Help and Guidance: Revisions


          Help and Guidance 2021: New Page: Version 1



The guidance has been extensively reviewed following the upgrade to Drupal 8 in 2020. The intention has been to provide a new consistent single structure for all help and guidance information. There are therefore a significant number of new pages, many pages that have been reused with modification from the existing help documents and a few pages that are effectively "Originals" ie as drafted at the time of publication but with a new format. These are generally some formal documents and copies of articles previously published elsewhere.

Page Status

This is a work in progress. Pages are therefore marked in the subheader with:

  • a green flash if it is finalised;
  • a yellow flash if it is still requiring some minor checking or amendment;
  • a blue flash if it is a reproduction of a document from a specific earlier date
  • a red flash if it is not to be relied on as redundant or needing further significant updating

There are topics on which we are expanding the guidance, especially for maintainers on more detailed technical aspects. If you identify an issue that you think needs coverage please also send a message using the blue bottom box.