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"Name, Situation, Extent, Soil &c. This parish takes its name from the river Avon, which divides the counties of Linlithgow and Stirling. It is situated in the latter, although it belongs to the presbytery of Linlithgow, and the Synod of Lothian. It is bounded by the parishes of Borrowstounness, Linlithgow, Torphichen, Polmont and Slamannan. It is about 6 miles long, and 2 broad. The east end is of a light gravelly soil; the rest clay, with a mixture of moss and moor. A considerable part of the parish has been enclosed within these few years. The farms are very small: The rents commonly are high: The harvest early. There are 50 ploughs in the parish; and no farmer has more than one. As the farms are small, grass parks are commonly taken from year to year for feeding cattle. More corn is raised then is neccessary to supply the parish. Twenty acres of lint were sown last year. The rental of the parish may be about L. 2000."

Parish of Muiravonside by the Rev. Mr John Bertram (Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799)

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