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LIVINGSTON, West Lothian

Leving's town, after a Fleming of that name who settled here about the time of Alexander I.

A parish with a village of the same name near the middle of the SE border of the county of Linlithgow. It is bounded NE by Uphall parish, E and SE by the county of Edinburgh, SW by Whitburn parish, and NW by the parishes of Bathgate and Ecclesmachan. On the SE the boundary follows the course of the river Almond from a point almost 1 mile due E of Livingston church, up to the junction with Breich Water, and then follows the course of the latter stream for 3 ½ miles, till near Auchinhard the parish of Whitburn is reached. From this it passes 5 furlongs NNW to the SE branch of Foulshiels Burn, down which it passes to the Almond and up the Almond to a point 2 ½ furlongs due W of Riddoch-hill, except at the N corner where it touches Brox Burn, the boundary is purely artificial and very irregular, the general shape of the parish showing two compact portions to the NE and SW, united by a narrow neck in the centre.

Extract from Groomes Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland c.1895.

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