List of churches for : Wigan

All Saints Church of England, Wigan
St Andrew, Wigan, Church of England
St Anne, Beech Hill, Church of England
St Catharine, Whelley, Church of England
St James Church of England, Poolstock
St Michael and All Angels, Wigan, Church of England
St Stephen, Whelley, Church of England
St Thomas, Wigan, Church of England
Wigan, St George, Church of England
Albert St, Newtown, General Baptist
Gidlow Lane, Wigan, Baptist
King Street, Wigan, Baptist
Mitchell Street , Newtown, Baptist
Platt Lane, Wigan, Baptist
Scarisbrick St, Particular Baptist, Wigan
Congregational / Independent
Hope St, Wigan, Independent
St Paul, Wigan, Independent
Wigan, Gidlow Cemetery
Bethel, Newtown, Independant Methodist
Brunswick, Newtown, Wesleyan Methodist
Church Of Christ , Newtown, Methodist
Greenough St, Wigan, Independent Methodist
King Street, Wigan, United Methodist Free Church
School St, Wigan, Primitive Methodist
Standishgate, Wigan, Wesleyan Methodist
Station Rd, Wigan, Primitive Methodist
Tontine Methodist, Wigan
Whelley, Whelley, Primitive Methodist
Woodhouse Lane, Wigan, Primitive Methodist
Presbyterian / Unitarian
Chapel Lane, Wigan, Presbyterian
Greenough St, Wigan, Welsh Presbyterian
Roman Catholic
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Gidlow, Wigan
Scholes, St Patrick, Roman Catholic
St Edward, Newtown, Roman Catholic
St John, Wigan, Roman Catholic
St Joseph Roman Catholic, Wigan
St Jude, Poolstock, Roman Catholic
St Mary, Wigan, Roman Catholic
Rodney St, Wigan, Christian Brethren
Warrington Lane, Wigan, Christian Brethren
Warrington Lane, Wigan, New Jerusalem
Wigan Lane, Wigan, Latter Day Saints