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There are two drop down menus in the ckEditir toolbar, appearing in the right hand half of the bar:

  • paragraph format: the left hand of the two menus;
  • styles: the right hand of the two menus.

They offer two different functions. The Paragraph Format menus provides a number of standard options for headings. The Styles  menu offers some styles designed specifically  for use in GENUKI.

Paragraph Format

You can see the name of this dropdown in the tooltip [DN It currently says heading in the tooltip]. The menu before you open it will often show "paragraph" because that is the format for most text. If the cursor is in a piece of text with another format already applied (eg a heading) that will show on the closed title. [DN Deleter If there is no format on the current position of the cursor then the menu will show "Format"].

Click the menu to open the list. You can apply one of the formats to the whole of the paragraph where the cursor is currently. The cursor does not need to be at the start of the paragraph nor do you need to select all the text. This is in contrast to applying bold or italic appearance for example where you need to highlight the text you wish to change.

Heading 2

This is typically used for the main subdivisions of information in a page. All the help pages use this in that way.

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Each of these give the opportunity for smaller headings to reflect subdivisions within the main sections. It would be rare to need to go below Heading 4.

You can apply alignment (eg making a heading centred) by using the align icon. 

If you want to remove any of the headings or Formatted simply click on "paragraph " and the text will become a simple paragraph.

There is no Heading 1. This is the size that is generally used in the title of pages automatically. It should not be used  on a topic or in a page.



These are styles specially created for use in GENUKI.

You can see the name of this dropdown in the tooltip [DN Currently has no tooltip]. The menu before you open it will show "Styles" because it will be rare for one of these styles to be applied to the text already. The items shown on the menu will depend on the format already applied to the text. If the cursor is in a piece of text with another style already applied that will show on the closed title.


There are six styles in two groups.

Block Styles

GENUKI Table  Style



Table with Borders

1    This expands as much as possible to fill with text
6    10


Centred Table


Fullwidth Table

Full width

Flex div

what is the flex div

Text Styles

Hidden Text

If you click on this  around some selected text it will be visible in the ckEdiitor screen but not in the published page. You can use this for adding comments to pages to help you when editing.

More Hiddent

Hidden text is here