How to .... add images


          Help and Guidance 2020: Modified Page: Version 1.1




To add an Image to a Page

These instructions assume that you already have a suitable image prepared and saved in a convenient place on your computer.

  • Log in here
  • Open in your browser the page you wish to edit and click the Edit tab.
Edit tab
  • Place your cursor at the place you wish to insert your image and click the Media Library icon
Insert from media library
  • Click the Browse button, select your previously prepared image and click Open.
Insert selected
  • Your image will appear. If you wish to centre it, click the Centre icon. You can adjust the size by dragging one of the black square "handles". Hold the Shift  key down at the same time to maintain its proportions.[*****to be corrected****]
  • Save your work by clicking the Save button near the top of the page. 
  • Save
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