Executive Team


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The Executive Team deals with the day to day running of GENUKI. Its formal remit from the Trustees is defined here. There are also geographical Team Leaders, some of whom are members of the Executive Team.


As at 28 August 2021  there are four members of the Executive Team:

  • Ken Greenslade (also Trustee)
  • Phil Stringer (also Trustee)
  • Brian Randell (also Trustee)
  • Paul Evans

Working Processes

The Executive Team works on the basis of the following principles and practice


  1. Each ET member has specific areas of responsibility as noted below and is expected and permitted to act on their own initiative in taking those forward.
  2. Each ET member should inform, consult, or seek help or guidance from  ET as a whole on issues arising from their area of responsibility that have wider implications.
  3.  Where any issues raised  need collective agreement there is an expectation that a consensus view will be achieved by discussion.
  4.  Exceptionally where significant alternative views cannot be reconciled a formal decision will be determined by a simple majority of those expressing a view.
  5. Any ET member may request that an emerging issue needs collective consideration (point 3) and, if consensus is not then reached, that a formal decision should be made (point 4).


 Areas of responsibility (Point 1)

In addition to each acting as maintainers for various areas ET members currently lead on the following aspects:

  • Phil: Core system maintenance and development; Drupal implementation
  • Ken: Drupal implementation; co-ordinator of projects and reporting to Trustees; supporting special requirements for Yorkshire maintainer
  • Brian: User Experience and supporting maintainers in identifying sources and prioritising improvement
  • Paul: Documentation editor

ET group, other discussions, support tickets (Point 2)

There is potential overlap between discussions on the ET mailing list and on the Maintainers list and the use of support tickets. So far as possible issues arising should be handled via support tickets (eg where an operational bug or simple enhancement is proposed) or the Maintainers list (eg where options for additional sources or ways of handling content are considered). The ET mailing list will then largely cover more complex issues and more significant development proposals.

Process (points 3, 4, 5)

For any major issue the ET member raising it should:

  • briefly make clear the specific decision or action sought to assist discussion in point 3 and, if necessary,
  • provide a yes/no proposal or a small set of options for formal decision under point 4. 

If a formal view is required there should be a period of 3 days for members to indicate their views. This may be extended by agreement if it is known that a member is unavailable for a period.

Contacting the Executive Team

If you  are a volunteer maintainer  you should be subscribed to the relevant GENUKI groups.io. Please use that group to send messages to the Executive Team collectively as they are part of and monitor that group. You can use the Directory to email any one of them individually.

If you are a visitor to the GENUKI site then please email execteam[at]GENUKI.groups[dot]io.