Genealogical queries


Surname queries and publication

As you will see we have been concentrating in GENUKI on getting information about primary sources into what is in effect a virtual reference library, rather than on acting as a clearing house for research. We therefore do not provide storage for individual family trees, as we have to reserve the limited space that is available for information that would useful to a wide range of readers.

If you want to make your family tree available then the places to do it are in the soc.genealogy.surnames.britain / soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland newsgroups or in Genserv which does exactly this.

The GENUKI service

Please do NOT send us general genealogical queries as it is very unlikely that we have the expertise (or time) to answer them. It may seem impolite but do not expect any reply to such queries. We are not professional researchers and in fact seem to have little enough time to do our own research let alone do any for anybody else as maintaining and expanding the GENUKI service takes a considerable part of our spare time. If the information that you want is not on the WWW pages, then we do not have it.

However if you do find any errors, or want to offer suggestions, or want to help with GENUKI, or have comments about a specific county or area then contact the maintainer of that area. The county developers are grouped by country:

If you feel that it is a matter that requires the attention of all the GENUKI developers, then email to GENUKI maintainers.