List of churches for : Farnworth

All Saints Church of England, Moses Gate
Holy Trinity, Prestolee, Church of England
St Catherine, New Bury, Church of England
St George, New Bury, Church of England
St James, New Bury, Church of England
St John the Evangelist, Farnworth, Church of England
St Peter Church of England, Farnworth
St Thomas Church of England, Farnworth
Carlton St, Farnworth, Baptist
Market St Baptist, Farnworth
Trafford St Evangelical Baptist, Farnworth
Congregational / Independent
Albert Rd Congregational, Farnworth
Chapel St Independent, Halshaw Moor
Francis St, Farnworth, Congregational
Harrowby Street, Dixon Green, Congregational
Trinity Church Congregational, Farnworth
Cemetery Road Cemetery, Farnworth
Cawdor St / Robert St, Farnworth, Methodist
Church St, Halshaw Moor, Wesleyan Methodist
Egerton Street / Lorne Street, Moses Gate, Wesleyan Methodist
Ellesmere Street, Farnworth, Independant Methodist
Plodder Lane Wesleyan Methodist, Farnworth
Queen Street, Farnworth, Primitive Methodist
St. James Street, New Bury, Wesleyan Methodist
Starcliffe , Farnworth, Primitive Methodist
Presbyterian / Unitarian
Trafford St, Welsh Presbyterian, Farnworth
Roman Catholic
Our Lady of Lourdes, Farnworth, Roman Catholic
St Gregory the Great, Farnworth, Roman Catholic
Farnworth Christian Spiritualist Church, Farnworth, Spiritualist
King Street, Farnworth, SalvationArmy
Park St Catholic Apostolic, Farnworth
Parkside Gospel Hall, Farnworth, Brethren
St Thomas Centre, Farnworth, Christian Fellowship