Searching GENUKI


Version 3



Converted pages, i.e. ones now served from DRUPAL, have a blue bar at the top which includes a search box. This new GENUKI search system provides the ability to search the pages that have been converted, but not the remainder of GENUKI's pages. At the moment relatively few have been converted, but this will steadily change. 

Users will therefore at the present stage of the conversion get significantly more hits from the previous search facility, which continues to be available via the Contents button at the top of all the unconverted GENUKI pages, and via the Search GENUKI+ link in the blue bar of all converted pages. This facility in fact provides a Google search covering the contents of both the converted and the unconverted GENUKI pages and also other pages outside GENUKI containing UK-related genealogical information. As counties are moved over to the new system they will become included in the new search.

Over time the new search will cover all our pages, and we will then review our search facilities.