Dealing With Complaints


Version 3


Problem reports

Users and readers of GENUKI sometimes phrase their problem report as a complaint, e.g., their email address has been revealed without their permission. In some cases they are mistaken and have confused GENUKI with another website. In other cases they might have a genuine complaint which needs attention. See the section on Errors for advice about problem reports phrased as a complaint.

Legal complaints

This section is intended to assist maintainers faced with a legal complaint from a reader, e.g., breach of copyright, or defamation. The maintainer to whom the complaint is directed should try to deal with the complaint initially, whilst adhering to the GENUKI standards of conduct. However, the maintainer should also retain a copy of all messages sent and received in exchanges with the complainant.

It's quite possible that, at some point in these exchanges, the maintainer will feel unable to proceed. It's possible that the subject of the complaint is beyond the knowledge or experience of the maintainer to respond, or the complainant remains unsatisfied, or the maintainer realises that the legal issue is becoming overpowering. In these circumstances, the maintainer should withdraw from exchanges with the complainant, and inform the complainant that the exchanges with the maintainer are at an end.

The maintainer should forward the complaint, and a copy of all messages sent and received in exchanges with the complainant, to the GENUKI Trustees, who will take over from the maintainer, keeping the originator informed.