Help - GENUKI Maintainers


The Drupal 8 implementation of GENUKI provides essentially the same facilities, both for ordinary users and for (logged-in) maintainers as were provided by the Drupal 7 implementation, though how this is done has had to be changed somewhat as the whole underlying Drupal software has significantly changed. Indeed, our aim has been to minimise changes to the facilities provided to GENUKI maintainers and contributors, except where it has been appropriate and possible to simplify things so as to help make GENUKI's implementation and maintenance easier. Below we provide information about maintainers' tasks and facilities. Where things are unclear or you can't find the information you need, do ask for help. The maintainers' email list is the most appropriate place to do that as you will reach more people who may have the answer, and no doubt others may be having the same problem and will benefit from the answer.

New users of the Drupal 8 GENUKI system should start by looking at:

This list is a set of information about how to maintain the system:


These items are from the Drupal 7 technical guide and require revision to reflect the position in Drupal 8. So some details will no longer be correct. This will be done in the near future.


And we have some information about the migration to Drupal 8: