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1642 thomas chamberline woodlands lambourn brk archd berks will inv 7574
1)will of thomas chamberline of lamborn, woodlands, husbandman, dated 2 june 18ch1.
all my goods to my loving wife if she remain unmarried for the bringing up of my children. but if she marry the goods to be divided equally between them, viz., henry my son, katherine, margaret, and elizabeth my daughters.
robert my eldest son shall have edwards rohn [?] 10 years after my decease during his life and my son thomas' s life paying therefore to his sister katherine 20s a year for 5 years if he or his brother thomas live so long and 20s per ann to his sister margarett for 5 years and 20s etc to elizabeth for 5 years to be paid successively in 15 years.
to my son john the lease of my lands that i hold of john eyston of lie farm gentleman, being parcel of his enclosed commons and he is to build a house upon it according to my covenant.
to edward my son my house wherein i now dwell called brickclose and 3 halve[?] of land being meadow and orchard lying on the west side of the house, after the decease of my wife during the lease or term of his life and my daughter katherine.
to my son thomas for a rememberance 1s, for his grandfather hath left him a competent living in baydon. also he hath promised me his father that he will give to his brother henry £8 within 2 yaears after he shall have and enjoy the profits of the said lands in baydon.
my wife sole executrix.
judges in any dispute :- john eyston gentleman, thomas orpwoode the father and thomas orpwoode the son gentleman.
overseers my neighours and friends william lawrence and john butt
[testator makes mark]
witnesses john eyston, thomas orpewoode, thomas (x) orpwoode junior, john butt.
probate oxon 27 june 1642 to the executrix named in the will.
2) inventory taken 24 june 1642 includes:-
a chattel and howsinge belonging to it called edwardes £10
a chattel called brickclose house £5
8 milche beace £18-3-4
10 bullocks £10
2 hors bestes £6
60 sheep £15
etc sum £100-15-4d
signed john butt, william (x) lawrence.

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