List of churches for : Llanelli

All Saints, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
Christ Church, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
Holy Trinity Church, Felinfoel, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Alban, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Barnabas (former Chapel Of Ease), Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St David's Mission Church, Llwynhendy, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St David, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Elli, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St John, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St John, Pontyberem, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Mary, Pontyates, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Michael & All Saints, Dafen, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Paul, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
St Peter, Llanelli (Church in Wales)
Adulam Baptist Church, Felinfoel, Llanelli
Bethania Baptist Church,(Hope) Morfa, Llanelli
Bethel Baptist Chapel, Seaside, Llanelli
Bethesda Baptist Church, Ponthenry, Llanelli
Bryn Seion Baptist Sunday School, Cynheidre, Llanelli
Caersalem Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Calfaria Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Carmel Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Cwmbach Baptist Chapel, Cwmbach, Llanelli
Elim Welsh Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Llanelli
Greenfield Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Horeb Baptist Church, Horeb, Llanelli
Maescanner Baptist Church, Dafen, Llanelli
Moreia Welsh Baptist Church, Llanell
Peniel Baptist Church, Llanelli
Pisgah Baptist Chapel, Clochne-Fach, Llanelli
Salem Baptist Chapel, Bynea, Llanelli
Saron Baptist Chapel, Bynea, Llanelli
Seion / Zion Baptist Chapel, Llanelli
Soar Baptist Church, Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Tabernacl Baptist Chapel, Pontyates, Llanelli
Tabernacl Welsh Baptist Church, Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Congregational / Independent
Berea Welsh Independent Chapel, Bynea, Llanelli
Bethel Independent Chapel, Bryn Banal, Llanelli
Bryn Independent Chapel, Penceiliog, Bryn, Llanelli
Capel Als Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Doc Independent Chapel, Morfa, Llanelli
Ebeneser Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Hebron Independent Sunday School (Ysgoldy Hebron), Dafen, Llanelli
Lloyd Street Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Noddfa Independent Chapel, Pontyates, Llanelli
Park Street English Congregational Church, United Reform, Llanelli
Salem Independent Chapel, Calvinistic Methodist, Felin-Foel, Llanelli
Saron Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Siloah Independent Chapel, Seaside, Llanelli
Soar Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Tabernacle Independent Chapel, Llanelli
Banc Y Felin Cemetery, Llanelli
Capel Isaf Cemetery Site, Llanelli
Llanelli District Cemetery (Mortuary Chapel), Llanelli
Capel Newydd Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llanelli
English Presbyterian And Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Bethel Forward Movement, Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Gelli Onn Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel And Sunday School (Gelli-On), Llanelli
Glenalla Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llanelli
Graig-Llwyd Mission Room - Wesleyan Methodist Mission Rooms, Porthdafen, Felinfoel, Llanelli
Hall Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Llanelli
Havelock Street English Wesleyan Methodist Church, New Dock Chapel, Llanelli
Jerusalem Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Llanelli
Joppa Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School, Llanelli
Nasareth Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Parc Gitto, Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Saron Chapel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Furnace, Llanelli
Siloh Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llanelli
Tabernacl Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Pontyates, Llanelli
Trinity Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llanelli
Victoria Road English Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Seaside, Llanelli
Presbyterian / Unitarian
English Presbyterian Church, Llanelli
Roman Catholic
St David's Catholic Church, Penygaer Uchaf, Llanelli
Ainon Sunday School, Furnace, Llanelli
Baptistery (Pont Adulam), Felinfoel, Llanelli
Bethany Free Church (Evangelical), Llanerch, Llanelli
Capel Berwic;Capel Dewi;St David's Chapel (Remains), Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Capel Gunlet (Remains), Llanelli
Church of Latter Day Saints, Llanelli
Church Of Latter Day Saints, Morfa, Llanelli
Elim Pentecostal Church, Pontyates, Llanelli
Evangelistic Hall, Llanelli
Gospel Hall, Bynea, Llanelli
Harvest Ministries, Llanerch Community Centre, Llanelli
Llanelli Christadelphians' Church, Llanelli
Llanelli Free Evangelical Church, Llanelli Synagogue, Llanelli
Llwynhendy Gospel Hall, Llwynhendy, Llanelli
Mission Room, Llanelli
Mormon Church, Llanelli
Salvation Army, Llanelli
Ty Gwyn Apostolic Church, Llanelli
Zion Apostolic Church, Llwynhendy, Llanelli