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Help and advice for BEAUFORT, Breconshire (partly in Monmouthshire)

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BEAUFORT, Breconshire (partly in Monmouthshire)

Pubs, Inns, Taverns, Beer shops, Ale Houses, etc. -- Details extracted from the 1871 Census (RG10/5586)

Abbreviations: h head; w wife; s son; d daughter; gd granddaughter; gs grandson; sd stepdaughter; ss stepson; sl son-in-law; ld lodger; sv servant; m married; u unmarried; w widow.


Ale House (1)
HARRIES William, h, m, 47, Innkeeper & Labourer, BRE Llanfrynach
HARRIES Elizabeth, w, m, 45, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES Ann, d, u, 20, Dressmaker, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES John, s, 18, Iron Mine Haulier, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES Elizabeth, d, 15, Domestic Servant, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES William, s, 13, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES Jemima, d, 11, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES Mary J, d, 8, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
HARRIES Harriet, d, 5, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
  Ale House (2)
WILLIAMS William, h, m, 60, Innkeeper, GLS Redmarley
WILLIAMS Susannah, w, m, 65, MON Abergavenny
WATKINS Susan M, gd, 11, Barmaid, BRE Beaufort
WATKINS Margaret A, gd, 9, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
WATKINS Thomas W, gs, 5, Scholar, MON Talycoed
Ale House (3)
WILLIAMS John, h, m, 44, Innkeeper & Coal Miner, MON Trevethin
WILLIAMS Harriet, w, m, 44, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Anne, d, 18, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Seperina, d, 14, America
WILLIAMS John, s, 10, Scholar
WILLIAMS William, s, 4, BRE Beaufort
  Beaufort Inn
DAVIES William, h, m, 39, Collier, MON
DAVIES Esther, w, m, 42, CGN, Beaufort Inn
HOPKIN Elizabeth, sd, u, 16, Labourer at Iron Works, MON
HOPKIN Rachel, sd, u, 16, Labourer at Iron Works, MON
HOPKIN Maryanne, sd, u, 14, Labourer at Iron Works, GLA
HOPKIN David, ss, 11, Scholar, GLA
HOPKIN Thomas, ss, 9, Scholar, GLA
DAVIES Anne, d, 12, Scholar, MON
DAVIES Margaret, d, 10, Scholar, MON
DAVIES David, s, 8, Scholar, MON
DAVIES Benjamin, s, 6, Scholar
Britania Inn [sic]
DAVIES David, h, m, 34, Lander or Break Man, BRE Llangattock
DAVIES Joana, w, m, 34, SOM
DAVIES Stephen, s, u, 13, Mason, BRE Llangattock
DAVIES Elizabeth, d, 9, Scholar, BRE Llangattock
DAVIES Catherine, d, 7, Scholar, BRE Llangattock
DAVIES Mary Jane, d, 5, Scholar, BRE Llangattock
DAVIES Sarah Ellenor, d, 3m,, BRE Llangattock
MALBY Timothy, ld, u, 20, Haulier, HEF
ALAND Annora, sv, u, 10, Servant, IRL
  Bush Tavern
COTTLE Mary, h, w, 60, Innkeeper, SOM Clutton
COTTLE Abraham, s, u, 28, Railway Carrier, BRE Beaufort
COTTLE Ann, d, u, 25, BRE Beaufort
COTTLE Martha, d, u, 22, Dressmaker, BRE Beaufort
COTTLE Rosehanna, d, u, 18, BRE Beaufort
COTTLE Ellen, d, u, 16, Scholar, BRE Beaufort,
AIREY William, ld, u, 19, Carpenter, SRY Shere
DAVIES Rees, h, m, 33, Innkeeper, BRE Llanvigan
DAVIES Margaret, w, m, 32, RAD Newbridge
DAVIES John, s, 10, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
DAVIES Elinor, d, 7, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
DAVIES Margaret, d, 5, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
DAVIES Elizabeth J, d, 2, BRE Beaufort
GODWIN John, ld, w, 63, Labourer at Iron Works, WIL Wolverton,
BARRETT William, ld, w, 45, Miner Iron, WIL Trowbridge
DAVIES Ruth, d, 4, Scholar
  Duke Inn
JAMES, Margaret, w, m, 48, Innkeeper's Wife, BRE Talgarth
Farmers Arms
WILLIAMS Benjamin, h, m, 50, Contractor, BRE Llandyfalle
WILLIAMS Mary, w, m, 43, MON Abertillery
WILLIAMS William, s, u, 18, Collier, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS David, s, u, 16, Collier, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Benajmin, s, u, 14, Collier, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Cilia, d, 12, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Margaret, d, 10, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Joseph, s, 8, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Charles, s, 6, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS James, s, 4, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
WILLIAMS Henry, s, 9m, BRE Beaufort
WATKINS Sarah, sv, u, 19, Servant, BRE Llangynidr
  Finers Arms
WILLIAMS William, h, m, 61, Innkeeper, RAD Llandilo Graban
WILLIAMS Elizabeth, w, m, 57, RAD Llanstephan
DABBER Emily, d, m, 23, RAD Llanbedr-Pain'stle
SEALE Ellen, gd, 4, HEF Moorhampton
DABBER William, sl, m, 23, Railway Station Master, SAL Bishops Castle
CHILDS Jane, sv, u, 15, Domestic Servant, BRE Beaufort
Grayhound [sic]
FOXWELL Edward, h, m, 47, Innkeeper, SOM Croscombe
FOXWELL Eliza, w, m, 44, SOM Shepton Mallet
FOXWELL Charles H, s, 15, Butcher, MON Tredegar
FOXWELL Frederick W, s, 14, Coal Miner, MON Tredegar
FOXWELL Sarah Ann, d, 14, MON Tredegar
FOXWELL Albert E, s, 7, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
FOXWELL William G, s, 7, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
  Heathcock Inn
WILLIAMS Hannah, h, w, 52, Innkeeper, BRE Llangors
WILLIAMS John, s, u, 33, Haulier, BRE Llangors
WILLIAMS Lewis, s, u, 22, Collier, BRE Garnlydan
WILLIAMS William, s, u, 18, Coal Miner, BRE Garnlydan
WILLIAMS Thomas, s, u, 17, Coal Miner, BRE Garnlydan
WILLIAMS Mary, d, 30, BRE Garnlydan
WILLIAMS Elizabeth, d, u, 20, BRE Garnlydan
CALLEN Sarah, d, w, 28, Coal Mine Filler, BRE Beaufort
CALLEN Hannah, d, 4, BRE Llangattock
CALLEN William, s, 2, BRE Llangattock
King William
DAVIES Henry, h, m, 35, Collier, RAD
DAVIES Mary, w, m, 41, BRE Beaufort
MORGAN Richard, ss, u, 17, Chandler, BRE Beaufort
MORGAN Mary J, sd, 9, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
DAVIES Laura, d, 1, BRE Beaufort
JENKINS Catherine, sv, 15, Domestic Servant, BRE Beaufort
  Lamb Beer Shop
ROBERTS Sarah, h, w, 53, Beerhouse Keeper, SOM Clutton
ROBERTS John, s, u, 22, Iron Miner, MON Bedwelty
ROBERTS Samuel, s, 13, Iron Miner, BRE Beaufort
Miners Arms
PARKMAN John, h, m, 41, Innkeeper, SOM Taviston
PARKMAN Margaret, w, m, 51, BRE Llanwrtyd
JAMES Theophilus, ss, u, 26, Taylor, BRE Brynmawrp9
MORGANS Caroline, sv, u, 20, General Servant, BRE Brynmawr
  Prince of Wales Inn
PRICE Joseph, h, m, 40, Innkeeper, BRE Beaufort
PRICE Margaret, w, m, 35, BRE Brynmawr
PRICE John, s, u, 16, Coal Miner
PRICE Walter, s, 14, Coal Miner, BRE Beaufort
PRICE Joseph, s, 12, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
PRICE William, s, 7, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
PRICE Albert, s, 3, Scholar, BRE Beaufort
Swan Inn
JAMES David, h, m, 64, Innkeeper, BRE Beaufort
JAMES Sarah, w, m, 46, WIL Trowbridge
MACFORLINEY Emily, sd, u, 23, Domestic Servant, BRE Beaufort
HATTON Robert Graham, gs, 8, BRE Beaufort
  Victoria Inn
FRANCIS Leah, h, w, 56, Innkeeper, BRE Beaufort
FRANCIS Francis, s, u, 29, Collier, BRE Beaufort
FRANCIS Ebbenezar, s, u, 18, Collier, BRE Beaufort
FRANCIS Walter, s, u, 16, Collier, BRE Beaufort
FRANCIS Thomas, s, u, 14, Collier, BRE Beaufort
Volunteer Inn
ROBERTS James, h, u, 27, Innkeeper, MON Ebbw Vale
WILLING Harriet, sv, u, 17, Servant, BRE Beaufort
  White Horse
CHEVELEY Thomas W, h, m, 21, Licensed Victualler, ESS Colchester
CHEVELEY Emma E, w, m, 34, BRE Crickhowell
GRIMES Mary H E, sd, 12, Scholar, MON Newport
ALDER Alice, sd, 4, LAN Manchester
MORGAN Eleanor F, sl, u, 19, WOR Malvern

[Extracted by the late Barrie Jones from the 1871 census transcript published by the Powys Family History Society]

Queries about the above census extractions may be directed to the secretary to the Ebbw Vale branch of the Gwent Family History Society. These pages are intended for personal use only, so please respect our Conditions of Use.