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1687 seth scott hungerford brk dean of sarum inv comm bond adm 10877 Estate of seth scott of hungerford, fellmonger 1) inventory 4 february 1687 of the goods of seth scott of hungerford fellmonger exhibited 13 february 1687 by john scott brother taken by robert osmond and william clifford (both sign) includes 3 parcels of wool 12-00-00 1 parcel of glue stuff 00-01-00 129 pets 2-02-06 1 old beame and 1 old beame knife 00-01-00 sum total 19-04-04 2) commission oath taken by john scott 3rd february 1687/8 before joseph wells vicar of hungerford 3) bond: bondsmen: john scott of hungerford and walter tuttle pistor [miller or baker ?] [both make their mark] dated 3rd february 1687 4) admons granted to john scott natural brother of the deceased [makes mark]

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