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Help and advice for 1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 12 (Llanwenllwyfo)

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1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 12 (Llanwenllwyfo)

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AddressNameOther InfoAdultsChildrenServants
RhosmanarchHUGHES HughFarmer115322
Tyddyn MawrEDWARD RowJandFarmer111121
RhosmanarchWILLIAMS OwenFarmer1125--
RhosmanarchJONES HughFarmer-1111-
Llys DulasPRICHARD EdwdFarmer1111-2
Llys Dulas UchaROWLAND JohnFarmer113132
Tyddyn y ColynJENKINS WillFarmer1123--
Tyn y CaeOWEN JohnFarmer1132--
Ty CochHUGHES JohnWheelwright11-32-
TynllwynOWEN ThomasFarmer11-211
Tyn y NantWILLIAMS RichdFarmer11-2--
TynlonHUGHES OwenJoiner1-4---
TynlonPRICHARD CorneliusFarmer114211
MynyddWILLIAM DavidFarmer11---1
Castell MalgwynWILLIAM EvanFarmer1133-1
GlydgoedHUGHES HughFarmer112-22
Erw WenGRIFFITH JohnFarmer11--1-
Cochmoel(no name)Farmer-112--
Cochmoel(no name)Farmer-113--
Tyn RhosHUGHES WillFarmer114221
LlanyddogWILLIAMS OwenFarmer11-1--
RhosfadogHUGHES JohnFarmer111---
GlanymorfaWILLIAMS LewisFarmer112---
GwaenforfyddDAVID RichdFarmer11-4--
RhoswenWILLIAMS HughFarmer1122--
LletyodEVANS JohnJoiner1132--
PensarnJONES WillFarmer1132--
LledrodROBERTS RichdFarmer11-3--
Tyddyn Bach(no name)Farmer-122--
Ty MawrHUGHES RichdFarmer1122--
Bryn y FuchasTHOMAS WillFarmer11----
Ty MawrROBERTS JohnFarmer111---
Cochwillan BachPAUL JohnFarmer1122--
Ty NewyddEVANS JohnFarmer1135--
Tros yr AfonWYNN RobertFarmer11-2--
PensarnWILLIAMS JohnMiner1132-1
PensarnJONES Elizth -111--
PensarnLEWIS Eliza -11---
PensarnJONES WillSmith1113--
PensarnPRICHARD WillLabourer1122--
FirginPRICHARD WillLabourer1122--
StorehouseJONES WillLabourer1114--
StorehouseROBERTS RobertGardener112---
Glan y Morfa(no name) -112--
Glan y Morfa(no name) -1----
St HallJONES JohnFisher1-----
Cae HenWILLIAMS RichdLabourer1123--
Cae ReinalltTHOMAS WillLabourer11----
AberswedenJONES WillLabourer1111--
AberswedenWILLIAMS JohnLabourer11----
AberswedenHUGHES RichdLabourer11-1--
Ty BachWILLIAMS JohnLabourer1111--
Tyn RhosHUGHES MichaelLabourer111---
GwaenforfyddWILLIAMS RobertLabourer11-1--
GwaenforfyddWILLIAMS HughLabourer1134--
PenrhynHUGHES RichdLabourer1135--
HenseyborWILLIAMS HughLabourer1131--
Tyn LonTHOMAS Jane -131--
PengornOWEN WillLabourer1111--
RoewenTHOMAS RichdLabourer1123--
Park NewyddMosesLabourer1111--
Tyddyn IginZACCEUS WillLabourer1133--
Tyddyn IginPARRY RichdLabourer11----
Tyddyn IginJONES WillLabourer1111--
LlaneyddogPHILLIP Rich'dLabourer11----
Capel EythofJONES RichdLabourer11----
Capel NewyddJohnLabourer1121--
RhosfadogHUGHES WillLabourer111---
LlaneyddogSarah -121--
LlaneyddogJONES Margt -121--
Tyn RhosTHOMAS WillLabourer11-4--
Tyn RhosROBERTS RichdLabourer1111--
PensarnPRICHARD WillLabourer11----
PensarnGRIFFITH RobertLabourer1123--
PensarnPIERCE Mary -1-5--
PensarnJONES EdwardMiner11-1--
PensarnEDWARD Ann 1--1--
PensarnTHOMAS Sidney -111--
PensarnWILLIAMS HughMiner112---
PensarnJONES HughMiner111---
PensarnHUGHES JohnMiner1144--
PensarnWILLIAM RichdMiner1141--
PensarnJONES OwenMiner11-1--
PensarnPRICHARD WillMiner1121--
PensarnWILLIAMS Grace -1-2--
PensarnJONES Cathn -111--
PensarnTHOMAS FrancisMiner1131--
PensarnROBERTS OwenSmith11-1--
PensarnJONES Grace -112--
PensarnHUGHES JohnMiner1121--
PensarnJONES HughMiner1111--
PensarnOWEN Elizth -1-2--
PensarnGRIFFITH Margt -1-1--
PensarnPRICHARD WillMiner1131--
PensarnWILLIAMS Rich'dMiner11----
PensarnPARRY HughMiner1112--
PensarnThomas 1112--
PensarnTHOMAS Elinor -1-3--
GwainforfyddWILLIAMS LewisLabourer112---
LlaneyddogMATHEW HughLabourer111---

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Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde