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Help and Guidance 2020: Draft: Modified Page: Version 1


There are two different ways in which we hold media items within nodes and so whilst there are some ways of doing this, there are some differences.

Media fields

There are two main instances of us having distinct fields to hold media items, in church nodes and in place nodes where in just a few cases an image is used instead of the Leaflet map based upon the associated gazetteer entry. This uses the common dialogue for adding images from the media library or for uploading new ones. The styling of these image types is configured in the node definition and there is no option to choose a different style.

Adding media within text fields

To insert media with a normal text field you click at the point where you want to insert something and click the 'Insert from Media Library' icon at the right hand end of the editor toolbar. That brings up a popup to let you add images from the media library or for uploading new ones. Once you have selected one, or uploaded a new one and added the descriptive fields you can then specify the position or styling for that item. Above the image there will be a 'Edit media' button. Click that and within the popup choose the position, left, right or centre. Ignore the Caption option and below that is the Display menu where if it is an image you can choose the styling to be used. Basic ensures it shows the image using the original size. The ones you are likely to want to consider using are the Responsive ones which resize the image according to the size of the window being used to view them. Wide give a big image whilst Narrow a much smaller one. The size of the original image is likely to influence your choice. Click Save when you have made your choices.