly
  • Hughes Rev.J.Pannlly
  • Humphreys Rev.John H.Norton
  • Justis Mrs.-, St Julian St
  • Kems? The Misses,High St
  • Kynaston Cabot, Esq. Caldy Island
  • Lloyd Captain -, St Mary St
  • Lock Mrs.-, Crackwell St
  • Longbourn J. Esq. Bosvill Court
  • Lovell Rev. John, Norton
  • Lyons Miss -, Market St
  • Manix Henry,Esq. Sion House
  • Mansell Lot.Esq. Paragon
  • Mansell Miss -, Monubear
  • Marshall Mr. -, Castle Square
  • Morgan G. Esq. St Julian St
  • Morgan Jas. Hungerford, Esq. Crackwell St
  • Morris Mrs.-, Norton
  • Myers J. Esq. Ivy Tower
  • Nash Richard, Esq. Haywood Villa
  • Nicolls Miss -, Crackwell St
  • Owen Esq. High St
  • Phillips Mrs.G.St Julian St
  • Plagu Mrs.-, Marine Terrace
  • Protheroe George,Esq. Norton
  • Puxley Esq. High St
  • Reddu Mr.-, Crackwell St
  • Rees Captain -, Laxtou Terrace
  • Rees J. Esq. Croft Terrace
  • Richards WilliamEsq. Norton
  • Riddle Esq. Crackwell St
  • Robson Mrs.-, Pannlly
  • Rock Mrs.-, St Julian St
  • Roe Mrs.-, Market St
  • Saunders H. Esq. High St
  • Sedgwick Mrs.-, Castle Square
  • Sidmonday Mrs.-, St Julian St
  • Smyth F. Esq. the Cottage
  • Stokes J. Esq. Hencastle
  • Stokes Mrs.-, Norton
  • Street Esq. Pindilo
  • Tompson Mrs.-, Rose Cottage
  • Trafford Col.-,Crackwell St
  • Tudor J.R. Esq. Walker's Cottage
  • Tudor Major William Market St
  • Voyle Mrs. Colonel Norton
  • Waters The Misses,Paragon
  • Waters R. Esq. Pannlly
  • Watt Mrs. Colonel-, Paragon
  • Wedgewood H. Esq. St Julian St
  • Wells Capt.-,Cook's Villa
  • West Lieut.H.South Norton
  • Williams J.W. Esq. Prospect Cottage
  • Williams W. Esq. Bath Cottage
  • Williams W.B. Esq. the Baths
  • Wood Esq. Croft Terrace
  • Wright Esq. St Mary St
  • Wright Lieut.A.St Mary St
  • Young Mrs.-, Pannlly



  • Garlick James (brdg.) South Parade
  • Gribble Priscilla (ladies' boarding and day) Norton
  • INFANTS' SCHOOL, Green- William Smith Master; Elizabeth Smith, Mistress
  • James Louisa (day) Frog St
  • Kneath Rowland Hugh (day) White Lion st Acadamies and School
  • NATIONAL SCHOOL, Castle hill-John Burt, Master; Elizabeth Burt, Mistress
  • Stephens George, (day) Tor Lane
  • Thomas George, (day) Frog St
  • Thomas Wm. (day) Chimney Park



  • Clark Chas.B. (for the shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Benevolent Society High St
  • Clougher William (for the Bonville's Court Collieries) Norton
  • Freeman Wm. G.W. (for Guiness' porter) High St
  • Hughes George, (for the Bristol steam Packets) Quay
  • Sleeman Thomas (for Lloyd's) High St



  • Gwynne John, (& Commissioner of the courts of law, and solicitor to the charity trustees of the boro') Norton
  • Hamilton Wm. Sackville (& the master extra in chancery) the Green
  • Lock William (& town-clerk, master extra in chancery, and commissioner in the law courts, and for taking acknowledgments of fines by married women) St Julian St
  • Owen M. Wynn (attends on Tuesdays), Frog St



  • Cadwallader William Bank Lane
  • Duggin John, St Mary St
  • Gifford John, (& Confectioner) High St
  • Morgan Martha, High St
  • Rees Martha, (& Confectioner)
  • Roch Martha, St George St
  • Sewell Margaret (& Confectioner) St Julian St
  • Thomas Sarah, High St



  • Bevans John, Frog St
  • Bevans William Frog St
  • Eynon John, Crackwell St
  • John Benjamin, St George St
  • Merriman Joseph, Quay



  • Bourne Mary Ann, High St
  • Clougher William (stationer), Norton
  • Hough George Henry (and printer), Crackwell St
  • Rolland Felix William (and stamp distributer), High St



  • Davies William Norton
  • Gwyther John, Crackwell St
  • Harries Benjamin, Church st
  • Harries Richard, Norton
  • Harries William Bank Lane
  • Jenkins Richard, St Julian St
  • Jones John, High St
  • Phillips John, Norton



  • Davies James Creswell st
  • Smith John, St Julian St



  • Adams Lewis, St George St
  • Andrew John, High St
  • Lloyd David & Sons, Bank Lane
  • Lloyd Robert, Chimney Park
  • Morgan Thomas Green
  • Prout William Church st



  • Harries Henry & George, Frog St
  • Phillips Benjamin, White Lion st
  • Smith William St Julian St



  • Freeman William Glover Webb, High St
  • Walkinton William High St



  • BEGGELLY COLLIERY, Winchcomb, agent, Saundersfoot
  • BONVILLE COURT COLLIERY, J.P.M. Myers, Proprietor, Saundersfoot
  • BROAD MOOR COLLIERY, Isaac Thomas, agent, Saundersfoot
  • HEINCASTLE COLLIERY, William James, agent, Saundersfoot
  • MORTON COLLIERY, John Eynon, agent, Saundersfoot






  • ATLAS, Charles B. Clark, High St
  • CROWN, William S. Hamilton, Green
  • MEDICAL, INVALID AND GENERAL (life), John Gwynne, Norton
  • PHOENIX, Thomas Sleeman, High St
  • SUN, William Glover Webb Freeman, High St
  • UNITED KINGDOM (life), J.Gwynne, Norton



  • Blackmore Sarah, Market St
  • Clark Charles B. High St
  • Davies Jane, Creswell st
  • Eynon James Frog St
  • Gibbs William Frog St
  • Griffiths Thomas (flour dealer) Frog St
  • Harries Elizabeth, High St
  • Harris Ann, Norton
  • Jenkins & Jowell, St Julian St
  • Jones Jane, Frog St
  • Jones Thomas H. Frog St
  • Long Sarah, Cob Lane
  • Mends George, High St
  • Morgan Elizabeth, Church st
  • Morgan Griffith, Frog St
  • Morris James High St
  • Phelps Richard, High St
  • Phelps Thomas & John, High St
  • Rees James High St
  • Rees John, St George St
  • Reynolds John, High St
  • Saies & Thomas, Norton
  • Smith John, St Julian St
  • Spurgin George, High St
  • Stone George, High St
  • Thomas Thomas High St
  • Williams Thomas St Julian St



  • Coleman Joseph, High St
  • Rolland Felix William (and perfumer), High St
  • Way John, St Mary St



(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)

  • Cobourg Hotel (and posting house), James Hughes, High St
  • Commercial Inn, Saml. Rushton, Frog St
  • White Hart, Mary Morse, Norton
  • White Lion, (and posting house), James Mitchell, High st.



  • Eynon John, High St
  • Mends George, High St
  • Morris James High St
  • Reynolds Ann, High St
  • Thomas Thomas High St



  • Lewis Evan Norton
  • Mends George, High St
  • Morris Thomas Chimney Park
  • Phillips Isaac, Chimney Park
  • Phillips John, White Lion st
  • Phillips Thomas (& builder), Paragon
  • Sherry William (& builder), Norton
  • Smith John, South Parade



  • Harries Elizabeth, Norton
  • Henton John Merse, High St
  • King John Henry, High St
  • Morgan Thomas High St
  • Morris James High St
  • Phelps Richard, High St
  • Phelps Thomas & John, High St
  • Saies & Thomas, Norton
  • Spargen George, High St
  • Williams Mary, High St



  • Adams Ann, Market St
  • Barnaschoue Peter, High St
  • Caufield Elizabeth, St Julian St
  • Chambers John, Frog St
  • Clark Charles, St Mary St
  • Coleman John, Norton
  • Cook Mary, Norton
  • Cook Sarah, Norton
  • Faulkner Mary, High St
  • Good Louisa Norton
  • Griffiths Jane, St Julian St
  • Gwyther Thomas St Julian St
  • Harries Elizabeth, Castle Square
  • Henton Thomas High St
  • Howell Thomas St Mary St
  • James Thomas Norton
  • Jerman Mary, St Mary St
  • King John H. High St
  • Lewis John, Norton
  • Longhouse William Norton
  • Morgan Thomas High St
  • Nash Richard, Haywood Villa
  • Noot George, Marine Terrace
  • Phillips John, Paragon
  • Phillips Morris, Crackwell St
  • Poole George, Gallows-tree Hill
  • Rees Rachael, St Julian St
  • Rolland Felix W. 1 & 2 Marine Terrace
  • Stephens Mrs.-, Norton
  • Stone George, High St
  • Walkinton William High St
  • Wilkins Miss -, Crackwell St
  • Williams Margaret High St
  • Williams Sarah, High St
  • Williams William St Julian St
  • Williams William P. St Julian St



  • Davies James Creswell st
  • Hughes James High St
  • Smith John, St Julian St



  • Baylis Elizabeth, St Julian St
  • Good Louisa Norton
  • Lewis Elizabeth & Ann, Norton
  • Nost Jesse, High St
  • Patrick Eliza, White Lion st
  • Price Jane H. High St
  • Welsford Elizabeth, St Mary St
  • Williams M.A. Crackwell St
  • Willis Margaret Frog St



  • Davies David, White Lion st
  • Stone George, High St



  • Jones David, High St
  • Yeo James, High St



  • Gould John, Quay
  • Thomas Henry, Quay



  • Bowen Lewis, St Mary St
  • Rogers William St Mary St
  • Rowlands Edwin, Green
  • Smith John, St Julian St
  • Smith Thomas St Mary St
  • Thomas John, White Lion st



  • Eynon Elizabeth, Frog St
  • Griffiths Elizabeth, Green



  • Dade Richard, Norton
  • Dobson John, Harrison Norton
  • Folconer Wilbraham, M.D. Norton
  • Millard Nathaniel, High St



  • Griffith Thomas St Nicholas Lane
  • James Thomas Norton
  • Lloyd Edward Chimney Park
  • Morris James, Norton
  • Nicholls William High St
  • Noot James High St
  • Price Jonathan, High St
  • Thomas George, Church st
  • Williams John, St Julian St



  • Adams John, Frog St
  • Gibbs William Norton



  • Brig, John Davies St Julian St
  • Butchers' Arms Lewis Adams St George St
  • Coach & Horses John Williams Frog St
  • Fisherman's Arms Ths. Cadwallader, Quay
  • Globe, Elizabeth, Davies Frog St
  • Green Dragon, John, Thomas, Market St
  • Hope & Anchor, Ann, James, St Julian St
  • King's Arms, William Davies St George St
  • Lamb, John, Andrew, High St
  • Mariners, Thomas Evans, St George St
  • Masons' Arms Thomas Thomas, Norton
  • Prince's Head, James Gould, Bridge St
  • Ring of Bells William Prout, Church st
  • Ship-a-Ground, William Rees, Norton
  • Ship& Castle William Cale Crackwell St
  • Ship under Weigh Wm. Squires Creswell st
  • Star Thomas Rogers Frog St
  • Swan Jane Rees High St
  • Union William Cadwallader Frog St
  • Wheat Sheaf John Smith St Julian St



  • Barnaschoue Peter, (& Jewellwer, and Optician), High St
  • Eynon John, High St
  • Rolland Felix William (& fancy bazaar), High St



  • Freeman Wm. Glover Webb, High St
  • Sleeman Thomas (and general merchant), High St



  • ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Castle square-W.B. Williams, master of the ceremonies
  • BATHS, Castle square-Ambrose Smith, proprietor
  • BILLIARD ROOMS, Creswell st-Elizabeth Harries, keeper; and High st, William Roch, keeper
  • Bowen George, beer retailer, Creswell st
  • COASTGUARD WATCH HOUSE, Castle hill - Lieut. Charles Goullet, chief officer
  • CUSTOM HOUSE,Quay hill- Thos. Rowe, principal coast officer
  • Davies James, miller, Creswell st
  • Davies Wm. Tin-plate worker, High st
  • GAS WORKS, Norton - George Herbert, manager
  • Greives Jonathan, drawing master, the Green
  • HARBOUR MASTER'S OFFICE, the Quay - Lewis Bowen, harbour master
  • Harries Elizabeth, keeper of billiard rooms, Creswell street
  • Harries Henry, auctioneer, Frog st
  • Morgan David, cooper, Norton
  • Owen Eliza, teacher of music, Norton
  • Rees Jacob, rope maker, St George st
  • Roch Wm. Keeper of billiard room, High st
  • Simlett John, clerk to magistrates, Quay st
  • Thomas Thomas, glass dealer, High st
  • TOWN HALL, St. Nicholas lane
  • Truscott James, watch maker, Market st
  • Way John, beer retailer, St Mary st
  • Welsford Edw. Piano tuner, St Mary st
  • Welsford John, organist, St Mary st



  • To HAVERFORDWEST and NARBERTH, Ann Roblins, from the White Hart, every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • To PEMBROKE,---Saunders, from the White Hart, and John Williams, from the Commercial, every Tuesday & Sat.




  • To BRISTOL, the Phoenix, Capt. Thos. Jackson, every Tuesday, and the Star, Captain William Rees, every Saturday.
  • To CARMARTHEN, the Phoenix, Capt. Thos. Jackson, every Saturday.
  • To HAVERFORDWEST, the Star, Captain William Rees, every Tuesday. - George Hughes, agent, Quay.


  • To BRISTOL, the Breeze, Capt. James Griffiths, and the Endeavour. Captain L. Griffiths, weekly - Thos. P. Williams, agent, St Julian street.