Wales status report



As at April 2019


There are 13 counties of which 10 are maintained by the same maintainer, 8 are on an Active basis and  5 on a Care & maintenance basis

All gazetteer sections are maintained by the same maintainer as with the main county/parish pages

Twelve church databases are maintained by the same 1 maintainer, only 1 by a different county maintainer.

All counties have well developed parish pages with content additional to auto generated content, 4 of the 8 active counties are more highly developed as can be seen on the main Projects page 

External link errors are generally under active control



All locations on gazetteer nodes are exact and fully connected to the relevant prime place node

Kain map overlays have now been added to all parish pages and used to verify that gazetteer nodes are connected to  the correct/same parishes as shown within the overlays.


Church Databases

These generally have minimal data, few embedded photographs apart from in CGN where Ken Greenslade is active locally

There are 4 active counties (CGN/CMN/PEM/GLA) where a feature of the parish pages is the well developed church/chapel content, which development  preceded that of the separate church databases,  and the current maintainer doesn’t consider it appropriate to transfer that data to the church database nodes

Further  future possible enhancements

  • Assign graveyard indicators
  • Assign open/closed dates where known
  • Provide photographs eg geograph or insert links to same
  • Assign link to church's own website, where applicable
  • Check / assign denomination, where applicable


Problem areas

The fact that one maintainer looks after 10 of the 13 counties is a concern for the future.
In 2018 an attempt was made to find maintainers via both the Dyfed and Glamorgan mailing lists with no response.

Recent new county maintainers have not been allocated the county’s relevant church database as a matter of policy, we have no current plan in place to hand them over in due course so they remain in the care of the original caretaker, not ideal.

Team Wales

Was established in mid 2020 and the No maintainer counties transferred into its name with Gareth Hicks  as team leader.

In August 2021 CGN, CMN, PEM & GLA were transferred from Gareth Hicks to Team Wales leaving CAE the only county outside the team under Tomos Owen.