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Note that most books and serious articles about UK genealogy, and other genealogical websites, frequently name GENUKI as one of the top websites for researchers to visit. E.g., GENUKI is named by Ancestry, Findmypast, and most Family History Societies' websites as a favourite link.

During the lifetime of the GENUKI service we have received a number of professional awards and reviews.

For example  GENUKI was the 2010 British Heritage Awards Best Heritage website. This was awarded by Britain Express who said ...

"Wow! What an amazing resource this genealogy website is. Don't be put off by its extremely simple (one might even say, archaic) interface, Genuki holds a massive amount of historical information about every region of the UK and Ireland, through a huge collection of historic data, genealogical records, and historic writings. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist."

Some of our users' comments




Below is a selection from the many 'bouquets' we've received from our readers by way of our feedback forms.

"I haven't yet had a great deal of time to explore your pages, but I love the little I have seen so far."
[LJC, USA, 12 Jan 1996]

"I have found GENUKI to be a very useful source of reference information... I would like to know how I can submit material from my own researches..."
[BW, UK, March 1996]

"The information on your page is very useful and we would like permission to create a link to your page."
[PT, USA, June 1996]

"I'm including a link to your excellent pages, and it would be appreciated if you could give us a brief mention."
[TS, UK, September 1996]

"...congrats on a great genealogical reference site..."
[RK, October 1996]

"Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do on the GENUKI pages... Just yesterday (after about 15 years) I found my g-g-grandmother's christening record... and to be able to send a query about her family the very next day was an incredible feeling! Thanks again. You are all very much appreciated."
[KM, UK, May 1997]

"Congratulations. Thought that you would want to know that your website is featured in the new book ‘Virtual Roots’... You really have a great site."
[TJK, USA, 1997]

"...let me congratulate you all for setting up this BRILLIANT site I have been using the Fido net for many years and I am still on a learning curve with the Internet."
[AC, UK, July 1997]

"I find your site very valuable for UK interests..."
[JR, UK, August 1997]

"Thank you for all the work you have done for others by transcribing info that many would not otherwise have access to!"
[BLW, UK August 1997]

".....*please* allow me to both commend and thank you for the obviously *enormous* volume of work you are contributing to the web! I made *excellent* use of your wonderful posting of the Pigot's 1835.....*and* I must tell you, I wonder if you have contributed *every* marriage that *ever* took place in Derbyshire to the MWI!! <BIG grin>"
[SB, US, September 1997]

"Thank you for your assistance in making quality information available on the Internet. You are making a superlative contribution to electronic publishing!"
[GB, Canada, October 1997]

"Your GENUKI site is so good. I wonder why you do not want robots to catalog it!!!!!"
[BW, USA, November 1997]
[Ed: a slight misunderstanding! Of course we want web robots to find us!]

"You have a great website and are providing a great service and I thank you all for your efforts."
[BB, Australia, April 1998]

"[Re: Parish Locator] I have found this most helpful tool amongst the GENUKI Scotland pages."
[SJM, UK, May 1998]

"I refer everyone to your site and know that most of us could not do without GENUKI..."
['Stella', USA, February 1999]

"I used your homepage or website to obtain information on my [****] family and I just wanted to Thank you ..."
[CB, UK, May 1999]

"Hello, Thank you for this wonderful web site."
[BL, UK, August 1999]

"Thank you for a most helpful site."
[CB, UK, September 1999]

"I just wish to congratulate you on the work you have and are doing for your fellow genealogists. I am sure many do appreciate it. I certainly do."
[WW, Australia, November 1999]

"Thank you for your service."
[JBJ, USA, November 1999]

"Congratulations! A link to your web site has been included on the National Library for the Blind's web site..."
[November 1999]
[Ed: sadly the site mentioned now (2010) appears to have disappeared]

"Thank you for the very welcome websites. Good luck with your genealogy searches and the work you are doing."
[MJMcC, Iowa, USA, April 2000]

"Thank you for your information on the village of Kemnay."
[KM, UK, October 2000]

"I have found your site very good and have found several relations."
[CS, UK, October 2000]

"I was wondering how I could get in touch with Lord Kempley? By the way your site is great."
[AK, USA, February 2001]

"Thank you very much indeed for setting up a link to my web site under "Kent"."
[JT, UK, February 2001]

"Plodding along with my Family History I have kept noticing that GENUKI is growing steadily... I never fail to sing your praises and introduce new people to the pages... I think that you are doing a wonderful service to such as I, and I hope that you will keep enlarging your sites as I find so much information. I cannot get out to the sources in the Archives now so your pages are the best thing I ever knew."
[DW, UK, July 2001]

"I see that more of you are providing information, and can I thank you all for that, and if any other county maintainers would like to try taking on their section then I'd be very pleased to see that as well."
[PS, UK, August 2001]

"... I would like to congratulate you on this website. It already is useful in any number of ways, and I feel it will become better and better."
[MD, UK, October 2001]

"The History Data Service has no problem with the extracts from Historic Parishes Maps you have included on the Devon GENUKI pages (and we most definitely appreciate the free publicity!)"
[CC, UK, November 2001]

"Thank you all very much and keep up the great work!"
[CV, USA, December 2001]

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a BEAUTIFUL website... You are a genius... after a fruitless search of passenger lists for several years, I now have HOPE of finding my husband's great-grandparents."
[BAUW, USA, February 2002]

"Thank you for all of your help in the past."
[NC, USA, July 2002]

"You have a great site and I would like to include a link to your page on our new website. Would this be possible?"
[LB, Canada, August 2002]

"I received this web site from a cousin that I have met thru the internet and he sent me your web site and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having it. It has been wonderful to check on different family members and the dates that I have on them. Again, THANK YOU."
['Debbie', February 2003]

"This is just a little note to tell you Thank you for GENUKI. What wonderful information I have received from it. I have felt like I was right there in England with all the information given and it is all so interesting. I have told several of my friends of the information given here. Thank You for all the work that has been put into this. It is truly appreciated."
[CB, USA, February 2003]

"Regarding the Kings of England (etc.) listing page (which I thank you for)"
[RJM, UK, March 2003]

"Thank you for all the good work everyone does in providing and maintaining this site, with all its information. I have found it invaluable since I first started my family history, 51/2yrs ago."
[SW, UK, March 2003]

"Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and support."
[SH, UK, April 2003]

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your superb GENUKI pages."
[RB, UK, June 2003]

"... it's a fantastic site, where not only is there tons of great info but the energy and determination of you and the people who contribute shines through, also all the info is free."
[AT, UK, July 2003]

"I am writing to thank you for posting the your compilation of records on the web."
[DW, Maine, January 2004]

"I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to Colin for putting in all that work to make my job so much easier. Thank you, Colin!"
[PB, Germany, February 2004]

"I have made good use of several other of your resources. Thank you for the GENUKI service."
[GH, Australia, May 2004]

"Thank you for making this knowledge open access..."
[BD, UK, September 2004]

"... thank you to all maintainers for the contributions you make to GENUKI..."
[DH, UK, October 2004]

"Your reply was most helpful, and thank you... You will have to forgive us Convict descendants from the Colonies... anyway you won the Ashes."
[PD, Australia, February 2006]

"While searching for St. Botolph without Aldersgate and St. Botolph, Aldgate, I came across you wonderful website. It will be a real help to me, not only for the church info., but for the parishes, and change in counties. There simply are not enough words to convey how grateful I am for all of this information. England - London - etc., can be very complicated for a genealogist who lives in [******], California, USA. You, and people like you, are a Godsend!"
[GS, USA, October 2006]

"Thank you for all your hard work."
[EK, Canada, October 2006]

"Congratulations on a marvellous website!"
[MT, UK, April 2007]

"I would like to say how impressive I have found your website. Finding out details of ones ancestors is one thing but then understanding the context in which they lived is even more important and to this end I have found your website an invaluable source of detailed information. Thank you!"
[SM, UK, May 2008]

"I just had to contact you to thank you for this wonderful site. It has been invaluable to me in my on going genealogy research."
[BB, UK, August 2008]

"... you are sooo good at your "job" :-) . Myself and hundreds of other folk with Dbys FH are and should be greatly indebted to you :-) ...you deserve every bit of praise and credit for what you do for GENUKI :-) "
[JK, UK, March 2009]

"The Internet has changed so much since we started using it... yet GENUKI [still] is so easy to navigate."
[AA, UK, November 2009]

"Thank so much you for your wonderful pages. I am from Australia and they are invaluable to me in so many ways including especially the distances from each village, which have been so difficult for me to visualise in the past with Atlas & Maps so confusing but it is so easy now. Other information is so helpful. I cannot express how grateful I am to yourself and your team. Thank you again."
[JA, NSW, Feb 2010]

"Could we ask you to put a link on your website to ours, just so people know we are available... You have my admiration, doing a website is not easy..."
[HB, UK, April 2010]

"Thank you for your wonderful service."
[RP, UK, December 2010]

"I have often found Genuki extremely useful, particularly 'nearby places'."
[CW, UK, April 2017]